Thursday, May 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS ON e-mail has just surfaced 
that Obama had DIRECT contact with YouTube  
while the Benghazi attack was going on and they were 
discussing the now infamous 'Innocence of Muslims' video. 
 Can you say TREASON!!!

RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

KUDOS to Pamela Geller for her latest TRUTH AD campaign about Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR

NEW AFDI Ad Campaign “Truth About CAIR” is now hitting NYC Subway Platforms. Other cities to follow.

Bare Naked Islam

Pamela Geller  CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) leaders are often referred to as “unindicted” co-conspirators in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department during the trial of the Islamic charity known as the Holy Land Foundation. What is left out are the names of the CAIR’s officials who were not only indicted, but convicted and/or deported for terrorism-related activities.


Ghassan Elashi, founder of CAIR’s Texas chapter, in 2009 received a 65-year prison sentence for funneling over $12 million from the Islamic charity known as the Holy Land Foundation to the jihad terrorist group Hamas, which is responsible for murdering hundreds of Israeli civilians 

Mousa Abu Marzook, a former CAIR official, was in 1995 designated by the U.S. government in 1995 as a “terrorist and Hamas leader.” He now is a Hamas leader in Syria.

Randall Royer, CAIR’s former civil rights coordinator, in 2004 began serving a 20-year prison sentence for aiding al-Qaida and the Taliban against American troops in Afghanistan and recruiting for Lashkar e-Taiba, the jihadist group responsible for the 2008 Mumbai jihad massacres.

Bassem Khafagi, CAIR’s former community relations director, was arrested for involvement with the Islamic Assembly of North America, which was linked to al-Qaida. After pleading guilty to visa and bank fraud charges, Khafagi was deported.

Rabih Haddad, a former CAIR fundraiser, was deported for his work with the Global Relief Foundation (which he co-founded), a terror-financing organization.

The leading Muslim Brotherhood-tied organization in America has deceived the media, cultural and political elites in America for years, to the great peril of the American people. Despite the overwhelming evidence presented in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history, the Holy Land foundation trial, the sharia-compliant media has continued to advance Hamas-CAIR’s supremacist agenda, with willing help from all too many law enforcement and government officials.


CAIR’s influence is vast, and growing all the time. Just recently they got ABC Family to drop its projected show Alice In Arabia, solely because it contained some dramatization of the all-too-common phenomenon of child kidnapping by Muslim relatives. For years now, they have prevailed upon Hollywood to downplay or even change the identity of celluloid villains, so that Muslims are never portrayed negatively in films (thus the Muslim terrorists in the novel The Sum of All Fears became neo-Nazis in the movie).


Here is the ad on one NYC subway platform:


CAIR pressured Brandeis University to rescind an honorary degree it had planned to award to human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It regularly pressures (and usually succeeds) in getting any and every counter-jihad speaker canceled from events. 


Recently it even tried to bribe the sheriff of Culpepper County, Virginia with $15,000 to get him to cancel a counter-terror training seminar.


Because of this kind of activity, Hamas-CAIR should be shunned by all decent people. But instead, this unsavory gang of thugs is stronger than ever. JP Morgan and ABC are sponsoring their annual banquet this year. And the general silence about their terror-linked background has enabled them to infiltrate the highest levels of the political and cultural spheres.


You can CONTRIBUTE HERE to help AFDI get this campaign in as many cities as possible.



Now more than ever, as CAIR’s influence grows in the media and government, this ad campaign is necessary to raise awareness among the public, to protect people from being taken in by this unsavory and unscrupulous group.


CAIR has a long record of duplicity and deception. Although it has received millions of dollars in donations from foreign Islamic entities, it has not registered as a foreign agent as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), despite spreading Islamic supremacist propaganda within the United States.


Although it presents itself as a civil rights group, CAIR actually has numerous links to Islamic supremacist and jihad groups.

Victor Davis Hanson / Townhall Columnist

Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki cannot get a handle on the recent scandalous treatment of veterans in VA hospitals, where more than 40 sick men were allowed to die without proper follow-up treatment. A cover-up allegedly followed. When the Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal broke under the George W. Bush administration, heads rolled. So far, Shinseki seems immune from similar accountability.

