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The Second Act of the Flynn Case Has Begun...and It's a Total Circus

The Second Act of the Flynn Case Has Begun...and It's a Total Circus
I, for one, am shocked that some retired judge who is working for the law firm representing the Department of Justice’s top Trump resister, Sally Yates, said that Michael Flynn committed perjury and is a bad, bad, man (sarc.). John Gleeson laid out his case for his besieged colleague Judge Emmet Sullivan over the fiasco that has become the Michael Flynn case (via WaPo):

Michael Flynn committed perjury and his guilty plea of lying to the FBI should not be dismissed, a court-appointed counsel told a federal judge Wednesday.

In a formal briefing to the judge overseeing Flynn’s case, former New York federal judge John Gleeson argued that though Flynn committed perjury by first admitting under oath to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts and then seeking to rescind his guilty plea, Trump’s former national security adviser should not face a contempt hearing but instead be punished as part of his sentence.

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Saying What Others Are Thinking
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

My frustration has been building as has so many others, and it’s time I think we put all our cards on the table. And while my cards might be somewhat different than others my hand is still worth playing because sometimes the cards dealt do turn out to be the winning hand. And besides, I’m just going to say what many are thinking but are too afraid to say.

So let me start by saying that there is no overt systemic racial injustice in America today as everyone is born with a blank slate and with the same opportunities, it’s what you make or don’t make of those opportunities that matter. For example, is your hand always out expecting something for nothing...does your life revolve around the color of your skin to such a degree that it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you think of before you go to bed at night. If so it’s you who have the problem not the rest of us.

If you think we owe you something for things done before any of us alive today were born that’s also your problem not ours. If you think we must “take a knee” and bow before you, you are horribly mistaken for the only knee that should ever be taken is before God the Father of us all.

If you think rioting, looting, and arson is the answer to your problems as well as your payment felt due for one man’s death…a man we all agree was wrongfully killed but a man who was a sinner and not a saint...that’s also your problem not ours. Take your anger out on his killer(s) and leave the rest of us alone because we have done nothing to you. And if you think turning on your own people by destroying their lives, destroying their businesses, and destroying their livelihood is going to change your self-inflicted sorry lot in life then you again are horribly wrong.

If you think your pitiful antics are somehow going to beat the majority of white folks into submission think again for the simple fact is that two wrongs do not and and will not ever make a right. And if you think defunding or disbanding America’s police is the answer to your problems I have a better time there’s a problem in your disgraceful, dirty, crime and drug infested inner cities don’t call the police for help just solve your own damn problems for it’s your own “you owe me” mentality that has created the problems you now face...the problems you want to blame on white folks.

And by the way the “you” I speak of doesn’t just apply to folks of one skin color but to those of any skin color who go through life with a chip on their shoulder for not having made better choices in their life as well as their ignoring the freedoms, rights, and opportunities this country affords them...freedoms, rights, and opportunities now willfully not only being taken for granted but being made a mockery of as well as their being thrown away.

And that mockery includes the pushing forward of an as expected political agenda, the Democrat political agenda, in the guise of so-called peaceful protests that are really anything but...protests done in George Floyd's name... protests seeing multitudes of people being bused in and paid to behave as badly as one can. And know these protests are not now and have never been about George Floyd, that's just the excuse being used, but are instead outright anarchy and insurrection in disguise...yet another Democrat attempt at a political coup. And if that fails, as it will, their back-up plan is to continue the call for the a fore mentioned defunding and disbanding of our nation's police departments. Translation: what these folks really want is an anything goes, everything is free for the taking society...a society where the rule of law and civility is but a footnote in American history books.

But it's about police brutality they claim, it's about racism and profiling by the police they claim, when the fact is that the vast majority of racism we are now seeing is black racism against whites with their now demanding that we white folks “take a knee” in a show of submission not just for their self-conceived misguided penance for their ancestors slavery past, but for their own current sorry lot in life. And while it remains a small ever vocal black “element” that is out of control...a minority within the minority of the 13.4 million blacks in our country's this very “element” who has not only taken control of the whole but who has actually destroyed all their brethren's strides made. Black Americans have come a long way since slavery, the Jim Crow days, and the unjust years of segregation, and would have continued on an upward path if not for the likes of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and others of his ilk who made their fellow brethren carry on their backs the hate for white folks which resides within their own psyche and hearts.

