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Right Side Patriots

Here's Saturday's...February 20th...RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show for any who missed it and want to hear what Craig and I said...and as always we stand by every word.

On Saturday we discussed all things Trump, and gave some sound and sage advice for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

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We all know the president wants to close Guantanamo Bay, the plans for which how that will be achieved are expected this month, but what happens if we continue to nab more Islamic extremists?

For now, the interrogations occur on naval ships and the prisoners are transferred to other nations’ legal systems, or they’re brought here to be tried in our court system. That’s including military commissions, according to the Associated Press. Yet, this lack of clarity on what to do if we see an uptick in captured terrorists has legal wonks and national security officials unnerved:
"If you're going to be doing counterterrorism operations that bring in detainees, you have to think through what you are going to do with them," said Phillip Carter, former deputy assistant defense secretary for detainee policy. "If the U.S. is going to conduct large-scale combat operations or large-scale special ops," Rebecca Ingber, an associate law professor at Boston University who follows the issue, warns that if the U.S. engaged in a full ground war in Syria, "chances are there would need to be detention facilities of some kind in the vicinity." […]
The U.S. has deployed about 200 new special operations forces to Iraq, and they are preparing to work with the Iraqis to begin going after IS fighters and commanders, "killing or capturing them wherever we find them, along with other key targets," Defense Secretary Ash Carter said.
Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter IS, told Congress this month that in the final six months of 2015y, 90 senior to midlevel leaders were killed, including the IS leader's key deputies: Haji Mutazz, the top leader in Iraq, and Abu Sayyaf, the IS oil minister and financier.
Sayyaf was killed in a raid to rescue American hostage Kayla Mueller; his wife, known as Umm Sayyaf, was captured.
Her case illustrates how the Obama administration is prosecuting some terrorist suspects in federal courts or military commissions or leaving them in the custody of other nations.
Yet, even the president seemed to know that closing Gitmo would be a huge political hurdle for his administration to overcome with a Republican Congress. He said in his final presser of 2015 that he wants to find ways to work with Congress, but don't be shocked if the closing this facility comes in the form of an executive order.

            GOP senators, if you give whichever Constitution-shredding libfascist Obama nominates a hearing, much less a vote, we are gone.  Out of the GOP.  Finished.  And that means you’re finished too.

            The “we” is us conservatives, and we are not in the mood for any pompous, delusional Senate-speak about how you can’t do what we elected you to do and defy Obama.  You need to take a stand and shut him down.  And we don’t care how much heat you have to take from the mainstream media and your distinguished commie colleagues across the aisle.

            Man the hell up.

            Our enemies keep blabbing about your alleged “duty” to act.  Yeah, you have a Constitutional duty all right – to the freaking Constitution.

            The reaction of Mitch McConnell was a pleasant surprise.  After rolling over again and again, it seems to have dawned on Mitch that we conservatives are done with a submissive Senate going Gimp every time Obama demands something.  Spending, Obamacare, illegal immigration – the GOP hasn’t been seemed to be able to draw a line, much less hold one, and we conservatives have been wondering why we even bothered to retake the Senate in 2014.  But now our right to freely exercise our religion, our right to keep and bear arms, and even our right to criticize politicians like Hillary Clinton are at stake.  There’s nowhere left to retreat to.  Back, meet wall.

Why you should side with Apple, not the FBI, in the San Bernardino iPhone case
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Why you should side with Apple, not the FBI, in the San Bernardino iPhone case
“What the FBI wants to do would make us less secure, even though it’s in the name of keeping us safe from harm. Powerful governments, democratic and totalitarian alike, want access to user data for both law enforcement and social control. We cannot build a backdoor that only works for a particular type of government, […]
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Obama Admin’s Anti-American, Despotic Power Play Against Apple

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

What I know about computer science could fit into a thimble — so I delved deeper into various arguments concerning the FBI vs. Apple. Apple has helped the government extract data before. This time it’s different. The government says Apple has helped it extract data from iPhones roughly 70 times in the past, but Apple has never done what a court is ordering it do now: create software to crack its own security features for the FBI.

When I heard it was Farook’s work phone that the FBI wants Apple to break into, I had to laugh. I do not for second believe Farook used his work phone to communicate with his jihad brothers, rather than his own private phone, which he destroyed.

Obama’s FBI has been so dishonest and...