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Trust Lost and A Candidate No One Saw Coming
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
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Two key issues, for me, were in the forefront last week and they're not Trump related per se...two issues that might actually have more lasting ramifications for “We the People” than all the bogus charges surrounding our 45th president do.

And the first issue comes in the guise of a question...a question that not only remains on a lot of people's minds now that the Covid pandemic is over...even Joe Biden finally admitted so (sarcastically said of course)...but a question that demands in can we, the American people...ever trust the CDC* again...the very federal agency tasked with protecting public health and safety. I believe the answer is both simple and telling in my emphatically stating...NO...we cannot! And I'm not alone in my feelings for well over half of all Americans no longer trust the CDC, but to be honest I never really did. And why...because these vax and booster happy government agency folks long ago ditched true science and medical facts in favor of the almighty dollar and a leftist political agenda.

And it's the Covid lies, subterfuge, and truths kept hidden that have finally woken “We the People” up...some of us the fact that those who bought into what the CDC was selling were in reality but unbeknownst human guinea pigs courtesy of a rushed to market vaccine without any knowing of its potential side effects and/or both short and long term health risks. And those in the Biden administration who promised to listen to the “science” in scientists and medical regards to said vaccine and its much needed follow up boosters, in fact only listened to those folks who said what they wanted to hear, which in turn Biden and crew then spewed out to the gullible and fearful masses.

And most of those lies originated and came from the lips of Dr. Anthony Fauci...“ground zero” for the entire Covid-19 debacle...for if he hadn't lied to President Trump about not only what covid really my opinion a bio-weapon...but how and why it came to in from “gain-of-function research”...many of our fellow Americans lost to covid might still be alive today. And that is indeed scientific fact for vaccine related deadly heart issues and now disclosed possible blindness unknown at the beginning of the pandemic are now cropping up nationwide in certain age groups. And it's all courtesy of the CDC pushing Biden to issue ever so misplaced recommendations, guidelines, and the continuation of silly “jab” and mask mandates that were not in We the Peoples best interest, all while pushing forward their decidedly leftist political agenda.

But know that here I'm not talking about the 2020 which Fauci did maliciously use the pandemic as but one means of seeing that President Trump would not get reelected...but about an even more nefarious objective in mind as in UN Agenda 30 and its followup Agenda 50. But to see the being overlooked by the media correlation between covid and future happenings, one needs to first understand exactly what “gain-of-function” is and how it feeds directly into the two U.N. agendas.

Simply, the media and our government did try to conceal the indisputable fact that the Covid-19 virus was “leaked,” whether deliberately or not, from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. And compounding matters was the fact that Covid-19 itself was created courtesy of “gain-of-function” research...research that saw Chinese scientists having... with NIAID** funding...genetically manipulating and morphing through bio-engineering what was a naturally occurring bat virus into a successful attempt to produce a more infectious and more deadly virus...a “bio-weapon”...that spread worldwide killing millions of innocent people. Creating more infectious and deadly viruses is the main purpose of “gain-of-function” research after all.

Dr. Fauci and NIAID deliberately lied to President Trump and to the American people to cover for NIAID's funding and their combined knowing of what was going on in the Wuhan lab. And, while we know that not enough research has been done, to date, on the ramifications of newly emerging and sometimes deadly viruses...viruses that will fuel on the sure to come next pandemic...we also know that the CDC is both ill prepared in regards to public safety risks when a pathogen (read virus) escapes a laboratory...whether deliberately released or by accident...and in making publicly known what is in actuality a bio-weapon and not a virus per se. And while the “markers” and treatments for viruses and bio-weapon caused illness are vastly different, their shared commonality is that “gain-of-function” research was involved in both and that the outcome, death wise, might well be the same or much worse.

And when all components are added together...from the virus's release to deaths accumulated, to Dr. Anthony Fauci himself, “gain-of-function” research, and the media covered up lies about what Covid-19 really in a bio-weapon test run...all feeds directly into the hoped for ultimate fulfillment of the UN's Agendas 30 and 50. How so? With Agenda 30 being the completion of now in effect Agenda 21...the “comprehensive program” regarding strategies both halting and reversing the effects of so-called “environmental degradation” through the promotion of “sustainable and environmentally sound development” in all countries...“sustainable”becomes but a way for the U.N. and globalist elites to lay the ground work for deciding just how many people will be allowed to survive what with Earth's ecosystem fast deteriorating...or so these folks claim.