Almost nothing that former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius promised before, during or after the implementation of the ill-starred Affordable Care Act came true. She was also cited by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel for violating the Hatch Act, as she improperly campaigned for Obama's re-election while serving as a Cabinet secretary.

IRS official Lois Lerner used the federal tax-collection agency to go after groups deemed too conservative. She invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid telling Congress the whole truth.

Susan Rice, former U.N. ambassador and now national security advisor, flat out deceived the public on five television appearances about the Benghazi catastrophe. She insisted that the deaths of four Americans were due to a spontaneous riot induced by a reactionary video maker -- even though she had access to intelligence fingering al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists as the culprits who planned the attack on the anniversary of 9/11.

Rice recently blamed Obama foreign policy failures on domestic political polarization. But that is best described as the give and take of democracy and was once thought to be our foreign policy strength.

Rice also knows little history. In 2007, in the midst of the surge, when Americans were fighting for their lives to stabilize Iraq, then-Sen. Hillary Clinton implied that the commanding general in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, was a veritable liar. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agreed and declared that the war was already lost. Then-presidential candidate Barack Obama prematurely wrote off the politically inconvenient surge as a failure. Was Rice then shocked that "polarization" affected foreign policy?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left office with American foreign policy in shambles. She has been unable to make the argument that a single initiative -- reset with Russia, lead from behind in Libya, red lines on Syria, deadlines to Iran, complete withdrawal from Iraq, pressure on the Israelis, outreach to radical Islam and Latin American communist dictatorships -- had met with success.

Clinton infamously dismissed the lingering mysteries surrounding the Benghazi deaths with, "What difference at this point does it make?" She also refused, despite numerous entreaties, to place the now-infamous Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram on a State Department terrorist watch list.

Eric Holder is the first attorney general to have been held in contempt of Congress. Aside from his divisive language (he called America "a nation of cowards" and referred to African-Americans as "my people"), Holder always seems to find himself at the center of scandals. He permitted the federal monitoring of the Associated Press journalists. He green-lighted the Fast and Furious gun-running scam. He has failed to bring to account rogue IRS officials. Holder is the most morally compromised attorney general since Nixon appointee John Mitchell.

Do we remember former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson? Her case was as unprofessional as it was surreal. Jackson fabricated for herself an alternate identity as a midlevel EPA employee. In communications, she used a fake e-mail address and name, and then unethically honored her own alter ego ("Richard Windsor") as a "scholar of ethical behavior." Who could have dreamed up such an unethical caper?

What has happened to NASA? We are currently trying to isolate Vladimir Putin for his territorial aggressions and yet beseeching the Russians to send our astronauts into space. Perhaps NASA Administrator Charles Bolden should not have boasted that one of NASA's "foremost" goals was "to reach out to the Muslim world" and "to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering." Americans might have preferred Bolden stuck with rockets.

Former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu left under a cloud of controversy involving crony capitalists getting millions of dollars in green loans that produced nothing but failed companies. Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis slipped out of office, battling accusations of Hatch Act violations and freebie rides on private jets from insider union friends. Former top officials such as Timothy Geithner, Peter Orszag and Larry Summers have given new meaning to the revolving door between Wall Street and the White House.

The common denominator?

In all of these cases, politics trumped ethics. Because Obama professed that he was on the side of the proverbial people, administrators assumed that they had a blank check to do or say what they wished without much media audit. The mystery is not whether some administration officials were incompetent or unethical or both, but whether there are any left who are not.
Obamacare is unpopular. Bailouts are unpopular. And illegal actions by the President of the United States are unpopular. So it is understandable why Democrats are so eager to cover up the impending illegal Obamacare bailout.

Yesterday, The Los Angeles Times ably reported on how a little noticed regulation issued May 16 opened the door for the Department of Health and Human Services to spend billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out health insurance companies through Obamacare's "risk corridor" program.

