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Losing 2024...Maybe...Maybe Not
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
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We won twice, and now we’ve got to win a third time,” statement by President Donald J. Trump to which he added that the attack on him courtesy of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is “an attack on all Americans who support me.”

Let me start with a few important facts as I see them. Fact, President Trump was a president who should be heralded on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts. Under his stewardship our economy soared; inflation was at a 40-year low; minority job numbers were their highest ever; our border crossing numbers were but a shadow of what they are now; Russia and China were kept in check; the Middle East was on the cusp of peace via the Trump brokered “Abraham Accords;” and of utmost importance to most is the fact that not only was America energy independent, but that for four years American exceptionalism was something we again took pride in.

And then came the 2020 election and the latest start of America's election lost not through votes rightfully cast and tabulated, but an election lost courtesy of voter fraud, tabulation put it mildly... and a four-year long witch hunt planned and orchestrated by those still unable to get over the fact that non-politician Donald J. Trump beat political shrew Hillary Clinton. Now denying the Democrats anointed “savior”...Barack Obama...a swift path to his third term in office, the Democrats payback for said election lost was to make Trump's first term in office a living hell. And while that hell eventually saw much being debunked, we still saw our 45th president not only being impeached but being made a mockery of as he, as did we, see policies that worked well for America being EO'd out by Joe Biden. Joe Biden, the I believe puppet dangling on Obama's strings, saw to it that payback for Hillary's loss was now complete, courtesy of America and Americans be damned.

And like I stated, Trump was a great president, a man I proudly voted for and will do so again if he gets the nomination. But to be honest, I do not believe that Donald J. Trump should be the Republican nominee, and I will not hide the fact that I would prefer to see Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as both the nominee and the 47th President of these United States.

But before I get into why, let's fast forward to what's now happening as President Trump is still, as I'm writing this, facing possible arrest courtesy of yet another politically motivated, media driven, Democrat ploy...a ploy I believe was initiated to help take the focus off the now exposed Biden “crime” family. And know that like with the previous scandals the accusations being made here...accusations regarding “hush monies” being paid to “porn star” Stormy Daniels...are not only bogus, but actually borders on the criminal in their own right. How so? It seems that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg... a bought and paid for George Soros shill desperately seeking his 15-minutes of fame...a man who could care less about serving the citizens of New York what with his refusing to prosecute let alone lock up real relishes in leading a pack of ever hungry politically driven wolves out to stop another possible Trump v. Biden showdown.

And to that effect no option to stop Trump remains off limits as far as Bragg is concerned including his choosing to in keep from the grand jury...600 pages of exculpatory evidence given to him by Robert Costello (Michael Cohen's former legal adviser) before he was to give his grand jury testimony. And with the district attorney having only turned over six “cherry-picked” documents to said jury, we're now hearing calls for not only Bragg's rightful disbarment, but the disbarment of his “henchman” Mark Pomeranz, along with all the prosecuting attorneys involved in what is not only an obvious “travesty of justice,” but the political weaponizing of the New York District Attorney's office. How so...simply by said office trying to turn what was, at best, a state level misdemeanor and turning it national solely to push forward the lefts political agenda. And Bragg did so even while knowing that the statute of limitations had run out on said charges.

How rightful it would be to see Bragg being cuffed, posing for a mug shot, fingerprinted, and brought up on charges of “dereliction of duty” in regards to his kid glove handling of real criminal charges; his wasting taxpayer dollars on leveling what he well knew were bogus charges against President Trump; and for both slandering and defaming our 45th President, and doing so solely for his so wanted 15-minutes of political fame.

I wonder if George Soros now thinks his funding of Alvin Bragg was money well spent... sarcastically said of course.

And, again I'll say that Donald J. Trump was a great president. He's already been proven innocent in regards to the Democrats orchestrated Russian collusion nonsense; and he has weathered the storm of almost all the Democrats have thrown at him...impeachment not withstanding. However, even if this baseless “hush money” charge is eventually thrown out...the fact remains that Trump still faces three other Democrat initiated federal “criminal probes,” also with possible charges pending. The first being, as per federal prosecutors, that Trump illegally stored classified documents “likely to contain classified information” at his Mar-a-Lago home thus violating the Espionage Act; that he improperly handling federal records; and that he obstructing a federal investigation into said documents. 

The second probe involves the January 6th attack on the Capitol, an attack that now released Capitol tapes proves no “insurrection” took place. And the third probe involves a Georgia state criminal investigation into Trump's possible interference with the 2020 election...interference involving his “supposedly” trying to get Georgia's election officials to overturn Georgia's 2020 election tally.

And with all this “political baggage” still hanging over President Trump's head, know it will hang so until 2024 if not beyond.

