Monday, January 17, 2022

Year Three and No End In Sight 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

As we move forward into year three of the Covid pandemic...a year that will see an all important mid-term election...the one thing that seems to be a given is that the Covid boogeyman will continue to be the very thing the Democrats will use to try to sway this election. And while most of the Democrat powers-that-be know well that even though a growing number of Americans are no longer buying into the Covid nonsense and lies they're spewing, the fact remains that fear and panic will remain the Democrats go-to weapon of choice.

Stir up the masses to the point where they're afraid of even their own shadows and you'll soon have them believing that the only safe way, the only Covid-free way to vote is by mail-in ballot. If you think that Joe Biden being elected president was as bad as it can get...use your air-quotes regarding the word “elected” ain't seen nothing yet if Republicans fail to take back the House and the Senate. And if you also think the 24/7 Covid news cycle is overwhelming now, just wait until you see what's in more executive orders being put into place in Biden's attempt to circumnavigate the recent SCOTUS rulings. Think of the administration composing lists of we the wisely still unvaccinated and then federally charging us with God only knows what offense...a threat to public safety perhaps.

And folks, don't laugh, as I'm sure doing just that has crossed the minds of those tasked with “sheeple control,” because to that affect. last week Biden actually called on social media companies (like Facebook) and media news outlets in general to “step up their censorship of Americans” as it relates to “Covid-19 misinformation”...a true First Amendment violation. But what better way is there than censorship...especially media implemented control the “sheeple” in the majority of those who compose the uninformed masses...than to hide behind politically driven faux science to get them to believe that it's we the “unvaccinated” alone who are not only their personal enemy but the enemy of our county as well.

How so? Remember the news about the Covid vaccine being heralded as the end all, be all to Covid-19...well that narrative is no more for now Biden and crew have twisted said narrative to such a degree that end all, be all has become but a panacea that prevents you from getting so sick that Covid-19...or its still to come numerous variants...could kill you. And doing damage control has become Fauci's prime directive, so to speak, what with the vaccinated and boosted now more than the unvaccinating not only getting sick, but being hospitalized with a few even dying.

And damage control has morphed into the continuation of the media's spewing of medical lies, especially the lies regarding the vaccine itself and its seemingly endless round of booster shots. And it's the number of booster shots in conjunction with the original “jab” that, I believe, might cause dangerous modifications to one's well as the media keeping both the “duration of immunity factor” and the "immune cascade response" from public consumption.

First, what is the “duration of immunity factor” but the length of time before a given vaccine's potency begins to in a vaccine's ability to keep whatever pathogen it's given for at bay. And it's this waning factor which causes one, in some cases, to need either one or more booster shots or another vaccine entirely. So while booster shots are not uncommon, the fact is that never before have boosters been needed within such a short period of time as we've seen with Covid. Remember, even a flu shot...which is actually medically classified as a “vaccine” given but once a year not needed within mere months let alone weeks.

And as for the “immune cascade response,” which while a bit more complicated boils down to the simple fact that COVID-19, as we know it, derived from a virus native to bats in the Wuhan area of China and originally was a non-human caught virus...a virus that then was modified via genetic engineering and manipulated in such a way as to be able to be passed on to we humans. And here it gets interesting for, I believe, said viral manipulation likely involved keeping intact at least part of its animal (bat) component...a component the bio-engineers knew our human immune systems would not recognize nor be able to fight successfully without specific recourse. In other words “gain-of-function” research in action. 

And illness came not because the virus at face value overwhelms our immune system, but because our immune system simply does not recognize the animal (bat) component within the now modified viral invader. And while our immune system will try to fight off the invader and succeed in those with overall less viral load in their bodies and/or those with stronger immune systems in general, for others the now clearly engineered virus does lead to uncontrolled viral replication in the airways of those that cannot fight off. And why... because their immune system has never before been forced to mount a "response" to this type of animal (bat) component let alone recognize what is not really a virus in the conventional sense, but a component driven bio-weapon manifesting itself as a virus.

A bio-weapon released on the public with truth known only to a few. And this, I believe, is why the vaccines truly aren't proven by the ever increasing number of breakthrough cases” and the multiple booster shots needed. But this is also why a therapeutic antidote is needed for antidotes are effective against bio-weapons... which simply are a poison...and why vaccines are not. And, I believe, Fauci has known this all along.