And when you add in Agenda 50...the final fulfillment of “sustainable development”...which actually morphs into no longer being disguised “population control”...what better way to lower economically overburdening population numbers than to kill off millions of people with a bio-engineered virus that's been adjusted to be more deadly via “gain-of-function” research. But where Covid-19 failed in it's being released too soon...the perfected Covid-19 virus was not ready for final dispersal in 2019-2020...the next virus...the next “bio-weapon”...will be released on schedule and make Covid-19 death numbers pale in comparison. 

And the CDC will sound the alarm while the foolish again line up to be “jabbed” and “boosted” with the words “bio-weapon” and “antidote” they were with Covid-19...words that could have saved countless American lives...nowhere in the CDC's, our government's, or the media's discourse. Trust now rightfully and forever not worthy of ever being found.

And the second of last week's issues that, to me, are of paramount importance comes in the guise of a simple announcement that just could, if played right, seal the 2024 presidential election for the Democrats...a scary and dangerous scenario indeed.

We all know that even Democrats do not want Joe Biden to run for president again, with the whys being obvious... as in his failure at the southern border, inflation at a 40-year high, crime running rampant in America's streets, our economy floundering at best, foreign policy initiatives that border on surrender...the list is endless and grows by the day. And not to be forgotten is Biden's age, mental acuity or lack thereof, his obvious physical decline, his “woke” acquiescing, this list remains open ended as well. But up until now what choice did the Democrats have...the joke that is Kamala Harris I think not.

The Democrats field of choices ranges from the left to far left progressives, choices truly not palatable to the vast majority of mainstream Democrats, thus leaving Joe Biden as their only possible choice...unknown that is until last week when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. officially threw his hat into the primary nomination ring.

So why is this man's entry into the presidential race a key issue...because RFK Jr. could, if he plays his cards right, actually win the presidency when pitted against either President Trump or Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis. Why so...because not only does the Kennedy name remain like gold to those with a D after their name, but he could garner fence-sitting independents, the “Never Trumpers,” and even some of those Republicans who think another Trump presidency would be but a tiring rerun of witch hunt after witch hunt as well. Plus another all-important fact...probably the most important fact of all...that I'll speak of in a bit.

And surely not to be ignored is the fact that this man...a decidedly like many of we Republicans an anti-covid vaccine proponenr...he even published a best selling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci, where he accused Fauci...and his buddy Bill Gates...of “a historic coup d'etat against Western democracy,” which helps him be more palatable to those Democrats who do want an entirely new candidate. And while a Kennedy nomination might turn some Democrats off...especially those who so idolized Fauci and crew...the truths now coming out about the vaccine and boosters ever increasing dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects might just cancel out the fact that Democrats were the  majority of those who rolled up their sleeves to get “jabbed.”

But before you wonder if I...a Republican/Conservative...would vote for Kennedy, the answer is unequivocally NO. Simply, I would never vote for any Democrat for president or for any federal or state office, but unfortunately others, especially the “Never Trumpers” just might do so.

Back in March of this year Kennedy said that, If I run, my top priority will be to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economy, shattered the middle class, polluted our landscapes and waters, poisoned our children, and robbed us of our values and freedoms.” Kind of channeling his uncle JFK in a way...a way that could appeal not only to Democrats but to the aforementioned independents as well.

And while Kennedy is a true “conservationist” not all such folks nor their ideas are bad. In fact, according to news reports out of New York, existing plans to discharge radioactive water into the Hudson River...a part of so-called “decommissioning”...have been in sped up...which I believe is an issue Kennedy will lock onto and hopefully help stop. This would make him a hero not only in New York and with most Democrats, but with others not in his party for the discharging of radioactive water into America's rivers, streams, and lakes has become a nationwide hot button issue.

But the bottom line remains could Robert F. Kennedy, Jr....who recently said, “They’re putting in 5G to harvest our data and control our behavior. Digital currency that will allow them to punish us from a distance...” could he not only garner the Democrat nomination but could he really beat whomever the Republican nominee is? And as I stated at the beginning I believe, YES, Kennedy can, and it's not because he or his policies are better than Joe Biden's, but because of the always ongoing divisions and infighting within the Republican party...divisions and infighting that will remain even after the nominations are done.

And it's thanks to the likes of “Never Trumpers,” and “Only Trumpers” both of whom will become spoilers if their candidate of choice is not the Republican nominee. Democrats are known for rallying around their matter who the nominee is...proving for them that party loyalty trumps all, when for we Republicans and Conservatives it seems name calling, accusations, and stubbornness in our unwillingness to bend or accept viewpoints even slightly different than our own might just be our downfall come 2024. Sad indeed... case closed.


* CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
** NIAID: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases 
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