Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In the past month there have been several events that taken in isolation perhaps may not be very revealing. However, when examined in a comparative manner sadly evidence something very disturbing about the culture and priorities of the Obama administration.

On June 17th, a racist sociopath sat with congregants at the Emanuel AME Church during Bible study. At some point this individual made the decision to gun down (9) Christians, take away nine lives, who had welcomed him into their house of worship. Immediately we witnessed the community of Charleston coalesce and the power of the Christian faith was apparent – it was about unity. But we also saw another side; not witnessing the power of God, but the purposes of man. The conversation turned to political gain – it turned to gun control.

We then heard definitive statements and righteous indignation emanating from the highest office in the land, that of President Barack Obama. All of a sudden a piece of cloth with stars and bars on it became the target of cultural angst. Then it became a cause against all things Confederate – memorials, monuments, and burial sites – as if this was the panacea that would resolve any issues.

What we saw was a “selective outrage” in which the emptiness of “Black Lives Matter” as a liberal progressiveslogan would soon reveal itself.

Over the weekend of the celebration of our 239th Independence Day where a document called the Declaration of Independence stated that the first unalienable right of the individual endowed by the Creator is life. That weekend in Chicago (10) lives were lost and (55) were wounded due to gun violence. One of the lives lost was that of a little seven year old black child named Amari Brown. StaffThe fight against terrorism could literally go on forever if we let it. Just ask Ken Taylor, the former Canadian ambassador to Iran best known as the mastermind of the plot to exfiltrate American diplomats from Iran during the hostage crisis, as depicted in the movie "Argo."

"This is going to go on for generations," Taylor recently told the Calgary Herald. "The idea that we are going to eradicate ISIS? Forget it. It's not going to go away."

Excuse me? It had better go away. The West has better things to do than continue to pour resources into the fight against terrorism (both foreign and domestic) while other pressing matters slip under the waves. The fear generated by the terrorist threat is an endless distraction that is long overdue to be relegated to background noise.

The Islamic State has repeatedly called for its bandwagoners abroad to hit military targets. It happened last fall with the fatal attack on a soldier near Canadian Parliament by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who was killed by police. And although last week's killing of five military members in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by Kuwait-born U.S. citizen Mohammad Abdulazeez has not been linked to the Islamic State, that's nonetheless the direction in which the group seems to be guiding its followers.

The Islamic State doesn't have citizens, only ideological supporters. How convenient. This leads to international-law complications in the cases of Western citizens who carry out domestic attacks on behalf of a foreign entity, particularly when those attacks are aimed at military targets while sparing civilians.
Such cases throw the conventional systems for dealing with such attacks into disarray -- and the Islamic State leadership knows it. The solution is to derail the bandwagon itself. If you eliminate Team Islamic State from the playoffs, no one will want to buy the jersey.

On September 16, 2013, civilian contractor Aaron Alexis entered a building at the Washington Navy Yard, where he walked to the fourth floor bathroom and loaded a shotgun. Within six minutes of the first shots fired, Alexis had murdered 10 people; and before police killed him more than an hour later, the death toll would rise to 12. It was the second deadliest shooting on a U.S. military base in American history; occurring only four years after Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist turned radicalized Muslim terrorist, killed 13 service men and women in Ft. Hood, Texas.

When the news broke last week of another mass shooting at two “Gun Free” military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the story was all-too-familiar. “Gun Free Zones” make absolutely no sense to begin with; but mandating them at locations we know to a virtual certainty are terrorist targets, including U.S. military sites, borders on criminally negligent.

The failure of two presidents and several congresses to reverse the Clinton-era ban on firearms on military bases, in spite of the horrific attacks over the last few years, only heightens the outrage all Americans should feel; but especially our military personnel.

Yet not a single high-ranking officer in any branch of the armed forces, has dared express doubt about the policy. In fact, a major roadblock to this latest response to yet another attack against a military target is the military itself. Top brass in the military’s current leadership have simply fallen in lock-step with the Obama Administration’s politically correct world-view that firearms are too “scary” and “dangerous” to be trusted in the hands even of combat-trained military personnel.

