Friday, April 1, 2016

Israel Turns Her Back On Obama...and Rightly So
By: Diane Sori /The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

"I welcome the opening of free trade agreement talks with China... exports, trade and the economy will all benefit....and can produce huge results, and we believe that Israel can be the perfect partner."                                 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Thanks to Obama and his hate for Israel, Jews in general, and Benjamin Netanyahu in specific, the tiny Jewish State of Israel is basically left to fend for itself both militarily and least for the moment. And to make matters worse, now with a wink and a nod from Obama, Israel has been named by the U.N...the U(seless) N(ations) as I call them...the most evil and vile country in the world today.

And how so...

First, the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) this week condemned the Jewish state alone for (supposedly) violating the rights of Palestinian women; and then the U.N. Human Rights Council condemned Israel five times more than any of the other 192 U.N. member nations for said human rights violations...more than Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, or any other Middle East or Asian cesspools of countries that treat women like slaves, chattel, and second class citizens.

And one of the Council resolutions put into place strictly to add insult to injury is to target and expose companies that do business with Israel and then order them to 'cease and desist'... actually putting in place sanctions via condemnation of sort against those companies who refuse to their bidding. And what's worse is that it will be the Israel-hating U.N. alone that gets to decide which companies are engaged in what they believe are business “practices that disadvantage Palestinian enterprises.”

But what pray tell are 'Palestinian enterprises' as per the U.N. definition...nothing I know of except for the production of suicide bombers and explosives.

And now the U.N.'s long history of animosity towards Israel has spread to the U.S...all while Israel questions the European Union's placating policy toward the Palestinians while they, the EU, have actually started labeling and boycotting products made by Israeli settlements in the (rightfully) occupied territories. And Israel must now also be concerned about anti-Jewish the media...'incidents' occurring throughout Europe that seem to be working in tandem with the resurgence of violent anti-Semitic acts...acts for example like last year's islamist attack on a Paris kosher deli. And sadly, some in the U.S. have bought into the U.N. propaganda and joined in the movement to boycott Israeli goods, and does so as Obama looks away...with a smile on his face of course, and with a 'figurative' knife in his hand ready to dig deep into Israel's back...for Obama hopes that an economic choking...if you will...of Israel's economy can do what no nation to date has been able to do militarily...that is to bring Israel to her knees in utter surrender and capitulation.

But know well that is something Benjamin Netanyahu will not ever allow to happen, as he has planned wisely for this very scenario that he knew was coming, so wisely in fact that he recently met with the Vice Premier of China, Liu Yandong, who said that this particular visit is “a very important mission.”

Coming to Israel specifically to co-chair with Netanyahu the 'Second Annual China-Israel Committee for Cooperation and Innovation' as well to sign 13 important co-operation agreements...agreements on education, agriculture, health care, energy and water development, science and technology, intellectual property, and the exchange of human resources, amongst other things...Liu Yandong and Netanyahu together at a joint press conference announced for all the world to hear the opening of 'free-trade agreement' talks between the two nations...talks that should hopefully become a working reality in just one short year.

And you can bet that its been Barack HUSSEIN Obama's traitorous actions towards Israel that have led her to go elsewhere.

So as trade between the U.S. and Israel not just slows but actually decreases in scope to some degree under Obama's hostile administration, and as Netanyahu knows that China stands to economically lose big if Donald Trump wins the presidency, trade between Israel and China (rightfully) grows and will continue to grow rapidly, potentially doubling the trade between the two countries, which now stands at around eight billion dollars per year, bringing it up to around 16 billion dollars per year. And this in turn will increase the GDP in both countries by encouraging increased investment and upping bilateral relations.

And BiBi wants this agreement to help aid in diversifying Israel's commercial and economic ties worldwide, thus helping Israel to cut back on her dependency on European goods and services as Europe is currently their biggest trading partner yet not the most friendly to them.

“China takes Israel very seriously,” were the words said by Liu Yandong, who spoke ever so fondly of her previous 2014 visit to Israel. Telling the committee that she had been “deeply impressed” by Israel’s social and economic achievements and the goodwill of the people of Israel towards China, Liu Yandong laid the groundwork for a partnership that has completely caught Obama off guard.

And that is a good thing...a very good thing.

And with Liu Yandong graciously praising both Israel's innovation and Israel's people, here are some facts that might surprise some, but know that the only true democracy in the entire Middle East region will most assuredly survive no matter that once 'so-called' friends are now turning away. Fact one: in 2009, China was Israel's 11th-largest foreign market, but by 2012 China became Israel's second largest market after only the U.S. Fact two: after Netanyahu's visit to China last May, plans were put in place to expand ties between the two countries, including to 'up' Israel's annual trade with China from a bilateral volume of US$8 billion in 2012 to US$10 billion within the next six years. Fact three: the two countries hope to form strong cooperation ties in regards to the high technology sectors which includes the military sector; to jointly construct industrial parks and technology transfer centers; and to increase agricultural cooperation between the two countries...a most important area for China with its having to feed roughly 1.4 billion people. Fact four: while Israel’s population of eight million is a relatively 'small market' numbers wise, China views Israel as a very important source of technology more so than an export destination, and this serves both countries well.

Now it also must be noted that while 'free-trade agreements' usually lower tariffs on imported goods, Israel's main industrial markets are overseas, so lowering tariffs on Chinese imports will not negatively or greatly affect the buyers of Israeli goods. “Israeli industry in general is a free trader, and I think that the notion among industrialists is that as long as it’s free trade that’s on a mutual basis and we have the opportunity to export our products to China, then it’s a fair deal,” were the rightful words said by Ohad Cohen, head of Israel's Foreign Trade Administration (FTA). And with Israel's unemployment rate staying steady at 5.3%, the fear of losing jobs to China means less to Israeli's then it might to others as Israeli's are more worried and concerned about the current high prices of goods, and they know that a deal with China would result in prices coming down...a winning situation as far as Israeli's are concerned.

So what does an China-Israel 'free-trade agreement' actually mean in regards to Israeli exports to China and Chinese imports into Israel...first, as trade barriers between the two countries are removed, restrictions on importing and exporting goods and services currently affected by tariffs, taxes, as well as by import quotas are greatly eased making said goods and services flow more easily between the two countries. Second, an China-Israel 'free trade agreement' would create efficiency in the actual pricing of goods and services. Third, as the Chinese people demand more high-end products, Israeli companies can answer that demand as Israel has a worldwide reputation for providing high value products and services. Fourth, with China's one-child rule now relaxed, China needs products and services that will improve the quality of life for their now aging population. And while Israeli technology would help China with this, Israel wins as well as Israeli health care technology companies get to access a new market estimated to include 500 million potential customers.

And lastly, with the Israeli market itself small and dependent on exports for future growth, removing barriers on exports to China opens up a major market for Israeli companies in general, which in turn creates an incentive for said companies to produce and export more, thus creating more jobs for Israeli workers, increasing the export capacity and competitiveness of both economies.

And what is the negative of such an agreement between Israel and China...honestly there really is none for the biggest opposition to such deals in general is the aforementioned one not feared by Israelis...the creating of a apprehension on the part of workers who believe their this case giving foreign in China...the advantage as its costing domestic jobs. But the biggest plus as I see it is that with Israel being in negotiations with enemy of the U.S...Benjamin Netanyahu has now publicly turned his and Israel's back on Obama as the world watches Obama cringe.

Sometimes payback is indeed a bitch...and in this case rightly so.