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The Reality of Gender and Genetics
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

I've wanted to do an article about this topic for a long time but due to the politically incorrect nature of the topic I kept putting it off. And while I know I will get slammed by liberals and heralded by most conservatives it remains a topic that needs to be addressed not in a condescending way but in an unemotional manner that's factually correct.

So let's begin with a true story. Last month I went to my doctor's office for my yearly check-up...I'm A-OK by the way...and on the way to the office... which is in a major south Florida hospital...I needed to visit the “ladies room” for the usual reasons. And so I entered and headed to an unoccupied stall but in the first stall...whose door was wide open and which one had to pass...was a man in full female regalia standing at the commode doing his “business.” Needless to say I hightailed it out of there and told my husband, who was waiting for me in the hall, what had just happened and how so very wrong it was for this “man” to be using the “ladies room” when “she” was obviously a “he.”

A man most likely transgender...a man possibly in the process of transitioning...or a man playing “dress-up” who just wants to “pass” as a woman while leaving his “male parts” intact. But no matter whichever might be the case...and by the way there was a “men's room” right next store...this man had no business being in the “ladies room” with the stall door wide open and his reflection in the mirror, basically begging to be seen. Was he waiting for someone to confront him so he could try and sue the hospital for having no “gender neutral bathrooms” many see lawsuits as a way to a fast buck...or was “he” just a wanna be “she” testing out the waters, if you will. I'll never know but it made me think quite a bit as to how far our society has fallen into becoming a liberal indoctrinated society of “anything goes.”

Anything goes” whether it knowingly goes against God or nature or both, for what leftist politics alone can't destroy liberalism itself will. And while I'm not a religious person by any means, I am a true believer in “God the Father,” so if from a Biblical standpoint alone I know what I saw was to go against the word of God as well as to go against nature. However, with not being religious per se, I will address this topic from a medically factual standpoint as well as from a common sense and logical perspective.

First, let me say that this article is not about gay people nor will I will ever slam or call gay people to task...I do have a number of gay friends...and I know well that gay people are born the way they were meant to be as sexuality is determined in-utero, and that's something no one has control over. In fact, one does not “decide” who they’re sexually attracted is as it was genetically meant to be...and no amount of therapy, treatment, or persuasion can neither successfully alter nor permanently change a person’s sexual orientation. In other words, you cannot turn a straight person gay just like you cannot turn a gay person straight. And besides, gay people are not the ones mutilating themselves in a losing effort to become a sex they are not.

And why do I say a losing effort...because while one can change the outside package...cut off or add to if need be...and even sort of mess around a bit with the internal “workings”...nothing...neither a surgeons knife nor mega amounts of hormone pills taken...will change a persons genetic make in their DNA. Simply, you are and remain as you were born...male or female...straight or matter what you look like on the outside. But a problem arises when one physically alters oneself into becoming what they were not genetically programmed to be and then expects the majority of society to bend to their, what is minority, whims and ways.

And whether liberals like it or not, what's now called “sex reassignment surgery” is literally an impossibility for one's sex remains a genetically unalterable reality.

But before I go any further I want it known that there are two...only two...genetically biological sexes...male and female. And while some folks will say what about true hermaphrodites...those born with both male and female genitalia...a simple blood test can genetically determine what is their true sexual gender. And while those engaging in “liberal-speak” claim that there are over 70 genders, there is no scientific basis for what they like to refer to as “transgenderism.” You are as you were born, all else is due to misguided indoctrination and social placation in order to help meet a political end. No drivers licenses issued, no box a new parent checks off on a birth certificate can change one's genetic code, and the sooner this is accepted as fact the better off our society as a whole will be.

Simply, one cannot fluctuate amongst made up sexual derivations or to put it more bluntly...if one is inclined to do so then one does not have a physical gender identity problem but a mental one. And many times that sexual questioning derived from a parent wanting a child of a different sex than the one they biologically have. In fact, men wanting to transition into women...which greatly outnumbers women wanting to transition into men...many times have mothers who longed for a girl and gave birth to yet another boy. 

I believe this to be the case with Anne Georgulas, the Copell, Texas pediatrician and mother, who claims one of her twin sons has "gender dysphoria"...a condition where a person's gender assigned at birth and the gender with which they identify themselves are incongruent...and that “he” wants to be a girl. Never mind that Dr. Georgulas started telling her son James... started indoctrinating her son James...from the time he was three years old (he's now seven)...that "he" was actually a girl named Luna and needed to now start the process of “socially transitioning” into said girl before beginning hormonal transitioning into “her” true identity when “he” neared puberty.

