Monday, August 9, 2021

Manipulating Normalcy
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

George Orwell's “1984” nightmare has finally come to life, and it's courtesy of the nasty little gift from China replete with all the variants that have come and will continue to come along with it...seasonal variants perhaps, but variants nevertheless. And while the medical community is heralding the fact that we now have a number of vaccines available to help in the fight against the China virus, otherwise known as Covid-19, one is left wondering why and how was said vaccine able to be developed so quickly and then forced upon us within a little more than a year's time. Simple answer...we are the guinea pigs for both the vaccine's effectiveness and its safety...guinea pigs who hopefully won't be like the proverbial lambs led to the slaughter.

And some of us are also wondering why if this was done so expeditiously for the China virus why then don't we have a vaccine for major health woes like the common cold, HIV, and of course the worst ill of all...cancer. And while said vaccines supposedly have been worked on for decades...worked on with little to no real success...the truth is that to cure or event prevent such ills would not be advantageous to either the “powers that be” or to “big pharma's” all-important bottom line profits.

Simply, political skulduggery once again has won in the battle of right vs. wrong...political skulduggery that in the case of the China virus still equates to politically manipulated fear mongering helping to not only keep the masses in line but under ultimate partisan driven mind control...mind control based solely upon keeping us in a constant state of perpetual fear of what might or might not come next.

How so? When the China virus first hit our shores in small numbers, President Trump ever so wisely recommended shutting down our borders to those wanting to come here from highly infected countries. And Trump did so not in an attempt to stack his political deck for the then upcoming November election, but to protect we Americans from the ravages the China virus was causing throughout the world. But instead of being heralded as a champion of “We the People,” the Democrats accused President Trump of harboring racism against non-white folks as they saw this...their newest incarnation of the race a means by which to turn what was and still is a true health crisis into a viable political weapon of sorts.

And not only did the Democrats have Dr. Anthony Fauci... the still head of NIAID (the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and a man who remains the chief medical advisor to the president...on their side, but they had and still have the media as well. And it was the media who helped morph what was a public health crisis into a major economic economic crisis that has resulted in massive job losses...job losses reaching levels not seen since the Great Depression...job loses which in turn wiped out the across the board “jobs gained” numbers that were courtesy of President Trump's economic policies. And even today, more than a year and half after the China virus first appeared on our shores, it still has a negative affect on not only our still struggling economy but on all aspects of our American way of life.

Read that to mean the constitutionally given freedoms that, sadly, some of us have so cavalierly taken for granted...freedoms that we no longer can afford to take for granted.

How so? First, as more and more folks now happily see government monetary assistance as being easy money in their pockets...monies easier gotten than if one actually had to work for a living...we find many small businesses that are trying hard to make a comeback seeing no one applying for the new jobs now being created. And with many large and small businesses now still requiring the wearing of masks and the practicing of social distancing, what some are actually doing is sending a subliminal message that they would prefer for their employees to remotely work from home instead of working on site.

And with us now also seeing a distinction being made between what is essential and non-essential workers regarding what jobs should be created and/or filled first, this adds to the mix of what is and will remain a dismal jobs situation resulting in our economy basically being at a standstill.

Second, Biden and crew are continuing on in their efforts to instill enough fear in us so as to make us want to keep wearing those useless pieces of cloth and paper otherwise known as masks...masks most but not all of which seem to be made in China, ground zero for this entire Covid mess. And while said masks are clearly marked (albeit at times in very small print) “not for medical use” or similar words...both Biden and Fauci are so adamant in mask wearing...perhaps there's some monetary monkey business going on here...that our wearing masks in public just is not enough and now we need to wear them in our own homes as well...and wear them even if one has succumbed to the Democrats push to be “jabbed.”

Guess the “powers that be” will never admit that “the jab” isn't quite what they want us to believe it in the end all and be all to Covid-19...nor will they ever admit that mask wearing is a visible sign that one has succumbed to government control.

And third and most importantly, as I previously stated we're still being forced to live in what amounts to be a cleverly and ever so maliciously crafted "perpetual state of fear." But it's not just fear of the virus itself (which in time will either burn itself out or morph into a more harmless version of its former self), but fear that our government is no longer even trying to hide the fact that they have willingly and quite uncaringly allowed themselves to run amok. And it's these very Democrat “powers that be” that have allowed Dr. Fauci's constant flip-flops to directly steer the continuing Covid discourse as they themselves direct the locational spread of the virus courtesy of Biden's allowing Covid infected illegals entry into our country.

And it's the sum of these three parts that affords both the media and the Democrat hierarchy the ways by which to manipulate what even they know is and always was a genetically engineered virus from China, and turn it into a powerful political tool. And its this very tool that allows them to not only control the race, gender, and social discourse in regards to everything Covid, but to have already successfully used said discourse to win...actually to election...while at the same time working to “fundamentally change” our beloved America in the process.

To “fundamentally change” all that we as Americans hold dear, and it's taking place here and now right before our very eyes as the Democrats care not a thing about either the immediate nor the long-term social, economic, and psychological affects this past year and a half has had on the majority of “We the People.” And it's sad, yet ever so truthful to say, that even the virus's after affects have now been bathed in racist rhetoric, because all we hear from the media and Democrat politicians alike is how this particular pandemic has overly affected so-called “vulnerable populations.”

But it's not “vulnerable” as in the elderly, the infirm, or those with preexisting conditions, but “vulnerable” as in people of color coupled with the forced down our throats rhetoric about systemic racial inequalities and how that has negatively affected the medical response to people of color during the pandemic. And this most assuredly is simply not true except in the minds of those whose agenda is driven by partisan politics alone.

So where does all this leave us in regards to our longing to return to some semblance of normalcy? In my opinion, it leaves us with but one option with said option requiring both common sense as the purveyor of truth as well as us joining together in one united voice to declare that “We the People” have had enough of Covid-19. In fact, we've had enough of all the politically driven faux science, the mask wearing and social distancing, the lockdowns, the trying to force upon us “jab” mandates, and any and everything even remotely sent to us courtesy of ever lying communist China.

In fact, we've had enough of not only China itself but the Biden administration's cow-towering to them, making excuses for them, and then covering up their actions, while at the same time trying to pin the entire Covad fiasco on President Donald J. Trump.

Simply, if the Democrats had not blocked the closing of our borders when Trump suggested we should, we would not be in the situation we are in today. If, since day one, Dr. Fauci had not lied to President Trump about both the virus' origin and its true potential to do harm to our country and to the American people, we would not be in the situation we find ourselves in today. And if medical professionals and research scientists who did not spew the party rhetoric demanded of them had not been forced by Biden aligned goons to rescind the truths they told, we would not be in the situation we are in today. And it's a situation that amounts to a third-world dictatorial style approach to a approach that favors politics and vote garnering over science and the health, safety, and welfare of “We the American People.”

And how do I know this...because the vaccines...even after millions of Americans have rolled up their sleeves to be “jabbed”...are still not fully FDA approved. And with there obviously being a reason for that...a reason not for public consumption...I really don't think I need to say anything more. Case closed.

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