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NOT good folks...

70% of global population growth over the next 30 years will be in Muslim countries

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

A prominent analyst of current affairs has written a book about how Muslim population growth is slowing, and that the Islamic world is in imminent danger of demographic collapse. That is nonsense, and dangerous nonsense, as it fosters complacency about the jihad threat that is certain only to grow in the coming decades.

"Muslim population growth faster than global rate," from Emirates247, September 29:
Around 70 per cent of global population growth over the next 30 years will be in Muslim countries as the Muslim population of 1.6 billion is growing at twice the rate of the global population thus representing the fastest growing consumer segment in the world, said Russell Haworth, Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa, Thomson Reuters. 
He said global Islamic banking assets, which stood at $1.3 trillion in 2011, are expected to reach $2 trillion in 2014 and have registered an average annual growth of 19 per cent over the last four years.
He added that the global market for halal food is estimated at $685 billion a year as the Muslim countries’ food industry imports are valued at $126bn, 12 per cent of global food imports while the GCC food market was worth $83 billion in 2012, and is expected to rise to $106 billion by 2017.
Haworth further stressed that Muslim tourists globally represent a major niche market worth $126.1 billion in 2011 (excluding Hajj & Umrah) and is expected to grow at 4.8 per cent through 2020 which is higher than the global average growth rate of 3.8 per cent while the average global Muslim tourist spending is 12.3 per cent of the worldwide total as the market is expected to grow 20 per cent over next decade.
He was speaking at the first roundtable discussion for media on “What is the Islamic Economy?” as a prelude to the “Global Islamic Economy Summit” taking place in Dubai on November 25 and 26, 2013.
Other participants who addressed the media include Hamad Buamim, Director General, Dubai Chamber, Sayd Farook, Global Head of Islamic Finance, Thomson Reuters, Abdulhamid Evans, Head of Creative, Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES).
Buamim apprised the media about Dubai’s ambitious vision of becoming the global capital of Islamic economy and finance under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and the efforts the emirate was making in that direction.
Under the patronage of His Highness, the Global Islamic Economy Summit’s vision is to become the catalyst of a new economic paradigm that positions Dubai as the capital of the Islamic economy and connects the world’s leading thinkers, policy makers and stakeholders to inspire projects and drive future investments in the $4 trillion Islamic economy, he said.
Highlighting the profile of Dubai as a growing global business and leisure destination, Buamim informed that the emirate is rightly poised to become the capital of the Islamic economy as it enjoys a strong private and public sector partnership and offers huge investment potential in various economic sectors.
Dubai is already enjoying a high status for Islamic banking and is in the process of enhancing halal food industry, trade policies and commercial laws, and Islamic tourism among other sectors and this Summit will provide the much-needed impetus to the future growth of the Islamic Economy, said Buamim.
The promotion and development of the Islamic Economy is the responsibility of Dubai, he said adding that the Summit will witness the launch of key initiatives and committees that will oversee the setting up of a centre for halal certification, application of R&D and new ways to address the needs of the consumers which will rightly serve the purpose of establishing Dubai as the centre of Islamic Economy in the world.
The Islamic Economy has huge untapped potential as it encompasses food, lifestyle, consumer products, education, standardisation, SME development, Islamic business frameworks and more. Dubai has significant advantages in these areas, or the potential to significantly expand and to form joint partnerships with global centres around the world, said Buamim....
In the showdown over the shutdown of the U.S. government, the Obamaites tipped their hand yesterday as what their strategy is.

Taking a page out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," the plan is to maximize the people's pain -- to maximize the political damage to the enemy, the Republican Party.

What else explains it?

Consider this: Asked Wednesday if there were any danger of America defaulting on her debt, President Obama rushed to assure a reporter that, yes, indeed, there certainly is such a peril.

Why would a president act in so perverse a manner, were he not trying deliberately to rattle or panic the markets?

Obama's tactic worked. Thursday, the Dow plunged below 15,000.

Equally telling is what happened at the World War II Memorial.

