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On Private Militias and Their Future
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” 
- the all-important Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

Recently, so-called “private militias”* have become a hot-button issue of contention for those who simply do not understand the true nature of militias and why they are desperately needed in these trying political times. And while “private militias” existed long before the framing of our Constitution as well as their having played an important part in our nation's founding, this article is not about the history of American militias per se as their history can be easily “googled,” but it is about why “private militias" are today not only gaining in numbers both start-up and membership wise, but why they can and must be accepted as robust defensive adjuncts to help aid our country's state defense forces...forces more commonly known as SDF, state military, state guards, state militias, or state military reserves...and why it has become so imperative to address the numerous other rolls “private militias” can play in today's America. 
Remember that while state militias are actual military units operating under the sole authority of a given state's constitution, as well as their being authorized by state and federal law to be under the actual command of the governor of said state, “private militias” are not connected in any way to state or to federal government officially sanctioned or sponsored militias nor are they connected in any way to our military no matter what name they choose to call themselves. 
Private militia's” are totally separate and autonomous bodies who gain members by word of mouth or many times online, and whose members relish in honing key combat skills that might very well someday be needed. Primarily comprised of both current and former law enforcement and military personnel...Oath Keepers and the 111%ers are two such “private militias” that quickly come to well as everyday ordinary American citizens...these militia members refer to themselves as “citizen soldiers”...“citizen soldiers” who have sworn to defend our beloved America from all enemies...enemies both foreign and domestic... enemies whose main goal is to curtail or totally do away with our constitutionally given rights...and they're brave and honorable men and women all. 
And know that contrary to what the Democrat left wants you to believe, “private militias” are indeed legal in this country as long as they don’t cross the line into “inciting violence” or “civil unrest,” and as long as a particular state's constitution does not forbid them from organizing.

However, with just a little under half of our 50 states maintaining active “private militias,” and with there now being more than 500 private militia groups operating in our country today, more detailed laws regulating said militias have recently been passed...laws which specifically state what “private militia's” cannot do more so than what they can do. 

For example, certain states will not allow the “parading and exercising” of armed “private militias” in public, but in no way do they forbid the actual organizing and starting of a “private militia” group. And in states allowing “private militias,” said militias are only limited in their actions by the criminal laws of those states. Translation: if an armed “private militia” were to break the law and “parade and exercise” in a public area, its members would be subject to arrest on a variety of charges, including but not limited to disturbing the peace, firearm possession, or rioting. 
And while technically “private militias” have no legal authority whatsoever, they could garner said authority if and when a true national emergency were to arise and if they're called upon to meld into an official state or federal militia in an official law enforcing capacity. But, and this is critical, said “private militias” would still be under the command of either a state's governor or the feds themselves, and thus they could not legally act independently, as in take the law into their own hands.

And while “private militia's” we're sure in time will aid local law enforcement in some capacity when asked, they tend as a whole to rightfully see as more important the concept of Constitutional enforcement. And with many “private militia” groups now focusing on the current tangible dangers emanating from the political left... dangers in regards to both those who not only threaten our Constitutionally given right to keep and bear arms and those in the general public who refuse to understand that firearms are truly the only thing that stands between “We the People” and a political party run amok...that very left has basically “brainwashed” the masses into believing that “private militias” are an everyday threat to the lives of each and every American. And by the Democrats self-designating “private militia” members as homegrown terrorists of sorts, we see today's leftist media helping to perpetrate that unabashed lie.

But the truth is that “private militias” today they were in colonial times...absolutely essential in aiding the securing of “We the People's” Constitutional right to rebel against what could someday become an oppressive dictatorial government. “Behind every blade of grass” is even more apropos today considering “the enemies within” we currently face.

So as we gear up for the next what will be contentious election, and as “private militias” continue to receive bad press and hence a wrongly perceived negative perception by the masses, in no way does that take away from the fact that “private militias” are desperately needed as a gauge if you will...especially if their numbers and membership keeps growing...a gauge of in what direction our country will go.

Liberals and the liberal mainstream media have done their level best over the past decade to paint "private militias" and those who join them as some sort of fanatical fascists, and it hasn’t been that hard for them to do that. Militias and people in "private militias" basically keep to themselves where such things are concerned. By nature, militia people are not trouble makers, rabble-rousers, or pot-stirrers. This should never be confused with being apathetic, as that is something militia people simply are not.

