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Today, Friday, March 3rd from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori present their special 'Obama's Treasonous Shadow Exposed' and it is not who or what you think.

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Investigative Report:
Obama's Treasonous Shadow Exposed
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

Treason...’aiding and abetting’ the enemy...’aiding and comforting the enemy’...treason...a powerful charge to bring against anyone, a charge not to be taken lightly, yet not to bring this charge against someone known to have committed treason is just as bad if not worse for treason unpunished defiles and defames all that is our nation...all that is rule of law...all that is our Constitution.

And treason no matter how one twists it is the hallmark of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s presidency...he knows it...he knows we know it...and yet he seems not care for this most vile of men knows no one will bring such a charge against least they have not done so to date.

But that hopefully will soon change.
The Espionage Act of 1917 is the very act under which Obama should be charged as he blatantly committed acts of treason as he subverted and with malice ‘aided and abetted’ the enemy against these United States, the Constitution, and ‘We the People.’ Here are but seven acts of treason for which we believe charges can be brought against him:

  • When Obama ‘orchestrated’ and then ordered the ‘removal’ of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi, he knowingly handed Libya over to al-Qaeda, the very ones responsible for 9/11 and the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans. Libya then became the start of the domino effect that saw the Arab Spring turning into the nightmare that became the Arab Winter...leaving countless deaths in its wake...mostly Christian deaths. 
  • Obama played a direct role in the military takeover of Egypt that removed America’s ally Hosni Mubarak from office and helped to install Muslim Brotherhood puppet Mohamed Morsi El-Ayat as president for Obama knew that at that time the Muslim Brotherhood was listed as a terrorist organization. In fact, Obama knew that at a Muslim Brotherhood cabinet meeting, Magdi Hussein, the leader of the Islamic Labor Party said, “I’m very fond of battles. With the enemies, of course, with America and Israel, but this battle must be waged with maximum judiciousness and calm…”
         So what role did Obama play...first, even after his knowing about this declaration that
         America was an enemy to be “battled” just as was Israel, Obama still gave Egypt
         millions of dollars in military aid thus exempted Egypt from having to comply with
         mandatory human rights requirements as per the Leahy Law...a law stating that the
         U.S. will not tolerate or support foreign partners who violate the personal integrity,
         dignity, or due process of their citizens, which Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood
         puppet Morsi clearly did. Second, while Congress froze millions of dollars and the
         sale of fighter jets to Egypt because of escalating terrorist activities committed and/or
         financed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama unilaterally went against Congress
         giving $50 million in ‘so-called’ humanitarian aid to Egypt and then sold them
         20 fighter jets.                                        
  • Obama released detainees from Gitmo with known terrorist affiliations and with knowing that many would return to the battlefield, which they did resulting in additional American troop deaths...their blood directly on Obama’s hands. And the most grievous of these releases was his trading five top senior Taliban commanders for Army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl, and he did so covertly without the much needed approval by Congress as per the 2013 defense bill that states that the administration “shall notify the appropriate committees of Congress” not later “than 30 days before the transfer or release” of a detainee.
  •  Obama directly ‘aided and abetted’ the enemy by announcing our dates of withdrawal from the Iraq and Afghan theaters of war. Saying in May 2014, in regards to Afghanistan, that it was “time to turn the page on a decade in which so much of our foreign policy was focused on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Obama told the enemy specific dates our troops would be he did with Iraq back in 2011...thus again allowing an enemy...the lay low and wait until we were gone to overtake said country, which when done in Iraq directly gave birth to the terrorist group known as ISIS. And these actions led to Obama losing the peace of the very wars George W. Bush had won leading to needless deaths of more American troops.
  • The Iranian nuclear deal Obama so desperately wanted saw Hillary laying the groundwork for said deal, saw the deal brokered by John ‘Swiftboat Kerry, and saw Iran...the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism...continue their anything but peaceful nuclear ambitions while at the same time ignoring mandated stipulations against their testing ballistic missiles. In fact, as Iran broke rule after rule of the deal they agreed to, Obama began sending Iran hundreds of millions of dollars in the guise of lifting sanctions...including the millions in ransom he paid in 2016 to get back captured well as approving (according to an Israeli report) a secret delivery of roughly 130 tons of uranium for the “fundamentalist” Iranian regime...enough uranium to build ten nuclear bombs. 
  • And then there is Benghazi...the we believe pre-meditated targeted kill of Ambassador Christopher Stevens with Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty being collateral damage he cared nothing about. Benghazi...his and Hillary’s guns and weapons running operation from Gadhafi’s weapons storage warehouses through our embassy at Benghazi, into Turkey, arriving finally into the hands of the ‘so-called’ Syrian rebels who always were and still are tentacles of ISIS and operation we believe Ambassador Stevens was going to go public with.
  • Lastly, 18 U.S. Code § 2385...'Advocating the Overthrow of Government'... states, “Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof...” These words mean that every time Obama had to the White House members of the Muslim Brotherhood including Mohammed Morsi, Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan, CAIR’s Hassan Shibly, New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz, domestic terrorist and Weather Underground leader William Ayers, numerous members of police-hating Black Lives Matter, or even Mr. G-D America himself the anything but Reverend Jeremiah Wright...all known vocal proponents of overthrowing the American government...Obama himself committed treason for he knew the traitorous views of said persons, thus becoming a willing advocate for, affiliate and accomplice of, said persons and groups as he never condemned them for their outwardly traitorous actions.

