Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I think that’s it’s safe to say that community organizing is a little bit easier than, say, being President of the United States. Or being a practicing attorney.

Barack Obama has now found that out.

To the sorrow of the rest of us.

And here’s the essential problem with Barack Obama’s resume, as opposed to, say, Abraham Lincoln’s, who also was unprepared to become president of the United States, but made up for it with ability: Obama has spent his whole life being against stuff, protesting against powers higher than himself, blaming those in control.

Lincoln on the other hand showed that he had rare executive ability. He may not have always gotten things done correctly, but he did get things done.

He was a constructive member of his community, and conservative in the sense that he sought to “conserve” liberty; even if his vision of liberty was radical for his time.

“Executive force and vigor are rare qualities,” Lincoln’s Secretary of State, and the man most likely to have been the Republican nominee were it not for Lincoln, William H. Seward, wrote in 1861.“The President is the best of us."

No one would say that about Obama. What he lacks in ability he compensates for in ignorance of the real world with temper tantrums and demands and discord.

That works as a community organizer, but doesn’t work for the man-who-would-be-president.

Lincoln was often let down by the incompetence of those around him, the generals, the politicians and the reformers to whom he had to listen to govern successfully. Obama, on the other hand, continues to let down the generals and the politicians and the reformers -- even those people he’s closely allied with-- in his attempt to govern without them.

Presidents negotiate. Until Obama, all of them have.

Before being sworn into office, Lincoln, in a stop in Cleveland, complained about an “artificial crisis” that was being forced upon him by others:

Frequent allusion is made to the excitement at present existing in our national politics, and it is as well that I should also allude to it here. I think that there is no occasion for any excitement. The crisis, as it is called, is altogether an artificial crisis. In all parts of the nation there are differences of opinion on politics. There are differences of opinion even here. You did not all vote for the person who now addresses you. What is happening now will not hurt those who are further away from here. 

Have they not all their rights now as they ever have had? Do they not have their fugitive slaves returned now as ever? Have they not the same Constitution that they have lived under for seventy odd years? Have they not a position as citizens of this common country, and have we any power to change that position? [Cries of "No."] What then is the matter with them? Why all this excitement? Why all these complaints? As I said before, this crisis is all artificial! It has no foundation in fact.
Despite this, Lincoln still sent people to negotiate with those who would secede.

By contrast, it would be impossible to find any words written by anyone to better describe the policy of the Obama administration than the description of today’s crisis creators used by Abraham Lincoln. Obama talked a lot about transparency when running in '08. We just didn't know he meant he would run the most transparently political and opportunistic government ever.

Obama has assumed powers, without let by Congress, far above those legally allowed a president.

Executive authority, in short, is out of control.

“The president has inherent emergency powers,” said Eric Posner, a University of Chicago law professor, recently. “It has long been understood that the president should act to protect the country.”

While the White House, for now, is publicly rejecting that interpretation in the case of the debt ceiling, no doubt they will trot it out when convenient at some other time when they wish to act in their best interest, politically.

Like, for example, when they need to stop something or start something with Obamacare.

It’s true that Lincoln too had his own problems with executive authority. But yet one can, in good conscience, make the case that Lincoln was engaged in a great civil war, which is inherently an emergency.

While often wrong, Lincoln’s use of war powers was at least defensible.

Obama’s emergency, however, is inherently artificial, gotten up out theories and deconstruction and relativism that says that taxpayers protesting the obligation to pay for birth control out of the public purse is a War on Women, while arresting Catholic chaplains for saying Mass during a government shutdown is a legal imperative.

From the Catholic Archdiocese for Military Service:

There is a chronic shortage of active duty Catholic chaplains. While roughly 25% of the military is Catholic, Catholic priests make up only about 8% of the chaplain corps. That means approximately 275,000 men and women in uniform, and their families, are served by only 234 active-duty priests.The temporary solution to this shortage is to provide GS and contract priests.These men are employed by the government to ensure that a priest is available when an active duty Catholic Chaplain is not present.With the government shutdown, GS and contract priests who minister to Catholics on military bases worldwide are not permitted to work – not even to volunteer.During the shutdown, it is illegal for them to minister on base and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so.
This is the latest outrage, but it’s hardly the only one.

