Thursday, September 17, 2020

Trump Takes the Lead in New National Poll

The phone and online survey of 2,500 likely voters showed the president with a 47 percent lead to Biden’s 46 percent, which is within the margin of error.

“The race has narrowed over the past two weeks. Biden had a two-point lead last week, but that survey also marked the first time Trump had edged above 45% over the past two-and-a-half months. Prior to this week, Biden has bested Trump in every weekly survey since White House Watch began at the beginning of July,” explains Rasmussen.

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On the Ballot...The Rule of Law
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

We are a Republican government. Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy” 
- Alexander Hamilton

The indisputable fact is that the vast majority of we Trump supporters, Republicans and Conservatives alike, are revved up and ready to go vote in person on Tuesday, November mail-in “will they or won't they” be counted ballots for us. We will to be out in force and nothing the Democrats and their media cohorts do, say, or threaten will stop us from putting on our masks, getting to the polls, and casting out votes not only for the Trump/Pence ticket but will see us voting a straight down the line red ticket as well. After all, not only have we on the right...and hopefully those still of the JFK style Democrat persuasion...had enough of the lawlessness and the accompanying lies that are masquerading as a reason for Democrat governors and mayors to willingly allow the BLM and Antifa rioting, mayhem, and murder to continue on, but we now realize that the point has been reached where it's obvious to us that our country's very survival as a constitutional republic is indeed now at stake. 

At stake most assuredly for when liberal/progressive misguided sorts throw aside the “rule of law” that is our Constitution and fabricate a warped theology of sorts coupled with a movement based upon Carl Marx's “Communist Manifesto”...a manifesto based upon the misplaced premise that all of human history is but the story of “class struggle” just know that we as a nation are now in very serious trouble. And our Forefathers in their wisdom, while obviously not knowing of what was to become communism per se, did have the foresight to understand that troubles could likely arise in the future as our new nation went through its own, as to be expected, governmental growing pains. 

In fact, in Federalist 51, James Madison wrote, "What is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If angels were to govern men, neither internal nor external controls on government would be necessary. However, not only do we not have angels governing men, but we have Progressives who deny the existence of God and without His guidelines (Ten Commandments) we end up with anarchy." 

And James Madison was indeed right for at this point in our nation's history not only is our beloved America bearing witness to both anarchy and insurrection having taken over a number of America's cities and doing so with seemingly no end in sight, but we are seeing the Democrat party itself not just being a political rival but having morphed into the actual God denying “enemy within.” And if those of us on the right think that President Trump's reelection alone will see much needed “law and order” being immediately restored nationwide, I'm sorry to tell you that you, dear reader, are sadly mistaken. And it's not because President Trump isn't willing to do what legally needs to be done, but because key Democrats have not only challenged his every move with legal actions of their own, but for the fact that they have already stated that they will not accept a Donald Trump victory nor a Joe Biden defeat. 

A strangely worded what could be a constitutional conundrum that now sees these very same Democrats...especially the likes of Nancy Pelosi as well as the ever vile “Squad”...having also stated that they will make sure that the struggle against what they consider to be “oppressive authority”…as in the police...will continue to go on unabated and unchallenged by those on the left side of the political aisle. 

In other words, it's my belief that the rioting, mayhem, and murder will continue on, to one degree or another, until the Democrats can somehow get elected someone...anyone... through whom Barack HUSSEIN Obama can finally get his defacto, string-pulling, third term in office...a term needed to finish off what he started, as in the fundamental transformation of America from a constitutional republic into a socialist nation. And that is key for what the Democrats want is socialism with the Constitution and all its components be damned.  

So now I've said what I'm sure many are thinking but are either unwilling or just too afraid to say, let alone put down in writing, dare they be perceived as racists by the nasty BLM sorts and their Democrat political cohorts...political cohorts who themselves are actual closet racists no matter that their media anointed savior and master of their thoughts, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is black...actually he's only half black if truth be told...and no one best upset the sensibilities of any these most volatile folks.

