Sunday, August 24, 2014

As a result of Obamacare Medicaid expansion coupled with means-tested Obamacare assistance, I estimate welfare rolls expanded from 35.4% of the population in 2012 to about 40% in 2014.

Let's go through the math to see how I make that estimate.

The latest welfare statistics are from year-end 2012. Those figures show 35.4 Percent: 109,631,000 on Welfare.
109,631,000 living in households taking federal welfare benefits as of the end of 2012, according to the Census Bureau, equaled 35.4 percent of all 309,467,000 people living in the United States at that time.

When those receiving benefits from non-means-tested federal programs — such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and veterans benefits — were added to those taking welfare benefits, it turned out that 153,323,000 people were getting federal benefits of some type at the end of 2012.

Subtract the 3,297,000 who were receiving veterans' benefits from the total, and that leaves 150,026,000 people receiving non-veterans' benefits.

The 153,323,000 total benefit-takers at the end of 2012, said the Census Bureau, equaled 49.5 percent of the population. The 150,026,000 taking benefits other than veterans' benefits equaled about 48.5 percent of the population.

In 2012, according to the Census Bureau, there were 103,087,000 full-time year-round workers in the United States (including 16,606,000 full-time year-round government workers). Thus, the welfare-takers outnumbered full-time year-round workers by 6,544,000.
Breakdown by Category

  • 82,679,000 Medicaid
  • 51,471,000 Food Stamps
  • 22,526,000 Women, Infants and Children Program
  • 20,355,000 Supplemental Security Income
  • 13,267,000 Public Housing or Housing Subsidies
  • 5,442,000 Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • 4,517,000 Other Forms of Federal Cash Assistance
Our President may be a well-educated and a very smart guy, but he seems to have skipped out on his world history classes. He certainly would have learned the absolutely true saying that “history repeats itself.” He would also know that any dithering with ISIS will only cause us more pain and lost lives in the future.

History does repeat itself, and regularly. A perfect example has been on display with the debt crisis in Argentina. The country has defaulted on its debt. Its President, Cristina Kirchner, did not accept blame for the default. She pointed the finger at two American hedge funds as being greedy because they would not write down the debt that Argentina had sold them in the form of bonds. We should not have much pity for these hedge funds because they should be aware that Argentina defaulted in 2001 - very recent times.

While I was reading Amity Shlaes’ acclaimed biography of Calvin Coolidge, further evidence was made of history repeating itself. The American government was trying to negotiate a repayment of the debt incurred during World War I by our European allies. The Americans proposed a 25-year payment plan which was attacked by foreign governments as selfish. One French leader was quoted in the New York Times as saying “Has America, which but yesterday we acclaimed for her generosity and idealism, fallen to the role of Shylock.” It is easy to learn from history and save yourself a lot of pain (and money) if you just heed it.

Our President stated he learned from his path in Libya. Mr. Obama told (New York Times columnist) Tom Friedman “Intervening in Libya to prevent a massacre was the right thing to do.” He stated that doing it without sufficient follow-up on the ground to manage Libya’s transition to more democratic politics is probably his biggest foreign policy regret. That was after he set in motion abandoning Iraq. If he had studied our actions in post-war Japan, Europe, and Korea, he would know that we need to leave troops and supporting structure in place for decades. Look what happened when were able to do such in those locales.

By leaving a power vacuum in Iraq and not supporting opposition forces in Syria, Mr. Obama has allowed a small discolored spot to grow into a significant cancer. Because ISIS is winning, the nutcases of the world are flocking to their side. President Obama needs to stop reading polls that say Americans are war-weary. His job is to lead the American people in these situations and to educate the unknowing as to why we need to take military action.

Let’s review some basic facts. No American wants to go to war. Saying you are anti-war is inherently American. It is also stupid and infantile. Just because you don’t want to go to war doesn’t alleviate the fact that there are maniacs in foreign lands that want war. Our actions don’t inspire them to their actions. That is a hollow canard. My suggestion is grow-up and face the reality of the world – a world that is so much smaller than it was a hundred years ago when World War I started. We cannot be protected by two oceans any longer; and, if we don’t eradicate menaces overseas, they will be on our shores as evidenced by 9/11.

Next, please stop telling us what polls say about these matters. Newscasts consistently inject a new poll into the discussion of our national defense. Who cares what the polls say? We are not talking about a transportation bill here. Our government was formed to protect us against enemies foreign and domestic. That is what it is supposed to do. If you don’t think ISIS is our enemy TODAY, you are seriously misguided and potentially delusional.

These are madmen of the worst kind. If you don’t believe me watch one of the beheadings they perform on video for the entertainment of the masses. I did. It was thoroughly sickening and brought clarity to the fact these people need to be eradicated. There is no redemption. There is no salvation. Our only choice is to kill them before they kill us.

No one else is going to do it. We will get support from other countries as some have already offered up troops. We can certainly use our allies on the ground like the Kurds, but rest assured America has to take the lead and if needed -- boots on the ground. The longer we wait to annihilate these barbaric monsters, the heavier the cost will be. We have already let this fester too long.

We have seen this happen before, over and over again. We try to make nice with savages and they play upon our goodwill. We end up having to fight a larger war. President Obama seems to forget we fought the first war last century from 1914 until we had total victory in 1945. We then fought a war with communism on many fronts from 1945 until 1989 when the system died. We have been fighting against Islamic extremism at least since 1979, and maybe prior to that. After 9/11 President Bush defined the fact that we were in for a long war. Despite what David Axelrod said that occupying Iraq was a tragic mistake in the first place, it was one front in a multifaceted war. We abandoned that front and the world is now paying the price.

Obliteration is the only solution for ISIS. They are evil incarnate. The sooner they feel the full force of the world led by the American people and our military, the sooner we can move to a peaceful solution and an eventual victory over radical Islamic terror that wants to control the world.

Tit-for-Tat: Here’s the Home Address of the CNN Reporter Who Broadcast Officer Darren Wilson’s Home Address

Ed Lavendera--the CNN reporter is pictured here looking overweight and out of shape; he broadcast the home address of Officer Darren Wilson
Ed Lavandera–the CNN reporter is pictured here looking overweight and out of shape; he broadcast the home address of Officer Darren Wilson.

The CNN reporter that provided the Police Officer’s Name and Address on national TV can be contacted at:

Ed Lavandera
                                                     6543 Bob O Link Dr.
                                                     Dallas TX. 75214

Reporter Lavandera’s address is being spread by conservative bloggers and commenters. I found it in a comment on American Renaissance.

I also took a look at the home on Google street view. Reporters obviously get paid a lot more than small town cops who risk their lives to keep the peace.

Obviously, it is illegal to threaten or harass someone, but it is a fine act of sabotage to send media traitors cards expressing your disgust with them. My own belief is that CNN deliberately put Officer Wilson’s life in danger by stirring up the crowds of “protestors” to demand blood: “Time to kill a cop.”

It sends a powerful message to the media that we are watching them. Put Ed Lavandera on your Christmas card list. LOL.