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An America Theocracy...I Think Not
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

A few weeks ago in an effort to clear my head of politics for a bit, I got into a spirited discussion on a Facebook thread about America needing to turn back to God in order for our country to be “saved.” Immersed within that discussion was that the originator of said thread insisted that islam was a true religion and should be treated as such, and thus the fight between both good and evil as well as the fight for the “soul” of our country must be a spiritual battle with prayer alone as the weapon of choice. And while the discussion was civil and respectful most of the time, what I came away with was that many of those on the thread seemed to have an underlying theme repeated... repeated albeit without saying or should I say typing actual words...a theme that the only way to now “save” America is for America to become a truly Christian Evangelical dictated Christian nation...a theocracy (which literally means “rule by God) in every sense of the word...with no other religions or beliefs accepted in what would be their new Evangelical Christian America.

But the fact is that America...the United States of America...must never and will never become a theocracy for a theocracy was the very reason why many left the “old world” so to speak. These brave folks “yearned to breathe free” in be free to worship or not worship as they alone so chose to do, and not be dictated to by a government administrated state church. And proof of what our great nation was designed to be lies within our Constitution itself, within the First Amendment in fact, which clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

No clearer words or meaning could be said or even be misconstrued, or so one would think. Yet these most critical of words were for some on the thread...folks so predetermined in their own mindset that they relished in talking down to, admonishing, and chastising those who do not believe as they do. And most of their what was but misplaced proselytizing was mostly directed at those of the Jewish faith for Jews most certainly do not believe that the only way to God is through the in Jesus...nor do they have to...for Jews believe that the Messiah has yet to come. And one woman even went so far as to say that atheism itself is a religion forgetting the fact that those who deem themselves atheists do not believe in God nor any deity at all.

And while I will not go into specifics regarding a so-called “he said-she said” thread scenario, for unlike some on the thread I do respect other's beliefs even if I do not personally agree with those beliefs, hence I will not give them ammunition, so to speak, by which to propagate their so wanted Holy War...a war to “reclaim the land for Jesus Christ” or so they believe...a land not even known of during the time of Christ. And while it truly would be for them a Holy War fought in the name of God, the fact remains that what they are fighting is really is a war to cancel out our Constitution and replace that which is the true law of our land solely with laws as laid out in the Bible...their Evangelical Christian version of the New Testament alone.

So yes, it is a Holy War these folks seek for only then can they truly justify not only their misguided belief that islam is but a religion and thus must be fought only on the battlefield of prayer, but at the same time twist and distort what should be blood and guts tangible battles fought against a tangible enemy...twist it solely into one's fighting a supposed Holy War for our country's very “soul,” and doing so in the guise of their praying on bended knee alone.

Prayers alone, I believe, is but the weapon wielded by cowards...cowards too afraid to experience the true horrors of a blood and guts war. Better to fight an enemy hiding behind God's robe then to be the victor in a war that might once and for all dispel the “love thy enemy,” myth, for isn't it better for that which is evil to tangibly die than for the righteous to die instead...I surely would think so.

And yet it remains for way too many that islam is being used as their justification for wanting a Holy War where victory's prize would translate into America becoming a Christian nation alone with the Constitution relegated to second place and the Bible...the Evangelical version of the New Testament that is...becoming not just the law of our land but its conscious and its social and political order as well. Our Founders and Framers did not want this...many were deists after all...nor do we true patriots...patriots who while some might be “of strong faith” know well that prayers alone will not make our country right again nor that this is God's battle to fight. 

The fact is that blood must be spilled, collateral damage must be had, and pain must be felt in America's streets before the true enemy is defeated, and it's not just islam itself that is the enemy of all we as Americans hold dear, but we also face an enemy that hides within shadowy enemy some call the devil while others call that enemy demons. But the enemy or should I say enemies that I speak of are really those within our own government whose allegiance is not to the Constitution nor to “We the People,” but is to the almighty dollar and their unbridled quest for both power and ultimate mind control of the masses.

It's a tangible secular enemy that needs to be brought to its knees before our country can be made right again for tangibles are the reality of the here and now while devils and demons belong to the ages past.

America must never become a theocracy no matter what some want, for we live in a time when theocratic rule has proven itself to be both the enemy of the people and of faith itself...the mullah-ruled Iran is one example of a theocracy run amok as is North Korea where its leader actually thinks himself to be a god. Is this what some want for America what with a theocracy being all encompassing, where folks thoughts must march in religious lockstep...think “blind following” here...and where a self-appointed religious hierarchy can quickly turn into the bearers of punishment and death even for those who who are brave enough to ask the simple question...why.

And not to be forgotten is that “blind following” itself...“blind following” of anything...most especially a theocratic state...takes away one's ability to think and reason for one's self as well as their ability to understand and separate tangible facts from religious dogma and tenets. Simply, “blind following”...which a theocracy the antithesis of logic and of common sense as it strives to take away not only one's drive to better oneself in the here and now but forces one to be happy with what the state allows. The so-called dogma of “mansions in the sky” then becomes both the daydreams of the unfulfilled as well as the nightmare of those who cowardly turn away from the true fight for our country with but prayers alone...prayers in this case becoming not a weapon to be used for good but the very weapon by which the state can remove our God-given right of “free will.”

Simply, a theocracy in its very conception, and then in its implementation does surely negate our Constitution, especially the First Amendment for it sets up a specific this case Evangelical Christianity...whose followers comprise the majority of those who both silently and not so silently are pushing for our beloved America to become a theocracy. Wanting Evangelical tenets, dogma, and doctrine as not only our country's state sponsored official religion, but also as the decider of which church one must or must not attend...with Jewish synagogues, Catholic and mainline Protestant churches as well...surely being left off their what would be state sanctioned list...while also being the decider of which beliefs one most hold while they not so silently do away with much need secularism in what should be civil law alone. And so how would this feat be accomplished...first by limiting ones ability to speak his or her own mind, and then by taking what would now be religiously based legal action against anyone who dares to question the theocracy's one party religious rule.

After all a theocracy is but a police state of sorts which is part and parcel for all theocracies both past and present, and again look to Iran to see and bear witness to the truth in what I've just said.

But no matter what those who want a theocracy think, the fact remains that America must now and for forever remain secular in both its concept and implementation of law while leaving morality's tenets alone to faith, for that is what our Founders and Framers intended as our country's foundation for nowhere in the Constitution are the words Christianity or Jesus written...that indeed is a fact that cannot and must not be disputed. Disturb what is America's foundation with a theocracy being put into place and like with dominoes all will eventually fall, for while laws can be forcibly implemented if need be, morality and one's personal religious beliefs never can be for those are things of ones heart. Attempt to take away ones heartfelt beliefs will see the dream and hope that is America being destroyed from within. And while most of us do agree that so-called “secular humanism,” a progressive agenda, political correctness, and corrupt and traitorous politicians remain the biggest threat to our country today, so too are those who think themselves so mighty that only their beliefs and their church's way is the path to both God and eternal salvation.

And so to those on the Facebook thread that I started this article with, I say live and let live, let others believe as they wish, for while truth to one might not be truth to another the fact remains that those who judge others best fear of being judged themselves... being judged by the very God they so claim to the very God their words and deeds actually instead do dishonor. Case closed.

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