So now that you know the charges that could be brought and more importantly that could actually ‘stick,’ let it be said upfront that both a sitting U.S. president and a former U.S. president can indeed be tried for treason with the only difference being that a sitting president must be impeached first before facing any treason charges. But that is not the case for a former president because being a ‘former’ president means said person is now a private different than we are.

And charging the now private citizen with treason means that any steps taken while said citizen was president that jeopardized the safety and security of both the nation and the public is still considered treason as no statute of limitations applies to acts of treason. And now comes the facing of charges...and with Obama setting up a ‘shadow government’ a mere two miles from the White House specifically to ‘hover over’ and monitor the new Trump administration...this meets both ‘wrongful and overt intent’ to commit treason as it renders America’s enemies tangible support, albeit non-military support, yet still jeopardizing the security of our nation because it interferes with the actions of the current sitting president.

So now that we have laid out the acts of treason, charges must be brought against Barack HUSSEIN Obama, but let us first delve into the reasons why no such charges have been brought to date.

First, we believe that because up until 2010 Republicans were the minority in both Houses of Congress and until 2014 were still the minority in the Senate, and with then sitting president Obama needing to be impeached before being charged with treason, the liberal majority before 2014 certainly would have never brought impeachment charges against the leader of their own party regardless of what evidence showed. After 2014, when the Republicans had the majority in both Houses of Congress, neither House leadership under John Boehner or Senate majority leadership under Mitch McConnell showed any willingness to even investigate situations that may have led to impeachment or further charges, as both men seemed complacent to ride out the last two years of Obama’s second term in office.

There is also the fact that no sitting Congress has ever shown willingness to take a hard-line approach when the issue at hand could lead to a Constitutional crisis, which the impeachment and further charges against Obama would have certainly brought forth. And why...because such charges would have put the legislative branch into a position of removing the head of the executive branch from office, thus pitting two branches of government directly against each other with the most dire outcome hanging in the balance. And if successful it would have placed every appointment and thus every regulation or law set in motion throughout Obama’s time in office into a state of being delegitimized.   

Second, the race card has indeed played a major role in allowing Obama to get away with acts of treason, because when anyone questioned any of his actions he, or those in his orbit, conveniently and with malice pulled the race card out of their pocket and held it over the heads of those who dared to do so. Obama continuously used race to pit blacks against whites and the police to the degree of even encouraging street riots fueled by race and instigated by ‘fake news’ reports such as ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot.’ This was Obama’s way of intimidating Congress into shying away from any situation in which he and his fellow liberals could twist into racial outrage.

Third, the bottom line in all of the above has always been Obama’s quest for power...power lost but still craved after his two terms in office were over. And know that the only position 'potentially' more powerful than that of U.S. president is that of Secretary General of the United Nations, a position Obama has always coveted. Also remember, Obama was nothing but a glorified community organizer therefore he was merely a puppet whose power while in the White House had been controlled by shadowy puppet masters, primarily the forces behind the islamic caliphate and those whose greatest desire is for a one-world government.

