Monday, November 23, 2015

Thirty Seconds That Say It All...
and a Plan to Back It Up

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Marco Rubio...A New American Century
By: Diane Sori* / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots /

Well it seems the Republican field is narrowing down one by one...first Scott Walker dropped out, then Rick Perry, and now Bobby Jindal has left the race. Three good men gone. And while others remain...for now anyway...some serious whittling down of candidates needs to happen...for example, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum need to go as they just don't get that America is not nor will it ever be a theocracy. George Pataki and Lindsay Graham have no chance whatsoever of getting the nomination. Rand Paul is a joke just like his father was and that picture of Chris Christie embracing Obama is forever ingrained in our collective minds. Jeb Bush needs to save face and drop out now because every time he opens his mouth his foot goes in it. And John Kasich thinks he's smarter than anyone else running so bye-bye Kasich.

As for Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson...Dr. Carson would make a great Surgeon General or head of HHS but his meek and mild demeanor is not what America needs right now, and besides one good speech at the National Prayer Breakfast does not a president make nor does becoming a Republican a mere six months before announcing your run cut it. As for Donald Trump...having just gone through almost seven years of a narcissistic blowhard with no substance behind him, we do not need four more years of the same. Plus flipping one's party affiliation time and time again just shows that changing your voting designation also does not a Republican nor a Conservative make...especially when you need Billy-Boy's permission to run against his wife.

Now we're down to three...Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. While Fiorina is one smart cookie, a great debater, and knows the business end of things, the problem is that in today's day and age of islamic terrorism that is simply not enough. As for Ted Cruz, the man who seems to have forged an alliance of sorts with Donald Trump, which might play well for now but when push comes to shove people will see that Cruz aligned himself with a showman who spews the right words but has no tangible policies to back-up those words...and that will not bode well for Ted Cruz as it's a bad judgement call that he will be forced to answer for.

That leaves the last man standing, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a six-year member of the Foreign Relations Committee who unlike all the rest truly understands that in this day and age of ever-expanding islamic terrorism that foreign policy...coupled with standing strong with our allies...must be the prime focus of this election. And why...because if we do not get foreign policy issues right...if we do not keep the enemy 'over there' nothing else will matter...not the economy...not jobs...not a fence that will not keep them out anyway...nothing.

Marco Rubio is an American success story...a true 'working class' success story living the American dream, and is a man who is truly grateful for all that America has given to him. And now that man...a man both proud and humbled... wants to give back to the country he holds dear to his heart. And when you couple that with the fact that he truly cares about 'We the People's' concerns, issues, and problems, it becomes more than a bit obvious that Marco Rubio alone is the man to counter and win against Hillary's story...a story wrapped up in dirty deals, lies, deceit, and cover-ups, key amongst them being Benghazi. Marco Rubio is the future and Hillary Clinton is the past...a past our beloved America sorely needs to leave behind.

America needs a fighter...a man who can stand-up to criticism...a man who can put America's 'enemies within' in their place, and to that affect Marco Rubio is the only one of the candidates to call Hillary what she truly is...a liar...and he did so on national television for all to hear. Remember Rubio's words at the last debate when he said, “Last week, Hillary Clinton went before a committee”... “She admitted she had sent e-mails to her family saying, “Hey, this attack at Benghazi was caused by al-Qaeda-like elements.” “She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. And yet the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the week she got exposed as a liar.” Those are fighting words...words of a man not afraid to speak the truth, and after all these years of Democratic lies a fighter is what America needs and Marco Rubio fits that to a tee.

But before anything else, let's set the record straight on Marco Rubio's stance on Immigration Reform...simply put if it wasn't for Marco Rubio being in the so-called 'Gang of Eight' we would now be living under the McCain/Graham Amnesty Bill for it was Rubio, whose very presence threw a wrench into that proposed bill when he insisted on securing the borders first before any reform takes place.  

“The only way we're going to ever make progress on this issue is to first deal with illegal immigration, secure the border, win people's confidence that in a reality this problem is under control,” Rubio said, and securing the border was not part of the McCain/Grahm Bill at all. Marco Rubio is vehemently against amnesty for 'illegals' and is for a type of 'Pathway to Citizenship' was our beloved Ronald Reagan...because he understands that America...aside from the felons...will not deport 22 million people which both Trump and Cruz call for...nor will we be breaking up families or sending so-called 'anchor babies' back to the countries of their parent's birth...countries they know nothing about. Rubio is rightfully for enforcing the laws currently on the books and moving outward from there, but before anything else Marco Rubio is for sealing the borders...something he has always been for.

Another touch-point of this upcoming election being pushed by the Democrats is student debt, and to that affect Marco Rubio understands the obstacles faced by many who want to go to college but who cannot afford to. Having faced this obstacle himself, Rubio has proposed a number of workable and very doable proposals aimed at reducing the cost of college and graduate school. However, unlike Hillary's 'free-for-all' college for everybody proposal...a proposal actually paid for with our hard-earned taxpayer of Rubio's proposals calls for private investment groups to pay for tuition in exchange for a percentage of future earnings. And while this proposal would not replace federally subsidized student loans, it would provide students with an alternative to not having to pay off large sums of monies borrowed to get a quality college education...debt that takes years if NOT decades to pay off.

However, foreign policy must be the key issue in this election because of the global killing machine known islamic terrorism. And no candidate is better prepared and qualified to deal with America's enemies abroad than is Marco Rubio, an integral member of the 'Foreign Relations Committee' for six-plus years now, meaning Rubio knows well the enemy we fight and he proudly stands up for those who fought that fight when they come home. In fact, Rubio stood by our veterans when then Democratic VA Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders tried to stop his efforts to put veterans needs before the needs of unions and Washington bureaucrats. Playing a key role in passing legislation to overhaul the VA, Rubio was asked to be part of the Senate's 'Veterans Affairs Conference Committee' because of his work in sponsoring the 'VA Management Accountability Act of 2014', which was passed overwhelmingly by the House, and included in it his proposal to allow the VA Secretary to fire incompetent bureaucrats...something that was long overdue.