Those from sea to shining sea who have joined a "private militia" group are always ready if called upon or should the government turn a hard left to tyranny, always ready to take action in defense of liberty. But there is more, much more, "private militias" could and perhaps should be doing.

To begin with, it's high time "private militias" come out from the shadows and quit trying to blend in until situationally called upon for what militias are traditionally called upon to do, and become visible, take a leadership role within their communities and states, and create a whole new persona for "private militias."

Let the rest of the country, and for that matter the rest of the world, know exactly what sort of folks join a "private militia," what you truly stand for, and that you are ready, willing, and able to be called into action for things other than national defense.

Organize or perhaps reorganize and get your state’s "private militias" in touch with your National Guard, your State Patrol, your local Red Cross Chapters, and even with your local first responders in whatever cities and towns you’re in. Make it clear to those folks that you, as a "private militia," do stand ready to assist both your state and your communities in times of natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods or anything else that requires people stepping up to assist others.

Imagine the members of a state’s "private militia" all wearing easily recognizable and identifiable shirts or jackets in a community devastated by forces beyond their control assisting with clean-up or organizing rescues, handing out water, blankets and food. Imagine those people of a state’s "private militia" group working in concert with law enforcement, fire and rescue, the Red Cross, or the National Guard to do whatever was needed at the moment. Imagine just how quickly the tide of misconception would begin to turn around.

Naturally, it wouldn’t happen overnight. Clearly, the mainstream media run by liberals would be loath to provide any coverage. But local media would because it would be a huge local story. One shouldn’t be surprised that once such a ball gets rolling numbers of "private militia" members would begin to climb, those already in a "private militia" would feel a whole new sense of purpose, and local law enforcement once wary of the intentions of militias would begin to alter their perceptions as well.

Think of the idea as a new 21st century "private militia." It would create a militia with more purpose, an expanded role in modern society, coordinating with official first responders and ready to accept responsibility and direction while never forgetting the foundational definition of a "private militia."

The 20th century "private militia" has always portrayed itself as a group you would only be happy to see in a time of war unless you weren't on the same side of it. A new perception doesn't abandon that aspect, it adds the ability to be thought of as a group you that would be welcomed in any scenario. Let liberal pretenders, like ANTIFA, market themselves as a fringe squad of goons spoiling for a fight. A 21st century "private militia" has that capability, but they need to show that there's a lot more depth of purpose than being well armed.

Obviously, a new 21st century "private militia" could and should be ready to deploy for more than just national defense or high visibility events such as the situation at the Bundy Ranch, and they would do themselves a disservice if they only extended their readiness to natural disasters.

Think of the abilities a state or local "private militia" would have in cases of missing adults or missing children. Consider a "private militia’s" ability to assist in staffing day care centers or emergency tents at such events as state or county fairs, large concert venues, or sporting events. Air shows or other military events are always looking for help with crowd assistance, security assistance, and emergency assistance. These are all situations and events where being visible and accessible would be a boon to the entire "private militia" movement, but there are also smaller less visible ways to be of service that would, in their own way, generate a change in perception.

Memorial Day, and Veterans Day activities leap to mind. Deploy your states "private militia" members to put up flags in cemeteries or clean up old, forgotten cemeteries.  In Fourth of July events have tents, floats in parades, or assist with any number of other activities.The list of possibilities for expanding the role of "private militias" is unlimited, but should never be mistaken for doing away with the primary need or design of such militias. It would simply be a way to upgrade "private militias" to fit into 21st century society, while producing a much more visible and positive image of such groups.

The fact of the matter is that those who join "private militias" do so out of a sense of duty...duty to defend and protect our nation against enemies foreign and domestic. The make-up of "private militias" is diverse and includes men and women from all walks of life. "Private militia" members bring their talents and specialties to the table and stand ready to answer the call. Why not utilize this great resource in the broadest terms? Why not expand the role of "private militias" in ways it has never been used before?

There is no longer any need to keep citizens who are ready, willing, and able to take action in the shadows. That is a decidedly 18th century construct. This is the 21st century and the seed has been planted here. For "private militias" the future belongs to those willing to stand in the bright light of day while remaining ever vigilant.

* To learn more about "private militias," state recruiting, resources, and prepping, please go to WRAM...Well Regulated American
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