This is an open memorial on the mall, to which the old soldiers of the Greatest Generation, flown here on honor flights, come to a last roll call with their comrades. The memorial is dedicated to them, to what they and their buddies did, and to those who never came home.

But when the old soldiers got here, the Park Service, apparently acting on orders from the White House complex, had thrown up steel barriers and crime-scene tape to keep them from visiting the site on what is surely the last trip many will ever make to see their memorial.

What kind of sick mind does something like that?

To their credit, the vets and their families pulled aside the barriers to walk through their monument, singing songs in memory of the heroes who had gone before.

Now one reads that Obama has ordered the cemetery and beaches at Normandy closed. Again, what kind of mindset produces this?

Undeniably, Republicans have voted to defund Obamacare, to suspend it for one year, and to reform it. But in each of these three votes, the House also voted to fund the entire government.

Why, then, is the government shut down? Because Harry Reid and Barack Obama have issued an edict: Either Obamacare is fully funded and untouched in the continuing resolution, or we kill the CR, shut down the government, and blame you.

And this is exactly what is going on.

This is all about a petulant president whose prize program the people do not want, but who insists it be imposed upon them, to assure himself a paragraph in the history books.

This week, Republicans tried to pass legislation that would keep open all memorials and monuments, all tourist sites in Washington, D.C., and all programs for America's veterans.

Who stonewalled that? Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

Why would Reid sabotage the funding the National Institute of Health.

Why would Reid sabotage what is transparently a humanitarian act?

Again, Reid and Obama do not want to ease the pain of the people. They want to intensify that pain, ratchet it up, maximize it, to put maximum pressure on and do maximum damage to the GOP.

The Obama-Reid strategy is, in a word, sadistic.

They are inflicting pain on fellow Americans -- to break their political enemies. And they can only succeed in sustaining their Big Lie -- that it is Republicans who want to keep the government shut down -- because of a collaborationist press.
Case in point: The Washington Post.

Several days ago, the Post wailed that Republicans were endangering the nation's health by failing to fund NIH. But now that the Republican House has tried to fund NIH in full, where is the editorial denouncing Pelosi or Reid for blocking funding for NIH? Nowhere. Which suggests the Post's real concern was never about funding NIH but about bashing the GOP.

In Thursday's lead editorial: "National Security at Risk," the Washington Post asks, "At a time of war, how can Republicans justify furloughing much of the intelligence workforce?"

Excellent question.

Yet, not a word in the editorial about the indispensable role of Reid and our commander-in-chief in preventing America's security agencies from being funded.

What should the House Republican do before week's end? Pass bills funding the Pentagon, State, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and any other agency having to do with the national security. But when Harry Reid again balks that he is not going to "play this little game," anyone think the Post will hold him accountable?

The Obama-Reid strategy -- inflict maximum pain on the country for maximum gain for themselves -- coupled with a refusal to talk with the GOP -- reflects this city's contempt for conservative Republicans.

Yet, the sadistic strategy of Obama and Reid, and the poisonous atmosphere it has created, is telling America that: In its assessment of this city's ruling establishment, the Tea Party has more than a small point.

Yet, with Reid now on the defensive, trying to justify his refusal to cooperate in funding any agency, the truth may be gaining on the Big Lie.

The Criminal Regime Wants You To Feel Government Shutdown Pain

by / Personal Liberty Digest

The Criminal Regime Wants You To Feel Government Shutdown Pain
The Barack Obama regime is proving to be the most arrogant, narcissistic, petty, malevolent, insidious, baleful, sinister and criminal regime in U.S. history.

The regime’s use of the so-called government shutdown (which isn’t really) has exposed its sophistry and mendacity for all to see.

Across the country, in an effort to make Americans feel the “pain” of the government’s furlough of 800,000 “non-essential” personnel because the government has ostensibly run out “money,” the regime is spending “money” employing rangers from the National Park Service to shut down, barricade and guard open air monuments, park roads and hiking trails. It’s even happening in parks that are privately run but are on Federal land.