Now here let's delve a bit into some medical truths about certain jargon that has recently been making social media rounds...jargon even we unvaccinated folks need to understand.

  • First, a “vaccine's” job is to “teach” your immune system to recognize and fight off a specific the case of Covid read “virus” order to give one “immunity” to said specific pathogen.

  • Second, “immunity” is but the ability of one's immune system to resist or fight off a certain infection or toxin via the action of certain antibodies and/or sensitized white blood cells (T-cells). So while Fauci continues pushing “immunity through vaccination” as the only way to beat or at least get a handle on Covid...remember “herd immunity” is not in his or the Democrats vocabulary...Fauci deliberately remains close-mouthed to the fact that a certain degree of “immunity” can be garnered simply by one having had Covid itself whether it be with or without symptoms being present...meaning those who test positive but are asymptomatic.

  • Three, “inoculation” is just a synonym for “vaccination” and “immunization,” basically being just the process by which one is “jabbed.”

  • Four, what is called a “flu shot” is but another name for “flu vaccine.” Our own side at times tends to forget this thus turning medical facts into a game of word semantics...which when dealing with “sheeple” can be fun at still something that Fauci and his cohorts feed upon and try to use against us. Simply, a vaccine and a shot in the case of Covid is one and the same thing.

One and the same being that Covid-19 and its ensuing variants remain what they were always intended to be by both the Chinese Communist government and Democrat party shill “gain-of-function” researchers here in the U.S., with Dr. Fauci being number one on that in a purposely engineered and manipulated bio-weapon that was derived from what was once a naturally occurring virus. And with Covid-19, once again, seeming to cause a number of genetic modification to human DNA, courtesy of the fact that the “jab” apparently causes a suppression of one's own natural immune system in favor of its producing more Covid spike proteins...proteins that eventually do overwhelm its host's immune system...“breakthrough cases” they're being called. And it's these very folks who are at the “virus shedding” center of both Covid's increased spread and it's ongoing variant mutations as these folks "shed" more virus even if asymptomatic.

Now imagine if you will a scenario where Fauci and crew have the “sheeple” laden masses believing that in order to stop the mutations and therefore Covid itself that a continuous round of booster shots is needed in order to prevent you from getting sick...sick with a virus that after enough mutations truly does become but the common cold or a mild flu. This indeed could happen and seems to be already be trending that way. How seems that as the flu season takes hold it's becoming nearly impossible to tell the difference between COVID-19 and the flu except in the lab.

In fact, unless one gets a definitive positive COVID-19 test result from a lab conducted PCR test or an in-lab antigen opposed to an Antigen Rapid Self-Test which is notorious for producing both false positive and negative results...the chances are that one does not have Covid but instead has the flu. And why...because the symptoms of each illness does mimic the other coupled with the fact that we are now in the midst of flu season.

Simply, not everyone who thinks they have Covid has Covid no matter Biden's, Fauci's, and the media's fear mongering call to “Covid Arms,” for the current spike in new Covid cases truly is courtesy of the vastly weaker omicron variant...a variant manifesting more like a cold or the flu than a new incarnation of the more virulent delta variant...a variant which did increase for a given amount of time both the number of hospitalizations and deaths. Omicron for the most part can indeed be treated at home with therapeutics, as can the flu, and contrary what Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently claimed there are not 100,000 children with Omicron laying in hospitals and on ventilators.

And so as I conclude this article where I began with year three of Covid now upon us, yet we still see no retribution being levied against China for what they released upon the world...whether it be knowingly or retribution from our country nor from other countries as well. So will the Covid Pandemic be but relegated to the pages of history like the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 was, or can those who did us harm be brought to justice, including Dr. Anthony Fauci whose lies and deceit led us to where we are today...a country cowering in fear being at the helm of an administration totally clueless to the true Covid realities. Can actual charges of treason be levied against Fauci for knowingly getting us involved in dangerous “gain-of-function” research with one of America's enemies, and can Joe Biden himself be removed from office for his gross mishandling of a medical crisis...a crisis which caused many lives to needlessly be lost...a crisis that should never have been turned into the Democrats political weapon of choice?

All those questions can only be answered on November 8th when and if we take back the House and the Senate, and if in doing so Republicans actually grow a spine. Case closed.

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