Common sense steps such as removing the prohibition on military personnel carrying personal or military-issued firearms, or installing bulletproof glass at recruitment centers, are rebuffed by military leaders like Army recruiting spokesman Brian Lepley. In the immediate aftermath of last week’s shooting, Lepley defended the military’s “Gun Free” policy and blabbered about needing “to maintain a connection to the American people.” To these timid Obama bureaucrats, military recruitment centers should have the feel of a processing center for the Peace Corps, rather than displaying any signs of being actual military facilities.
Illegal immigrant victim’s mother: ‘We are at war right here in this country’
- The Washington Times

Choking back tears, parents whose children were slain by illegal immigrants said Tuesday the federal government and so-called sanctuary cities both share blame for their children’s deaths, and pleaded with Congress for an all-out effort to secure the border and deport those who already snuck in.

“I don’t want your sympathy, I want you to do something,” demanded Laura Wilkerson, whose 18-year-old son was strangled, had his throat smashed and his body lit on fire by an illegal immigrant trained in mixed martial arts. “Quit sitting silent because it’s going to help you get a vote.”

The lawmakers, who said they were moved by the testimony of Ms. Wilkerson and a handful of others who recounted their relatives’ murders, vowed to take action and trained much of their criticism on San Francisco, whose sanctuary policy protected an illegal immigrant whom police have accused of killing 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle earlier this month as she walked on Pier 14 with her father.
The city’s former mayor, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, announced she’s working on a bill to punish cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities trying to deport serious criminals, and one of the country’s top police chiefs testified to Congress that policies like San Francisco’s aren’t considered good practice among the police community.

Pentagon orders Marine recruiters not to wear uniforms in wake of Chattanooga jihad massacre   

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Pentagon orders Marine recruiters not to wear uniforms in wake of Chattanooga jihad massacre
Surrender. Instead of telling Marine recruiters to be ready to defend themselves, and instead of allowing military personnel to be armed on military bases, we now have Marine recruiters skulking about in civilian clothes, in fear of attracting the attention of the next mentally ill drug-addicted alcoholic who just happens to be a Muslim who […]

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Kerry says Iran vow to defy U.S. is “very disturbing”

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs
Now he is “disturbed”? Iran is not saying anything different from what they have been saying since 1979 — why now he is disturbed? Now?? What did he think would happen when the Obama administration opened the floodgates to a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran?

For a President who ONLY cares about optics, it couldn’t look any worse — until they drop the bomb, that is.

Holding a Gun, Iran Dictator Calls for Muslim World to Unite and Destroy Israel, Says USA Created ISIS

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khameini Hails His People for Demanding Death to America and Israel

Obama’s Historic Lies


Today, Wednesday, July 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Obama's newest use of deception to cover a very sad reality, how Obama is using Cuba as a template to mask a much greater evil that will surely come, and Donald Trump's slap in the face to our veterans.

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A Diplomatic Trial Run 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

"Nothing is more futile than trying to live in the past...We're taking a historic and long overdue step in the right direction."
- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on normalizing relations with Cuba

In 1959 Fidel Castro established the communist state of Cuba...a mere 90 miles off the coast of South Florida...after overthrowing dictator Fulgencio Batista. And now in 2015, at the stroke of midnight this past Monday, the diplomatic missions of each country became full embassies as Barack HUSSEIN Obama basically gave a 'get out of jail' free card to the repressive Cuban government for all past actions. Later, with the raising of the blue, red, and white-starred Cuban flag inside the lobby of the State Department, full diplomatic relations with a country still rife with stifling oppression and human rights violations was restored.

On April 7, 1980, the U.S. cut off all diplomatic relations with Iran after the 1979 Iranian revolution and the taking of 52 American hostages. On July 14, 2015, foreign ministers from Iran and the P5+1 announced they had reached a final nuclear agreement after 20 months of negotiations... negotiations orchestrated by Barack HUSSEIN Obama who considers this deal the crowning diplomatic achievement of his presidency...when in actuality this deal is more grounds for impeachment for his violating Article II Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution. On Monday, July 20, 2015, the U.N. Security Council...on Obama's urging...unanimously endorsed said deal and authorized measures that will end U.N. sanctions on Iran...doing so before our Congress had a chance to review and vote on said deal.

Major historic events...yet to many seemingly unconnected events...yet events whose ramifications go deeper...much deeper...than it appears on the surface for these events have an American president willingly and knowingly selling his country out to very bad people both in Cuba and in Iran. And know that the normalizing of relations with Cuba was but the 'trial run' towards Obama's ultimate goal of extending full diplomatic relations to Iran so that he, first, will NOT be perceived by history as striking a very dangerous deal with one of America's enemies, and second, to assure that very enemy that they have a trusted 'friend' in one of their islamic brethren while America and 'We the People' be damned.