A group of World War II veterans on an Honor Flight visit to the Washington cesspool to visit the World War II memorial showed their contempt of government “barriers” by pushing them aside and ignoring armed goons who were there to harass and intimidate them out of the area. Their actions are an apt metaphor for how Americans should treat all of the barriers the psychopathic elected class and their bureaucratic enablers have raised in an effort to drive the republic into a collectivist “utopia.”

Obamacare — or, if you want to call it by its doublespeak name, the Affordable Healthcare Act — is just such a barrier. It is also anything but affordable and is in reality a socialistic deathcare system of destruction and graft.

House Republicans, for a few hours at least, appear to have developed a spine and are making a stand to kill the Obamacare monster that is devouring the U.S. economy at a rate far exceeding what the Federal Reserve was capable of.

Whether they are in for the long haul is anybody’s guess. It will be a difficult slog against a headwind of mainstream media propaganda, an ignorant and sound bite-driven populace and a criminal President with the power of an all-consuming government at his disposal. Americans should follow the lead of those octogenarian veterans, push aside the park barriers and thumb their noses at the enforcers. And then they should send letters or make phone call of support to Representatives — and to their Senators as well.

It’s obvious that since Obama shut down the government and so few people outside the MSM seem to have noticed, his regime is doing all it can to bring a level of pain and suffering to anyone it can reach. The reality is that government could and should be shut down until at least $1 trillion is whacked away. Few people outside of the cesspool would notice if not for MSM caterwauling.

A revolution began in the 18th century over a series of taxes and abuses by the government far less than what Americans are currently suffering under. Are Americans finally waking up?

The White House Versus Some World War II Vets

by / Personal Liberty Digest

The White House Versus Some World War II Vets
We’re finding out just how petty the Administration of President Barack Obama can be when it comes to making the government shutdown as painful as possible for as many people as possible. Just as we predicted, the answer is very petty indeed.

It seems the White House lackeys made a serious mistake, however, when they tried to keep some World War II veterans from visiting a memorial in their honor. Have you ever been to the National World War II Memorial? It’s an open plaza on the National Mall in Washington. And like most other monuments in the open air, it’s available to the public 24 hours a day. Or at least it used to be. Now, someone in the Obama Administration has decided to make it off limits.

The whole incredible saga began on Tuesday morning, when three busloads of World War II veterans showed up at the site. The trip had been arranged by Honor Flight Network, a wonderful charity that brings World War II vets to Washington to see the monument that was erected in their honor.

But when 91 veterans (ranging in age from 84 to 99) got off their bus, they found that barricades had been erected around the monument. Signs were posted that declared: “Because of the Federal Government SHUTDOWN, All National Parks Are CLOSED.”

In other words, someone ordered the National Park Service to work harder and spend more money to shut the memorial than it would have taken to simply leave it open. In the past, it was mostly unattended, but not now.

The barriers didn’t stop the veterans or the Congressmen who were there to welcome them.

Representative Steve Palazzo (R-Miss.), who helped push aside the barricades, later said, “These men and women didn’t cower to the Japanese and Germans. I don’t think they’re about to let a few National Park Police stand in their way.”

The group was led into the memorial by a man playing bagpipes. A crowd of people who witnessed the event burst into applause.

The park police didn’t try to stop the veterans — at least not that time. One officer, who said he had to remain anonymous, told The Washington Post, “I’m not going to enforce the ‘no stopping or standing’ sign for a group of World War II veterans. I’m a veteran myself.”

The next day, park workers were ordered to erect additional fencing and station more patrolmen around the memorial. And guess what? Another group of elderly veterans moved the barricades and entered the memorial anyway.

There’s a photograph of one of them holding up a piece of the tape park police had placed around the barricades. The stern warning on the black and yellow tape, “POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS,” didn’t stop these vets from paying tribute to their fallen brothers, who paid the ultimate price to defeat the armies of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

That time, the veterans were applauded by a group of demonstrators waving flags and holding up signs supporting them. My favorite was the one that referenced Ronald Reagan’s demand when he stood next to the Berlin Wall three decades ago:

Protersters Rally outside of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.The Honor Flight visits to Washington are arranged many months ahead of time. And they’re expensive, costing an estimated $80,000 to $100,000 per group. Since Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio was scheduled to bring a group of World War II veterans to Washington next week, Lee Armstrong, the group’s president, called the National Park Service to ask about visiting the memorial. He was told that anyone crossing the barricades could face arrest.