So while Donald Trump proved successful policy wise during his four-years in office, his numerous poor cabinet picks left some to wonder just who is advising him. And while Trump might indeed garner the 2024 Republican nomination, in my opinion, he will not win back the White House. Why so...because no matter whom he picks as his VP...Mike Pompeo is my first choice followed by either Nikki Haley or Kristi Noem...with Kari Lake and Marjorie Taylor Greene being political poison for the independents...the fact remains that if the Democrats were to keep the Senate, and if the Republicans were to lose the House...or any combination thereof...we as a nation would be in for but another four years of Democrat initiated phony scandals and accusations even if Trump were to be elected. And if Trump was to lose, the swamp would still be there; Hillary would continue to roam free; Obama would still be the one pulling Biden's strings; George Soros would remain the money behind the invasion at our southern border; and the left's socialist wanted “fundamental transformation” of America would probably reach fruition.

And all I've just stated is why, I believe, it’s time that we Republicans and Conservatives set our sights on a new candidate. And I remain steadfast in believing that candidate should be Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis. Why so? First, Ron DeSantis...a founding member of the “House Freedom Caucus...would fare better in a head-to-head match-up against Joe Biden than would Donald Trump in regards to certain key demographics. 
And while, to date, die-hard Trump supporters remain unwavering in their support for President Trump...those now referred to as “Only Trumpers”...DeSantis leads amongst the all-important Independent voters, both male and female Hispanic voters, Christian voters, and Republican “Never Trumpers” who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. In other words, Ron DeSantis not only is favored across certain key Republican voting demographics, but he can bring in a healthy percentage of moderate Democrat voters as witnessed by his almost 20% win over rival Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida's recent governor's race...a race that with DeSantis' overwhelming win turned the key state of Florida from “purple” to decidedly and hopefully forever “red.”

"If I were to run, I'm running against Biden "Gov. DeSantis said in a recent interview with Piers Morgan. And the last four words are what defines Ron DeSantis as to why he should be the Republican nominee. How so? While Trump is busy putting other Republican hopefuls down...especially those he fears most... making fun of any who dare to challenge him while he over exaggerates his personal popularity, Ron DeSantis, who has yet to announce whether he will run or not...will...if he does on his record and focus on who the enemy really is...Joe Biden.

And again, while President Trump's economic and foreign policy records were indeed great, Trump now seems to be ignoring said record, choosing instead to spew out all sorts of silly nicknames peppered with egotistical rhetoric and bravado not caring at all that he is breaking the great Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment, “Thou shall not speak ill of fellow Republicans.”

In fact, let's revisit these words from the opening quote where Trump stated that the DA's attack on him was also “an attack on all Americans who support me.” But what Trump forgets is that not everything is about him nor is it about his supporters alone. What Trump should have said is that said attack is actually an attack on all Americans whether they support him or not. Why so...because now the door has been opened for any Soros funded DA to be able to bring charges...bogus or not...against any American citizen they do not personally or politically agree with.

Sadly, it's Trump's need for ego lifting bravado that helps to divide the party...both Republicans and Conservatives...but also is the “Achilles Heel” Democrats are again counting on to help keep them in power. Division was the very tactic used by the “Never Trumpers” in addition of course to what was obvious Democrat voter fraud and false tabulations...that together helped secure the White House for what in reality is Barack Obama's third term in he continues to pull the strings of a fool.

So what has Gov. DeSantis done for Florida that he could and would do for the whole of the United States...simply he would see that the policies that made us the “Free State of Florida” were initiated across the entirety of our great nation.

Remember, Gov, DeSantis said “no” to Joe Biden's Covid mask mandates, “jabs,” and lock down nonsense keeping Florida open, thus allowing businesses to survive during the pandemic; he reopened Florida's schools while other states were afraid to; he reset, if you will, Florida's educational system to not only be in favor of parents rights but he stood strong for Florida's children and against the forced upon said children “woke” nonsense, along with his removing from Florida's curriculum the hate mongering rhetoric that is the hallmark of “Critical Race Theory.” And Gov. DeSantis put in place common sense abortion laws and stands strong with our constitutionally given Second Amendment gun rights. Also, not to be forgotten is the speed at which the rebuilding of Florida's southwest coast after hurricane Ian has taken place, and it's all due to DeSantis' actual caring about we his Florida constituents, while Biden paid but a fast photo-op visit then looked away.

Simply, there is a reason that Florida is the number one state so many are moving to...businesses included...and that reason is Gov. Ron DeSantis and his courageous, no nonsense, anti-woke, common sense, pro-America, pro-constituent policies.

And these are but a few of his many accomplishments including the fact that Ron DeSantis carries none of the “political baggage” that Donald Trump does, “political baggage” that diverts us away from the real issues we need to be focused on. We have to move on from “baggage” based campaigning and rhetoric or we will become not just more divided as a nation but we will become even more of a laughing stock on the world stage. 

Simply, the mood in our country has changed, and while we know Donald Trump loves this one can or should dispute that...but for love of country Trump needs to first stop making inane ego driven comments like his recent, “there will be death and destruction if I am indicted”...which in my opinion is paramount to a possible call for violence...and learns to.shut his mouth and step back, and help turn over the stewardship of America to the next generation of leaders. And in my opinion there is no better man to be that leader than Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis. Case closed.

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