Again simply put, sane people do not just wake up one morning and say I'm in the wrong body or I'm not the sex I should be, but if a parent starts telling a child at a young age that what they appear to be biologically is wrong, actually it's the one doing the telling...the one doing the indoctrination...that is the root cause of creating a problem where no actual problem existed before. And it's the child who bears the burden of what is their parent's mental illness, maybe not when they're young but later on in life when they think of transitioning but cannot really give any sound reasons why that logically makes sense. 

A grown man saying that as a child he always liked playing with dolls more than participating in sports or that he liked wearing dresses more so than wearing boy clothes, should immediately send up “red flags” to his doctor that the problem might not be one of supposed gender misidentification but be a problem of how he was raised along with how deep and for how long said gender indoctrination was going on. But most importantly the doctor must determine if the psychological damage inflicted can be addressed before the patient decides to do what is basically irreversible.

And while I'm sure there are a few transgender sorts who honestly believe they were born into the wrong sex, even that becomes questionable as many male to female transitioners still insist on keeping their male organ while adding female breasts and taking hormones to “soften” their physique. Could some of them be gay but be afraid to admit it...yes of course...but to willingly put oneself through bodily mutilation is a special kind of mental illness in and of itself.

But what says the medical profession about trying to change one's about that "sex reassignment" is quite literally impossible for surgery cannot actually 'reassign' sex, because sex isn’t “assigned” in the first's's as one's genetics determine it to be. Translation: no one is born into the wrong one is born into the wrong sex.

And while a small group of doctors are doing research into what they believe determines one's in the structure of one's brain as opposed to genetics alone... there’s something wrong with their premise as one's brain and thoughts can be influenced by outside factors, while one's genetic code cannot. And if something cannot be influenced...if something is biologically programmed to be as it appears to be on the surface...questioning one's gender as opposed to one's sexuality...then becomes a psychological issue and should be addressed as such with no surgical intervention being allowed. In fact, numerous medical studies already show that those who opt for “sexual reassignment” are for the most part no happier after the surgery than they were before going under the knife.

Sexuality and gender issues have unfortunately become not only a societal issue but a true political issue as well. How so...liberal politicians relish in playing to an audience that deems one's gender to be a morally outdated concept while the majority of society sees gender issues as yet another way the left can try to overturn what are accepted societal norms. Remember, it's not normal to not identify as either male or female, with all else being politically conceptual and corrupted nonsense. Simply, the issue of gender has morphed into the “politics of gender” which now is bearing witness to the upheaval of long accepted sexual roles. And while those roles do encompass long established Biblical aspects, in today's heated political climate gender is currently being deemed a societal issue that should be left to the individual to decide...albeit a personal choice the majority must accept or be deemed “politically incorrect” and be forced to face its ramifications.

Basically, what we in the majority are now being forced to accept is politically generated generational perversion... perversion that tries to play with while making a mockery of genetics even while knowing that one's genetics is not something that can be changed. And while medicine, up to this point, has always been about healing, doctors are now being forced to bend to a segmented societal want instead of actual societal needs. 

And those pushing the issue the most are today's millennials...millennials who collectively are the most whiny bunch of crybabies in many a generation. Seeing the issue of gender as a way to deflect off more important issues, a study done by the Intelligence Group...a consumer insights group...saw more than two-thirds of people ages 14 to 34 agreeing that gender does not have to define a person in the way that it used to and medical truths now be damned...with 6 in 10 also saying that men and women no longer need to conform to traditional gender roles, behaviors, or be the sex they were determined to be at birth.

And while gender roles and behaviors are one thing, it's quite another thing to try to fool oneself and others into believing one is the opposite of the sex...of the gender... one was born into. In fact, what actual so-called “sex reassignment” is, is a game of pretend that never turns out well for either the person who has surgically tried to change who they genetically still are or for society as a whole. What amounts to self-invasive perversion will never become a new generally accepted societal norm for what is now in fashion, if you will, will eventually burn itself out leaving a small group behind who will still believe that there are over 70 genders and that genetics is fluid and open to change...simply it's not.

So with the latest liberal mindset now being forced down the majority's throats being that gender-wise “anything goes,” hopefully that too will come to an end on November 6, 2020 when liberals...when Democrats...rightfully lose it all. And while I personally have nothing against those who choose to go against God and nature nor do I wish them harm, I still believe this act of mutilation must never become a socially accepted new norm, especially when only 0.6% of the American population identifies as transgender, as in 1.4 million people out of a population of almost 330 million people.

And as for the “he” pretending to be a “she” that I opened this article with, I truly hope “he” gets serious mental help...for no matter what “he” does appearance-wise, genetics will still show “him” to be a man whether “he” likes it or not.

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