Contacted by The Wall Street Journal to confirm the story, this is how the Obama administration responded:
Officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, however, say the Times is reporting nothing new. The provisions were part of routinely issued regulations surrounding the law and have been part of Obamacare since the law was passed in 2010.
The insurer compensation, which the Times says involves “billions of dollars,” is part of a three-year program that helps carriers cover extra costs if a disproportionate number of enrollees are sicker than expected and usually are part of what are called “risk corridor” provisions, department spokeswoman Erin Shields Britt (no relation to the author of this post) said in a statement. Those same provisions were included in the Medicare Part D program that was passed in 2006, Britt said.
Further, the Congressional Budget Office has been evaluating Obamacare’s risk corridor since the law was passed and determined that it would either be revenue neutral or may even create a surplus if there is no compensation for insurers, Britt said. She added that Medicare Part D created a $4.8 billion surplus between 2006 and 2013.
Give HHS spokeswoman Erin Shields Britt a raise. This is a textbook example of Washington spin and the Wall Street Journal's Russ Britt fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

First, Shields Britt is correct that the risk corridor program was created along with the rest of Obamacare way back in 2010. However, the regulations issued last Friday are absolutely new and they are only "routine" in the sense that far too often our federal government issues new regulations that benefit large corporations at the expense of taxpayers.

What Russ Britt failed to report is that HHS has flip-flopped on the budget neutrality of the risk corridor program as the regulation process has proceeded. Back in March of this year, when HHS first issued the preliminary rule, HHS said the risk corridor program would be run in a "budget neutral fashion." In other words, insurance companies claiming losses from Obamacare could only take as much money out of the program as other companies claiming profits were putting in.

But the insurance lobby freaked out about this regulation. Their lobbyist in Washington, America's Health Insurance Plans, issued a letter to CMS demanding that, "risk corridors should be operated without the constraint of budget neutrality." In other words, the insurance lobby wanted a guarantee that if Obamacare's losers wanted more money out of the risk corridor program than Obamacare's winners were paying in, that U.S. taxpayers would be forced to pay the difference.

And that is exactly what happened Friday. Shields Britt employer, HHS, issued a new regulation guaranteeing that taxpayers would be on the hook for an insurance industry bailout if insurance companies ended up paying less money into the risk corridor program then they wanted to take from it.

Shields Britt's invocation of CBO's estimation that the risk corridor program would be budget neutral is also very clever. CBO did estimate that the program would generate net revenues for the federal government. But what if the CBO is wrong? The CBO often gets things wrong, especially about health care. And if the CBO's prediction that the program would make money or break even is so good, then why did the insurance lobby push so hard to make sure the program was "operated without the constraint of budget neutrality"?

As the LAT noted in their write up, Obama's commitment to insurance companies that he will illegally use taxpayer funds to bail them out, comes at a key time for Obamacare.

The insurance companies are all busy setting their premiums for next year. Without a guaranteed taxpayer bailout, insurance companies will set their premiums higher to protect themselves from financial loss. But if insurance companies know that taxpayers are on the hook for losses, than insurance companies are free to set their premiums low. Obama is essentially subsidizing health insurance company efforts to gain market share by underpricing their product at taxpayer expense.

Republicans can still stop this illegal bailout, but only if they are willing to cut funding to HHS through the appropriations process this September.
Obama Administration distances itself from Libyan general who vowed to rid Libya of jihadists
/ Jihad Watch
Whatever else may be true about Barack Obama, one thing is certain: he always acts in ways that aid and abet the advance of Sharia and Islamic supremacism. He killed bin Laden and Awlaki, and keeps up the drone strikes, you say?

Whatever involvement he may have had in those things, he has always acted in support of Islamic supremacists who wanted to impose Sharia by peaceful means. And here his administration is distancing itself from General Haftar for fighting against Islamic jihadists.