There have been several occasions when members of the president’s party, if not his government, have talked about the country as if we are engaged in a civil war.

In 2011, the governor of North Carolina, Bev Perdue (D-Defeated) suggested that elections be suspended.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years,” said Perdue according to the Raleigh News and Observer, “and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

Just two weeks later then-Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., (D-BiPolar) in an interview with the Daily Caller, called on the president to declare an emergency and give every unemployed person a job without congressional authorization: “I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past,” Jackson told the Daily Caller. “He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”

Actually the Congress is functioning just like it was meant to. It’s acting as a brake on runaway, revolutionary, out-of-control government.

Obama is functioning just the way he was meant to too: as a community organizer... but not, of course, as the president of the United Sates of America.

He lacks the training, the resume and the temperment.

“Million Vet March On The Memorials”

For all who can go this is one great cause...

A new rally is forming, “Million Vet March On The Memorials” that will be held 9am, October 13, 2013 at the war memorials in Washington D.C.

The group is fed up with veterans being used as political pawns and are calling on all patriots to attend, via their facebook page.

We are all military brats, current and former military spouses and some veterans. We cannot express how utterly disappointed we were that our ' Greatest Generation' were being used as political pawns in the ongoing government shutdown and budget crisis. This should never be the case.

We do not care what political leanings you may be; be it liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or whatever. The actions of the Obama government last week with regard to barricading and shutting down the access to the

World War II Memorial to veterans, that may or may not be on their last trip to Washington DC, is a despicable act of cowardice.

See more at: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/10/calling-all-patriots-millio...

Our president in action

Here you go folks...
WWII vets are denied access to their memorial and other memorials on the mall 
but this rally on the mall for ILLEGALS is a go! 

Shame on this miserable excuse and sham of a president!!!

Ben Carson: Obamacare Hurts Just as Healthcare 'Golden Age' Emerges
By Greg Richte

Just as healthcare enters a "golden age," Obamacare threatens to reverse course, warn Dr. Ben Carson and Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas in a guest editorial for Forbes.

"The full promise of genomic medicine informing diagnosis and treatment beckons from just over the horizon," the two write. Young doctors just starting out "have the ability to alleviate human suffering that no generation of doctors has ever previously known," they say.

Carson retired in May as a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has become a tea party favorite after criticizing the Affordable Care Act at this year's National Prayer Breakfast as President Barack Obama sat on the dais.

Burgess, part of the House's tea party caucus, was a practicing physician before winning Dick Armey's former seat in 2003.

Obamacare was not the product of careful study by a learned group, the two say, but "a hastily contrived political farce that was literally cobbled together at the last possible minute."

The writers are critical that successful state models were not looked at. The Healthy Indiana program, they note, cut healthcare prices by 10 percent during a two-year period.

The Affordable Care Act was never intended to actually become law, they argue "— except that it did." In the past 3 1/2 years since its passage, Obamacare has been "pushed and prodded" by officials "to give it the appearance of workability."

America is on the threshold, they write, of finding out whether it will be a success. Americans without insurance from their employers could begin signing up for state-run exchanges on Oct. 1, but the first week has been bugged with problems with rampant reports of failures to log in.

The government hasn't released numbers of those who have successfully signed up for insurance, but the site was taken down over the weekend to fix the problems.

Tea party Republicans in the House and Senate have led the effort to tie a budget bill to funding for Obamacare, and the government has been shut down since Oct. 1 over the impasse.

"In medicine, we sometimes talk about the compression of morbidities, how the ravages of time and multiple maladies may overwhelm the patient at the end of life," Carson and Burgess say. "That compression sequence also seems to describe afflictions of the Affordable Care Act as it careens towards implementation."