There can be little doubt that those shadowy figures not only pulled Obama’s strings but at the same time worked to protect Obama from any situation that could potentially render him impotent on the world stage. And by Obama’s becoming Secretary General he would, to some degree, be able to dictate policy to both the U.S. and to other nations thus becoming the titular head of the one-world government. And he could do so while covertly working towards his true goal of the entirety of the world becoming part of the caliphate.

Now that this cause and effect has been laid out lets discuss the who and the why Barack HUSSEIN Obama has and still is being protected from prosecution even while now being a private citizen. And here it must be noted that while we now have a strong president in Donald Trump he, too, seems to be held in check as to certain matters. Remember, during the campaign Trump actively stated on numerous occasions that he would have Hillary arrested and sent to prison, yet once elected he suddenly backed away from those very words...and why is the question because it surely is not the ‘fake news’ hype of his wanting to initiate national healing.

Make no mistake that because so many of the acts of treason committed by Obama also included Hillary in said actions, if Hillary was to go down Obama would surely go down with her. Therefore, it is our considered opinion that the very same forces who have both pulled Obama’s puppet strings and also protected him could have indeed threatened either President Donald Trump himself or the well-being of his family should he pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. One should not be surprised that entities with such power and reach as those who have controlled and protected Obama could well have shown proof of their capabilities to President Trump.

So with the treason charge scenario laid out the next logical step is to discern who, whom, or what is the actual protector of Barack HUSSEIN Obama...a protector powerful enough to intimidate any and all who dare to try and disrupt their agenda. 

Their agenda...key words that say it all for who has the ultimate agenda and who can lose it all if that agenda is not implemented according to schedule....who you ask...the clear shadow behind Obama, both continuing to pull his strings via his ‘shadow government’ and protecting him at the same time is the United Nations itself which is deeply engaged in Agenda 2030, a movement towards a one-world government by said year 2030 with that being replaced by Vision 2050...industrial controlled technocracy to the 9th degree via a plan to force 9 billion people to live by the globalists prescription of what they call “living well and within the planet’s resources.”...following right behind.

Read 'Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development' in its entirety here: 20Sustainable%20Development%20web.p

Read 'Vision 2050: The new agenda for business' in its entirety here:

It is no coincidence that the primary goals which must be achieved on a global scale to usher in such a singular governing force as Agenda 2030 are also the very hallmarks of the Obama administration as in universal healthcare and manipulation of the economy via control of and in some cases the elimination of industrial complex manufacturing. Government regulations would continue putting a strangle-hold on private industry production of energy in favor of energy production controlled by the government through mandates, global citizenship, and supposed cultural diversity that would erase national and cultural boundaries, and the total control of educational systems, thus becoming primary components of a one-world government and were the primary focuses of Obama’s total eight years in office.

Simply, Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s agenda was that of the United Nations and the United Nations agenda was that of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Now all that we have said is not to be confused with the ‘New World Order’ in Agenda 21...which relies in great part on both conspiracy theory and secretive entities engaged in some sort of cloaked covert operations. Agenda 2030 was in fact adopted by the United Nations in September of 2015 at their General Assembly in New York City, although ostensibly and deliberately not reported on by our mainstream media, which is also a protector of all things Obama, and it was Obama himself who at that General Assembly said of the plan, that it “is one of the smartest investments we can make in our own future.”

And while the Obama administration never presented Agenda 2030 to Congress for ratification, and it is a sure bet that Hillary never would have presented it either so as not to take the risk of Congress voting it down on a Constitutional basis, it must be known that the Obama controlled EPA, again without informing Congress, entered into a series of ‘memoranda of understanding’ (MOU) with the United Nations to promote the implementation of Agenda 2030 along with its manufactured-for-profit bogus claim of global warming/climate change being the most serious issue facing mankind today.

Another primary necessity of a one-world government and therefore a primary objective of the United Nations itself and Agenda 2030, is gun control, and that too was a highly sought after item on Obama’s agenda in stark opposition to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Remember when, in early April 2014, during a speech on gun control, Obama tried to reassure the American people that his proposed mandates would not lead to gun confiscation with these words…“I am constrained by a system our founders put in place”... that system is our Constitution and Bill of Rights, most notably the 2nd Amendment.

