Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Dirty, Deceitful, Democrats 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots American Political Radio

Dirty, deceitful, and liars to boot, today's Democrat party is like a cancer feeding upon our beloved America, destroying her from within. And the Democrats relish in the destruction left in their wake for as America and the freedoms she affords us slowly start being taken away, abject socialism creeps ever closer to taking freedoms place.

Democrat-Socialism” it has now been deemed by the new crop of young Democrat miscreants recently elected to serve. Successfully having highjacked the once honorable party of JFK right from under Nancy Pelosi's nose, all this new breed of Democrats has done to date is repackage and rebrand the same old tired and unsustainable “redistribution of wealth” ploy to make it a bit more palatable to the blind following masses. But the bottom line always remains the same...socialism only works for a short period of time but only when capitalism pays for it. And when others people's money is gone chaos ensues and a nation collapses...just look to Venezuela to to see that in action.

Socialism for America is the new Democrat-Socialist's goal...socialism replete with a single-payer health system as in Medicare for all; the financially unsustainable and totally moronic Green New Deal penned by the equally moronic socialist diva Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; unrestricted, on demand, no questions asked abortion; and wide open borders with the red carpet laid out for the Democrats promised “free stuff” now ripe for the illegals taking. But to see a socialist utopia come to fruition any time in the near future, Democrats need four things above all else...the masses behind them, a disarmed populace, religion to be gone, and America's icons to be relegated to history's forgotten past.

Translation: it's all about votes...any incarnation of votes...always has been...always will be.

Willingly selling out America's soul and America's wealth in exchange for exchange for power...please don't forget that socialism is usually voted in by those on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder...folks who want what the upper-rungers have but don't want to work for it. Most illegals and millennials seem to fit that to a tee.

And I guarantee you that Pelosi and crew will very soon start proposing serious legislature aimed at fully taking our firearms away...the Second Amendment be damned. Disarming 'We the People' is socialism's prerequisite must for Democrat's know well that in order to succeed they must deny us the ability to fight back. Always remember that securing an unarmed populace was how Hitler rose to power then and how Venezuela's Nikolas Maduro did the same now.

Also for socialism to take hold not only must Democrats continue to “boo” God...we know socialists abhor both God Himself as well as religion...but those who believe must be publicly mocked. And laying the groundwork for that has already begun when the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, was asked in a recent CNN TV interview if he believed in Vice President Mike Pence's integrity as a Christian.

Saying in typical Democrat double-speak...talking out of both sides of his mouth...that, "I don't know it's really strange because I used to at least believe that he believed, I disagreed with him ferociously on these things, but I thought, well at least he believed in our institutions and he's not personally corrupt," Buttigeig immediately added, "But then how could he get on board with this presidency?" "Is it that he stopped believing in Scripture when he started believing in Donald Trump?"

Putting even a modicum of doubt in the minds of the Christian faithful as well as in the minds of the easily swayed within the Republican party itself about the very character of our nation's second in command, might with enough cajoling and media airplay leave some with a sense of uneasiness about who are the good and bad guys. And if that happens the Democrats could use that as weapon not just against President Trump in 2020, but as a recruiting tool...using the words “better us then Trump" as their aid in the birth of Democrat-Socialism...and to do so with no turning back.

And while worrying about America's icons seems like small potatoes in the scope of things we anti-socialists need to worry about, the fact is that by either removing them from the public venue or by totally misrepresenting the truth not only aids socialism's agenda but rewrites American history as well. And currently leading in that rewriting is socialist diva Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez who loves shooting off her big mouth every chance she gets. 

As a defamer of America's best and a champion of her worst, this vile woman recently stated at the 'South by Southwest Festival' in San Antonio, Texas, that the policies of our beloved President Ronald Reagan “pitted” the white working class against African-Americans and Hispanics, and that he presented a “really resentful vision of essentially black women who were doing nothing, that were ‘sucks’ on our country.” And not even one Democrat called her to task to reminder her that it was President Reagan himself who initiated and signed into law Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a national holiday. Talk about revising about an unabashed hopeless fool.

But even if somehow the issues of religion, disarmament, and ridding America of its icons does come to pass, at this point in time, minus the absence of a military coup or some other weaponized form of a leftist power grab, even Democrats know that the implementation of socialism itself...where a select few hold ultimate power and where everyone else exists at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder...will truly not be as easy a task as the newly sworn in miscreants think it will be. 
And why...because socialism requires, at least on the surface, to be legally arrived at via election results that seem above board and legal but in realty are anything but. That's why at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's bidding the now Democrat controlled House rammed through the recent bill allowing illegals to vote...huge numbers in those votes after all. And while even they know their bill as of now will fail in the Senate...sooner or later the promise and the lure of “free stuff” will overtake even the senses of the once sensible thus leaving the Senate open to party control change.

Voting last Thursday on HR1 the For the People Act” act introduced by John Sarbanes (D) on January 3, 2019 on behalf of the newly elected Democratic majority, this bill passed in the House in a vote of 234-193 on March 8th, whereas Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately stated that he will “never” allow HR1 to come to vote on the Senate floor.

But “never” is a word that should “never” be used in the political arena for positions of power and loyalties change, and as we all know some politicians are easily bought, paid for, and sold.

Coming replete with expansions of voter illegal register to vote Democrat free-for-all...this act also includes a major rewrite of campaign finance laws while delving into election integrity and security as well. And with the lure of “free stuff” again looming large...dangling it in front of the drooling masses in will drive the sponges, the gimmee-gimmees, the lower-rung folks, and of course the about foreigners influencing our the polls in droves if...and only if...the Democrats can somehow get it passed in the Senate. And if passed, socialism 101 will soon follow as the Democrats will have enough votes to turn any and all elections in their socialist favor. 
Shades of 1930's Germany come to life right here on American soil. Start slow, make unrealistic promises to garner votes, and all else dubious will then fall into place. And it will no longer matter that the Constitution clearly states in Amendments 15.1, 19, 24.1, and 26.1, that only “citizens”...not illegal foreigners...have the right to vote. But then again once the Democrats start imputing their socialist agenda into law the Constitution becomes but a memory past as the greatest nation the world has ever known becomes mortally wounded as she drops defeated to her knees.

We cannot allow the dirty, deceitful, Democrats to do this to our...yes our...not illegals...America. We must fight the Democrats socialist agenda whether it be at the ballot box (which is the way it should be) or with force if need and necessity deems it so, for we cannot and must not allow our great republic to become what Venezuela has become...a socialist driven hellhole...on the very brink of total collapse. We still control the Senate...anyone got duct tape to help keep Rand Paul's big mouth shut...and we still control the White House...and hopefully if the planets align just right, and if the sun continues to rise in the east and set in the west...the ballot box will be enough to stop Democrat lawmakers from turning our Founding Father's dream of freedom into their so-wanted socialist nation...a nation Barack HUSSEIN Obama's “fundamental changing of America” strived hard for us to be.

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