And tied directly into foreign policy is national security for in today's world where ISIS continues to run amok, what happens 'over there' affects what happens here in America. And Marco Rubio has proven himself to be a true champion of 'We the People' in ways that help protect the 'health, safety, and welfare' of we American citizens, and in doing so exhibits the strength needed for presidential leadership. Case in simply cannot cutback intelligence gathering programs nor can you side with Harry Reid and the Democrats whose policies counter American security issues, and that is exactly what Ted Cruz did when he surprised many by voting in favor of the 'USA Freedom Act'...the bi-partisan reform version of the 'Patriot Act...the very act that George W. Bush put in place after 9/11 that, to-date, has for the most part kept us safe at home.

And in saying that the bill weakened "U.S. national security by outlawing the very programs our intelligence community and the FBI have used to protect us time and time again," Rubio rightfully voted against the 'USA Freedom Act' because it failed to both follow through with the 'Patriot Act' and preserve existing National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance authorities that many Democrats and libertarian-leaning Rand Paul...erroneously believe are too “all-encompassing.”

But even with the 'USA Freedom Act' somewhat increasing privacy and oversight by creating an 'advocate' for the public, it requires the NSA to give specifics as to why surveillance is needed on a particular individual. But with the nightmare in Paris leaving over 130 dead and over 300 wounded, the 'USA Freedom Act' as Rubio said, “actually leaves America more vulnerable to attack” because it “will cost us the ability to gather actionable intelligence against elements operating in our territory.” In other words, by the time all the paperwork is done to allow said surveillance, that individual could have already carried out the very deed that could have been prevented if the NSA did not have to jump through the multitude of legal hoops this act now requires.

So one has to wonder why Ted Cruz, a man who holds a centrist position on surveillance, would restrict intelligence gathering by supporting a bill that Obama wanted...a 'red flag' if there ever was one. And while Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio do share similar views and positions on certain issues such as the farce known as Climate Change, Common Core, and ObamaCare, it's now obvious that they do part ways when it comes to the all-important foreign policy and national security issues...issues critical to the 'health, safety, and welfare' of 'We the People.'

And with Ted Cruz saying that the 'USA Freedom Act' struck "the right balance between protecting our privacy rights and our national security interests" you can see that Cruz does not understand that when islamic terrorism is spreading worldwide, the right balance is to have America's national security interests paramount above everything else. And Cruz's statement is but one reason why Marco Rubio is more electable than Ted Cruz...his only true opponent for the Republican nomination. And with Rubio being a pragmatist who sees the individual pieces of the puzzle fitting together to form the 'big picture', against Cruz being an ideologue who focuses on single pieces of the puzzle instead of the whole, it becomes obvious that Marco Rubio is the only one who can actually win against Hillary...or any other Democrat (as in Julian Castro) that might be put into the mix after the F.B.I. hopefully hauls her off to jail. And why is that...because Marco Rubio is seen across the board as being both honest and trustworthy by a majority of voters, while Hillary is seen as being both dishonest and untrustworthy even by most voters in her own party...and rightly so.

Remember, it's time we turn the reigns of power...the reins of government...over to the next generation of leaders, especially leaders like Marco Rubio who are grounded in conservative principals, values, and ideals. And Rubio is well received by both millennials and women voters, and with polls continuously showing him beating Hillary in key swing states like Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida in the general election, and now when you add in that according to the latest FOX News poll Rubio beats Hillary in a head-to-head race by 50% to her 42%...with no other candidate coming close to those can see that Marco Rubio is the man Hillary and her machine fear most for he has something that is truly appealing...something Hillary does not have...and that is humility.

And with the 2016 election being about numbers...'specific' numbers...the only candidate who can pull in those needed 'specific' numbers is Marco Rubio and here's the general election no candidate can win unless they carry the Hispanic vote...and in that vein they must be able to converse with this important segment of the voting block in their own language. In fact, Latino Decisions, specialists in Latino public opinion research, said that if the 2016 white vote is 59%, Republicans would need between 40% to 47% of the Hispanic vote to reach a majority...and a man NOT fluent in Spanish would not likely reach that critical must-get number. Remember, in 2012, Mitt Romney who did NOT speak Spanish only won about 27% of the Hispanic vote, but in 2004, George W. Bush who did speak Spanish won over 44% of the Hispanic vote. And the study also found that Republicans still need between 40% to 47% to win those majorities in the key states of Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia...and Ted Cruz is simply not fluent in Spanish.

And lets not forget that someone who is fluent in Spanish stands a much better chance of bringing the Hispanic vote permanently over to the Republican party, because in Marco Rubio they see someone who understands their culture and their American dream.

And while Texas will go 'red' no matter who becomes the Republican nominee, this means Cruz brings nothing to the Electoral College numbers. But with the key swing state of Florida being determined by which candidate gets the Hispanic vote, and with Hispanics making up 27% of the state's electorate, along with an estimated 800,000 Hispanics turning 18 each year, Marco Rubio really is the only candidate that could bring in that needed 40+% number and turn Florida back to red, and it's because of his middle class background and his ability to identify with and speak directly to that critical segment of the population.

But the bottom lines remains that Marco Rubio...young, dynamic, focused, and ever the best candidate to represent America's future as we move ever forward into 'A New American Century'.
* Some demographic information provided by Patrick Castronovo