Armstrong was dumbfounded. “I said, are you kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial? If it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t be there.” The park service rep replied, “That’s correct, sir.”

So you see what happens when the White House decides to play hard ball. It’s probably going to get worse, the longer this contrived crisis continues. This is the first government shutdown in 17 years.

The last one, back in 1995-1996, occurred when Bill Clinton was President and Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House. It was the longest government shutdown this country had seen until then, lasting 21 days. I don’t think this one will last as long, but so far neither side is willing to blink.

In fact, they’re barely willing to talk. Obama did ask Congressional leaders to meet with him in the White House two days ago. According to reports, he made it clear there wouldn’t be any negotiations until the Republicans agreed to fund the government without any conditions. Oh, yeah, and they’ve also got to agree to raise the debt limit, again without conditions. Only after doing that will the Democrats agree to negotiate.

For “negotiate,” read “total Republican capitulation.”

Hey, that’s pretty much what the Democrats got back in 1996. Why should they expect anything different this time? After all, they control the Senate and the White House. And a compliant media is only too willing to echo Obama’s rhetoric, as he continues to refer to what’s happening as “the Republican shutdown.” Even TIME magazine’s Mark Halperin acknowledged that the Democrats’ strategy depends on the mainstream media blaming Republicans for the government shutdown.

Lost in all of the partisan rhetoric is the fact that the Republicans in the House have passed five resolutions to fund the government, and the Democrats in the Senate have rejected them all.

So what happens now? It looks like our dysfunctional government will continue to play chicken, at least for a while. Here’s how RedState editor Erick Erickson puts it:
Democrats keep talking about our refusal to compromise. They don’t realize our compromise is defunding Obamacare. We actually want to repeal it.
This is it. Our endgame is to leave the whole thing shut down until the President defunds Obamacare. And if he does not defund Obamacare, we leave the whole thing shut down.
So who’s going to blink first? Sad to say, I’m afraid it will once again be the Republicans. But maybe, just maybe, that will make a lot more Americans angry enough to bust some barricades themselves.

This shutdown is showing just how “non-essential” a lot of government really is. Especially if you’re a 91-year-old veteran trying to visit a memorial honoring your fallen comrades.

Will we actually learn anything from this latest confrontation? I’m not very optimistic. But what do you think?

Until next time, keep some powder dry.
The victim in yesterday's DC lockdown...the officer who was hit in the high speed chase
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

The leftist media are now turning 34 year old MIriam Carrey, the black woman who locked down DC, into the victim because she had post-partum depression (her child was 18 months old NOT an infant).

Point blank...this woman is NOT the victim...the police officer she hit is! It's time to STOP making the guilty the victims and while she had NO gun on her person she used her vehicle as a deadly weapon.

And if she was as 'mentally ill' as her family now claims she was, where was that family to keep an eye on her...and why did she still have guardianship of her child with her 'mental illness' being as severe as her family claims for that illness would have put her child in danger...which in the end it did.

This woman was violent...she knowingly led police on a high speed chase where she could have injured (or killed) many more than the one officer. Wake up people...she and her family were the sealers of her fate and thank God she did NOT kill an innocent person with her actions...and the bleeding heart liberals need to stop making excuses for those whose actions overstep the norm. YES, of course get them help but while they are getting help they need to be well monitored by their families.

Op-ed: care by intimidation
By: Diane Sori 

Intimidation: to make timid or fearful; to frighten especially to compel or deter by or as if by threats.

And so was and is the reality that is ObamaCare.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his minions threatened Americans with the fear of NOT getting medical care if they did NOT have health insurance…his version of health insurance…intimidated the middle class and the poor into hating the wealthy who could afford the best medical care their money or their insurance could buy.

