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Take Note of How Dems Are Flipping the Script on Virtual Hearings
Beth Baumann / Townhall Tipsheet

Now that three Republican Senators – Mike Lee (UT), Thom Tillis (NC) and Ron Johnson (WI) – have turned up positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, Democrats are changing their narrative on virtual hearings. Back when the pandemic began, Democrats worked overtime to make sure that committee hearings could be done remotely as a means of protecting individual members of Congress. 

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made the argument that holding confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett "endangers the safety" of members and staffers who work on the Hill.

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Unemployment DROPS to 7.9% in September As Trump’s V-Shaped Recovery Continues


Unemployment is lower than it was under Obama/Biden, and that is without an unprecedented plague.

New jobs, unemployment numbers point to ‘V’-shaped recovery — only a Biden lockdown could end it.

 The only thing that could mess things up now is if politicians plunge the country into another lockdown for political reasons.

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Debates, Wires, Facebook, and Rosary Beads 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Before I begin let me start by saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a speedy and full recovery from having contracted the nasty little virus sent to us courtesy of China. 

Now let's cut to the chase and say that last Tuesday's night's first Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden was no debate at appears to have been a coordinated setup between the Democrat party and Fox News' Biden-supporting moderator (and registered Democrat) Chris Wallace...a setup to try and catch our president in yet another attempt at a “gotcha” moment...and it miserably failed. 

How so? Not only has the backlash not stopped but it's actually grown stronger as more and more evidence is coming to light to not only show that Wallace was in cahoots with Joe Biden, but that Joe Biden himself was either drugged and/or wired for this debate. And while the conspiracy sorts are having a field day...and a conspiracy sort I am not...I'm going to present cold hard facts to both disprove the obviously false rhetoric while at the same time proving what is indeed fact and not fiction. 

And here let's begin by briefly summing up in a few paragraphs the actual debate itself, as I saw it, by first saying that President Trump was surely ambushed, if you will, by Chris Wallace, a man who should hang his head in shame for he has not only tarnished and disgraced the legacy of his father Mike Wallace, but has overall made a mockery of what should be journalistic integrity as well. Impartial and fair, neither word exists in Wallace's vocabulary let alone in this particular moderator's job description, and it started with his very first question about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the High Court. Going first to President Trump, who stayed on point as to the question, when it was Joe Biden's turn Wallace allowed him to take the question off topic into Biden giving a dissertation about the “wonders” of ObamaCare and a woman's right to an abortion.  

Campaigning instead of debated, Chris Wallace let 'Uncle Joe' ramble on and on without telling him to stay on topic, something a truly, at least for the debate, “fair and balanced” use the Fox News catchphrase...would have done. And from this point on what many of us suspected would happen became the obvious.  

Now add that while some think Chris Wallace had no control of the stage he actually had total control for not only did he secure a ratings coup, but he did so while interrupting President Trump 76 times as opposed to 15 times for Joe Biden...who was not called to task by Wallace even when he dared to call the President of the United States a “clown,” a “racist,” and actually told Trump to “shut up.” And this in turn not only forced the president to interrupt Biden's lying, but forced Trump to ignore Wallace's loudly calling him to task for interrupting just so he could, however briefly, get out the very truths Wallace, Biden, and the Democrats did not want America to hear.  

And this nonsense by Wallace continued on for the entire hour and a half including Wallace's interrupting Trump every time he was successful in calling Biden to task by saying, “That’s for the next topic!”...a topic that never seemed to materialize. A debate that was supposed to be between the two candidates instead became a tag-team event between Wallace and Biden v. President Trump. How so...simply by Wallace's phrasing each and every question in such a way as to not only bait President Trump into a confrontation so as to make it appear he was a bully, but to supply Joe Biden with much needed touch-point words so he could actually remember...or look at what appeared to be pre-written notes...what the Democrats pulling his strings told him he was supposed to say or not say. In fact, at one point during the back-and-forth regarding the topic of new “clean energy” sources it appeared to me that Chris Wallace was actually reading Joe Biden's energy plan back to him to help remind Biden of exactly what is in his plan.


But the highlights, for me, of this anything but impartially moderated debate was when President Trump first asked Joe Biden about wanting to stack the Supreme Court and his refusing to answer, and then later on when he asked Biden to name one, just one, police organization that had endorsed him after Biden's spewed nonsense that it's white supremacists not "peaceful" BLM and Antifa protesters who are causing all the riots and mayhem still ongoing in American cities. And when Joe Biden said that the riots are Trump's fault and that Antifa was “an idea not an organization,” it once again proved to me, and hopefully to you dear reader, that Joe Biden is not only delusional but a true danger to our our constitutional republic. 

And so the Wallace instigated sham of a debate ended as it began, as in a two-to-one cleverly crafted verbal slug fest courtesy of Chris Wallace's anything but impartiality on full display for all to see. 

So later that night while I was still digesting and fuming over what I had seen and heard, a few images started surfacing on the internet...still frame images taken from the debate itself of what appeared to be a wire peeking out of Joe Biden's left shirt sleeve cuff. And then two short snippets of video starting surfacing on Twitter, with the first showing what looked like a wire running up Biden's shirt when his jacket moved a certain way, and with the second snippet showing the what again appears to be a wire under his left shirt cuff moving up and down when Biden lifted and lowered his left arm. And it was at this point that my Right Side Patriots partner Craig Andresen assembled a composite of the still shots, to which we added the videos in the comments section, and we then posted and shared it not only on Facebook but on other major internet sites as “Breaking News.” And why “Breaking News”...because up until that point the photos and video snippets were not widely being circulated...and they most surely needed to be.  