As for Cuba...the island nation is still stuck in the 1950s and its people are still hurting both on the economic front and on the personal freedoms front. Though normalization of sorts has now taken place...after all at midnight on Monday the 'Cuban Interests Section' in Washington DC switched its all-important (sarcastically said) Twitter account to say 'embassy'...there is NO real benefit to either the Cuban people nor to their families living here in the U.S.

And with serious ideological rifts remaining between both countries...including mutual claims for economic reparations; the Castro brothers demand that an end be put to the 53-year-old trade embargo...which Obama has indicated he might do by using his presidential in his 'pen and his phone'...despite the vocal objection of some in Congress...along with another of the Castro brothers demand to return our Guantanamo Bay military base (GITMO) to Cuba; and with U.S. calls for Cuba to improve its human rights record and move towards democracy...Obama threw them a self-serving 'political expediency' bone by somewhat loosening restrictions on travel and by somewhat increasing monetary remittances to the island nation.

Saying that in his opinion the decades-long still in effect policies regarding Cuba have failed, and that NOTHING has changed for the Cuban people under those policies...while ignoring the fact that the Cuban people under the Castro government are still being oppressed...Barack HUSSEIN Obama unilaterally...what else...decided that we as a nation could NO longer keep the same said policies in place and expect any sort of change. And supporting Obama’s actions are the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Foreign Trade Council, and certain key agricultural lobby groups whose members say they want to increase their exports to Cuba, but who really just want to line their own pockets on the misery of the Cuban people.

And the truth is that the change Obama himself is aiming for is his own very special narcissistic version of change...what else...that serves NOT the Cuban people as the Castro brothers will still call all the shots and dole out said monies at their whim while still allowing monies garnered to be pilfered by the Cuban government and the military...yet this will still serve to lay the groundwork for Iran normalization because Obama gets to say that since 'he' removed Cuba from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism...but really who has Cuba terrorized besides its own people...and that since 'he' normalized relations with the island nation...they have become an integral part of the world community and that if 'he'' normalizes relations with Iran they will too.

“I think we should also not minimize how the Cuba rapprochement might play in the inner counsels in Tehran.” 
 - Kenneth Katzman, Senior Analyst of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Persian Gulf Affairs at the Congressional Research Service.

So after Monday's slap in the face to America by the U.N. know that normalization of relations with Iran is sure to come for it was Obama himself who outwardly pushed for the rushed lifting of the U.N. sanctions on Iran...after all why NOT acquiesce even more to the brethren...even more than the hush-hush detail (Obama?) slipped into the deal that few know about. According to the deal reached in Vienna, the U.S. and the P5+1 can help Iran “deflect” and even “respond” to sabotage and threats to its nuclear sites...meaning in simple terms, 'screw Israel.'

And with this and other important details of this very bad deal carefully hidden in the many annexes...including the fact that Iran does NOT have to disclose any sites except those which are currently known...Annex III of this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)*...the actual name of the Iranian nuclear deal...has page 142 titled 'Civil Nuclear Cooperation,' of which Section D-10 clearly states that the P5+1 “and possibly other states are prepared to cooperate with Iran on the implementation of nuclear security guidelines and best practices” including allowing for a possible staging of a counter-attack to help Iran protect its nuclear sites...against Israel. This alone should have Congress voting a resounding NO to the deal as this will have the U.S. and our allies being allies with Iran against our true ally Israel if Israel does launch a much needed pre-emptive strike. But will they have the fortitude to go against Obama and do the right thing...their past record scarily leads one to say they will NOT.

But since few, like I said, know about this cleverly hidden detail, Obama will indeed try...and probably will 'pulling a Cuba' in regards to Iran as he has done NOTHING but coddle and appease those who are enemies of this country. And don't think for a minute that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't know this for he knows that this now normalization with Cuba will indeed lead, in a very short period of time, to normalization with Iran. And Netanyahu also knows that unless he can rally the strong pro-Israel lobbyists in Congress from both parties to convince the others in Congress to stand strong against Obama on this very bad that the Iranian flag will also soon be hanging at the State Department.


Today, Wednesday, July 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Obama's newest use of deception to cover a very sad reality, how Obama is using Cuba as a template to mask a much greater evil that will surely come, and Donald Trump's slap in the face to our veterans.

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