“US distances itself from renegade Libyan general,” AFP, May 21, 2014:
WASHINGTON: The United States on Tuesday distanced itself from a renegade general who has vowed to rid Libya of jihadists and said it was watching events in the country closely.
Khalifa Haftar led a deadly assault on Islamist militia in Libya’s second city Benghazi last week and has been accused by some of attempting a coup, in the latest unrest in the North African country since the 2011 uprising that ousted and killed long-time dictator Moamer Gadhafi.
“We have not had contact with him (Haftar) recently. We do not condone or support the actions on the ground, and nor have we assisted with these actions,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington.
“So we are continuing to call on all parties to refrain from violence and to seek resolution through peaceful means,” added Psaki, declining to say whether Washington viewed Haftar’s actions as a coup attempt.
Libya’s electoral commission announced on Tuesday that polls will take place on June 25 to elect a new parliament to replace the contested General National Congress, Lana state news agency said.
Gunmen from the ex-rebel Zintan brigade, who say they back Haftar, attacked the parliament building in the capital Tripoli on Sunday, while Haftar has been branded an “outlaw” by Libyan authorities.
“We have of course been watching closely what’s been happening over the last couple of days… We have some concern about the gathering support on the ground. Again, it’s a fluid situation and we’re watching closely,” said Psaki.
Haftar has won widening support for his campaign, not only from militia groups, but also from special forces of the regular army in Benghazi.
But jihadist group Ansar al-Sharia, blacklisted as a terrorist organization by Washington, charged that Haftar, who spent more than two decades in exile in the United States, was leading “a war against… Islam orchestrated by the United States and its Arab allies.”
Separately, the US military has moved more aircraft and troops to southern Italy for a possible evacuation of the American embassy in Tripoli, a Pentagon spokesman said.
The unrest in Libya is “certainly unsettling,” Rear Admiral John Kirby said.
“That’s why we made the decision to move those Marines to Sicily. And they’re ready to go if they’re needed.”

Pamela Geller Threatened!

Subject: “WE know just where to find you”

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Today’s email of the day. I have three words for this thug, I shoot straight.
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Dear Ms.Gellar,
If you think that you money buys you being insulated from people taking revenge , think again.
WE know all your addresses on Long Island and in Manhattan. Your ads are outright lies. There are many of us that support our Palestinian brothers and sisters that do not look like them. Many of us have special military or police training so we also know how to watch you, even in your own home through your computer. Thanks for opening this email,because now we have access to all your network hehehhhehe.Allah Be Praised!
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Dear Ms.Gellar=2C
If you think that you money buys you being insulated from people taking re=
venge =2C think again.
WE know all your addresses on Long Island and in Manhattan. Your ads are ou=
tright lies. There are many of us that support our Palestinian brothers and=
sisters that do not look like them. Many of us have special military or po=
lice training so we also know how to watch you=2C even in your own home thr=
ough your computer. Thanks for opening this email=2Cbecause now we have acc=
ess to all your network hehehhhehe.Allah Be Praised!
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you think that you money buys you being insulated from people taking reveng=
e =2C think again.<BR>WE know all your addresses on Long Island and in Manh=
attan. Your ads are outright lies. There are many of us that support our Pa=
lestinian brothers and sisters that do not look like them. Many of us have =
special military or police training so we also know how to watch you=2C eve=
n in your own home through your computer. Thanks for opening this email=2Cb=
ecause now we have access to all your network hehehhhehe.Allah Be Praised!<=
BR>                           </div></body>

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Obama transition team was told about 3 audits showing VA misreported wait times

Inspector frustrated with efforts to dire situation

By: Jim McElhatton / The Washington Times
President Obama’s transition team was warned in 2008 that repeated audits showed the Veterans Affairs Department was misreporting wait times for medical treatment, including one audit revealing delays nearly 10 times worse than the department was officially acknowledging.

The situation was so bad that the inspector general said it stopped trying to police the issue until the VA could prove its information was accurate — raising a red flag for the transition team, according to documents obtained by The Washington Times.
The documents, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, show the problem extended back to at least the middle of the Bush administration but remained unresolved when Mr. Obama won election in 2008, and the VA was unable to say this week whether it ever took any steps to correct the problems.
According to the documents, the VA inspector general told the Obama transition team of three audits dating back to 2005 that revealed significant problems with wait times and scheduling.

One of those audits showed an instance in which the department reported 2,900 veterans waited more than a month for medical appointments. The actual figure was closer to 28,000 veterans, according to the auditors.

“Through a series of audits, the OIG has repeatedly demonstrated that [the Veterans Health Administration] reported wait times could not be relied upon and the electronic waiting lists were not complete,” the inspector general’s office for the VA told the Obama-Biden transition team.

Wait times were one factor used to dole out bonuses to VA executives.