Deliberately initiating class warfare over medical care when in reality the poor get better medical care than either the middle class or the wealthy as they can waltz into any emergency room in this country and NOT get turned away. And guess who foots the bill for them…the middle class and the wealthy who already have health insurance.

And all the promises made by Barack HUSSEIN Obama that you can keep your own insurance if you like it…that you can keep your doctors if you like them…that death panels and rationed health care are just figments of Republican’s imagination… that under ObamaCare monthly premiums will be less than your monthly cell phone bill…well guess what…lies…it was ALL lies. And Obama knew he was lying from day one.

ObamaCare…NOTHING but laying the groundwork for what Obama believes will be a strong impenetrable Democratic base so that the liberal left remains in power in 2016, 2020, and beyond.

And sadly, ObamaCare did NOT have to be reality if the Republicans in the House had stood strong from day one and NOT caved into intimidation for fear of offending the poor…the minorities…and the ILLEGALS…the ILLEGALS who get the best medical care our country offers but who do NOT pay even one bloody dime for it.

But…and the House Republicans need to pay close attention here…as yesterday an article by Christopher Collins of the Paulding County Republican Examiner stated in very simple terms that if ObamaCare is removed from the government budget, presented and voted on as a separate ‘stand alone’ bill, ObamaCare can be defunded by the House.

And I say they can use defunding or at least delaying ObamaCare as leverage at the upcoming debt ceiling sure to be heated partisan battles.

And if that turns out to be the case, then the Senate and Obama can either vote YES or NO and if their vote is NO on defunding…which we know it would be…then ObamaCare can sit in the House with no funding forever for the House and the House alone is the one who funds or defunds taxes..and guess what…ObamaCare has been ruled a tax by the United States Supreme Court.

And yet for some reason NO one in the House or Senate picked up on this important fact.

Basing the above premise on information from Dr. Harold Pease, a leading Constitutional scholar, this is something everyone should have learned in high school for every student in government/economics 101 is taught that funding for taxes initiates in the House NOT in the Senate.

And as I mentioned before the Supreme Court ruled ObamaCare a tax for the individual mandate portion of it was ruled unconstitutional for it violated the ‘commerce clause.’ Therefore, Obama cannot make Americans buy health insurance or anything else for that matter…now or ever.

So why didn’t all our elected officials know this…that one nefarious word comes to mind again… intimidation.

And yet even putting intimidation aside, the bottom line remains that according to the Constitution all revenue (tax) bills MUST originate in the House and the House alone. And even though to some degree lines have recently been crossed as budget bills are now also being considered in the Senate as well, and with taxing being dictated by a sham of a president who has way overstepped his bounds, if we are to truly honor the Constitution then funding/defunding for ObamaCare MUST be initiated in the House alone.

And that means if funding was given…then legally funding can also be taken away as the Constitution…our rule of law…must be followed whether the Democrats like it or not.

And while the Senate may propose amendments to bills, the simple fact remains that to fund or defund anything …including ObamaCare…approval must first be gotten in the House. And if the House votes to defund ObamaCare than our taxpayer money cannot be spent on it, and it either dies outright or remains in permanent limbo.

It is that simple.

And even though mistakes were made in how the initial bill was voted on…they’re mistakes that can be rectified if the Republicans stand strong and do NOT cave to Democratic pressure, and if they make the funding/defunding of the horrible mistake known as ObamaCare their bargaining chip in the debt ceiling debate by insisting it be made a separate issue…insisting it be pulled out of general funding if the Democrats have any hope…let alone any chance…of raising the debt ceiling. And if successful in pulling it out of the general funding then the Senate would have NO power in denying the House request to defund Obamacare…and most importantly…Barack HUSSEIN Obama could NOT veto its defunding.

So Republicans now have one more chance and one more chance alone to rid America of the monstrosity know as ObamaCare. And they better stand strong as they know very well that ObamaCare will create a nation of part-time workers barely making ends meet in a now part-time economy where hard working middle class Americans are being shafted by a healthcare plan they do NOT like…they do NOT want…and most importantly…they do NOT want to be intimidated into buying.