But with the Democrats now needing an acceptable to the masses excuse for their recently saying that they will “not concede under any circumstances”...the very words of Hillary Clinton must understand that the excuse they're excuse actually having a terribly distorted semblance of rationality...has everything to do with the fact that Hillary and therefore Obama did win the so-called “popular vote” in the 2016 election...what with the “dead vote” and the “illegal vote” probably being what helped to secure that win. Thankfully, though, Hillary did lose big time in the all-important constitutionally mandated Electoral College denying Obama the third term in office that he so craved. 

This left and still leaves the Democrats with the ability to continue to argue the point that for them the principles of “majority rule” in “mob rule” what is the only thing that can truly protect both the rights and liberties of all America's citizens. And this is no matter the fact that when "majority rule" is actually applied it can and does create a breeding ground of discourse, thus rendering the real meaning of “majority rule” open to too many partisan driven misinterpretations as well as its being a dividing not unifying force, resulting more times than not in not only governmental instability but instability to such a degree that in time it tends to lead to actual governmental collapse. 

And yet it's this distorted reasoning that has allowed certain Democrat governors and mayors to play off the fact that they have been given what is a misplaced sense of legitimacy in their allowing the rioting, mayhem, and murder to continue on, simply because in their minds the rights, privileges, and freedoms of black people are still not equal to that of whites. And again in their minds it's because Donald Trump, the man they consider to be a racist, is now president via his Electoral College win while Hillary Clinton, Obama's string-pulled supposed champion of black folks and winner of the said “popular vote,” is not. 

So know that if this upcoming election's results were somehow repeated again with Joe Biden, know that the Democrats will make sure that all bloody-hell breaks loose. Makes you want to gag now doesn't it for the fact is that Democrats know well that only by doing away with the constitutionally mandated Electoral College can they even hope to stop a Trump win...and even that would be but questionable at best.  

And for this reason alone we now sees our country facing a Democrat initiated and hoped for constitutional crisis of the kind James Madison warned us about for it's the Constitution itself, as our accepted “rule of law,” that has allowed our country to remain unified and whole throughout all manner of crises...election or otherwise...what with our nation's history still unfolding. But the problem now is that the very document that has long been protecting the rights of all “We the People” has been hijacked by the Democrat far left who want us to believe that the Constitution has suddenly become but the protector of the rights of only some of the in white people...instead of its protecting the long stated rights of all the people...meaning that it now leaves black people and others “of color” by the wayside. 

And said wayside also includes the Democrats wanting us to believe that the Constitution's wording itself works to widen their self-perceived gap between rich and poor people...translation as per Democrat-speak: between white and black people...similar in its perception to when Obama stated that he believes the Constitution, as it's now written, to be “an imperfect document” as well as “a charter of negative liberties.” 

So now the Democrats are on yet another of their misguided missions to try and stop President Trump's reelection by any means possible whether those means be “by hook or by crook.” And don't think for a minute that the bought and paid for ongoing riots, mayhem, and murders; that the ever increasing attacks perpetrated on both the police and innocent civilians; coupled with Hillary's ever divisive words; are not part of that mission, because they are. And that again brings me back to James Madison's words to the affect that, “we have Progressives who deny the existence of God and without His guidelines (Ten Commandments) we end up with anarchy.”  

How so and why so...because as powerful and truthful as those words were back at the time of our nation's founding, those words sadly still hold true today what with anarchy not only being witnessed by elected officials, but actually seeing those same elected officials both encouraging and condoning said actions, along with numerous Democrat leaders no longer even trying to hide the fact that they still relish in booing both God and our beloved country. So it's no wonder that we find the “rule of law”...the Constitution...being discarded by Democrats in favor of the BLM's version of Carl Marx's “Communist Manifesto” as it plays right into the hands of those whose three greatest wishes are to do America and “We the People” bring America to her knees...and to make America not unlike any other third world socialist country where a carefully chosen few would rule with an iron fist over what would be the entirety of the proverbial roost. 

And that, my friends, is the very crux of why this election is so important...that is why our nation's very survival as the constitutional republic she was intended to be does most assuredly depend on President Donald J. Trump's reelection...I cannot say it any more directly and on point than that.
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