The inspector general offered a number of recommendations to try to help the department establish accurate wait times, including calling for testing to gauge the times, and taking steps to ensure “informal waiting lists” weren’t being used. The VA rejected both recommendations in May 2008, when the Bush administration was in office.
VA officials on Wednesday declined to say whether any of those recommendations were implementented.

Instead, they referred questions to the inspector general’s office, which investigates, conducts audits and makes recommendations but does not have the authority to enact the sorts of policy reforms that its auditors sought nearly a decade ago.

VA officials also did not respond to questions about why it has taken the department so long to enact an “action plan” that VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki said last week would provide officials with more accurate data on wait times.

Dozens of VA facilities now face scrutiny over whether employees used “secret lists” to falsify wait times data to cover up long delays faced by veterans, including in Phoenix where as many as 40 veterans reportedly died while waiting for care.

With the scandal still growing, Mr. Obama held a brief press conference Wednesday to assure veterans he is pushing for quick action — though he said he is still trying to gather the facts.

“What we have to do is find out what exactly happened. We have to find out how can we realistically cut some of these wait times,” the president said. “There has been a large influx of new veterans coming in. We’ve got a population of veterans that is also aging, as part of the baby boom population. And we’ve got to make sure that the scheduling system, the access to the system, that all those things are in sync.”

Congressional Republicans have said Mr. Obama should do more than wait for answers. They called on him to fire VA employees and do more to gain control of the problem.

“Everything is news to the White House. The veterans’ problems are news to the White House until they hear it through the news media,” said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican. “Somebody needs to be in charge at the White House, and somebody needs to start taking responsibility.”

While not mentioning him by name, the inspector general’s transition memo referenced Dr. Michael Kussman, assistant secretary of health under Mr. Bush, who rejected the recommendations for policing wait times.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Dr. Kussman declined to comment. He said he did not recall responding to the inspector general and declined an offer to be provided a copy of the memo.

In a 2008 memo, Dr. Kussman made no secret about his reaction to the third report in as many years into wait time problems. In a letter to the inspector general, he wrote that the report contained “misleading implications and unfounded innuendo.”

Dr. Kussman questioned the inspector general’s methodology and said some problems are inevitable because schedulers are typically the newest and least-experienced staff. “Given the circumstances, errors are inevitable,” he wrote.

While Dr. Kussman acknowledged “levels of imprecision in our waiting times data,” he added that nobody has been able to identify a more effective way to track and monitor wait times for almost 40 million annual appointments.

The inspector general’s office, in a rare public display reflecting just how contentious the wait time issue had become inside VA, fired back: “We can only conclude that VHA’s stated intention to correct recognize and long-standing problems is not sincere,” the watchdog office noted in a 2008 report.

The inspector general made incoming Obama officials aware of the dispute.

“Since the report in 2005, OIG issued reports in 2007 and 2008 concerning these issues, and both subsequent reports confirmed that problems and causes associated with scheduling, waiting times and [electronic waiting lists] are systemic throughout VHA,” the VA’s office of inspector general wrote in a memo to the Obama-Biden transition team weeks after the 2008 election.

Among those who helped oversee the work of the transition for Veterans Affairs was Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, now a Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

His campaign did not respond to a phone message Wednesday.

Scandals abound but let's NOT forget about the nightmare that is ObamaCare  
By: Diane Sori 
As Howard Dean rants on national television that the GOP needs to get out of America...after all everything to him and his ilk is the Republicans fault...the ObamaCare 'supposed' glitches continue on as Nevada follows Oregon (who had NOT one person sign-up though the exchanges), Massachusetts, and Maryland, to become the fourth state to admit its private enrollment system done though the ObamaCare exchanges just cannot be fixed. Now leaving its state exchange behind, Nevada will join federal at least one year anyway...even though Republican Governor Brian Sandoval opposes ObamaCare. 
Governor Sandoval, who rightly thought it important for Nevada to run its own exchange, was overruled by the state's exchange board that obviously thought otherwise, and decided to ditch the exchange as in their opinion it could NOT be repaired in time for the 2015 enrollment period that is scheduled to begin this November.

