Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bloodbath: Dreadful Numbers for Biden, Democrats in New WSJ Poll 
Guy Benson – Townhall 
It’s difficult to know quite where to start in analyzing this brand new Wall Street Journal survey of Americans, which was in the field in early March, after the State of the Union Address.  The news it contains is more or less uniformly bad-to-terrible for President Biden and the Democratic Party, starting with Biden’s job approval and favorability ratings.  

He’s underwater by 15 points on the former metric (42/57), virtually unchanged from last November, when pro-Republican swings flipped the governorship in bluer Virginia — and came surprisingly close to doing the same in bluer New Jersey.  His personal favorability has also eroded over the ensuing months, dropping from (-11) to (-15).  Neither political party is popular, but the ruling party is less popular than the GOP (-7) versus (-15), respectively.  And the American people appear poised to make some changes,

President Biden and his fellow Democrats have lost ground to Republicans on several of the issues most important to voters...Read more here.

New Reports Suggest Russian Losses in Ukraine Are Absolutely Catastrophic 
Matt Vespa / Townhall Columnist
How many Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine? It’s tough to know. We have Ukrainian sources saying their land has become a killing field for Russian forces, with at least 11,000 killed since the start of the war. It is true that the Russian offensive has become stuck in the mud. Tanks are running out of gas. That 40-mile Russian convoy outside of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has yet to move. What’s going on? Other estimates of the Russian war dead are in the 4,000-6,000 range which is probably a tad more accurate. Still, that’s more Russians killed in less than two weeks in Ukraine than all American losses during the entirety of the Iraq War and occupation. The Ukrainians are holding on, mounting a dogged defense against a superior adversary. We’ll see how long that lasts after the Russians clinch air superiority which they have so far been unable to do. 
Yet, let’s circle back to the 10,000-plus Russian war dead figure. Keep an eye on it. We have reports of hospitals in southern Belarus that are totally filled with Russian bodies. There’s allegedly not enough refrigeration. Bodies are...Read more and see tweets here.
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