Rocket alert sirens were sounded at approximately 12 p.m. in the Golan Heights on Wednesday amid heavy fighting between factions on the Syrian side of the border.

The IDF was checking if spillover fire from the Syrian infighting caused the alarms and if any projectiles landed on the Israeli side of the border. No injuries or damage were reported.

The sirens went off in the Alonei Habashan and Ein Zivun regions of the Golan.

The IDF and Israel Police declared a section of the northeast Golan Heights a closed military zone on Tuesday – then lifted the decree hours later and returned the area to normal.

These decisions – the former of which closed off the area to civilians and tourists who were not local residents – came after intensive battles between Assad-regime forces and rebels on the Syrian part of the border in recent days.

Early Tuesday morning, al-Qaida’s Nusra Front killed one Syrian Druse officer and wounded 10 others in the border town of Hader, according to Mendi Safadi – an Israeli Druse who has served as Deputy Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara’s chief of staff, and who has traveled in the region and met with Syrian opposition activists.

The attack took place inside the village, he said, though there is a Syrian army base located nearby.

It is the first siren since this past April, when two projectiles fired from Syria struck the Golan Heights.

The IDF said the mortar shells were stray projectiles fired in the course of battles between Assad regime forces and rebel organizations in southern Syria. The shells failed to cause injury or damage. Locals heard the blasts that they caused upon impact.

The IDF did not return fire.

Just days before the incident, the Israel Air Force struck and killed four terrorists who crossed into Israel from Syria and planted explosives near an abandoned IDF post.

The incident, which occurred on the northern Golan Heights near the Druse village of Majdal Shams, began when Combat Intelligence Collection units identified four men planting the explosives on the eastern side of the border fence, within Israeli territory.

It came after international media reports said the Israel Air Force carried out strikes on strategic missile bases in Syria late on Friday night, reportedly intercepting an Iranian-Syrian attempt to smuggle advanced missiles, perhaps Scuds, to Hezbollah’s numerous weapons depots in Lebanon. The IDF has declined to comment on the reports.

Ariel Ben Solomon contributed to this report.