However, what was not so obvious was that in his making that statement, Obama was not addressing the American people…he was directly addressing the United Nations and sending them the message that because of our Constitution he would be unable, at least at that time, to fulfill perhaps the most necessary mandate of forcing a one-world government down our throats. Obama was making sure that the United Nations was aware that an armed American citizenry could defy such a mandated entity as a one-world government, and that he would need more time to pry the guns from the cold, dead hands of a well-armed American militia.

Even with this glitch Obama continued the disarming of America via the defunding and degradation of our military knowing full well that a weakened American military could not defend American sovereignty. This then made his actions in that regard a serious act of treason in and of itself.

And know that no such agenda could be successful without key players in the private sector controlling the populous, and as key players we find none other than Google, Microsoft’s Bing, and Yahoo…entities that literally control our ability to research topics and compile information via the internet. And into this mix can be thrown Facebook and its uber liberal controller Mark Zuckerberg as well as the person most believed to be Obama’s puppet in George Soros...who actually is nothing but the financier of initiatives put forth by the United Nations as they work towards the implementation of Agenda 2030.

Also, these key elements in the private sector along with others who control vast segments of our economy are completely on board with the concept and implementation of a one-world government where they believe they would be granted their coveted elite status.

Among the many world leaders who have invested in the United Nations vision of a one-world government are the leaders of China...whom Obama allowed to get away with controlling passage in the South China Sea without so much as the blink of an eye...and the communist Castro regime in Cuba with whom Obama, via executive order alone, normalized relations. It should also be noted that Venezuelan thug and leader, Nicolas Maduro, has vowed to work in concert with the Castro regime to force the United Nations Agenda 2030 on his people. 

And know that Agenda 2030 is being financed behind the scenes with money from both the American taxpayers courtesy of Obama and with private donations from afore mentioned George Soros.

So while China, Cuba, Venezuela, and others who have signed onto Agenda 2030 are all bad actors, they pale in comparison to one in particular…that being Iran…who also has pledged their full support of Agenda 2030 and who thanks to Obama is on the cusp of becoming the nuclear arm of the United Nations...which is why the United Nations is coddling Iran while condemning Israel as the perpetrator of all the world’s woes.

And while Agenda 2030 looks good on paper as it is written, what is between the lines is a sure recipe for global socialism should it ever be completely implemented. The agenda has been cloaked as an initiative to end world hunger and poverty, and expand gender equality while preserving the world’s ecological systems. But the truth is that the 17 points of Agenda 2030 can only be fully implemented by a singular government entity that seizes control of each individual nation’s most basic structures of education, economies, ability to set trade statutes, immigration laws, systems of justice, natural resources such as water and minerals, healthcare, and their ability to defend themselves.

So while many nations have signed onto Agenda 2030, ultimately many will not follow through to the prescribed conclusion, as doing so would require them to hand their sovereignty over to the United Nations. Clearly, Russia and Israel would never cede their sovereignty away, and neither would others at the end of the day, but the danger here is that any financial commitment paid by any country at this point only strengthens and furthers the implementation of this perverse agenda.

Think about it...the United Nations wants people and nations disarmed. The United Nations wants people and nations to fall in line with the largest global taxation policy the world has ever in the farce called ‘climate change.’ The United Nations wants its chief obstacle, the United States Constitution, eliminated completely. The United Nations wants education mandates, universal healthcare, a global borderless mash-up of cultures, and socialism for all. In short, the United Nations orchestrated everything Obama has tried to mandate to the American people while at the same time mandating the same to the world.

So with Obama’s agenda and the United Nations Agenda 2030 being one and the same it can clearly be seen that each feeds off the other with the larger entity...the United Nations...being the one who pulls the smaller entity’s... that being Obama's...strings. And both Obama himself and the United Nations know that once they have America in their corner they have control of the world.

And so the time frame for initiating said control became of key importance to the United Nations as Obama’s presidency was fast coming to an end with his task still not completed, but with Hillary...whom the United Nations also controls...being counted upon to move forward with Agenda 2030’s implementation. But now with Trump as president it becomes imperative that Barack HUSSEIN Obama become Secretary General of the United Nations for without him Agenda 2030 will never become a workable reality.