The debt ceiling/default debacle...the sky ain't falling
By: Diane Sori

October 17th…the day Obama claims the sky will fall as the US goes into default...or so he says.

October 17th…the day Treasury Department spokespeople have said that the government’s cash-on-hand will only be $30 billion when everyday our government must spend at least $60 billion…and they claim there is NO way of reducing payments by an across-the-board percentage to stay under the debt limit.

By October 17th “The debt ceiling must be raised…this cannot and should not be a matter of negotiation,” so bloviates Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney.

And as October 17th draws near “The president is risking default by not having a conversation with us,” says Speaker of the House John Boehner.

But the thing is they’re ALL wrong for there is NOTHING magical about October 17th as the debt ceiling was actually reached back on May 19th.

And on that day as we knew they would, the Treasury Department did some clever ‘hokus-pokus’ paper shuffling and tapped into exchange-rate funds to ‘miraculously’ find $303 billion in extra funds, and they also delayed some pension fund payments and drew down an emergency fund to get even more cash on hand…thus allowing us to NOT run out of money to pay our bills until the end of October or later…if we actually run out at all.

Guess what...we won’t.

And all this bru-haha about debt ceilings is just nonsense for what NO one…NOT Obama…NOT Prince Harry…NOT John Boehner…and for sure NOT the media...will tell “We the People’ is that the debt ceiling in and of itself does NOT dictate how much the government is allowed to spend simply because that's Congress' job to do when the budget is set each year. The debt ceiling does only one thing and one thing alone…it lays the amount of dollars the government can borrow to fulfill obligations that Congress has already passed into law.

And herein lies the real problem…we have NO budget and have NOT had one for going on four years now…four years under Obama’s watch.

So with NO budget in place Obama was unleashed to spend our money basically unfettered for there were NO budget constraints that would have reigned him in. And make NO mistake about it…if we had had a budget…a working budget…in place all these years we would NOT be in the position we find ourselves in today…and Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his Democratic cohorts built this mess and own it all.

And now we have the doom and gloomers circling overhead like vultures…circling and crying that if the House refuses to raise the debt ceiling the federal government will be forced to raise taxes on ‘We the People’ to meet its obligations…and raise them high…as if they aren’t high enough already.

But that is NOT likely to happen nor is it even the truth as the mid-term elections are coming up, and those up for re-election in both parties know that to even suggest raising taxes would be political suicide.

So if taxes will NOT be raised to meet our obligations and with notes coming due must the House Republicans…who right now are standing strong…be forced to acquiesce to Obama to avoid default…NOT so fast for default can be avoided by simply paying the interest on notes due.

And rest assured we have plenty of funds to do just that as Obama and Reid are truly trying to pull the wool over the American people’s eyes as they whine that America will be broke. But once again they’re wrong for as per Forbes, the fiscal 2013 debt service for the twelve months that ended on September 30 will end up being around $420 billion. IRS revenues for the calendar 2012 tax year will end up being around $2.3 trillion, and together this equates to over a five and a half times the monies needed for debt ceiling coverage.

So while we have plenty of cash to meet our current obligations as stated by the numbers above, there obviously is NOT enough for everything. With around $850 billion estimated to be the deficit for fiscal year 2014, some services will obviously have to be cut…and cut across the board…while leaving services like Social Security, Medicare, and of course interest on the debt alone as they MUST be met as per law…and these Obama must protect at all costs if he is to save his ‘legacy.’

So Obama and his Democratic cohorts will be forced to compromise…even if it’s at the 12th hour…and Boehner and crew must use ObamaCare as the means to turn this battle into their favor. And with the Bipartisan Policy Center report estimating that Congress would need to raise the debt ceiling by around $1.1 trillion to allow the government to meet all of its obligations in full…NOT just making interest payments…through the end of 2014, Obama needs to make nice-nice with Republicans or the entire phony debt ceiling/defaulting debacle risks exploding in his face.

And that will be a legacy he’s worthy of.