And it's this very “element” who not only hates all white folks, but who hate their own brethren who have made a better life for themselves and their families. Saying they are not black enough, the “element” hates these folks because they value an education, they value an intact family unit, they work hard to have all the tangible things that they in the “element” can only acquire by looting and stealing. And what the “element” hates above all else are those of their black brethren who have found acceptance and camaraderie within America's majority white society.

Simply, those in the “element” hate because they are jealous...“generational jealousy” I call it... jealousy the “element” is now passing down to the newest generation of haters...part of the “gimme gimme you owe me generation” brought up on the musings of haters...haters like the anything but Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama to name but a few...haters who have taken the concept of personal responsibility and disguarded it in full replacing it with the mindset that whitey owes you for the sins of the past and that what whitey has is rightfully other words it's free for the taking...the call for reparations run amok. And this can be witnessed by the fact that few of the supposed “in George Floyd's name” protesters have been arrested for behaving badly with even fewer actually being called to task.

And if this sad scenario isn't frustrating enough, the reality is that the media has now anointed George Floyd...a convicted America's newest black savior from which all supposed change for the better race-wise will emanate from. And while his death was truly horrific in nature, we can all agree on that, in no way did it deserve the attention it has received along with the media's turning of a sinner into a saint. Actually, never mind his being anointed a saint as one speaker at his funeral, one Reverend William Lawson, actually had the gall to compare the man who died...a man who had just committed yet another the Lord Jesus Christ, "who died on the cross."

And this was after days of mourning and a funeral procession befitting a king came replete with horse drawn carriages, a gold coffin, and people prostate with grief for a man they never knew...a man who was no saint.

And this one man's death saw not only nonstop televised funeral coverage but nonstop coverage of tributes and memorials in the days leading up to the funeral service. And this including radio stations nationwide observing a moment of silence in George Floyd's name; countless city officials inundating social media with their praises for this man while at the same time lambasting the entirety of America's police force; as well as those at the New York stock exchange and in Congress...led by Nancy Pelosi herself replete in African garb... “taking a knee” in submission for eight minutes and 46 seconds to mark the length of time one Officer Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck...a sickening act act which I believe led to a sickening display of hateful anti-American rhetoric.

But none of this really matters for George Floyd's death perfectly fit the Democrats agenda of hate...their probably last chance to try and stop President Trump's's almost like they've been waiting in the wings for such a death to take place. Black man murdered by white cop, the “element” acting up, the police in general being made the fall guy with the media relishing in saying that all cops are bad...a better scenario for widening what was the Obama instigated racial divide...a racial divide that could not be orchestrated any better by even the most liberal of Hollywood screen writers.

So now as George Floyd has finally, thankfully, been laid to rest, and as those like Al Sharpton continue to relish in keeping the hate alive by spewing words of division and divisiveness, law and order here in America remains under attack as calls increase for the defunding and dismantling of police departments nationwide is gaining ever so misplaced momentum. Just try doing away with the police and watch vigilantly justice being its replacement for the majority of Americans of all skin colors will most likely not surrender to the wants of the “element” nor their political string pullers.

And while George Floyd's death will surely lead to some superficial and placating changes at first, said changes will not be the changes some on the left had counted on. Remember, while the Democrats and their media cohorts are foolishly looking forward to the day...a day that will hopefully never come...when America's much needed and much appreciated police force will be but a thing of the past, what they have failed to take into account is that the Second Amendment will then seriously come into need to go into that any further now is there.

And so with all the cards and the truth now on the table, the winner of the game will be decided once and for all as most Americans of all skin colors are truly sick and tired of the race card...the most overzealous and overplayed card of them all...sick and tired of it being thrown in their faces for what amounts to political expediency alone. And as for George Floyd, if truth itself is allowed to play out history might not remember him as kindly as the way some want, but instead as the man whose own actions led to his unfortunate yet horrific untimely demise...a demise which in turn then wrongly set not only a nation but hate itself on fire. Case closed.

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