And again why...because after we verified to our satisfaction the authenticity of both the photos and video snippets, we now had proof in hand of what we've long suspected, as in Joe Biden being physically, mentally, and morally unfit to be, let alone run for, President of these United States...that and the fact that we believe Joe Biden was either being wire-fed the answers or was being intravenously given some kind of fast acting stimulant to keep him awake and functioning during the debate...a stimulant that with the touch of a button could be delivered into his system. And this alone would explain why when the cameras were focused on President Trump, Biden could be seem looking away and looking quite lethargic and sickly only to “revive,” if you will, when back at the podium when the cameras were directly on him. 

Simply, there were two Joe Biden 's on stage that night...Joe Biden the animated recipient of a moderator supporting twister of truth, and Joe Biden a sickly, sad, tired looking old man. 

Now here is where Facebook comes into play for Facebook is where both Craig and I first shared the photos and videos of what appeared to be a wire on Joe's person. Also note that prior to the debate it was reported by some that military intelligence sources close to the president had informed him that they had reliable information that Joe Biden would be given the debate questions in advance and would get assistance with the answers from a "special communication device." Hearsay...could be...truth it could be too, for before the debate President Trump said not only would he be open to a “personal search” but that so too should Joe which his Democrat handlers obviously said an emphatic "no way."

And so both Craig and I posted the compilation of photos on Facebook and shared it to about 30 groups each, where it went like wildfire garnering as I write this over 2,000+ shares and countless thousands of comments. And why so many comments...because of what appeared to be poking out of Joe Biden's shirt sleeve and in one of the in a wire of sorts....either a communications wire or what could be an IV quick connect. But one thing I'll tell you is that what we were seeing was in no way what Facebook's supposed “Independent Fact Checker” 'USA Today' reported it to be, and upon which they labeled our post as “False News.” However, a few hours later Facebook changed those words to “Missing Context. Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.”  

Missing content”...”could mislead people” a completely different animal than what Facebook first labels as something being “False News” in a post being riddled with nothing but false information, lies, and innuendos. And this led me to believe that Facebook knows well that there is indeed some, if not total truth, in what we posted, for what we could no longer share a few hours ago was now able to be shared and commented on once again. Simply, if our Joe Biden post was truly “False News,” Facebook would have completely taken it they've done to my and Craig's posts many times before...or blacked it out saying “Content Unavailable”...and they did neither.  

So why specifically did Facebook label our post first “False News” and then change it to “Missing content...etc”...and what did they believe it was that was sticking out of Biden's shirt cuff ? Facebook believed, based upon an article in the uber left newspaper 'USA Today' that the object seen sticking out of Joe Biden's shirt cuff, an object they claim first appeared for three seconds at the 1:09:37 mark into the debate, was “probably a rosary,” and that what looked like a wire when Biden tugged on his jacket was nothing but a crease in his shirt fabric.  

So while the so called “fabric crease” is just too ludicrous to even address for it clearly appears to be a wire of some sort no matter that 'USA Today' states that “super high resolution images” of the area show it to be a crease (I think not), their “probably a rosary” scenario is what I believe forced Facebook to change its “False News” designation regarding our post. Why...because the "rosary" assumption was based solely upon the words of ex-FOX newscaster and overt Trump-hater Megyn Kelly who stated that in a 2017 interview Joe Biden emphatically told her that he has worn the same “rosary beads” on his left hand everyday since his son Beau died and that he would not remove them.  

Well let's say that Joe Biden has indeed worn the same "rosary beads" every day since Beau's passing...a father's way of honoring his lost son...and let's even agree that Biden was wearing that very "rosary" seen in the top left photo on the night of  the debate, which many in attendance claim he was. The question then becomes why is it that in the insert picture taken directly from the debate, and in the video below, is it that when Biden lifts his left hand that same supposedly always worn “rosary”  freely slides up and down as one singular rigid unit when the "rosary" he claims to always wear has a "bale loop" attached to it with a visibly dangling what is a free swaying fairly thick round medallion...a medallion whose weight alone would have caused it to flop either backwards or to one side (and there was plenty of room in the loose-fitting cuff for it to do so) when Biden lifted his hand unlike the object seen in the insert picture which again remained both rigid and neither separately moving nor swaying as does the rosary's medallion. 


Why...because at the debate Joe Biden was wearing both his claimed to be always worn "rosary beads" and also another object as object which surely looks like a wire hookup of some sort. And don't say that he suddenly on the night of the debate decided to wear a different set of "rosary beads" for even that does not change the rigidity aspect of the object seen.

Simply, the object scene on camera, in still shots, and on video was not Joe Biden's rosary beads”...nor was the other object a “shirt crease”...and hundreds if not more of the Catholic faithful posted words to that effect on the comments section of our post. Facebook might hold the upper hand as to what we can or cannot post, and while Biden's so-called “transition team” has, according to an article in the New York Post, recently hired Facebook executive Jessica Hertz to be part of its general counsel that will oversee ethical issues as Biden's campaign works with Facebook to try and have posts by Trump censored on the Facebook platform, the fact remains that Facebook would not change a post's “False News” designation unless some doubt was present in their minds or they were receiving enough flack as to dare not remove the post. 

And Facebook also knows that we on the right are not stupid enough to believe the lies a rag like 'USA Today' and other leftist media sources they use as anything but “Independent Fact Checkers” can change the fact that what is seen on Joe Biden's person the night of the debate is neither a shirt crease nor "rosary beads." 

And so to “save face” they did change the designation of our post to allow the reader to decide as to who was telling the truth...their anything but “Independent Fact Checkers” or two lowly bloggers and internet radio show co-hosts who can see with their own eyes a truth that even a blind man could see...a truth that Joe Biden was wired either for medical reasons or to simply cheat during the debate, and that anything but impartial moderator Chris Wallace was aiding him every step of the way. Case closed.

Copyright © 2020 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All rights reserved. 

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