So as Nevada joins the ranks of the disenfranchised, here's a bit more happiness folks...a recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll has shown that for every person ObamaCare has helped, at least two have been hurt by it...translating into a mere 18% benefiting from ObamaCare, while 30+% say they have been "negatively affected" by ObamaCare (and those numbers do NOT include those who have been cancelled under Obama's LIE, "if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan." And among those who have been negatively affected by Obamacare, 54% said their health care costs increased, 9% said it decreased their options and/or choices, and 8% said they opposed the entirety of the individual mandate itself.

NOT good at all for Obama's signature health care law...his 'supposed' a failure NO matter what he and his minions say with even liberal media polls conducted by the likes of MSNBC, The Washington Post, and USA Today all have found that more Americans say ObamaCare has had a negative impact on their lives...on their pocketbooks...than say it has had a positive impact.

In other words ObamaCare still stinks.

And now it's been announced that ObamaCare deductibles maxed out at a whopping $6,350 per person this year, will next year go even higher to cap out at $6,600 per person per year...NOT per family but per person. And for a family of four that translates into an unbelievable $26,400 per amount forced on them by a law that they NEVER wanted for coverage they NEVER needed and CANNOT afford.

And businesses will be hit as well as ObamaCare's soon to be enforced employer penalties will rise from $3,000 per subsidized full-time employee to $3,120 per employee. And the fines and penalties that were put on hold for this year, continue to grow so that in 2015, employers with at least 100 full-time-workers will owe $2,080 for each of those workers after an exemption for the first 30.

Talk about a job killer...and it gets even worse for the fact is that by 2016 the ObamaCare employer mandate will apply to firms with only 50 full-time-workers, with the fines going even higher.

And it gets worse. While there are ongoing serious issues currently under investigation concerning the VA and the long waits our veterans face when they need to see a doctor or get treatment, ObamaCare itself throws another wrench into the mix by increasing 'fragmentation' of care among vets who now rely solely on the VA for treatment. This means that those vets who use both VA and non-VA sources for treatment are more likely to be re-hospitalized and die within a year compared with VA-only users...and this comes from Dr. Kenneth Kizer, a former under secretary of Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Fact...ObamaCare also affects pre-911 disabled vets that require 24/7 care who are NOT eligible for Medicaid. Their family caregivers are NOT covered under the Caregiver Act of 2010 as only post 911 caregivers are covered, so the cost of these caregivers health care will now have to come out of their own pockets or the caregiver will be fined or will have to sign a waiver and NOT be covered.

And if a veteran is only eligible for care at military hospitals and clinics and is NOT covered under certain 'TRICARE' plans this means they do NOT have minimum essential coverage as mandated under the rules of ObamaCare, and they too will be fined or required to get additional coverage. And this involves those getting care for 'line of duty only' related conditions and those vets or the family members insured under the 'TRICARE for Young Adults' plan who may now need their coverage altered to be in line with ObamaCare required coverage, especially in the area of mental health care.

And our vets under 'TRICARE' will get hit like the rest of us in their pocketbooks with 'TRICARE Prime' retirees who are under age 65 seeing an increase in the enrollment fee that they pay yearly that will be based on the amount they receive in their retirement pay from the military. And 'TRICARE for Life', the program for retirees over 65 would see increases in enrollment fees as well as changes to the catastrophic cap...the maximum out-of-pocket amount beneficiaries will pay each fiscal year.

So our veterans get the shaft by this administration yet again.

And so to date ObamaCare continues to trudge along screwing 'We the People'...screwing our veterans and their the process. All our fears about this most grievous of laws have come to pass...death panels, rationed medicine, NOT being able to keep the coverage or doctors one likes or can afford, coverage mandated for things one does NOT want or need...the list is endless making ObamaCare a fraud plain and simple...a fraud because simply allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines...thus broadened the base...would have allowed premium rates to drop without doing anything else to the insurance set-ups. 

So when we retake the Senate in November (like my positive thinking) repealing ObamaCare must become a number one priority for there was NOTHING wrong with America's top-notch health care system to begin with. This most miserable of presidents turned health care into a political issue for NO other reason than to win (steal) an election, assure a new generation of Democratic voters, and to increase the existing Democratic base of those tied to the government teat for their mere existence.

And so ObamaCare continues to be the stuff of nightmares that we still seem unable to wake-up from...sad isn't it.