Saturday, June 10, 2023

RFK Jr's border visit puts Biden on notice, critics warn it would be 'stupid to write him off'
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. turned heads when he visited the southern border in Yuma, Ariz., earlier this week. 

To perhaps the angst of the Biden administration and other Democrats, RFK Jr. said he saw a "humanitarian crisis." 

"This is a humanitarian crisis because of the understanding across the globe that we now have an open border. There are people being drawn here. They're being abused…and this is not a good thing for our country. It's not a good thing for these people. And it is unsustainable," he said in a June 6 video posted to Twitter. 

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld praised Kennedy for visiting the border and bringing awareness to President Biden’s border policies. The "Five" co-host said the 69-year-old nephew of President John F. Kennedy is the opposite of Biden because he "actually likes the deplorables." Read more and see video here.

What Special Counsel Jack Smith Said About the Trump Indictment Was Eye-Opening
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet
Trump has been indicted. The official document was unsealed, but we’ve all known its contents for hours. While the Stormy Daniels indictment, where Trump is essentially charged with campaign finance violations, misdemeanor charges elevated as felonies, is pure legal gobbledygook, this classified document case is slightly different. If they could get Trump on Daniels, it was almost a foregone conclusion he would get indicted in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid in August of 2022. That being said, dismissing the indictment filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith is harder. Classified documents were stored in the bathroom. And while I hate to concede defeat to The Washington Post, their initial story about nuclear secrets allegedly being on-site essentially was true. The recordings are also damning, making it much easier for anti-Trump zealots at the Department of Justice to do their work. 
Yet, it’s what Smith said during his presser that raised eyebrows. It’s also patently false, given the circumstances. Our friends at Twitchy highlighted it first. See tweets and videss here.
If you missed last night's show where RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discussed President Trump indicted by Biden DOJ on numerous federal charges including violating the Espionage Act; and Joe Biden's criminal bribery scheme can listen to it (and previous shows) at your convenience at: to go directly to our podcasts...we hope you become 'followers' of RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS.