Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The big fall-off-your-chair moment during President Obama's State of the Union address came when he proclaimed: "We've cut our imports of foreign oil by nearly 60 percent and cut carbon pollution more than any other country on Earth. Gas under two bucks a gallon ain't bad, either."

Sure, Mr. President. Take a bow for the smashing success of the very domestic oil and gas industry that you have tried to destroy.

Even Obama couldn't carry this off. The smirk on his face as he sang the praises of the oil and gas industry was unmistakable.

Right after Obama boasted of these low gas prices, he reverted back to form, by sermonizing:

"We've got to accelerate the transition away from dirty energy" -- by which he means fossil fuels. Then the hammer came down: "I'm going to push to change the way we manage our oil and coal resources, so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet."

So, 30 seconds after toasting lower gas prices, he pledges to find ways to make gas more expensive.
Iran-militia KIDNAPS 3 AMERICANS IN BAGHDAD as Obama releases BILLIONS to Terror-State
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Forgive me for not applauding the release of four of our many hostages held in Iran. It was extortion — Iran created an international incident to insure release of billions dollars in what is ostensibly ransom or jizya — pick your poison.

On the same day, the Obama administration will pay Iran a $400 million debt and $1.3 billion in interest dating to the Islamic revolution, Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday.

Savages acting with impunity with the sanction and support of the mullah in the White House.

–Obama Pardons 21 Iranians Convicted of Violating Sanctions
Our hostages were tortured. Iranian political prisoner Kaveh Taheri,...


Court requires NYPD to purge document about how Islamic terrorists operate
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Court requires NYPD to purge document about how Islamic terrorists operate
The NYPD is now bound to pretend that the Muslim community is no more likely to produce terrorists than the Amish community or the Jain community. Here again, what could possibly go wrong? The Leftist ideologues who have joined with Islamic supremacists such as Linda Sarsour to bring this about seem to think that there […]
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Once Again Doing America Not Proud
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on www.americanpbn.com
Last week was a big week news wise what with Obama's 'State of the Union' address, the capture and release of 10 U.S. sailors, the Republican debates especially with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz now at each other's throats, and then Iran's release of four long held American hostages in yet another Obama 'shady deal' that has, contrary to what the media is telling you, four Americans being traded for 21 Iranian would be terrorists, but shhh...we're not supposed to know that. And now to top it all off Iran is being rewarded for 'supposedly' playing by the rules as Obama has again used his infamous pen to allow Iran to get $100 billion in sanctions relief.

And with that the man who vowed to “fundamentally transform” America sits back and smirks knowing he is one step closer to reaching his goal of changing our beloved America into something 'We the People' no longer recognize.

So while the Republican debate did capture our attention as it became apparent that this is now a race between just three men; and while Obama's what I call 'State of Denial' address did have us shaking our heads in a collective sign of utter disgust; the capture of our sailors, the lifting of sanctions, and this not as we were told 4-for-7 prisoner exchange but this 4-for-21 capitulation to Iran needs our attention even more, for folks, we now have examples of yet more blatant acts of treason committed by the man who Constitutionally should never have been president in the first place.

“Relations between Iran and the IAEA now enter a new phase. It is an important day for the international community. I congratulate all those who helped make it a reality.” - Director General Yukiyo Ama of the International Atomic Energy Agency

So let's start with the sanctions against Iran being lifted, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summed it up best when he stated that unless there is an appropriate response to each Iranian violation of its deal with the six world powers that “Iran will surmise that it can continue to develop nukes." And how right Netanyahu is for a country ruled by radical mullahs can never be trusted to keep their word, as the qur'an itself demands that they do not.

“Israel will continue to monitor Iran's negative activities and will take all necessary measures to maintain its security and defend itself,"
Netanyahu added and we need to thank him for that because we know Obama will not as he closes his eyes to his brethren's actions as they push forward in their quest of not only destabilizing the Middle East and spreading terrorism on a global scale, but in their final objective of becoming the titular head of the hoped-for worldwide caliphate.

And so now with most of the international sanctions against Iran being officially lifted because U(seless) N(ations) and EU officials have announced that Iran...after having been supposedly verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)...has met all the 'required' steps laid out in the (very bad) deal to restrict their nuclear program. But what this really means is that Iran can now move forward in their nuclear ambitions by cloaking said ambitions in their so-called 'peaceful' refining of uranium, and the fact that they have already violated UN Security Council decisions about their developing and testing ballistic missiles be damned.

And with Obama's Saturday signing of his newest eight-page long executive order that revokes four previous executive orders and amends a fifth executive order regarding sanctions placed on Iran, the fact is that this time the law is on Obama's side because sanctions were first imposed by Bill Clinton back in 1995 by executive order and added to by George W. Bush during his time in office. But while a sitting president can legally reverse a previous president's executive orders it is more than a bit concerning that just one day before doing so Obama signed a presidential memorandum allowing for the export of U.S. commercial passenger aircraft to Iran on what he called a 'case by case basis.' In other words, American aircraft technology...and it does not matter that it's commercial technology because in the hands of the right people commercial technology can easily morph into military technology... has now willingly and knowingly been handed over by the president of the United States to the enemy. Nice huh.

So now we have Obama's cohort in delusions, Secretary of State John 'Swiftboat' Kerry, calling the world “a safer place because of these newest developments,” as 'Implementation Day'...the point in time where the countdown to the day that if in 10 years from now Iran has continued to play nice in the sandbox the entirety of all sanctions will be lifted...begins.

But Saturday's 'Implementation Day' also heralds the fact that Iran will soon be able to sell its oil on world markets again...flooding and glutting the markets accelerating the market to the down side... all while ranking in big bucks making the dollars garnered in sanctions relief seem like a walk in the park. And Iranian banks will now also be able to connect to the all-important global banking system allowing them to have access to even more money. And know that some of that money will be used to 'out source' if you will their nuclear ambitions to North Korea and Pakistan while appearing pristine to the UN watchdogs...and it's all courtesy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's sell-out (very bad) nuclear deal.

Now let's move on to what is actually Obama's stepping out of his Constitutional bounds by unilaterally making deals with the enemy, as in his 4-for-21 prisoner swap with Iran. Calculatingly and cleverly coming on 'Implementation Day,' this prisoner exchange has all the markings of the infamous 5-for-1 Taliban deal where Obama 'exchanged' five known Taliban terrorists for American traitor Bowe Bergdahl. And according to presidential candidate Marco Rubio, “When you do deals like the Bergdahl deal and other things, you are giving people incentives to take Americans hostage and prisoner even if they’ve done nothing wrong.” 

Adding that, “the fact that they can get away with it with this administration I think has created an incentive for more governments to do this around the world,” shows just how right Rubio is on both accounts as not only do 'unfriendly' nations continue to capture and hold Americans hostage, but this is something that ISIS and the Taliban do on a routine basis not just to Americans but to any who do not submit to their ways. In fact, yesterday it was announced that three Americans had been kidnapped from their interpreters home in Baghdad, possibly by ISIS...possibly by a Shia militia group...but either scenario is not good folks...not good at all. And it sends a message that Marco Rubio was right in what he said.

And while this newest exchange does get four innocent Americans home, Obama still leaves in Iranian custody former FBI agent and CIA operative Bob Levinson. Now being held for almost 9 years, the Iranian government is claiming that they do not know where 68-year old Levinson is even after an official Iranian intelligence report was issued late in 2015 saying he was still alive and in custody, and even after a 2013 photo was released showing Levinson swaddled in chains. But if truth be told, getting Levinson home is not something Obama and crew consider a top priority and why...simply because Bob Levinson is Jewish, and we all know how islamist Obama truly feels about Jews now don't we. And if truth be told, the sad fact is that either Levinson is already dead and Obama knows it but will not for political reasons admit it or that the Iranians want something more...something big...before they dare to release a Jew.

But how does this prisoner swap go from 4-for-7 to 4-for-21. The deal we've been sold by the media has Obama releasing seven Iranians held in this country on sanctions related charges. But the true fact is that as part of this deal...a deal where the release of all the Americans held should have been an unconditional, unwavering, requirement before any nuclear talks with Iran even began...has Interpol...the world's police force...now removing an additional 14 Iranians from its 'wanted list.' And while Iran has claimed they were on said list for mere sanctions and/or export control violations, do you really think Interpol would bother with such trivial matters as export violations...I for one certainly do not...so that leaves the fact that 14 potential terrorists are now free to wander the globe...are free to whack havoc wherever they go.

So while I am truly happy that the four Americans... Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, and businessman Siamak Namazi (whom some reports say chose to stay in Tehran)...have been released and are finally coming home...the fact is that Bob Levinson needed to be with them and they all needed to come home long before even one dollar in sanctions monies changed hands...long before America sat down at any negotiating table with Iran.

Now lastly, as to the 10 American sailors captured by Iranian Revolutionary Guards when fixing one of their two Navy patrol boat's navigational systems after realizing they had accidentally drifted too close to Iran's Farsi Island... the 10 sailors were publicly humiliated by their captors who broadcast pictures of them kneeling with their hands on their heads in what could be construed as an act of surrender, and were supposedly told by their captors to 'act happy' while being videotaped during their 24-hour detention. Also, told to nod in agreement when one sailor was forced to say that their action "was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake," Iran paraded the sailors on state television before releasing them unharmed in an act of defiant humiliation to show the world they had won a battle against the 'Great Satan.'

And while debriefings after their release seem to suggest that the crew decided to "cut a corner" to make up time to get to a pre-planned refueling stop, their innocent and quite accidental incursion into Iranian waters in no way excuses the humiliating and outright degrading treatment they received while in Iranian hands. In fact, the reality is that two U.S. Naval ships were boarded, seized, and its crew captured, in what actually was an act of war as Iran is and remains America's enemy. And while the sailors were released within a day and our ships were returned, there is no telling how much the Iranians learned about our patrol boat's technology during that 24-hour period.

And then there's the question of what exactly led to the Iranians releasing our sailors in such a short period of time. And while Obama, Kerry, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter, spew their scripted story that it was Obama's establishing of an 'open line' of communication with Iran that led to the quick release of the sailors that is simply not the truth. First, Iran's Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the naval branch of the Revolutionary Guard, seems to have accepted the sailors explanation that they had drifted into that area because of the failure of their navigation system and second, Iran's leaders did not want an 'incident' that could jeopardize the then still upcoming lifting of sanctions against them.

This second reason was most likely the real reason why Iran decided to release the sailors, but two questions remain that Obama must be forced to answer. First, why did the sailors not fight back when their boats were boarded and seized, and second, why was no call for help issued by the crew when they saw the Iranian Guard ship approaching or if a call was made were they told to 'stand down,' and if so who gave that order. But no matter the reason and no matter why the crew was released unharmed within just a day, the fact remains that the timing of this incident is just a little too convenient for comfort as it coincides nicely with Obama's 'State of the Denial' address where he heralded his 'very bad' nuclear deal and spoke of a new relationship with Iran...a relationship that had Iran knowing that within days they would be securing sanctions relief...that within days they would win their nuclear ambitions war.

So now we are left to digest a news week that was, but the bottom line remains that Iran on three counts won the battle and we could very well lose the war. Thank you Obama as once again you've done America not proud.