And why...because if Trump is successful with his agenda of ‘Making America Great Again’ and with his seriously thinking of having the United States pull completely out of the United Nations, Agenda 2030 will never come to fruition and the United Nations ultimate one-world government goal of complete control via Vision 2050 is dead in the water.

And with Agenda 2030’s implementation truly hinging upon America becoming a willing party to it, Trump must indeed immediately pull us out of the United Nations so that their and Obama’s goal of complete world control, first via Agenda 2030 and then reaching completion via Vision 2050, can never happen. And a key first component in getting said control is that if the United Nations gains control of the Middle East’s oil via Agenda 2030 and we did not have time to become energy independent before that happens, then we as a nation are finished. Remember, Obama nearly killed the coal industry and via the EPA had our oil industry bowing down to green energy...something proven not to work. Simply put...he who controls the Middle East’s oil does indeed control the world for oil is what drives and fuels the world’s economies.

But whether or not the United Nations installed Obama to push forward their global transformation initiative via his “fundamental transformation of America” is open to conjecture, but it is certain that once in the White House, he deliberately matched his agenda toe-to-toe to that of the United agenda decidedly against the best intentions of our Founders and Framers.

And when one steps back and views the entirety of Obama’s eight years in office through the lens of Agenda 2030, one can easily see that it was not just events like the earlier mentioned Arab Spring turned Arab Winter, the Iranian nuclear deal, or even Benghazi, that defines his acts of treason…it was Obama’s entire agenda marked by one action, one Executive Order, and one obtuse mandate after another in his attempt to seed America’s sovereignty over to the United Nations where he, as Secretary General, could not only complete the ultimate transformation of America, but where he could access the world for the caliphate. And this makes Barack HUSSEIN Obama a ‘traitor’s traitor’ and subjects him to being targeted, arrested, tried, and convicted of treason against these United States

Forget the man’s skin color and set aside his political party affiliation, as neither apply to what we are about to state for had any American citizen done even one tenth of what Obama did and continues to do to facilitate the downfall of America, that American would have had hell to pay for his or her transgressions against the very foundation of our great nation. Yet Obama did it all, and we believe he did it at the behest of the United Nations... the true ‘shadow government’...and he did it for the sole purpose of ultimately destroying America from within.

No longer the president and now just private citizen Obama, the need to impeach him no longer exists, and thus any American citizen with deep enough pockets to take on an army of United Nations ‘bought-and-paid-for’ globalist attorneys could have him arrested for, and press charges of treason.

Could it happen...yes. Should it happen...yes. But will it happen...that we do not know. But if it does not happen then we suggest that no one ever again be so charged, because if you cannot bring up the foremost purveyor of treason in American history on the ultimate charge, you would then have no standing or merit to bring said charges against anyone.

And so the bottom line is this…there is no speculation involved, no secret societies, or conspiracy theory conjectures either. Simply, Agenda 2030 is a cold hard fact that exists as do each and every action Obama took for eight long years, and it is no coincidence at all that every step of the way, Obama’s actions were the exact manifestations of that specific United Nations agenda. Obama took an oath, not once but twice, to uphold and protect the Constitution of these United States…an oath he flagrantly flaunted each and every day of his treasonous presidency.

In a scheme to wrest the sovereignty of nations, including our own, from their rightful heirs, Obama ‘aided and abetted' the enemy as he cast a shadow far beyond partisan politics in a willfully sinister attempt to overthrow our government and relegate our citizens to the will and whim of a governmental body most assuredly not of, by, or for the people.

And one thing is always true of shadows…one can never escape their own. Obama’s shadow is treason, and regardless of what is sure to be an outcry of liberal angst over this article…treason has no skin color but it is as black as a moonless midnight and it fits Barack Hussein Obama like a glove.

Treason thy name is indeed Obama and charges of treason must be brought post-haste before it truly is too late.

Copyright © 2017 Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots


Today, Friday, March 3rd from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori present their special 'Obama's Treasonous Shadow Exposed' and it is not who or what you think.

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