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Hey Obama...

Real Scandals and the Phony President

Real Scandals and the Phony PresidentBy: Julia Sieben /

In response to his plummeting approval ratings, Obama has once again gone on the campaign trail. His speeches are reminiscent of campaign 2012, with dirty politics, lies and denials of his failed record. The worn out 2008 & 2012 rhetoric of blame it on Bush, blame it on the GOP, and blame it on the one percent, is only countered by his, “I saved GM” statement (I notice he left out the Detroit line this time).  Only one great difference, this time he has bit off more than he can chew when he repeated a statement that the weasel Jay Carney stated earlier in the week.  That the current scandals of his administration, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, DOJ illegal search warrants, were fabricated and PHONY.

Most hour plus drawn out speech reminded me of a song and dance routine of a cheap, oily, slick-backed, used car salesman, smiling while he slipped sawdust into the transmission.  The bobble head audience responded well on cue, heads gyrating up and down as though they were being driven down a rocky country road.   While I was fighting stupor back from the repetition of his false and broken promises, I noticed the all-white middle aged persons standing behind him.  He was at his old stomping grounds, Illinois, the exact place where he campaigned for Senator, Knox College.  Where were his young college students, his normal back drop?

Desperation is definitely setting in for our illustrious leader, depending on the polling entity approval ratings range from a low at 41% to 47% by the most liberal pollsters.  Obama’s approval ratings have been dramatically plunging nationwide, with an overall average of all agencies of 10 percentage points.  The group that tested the largest drop, 15 percent was among women.  

Obama’s job approval ratings among registered Democrats, under-40 voters, and college graduates have declined 14 points, white non-Hispanics are down 13 points, nonpartisan voters declined 12 points, and Latinos are seven points lower in their support, the poll shows.  Times are desperate for the great campaigner, he has much on the line, with the under-financed ObamaCare, the unpopular Immigration Reform Bill pending, failed campaign in Afghanistan, and pending acts of war in Syria, just to mention a few.

This campaign is again nothing but a diversion on the very matters he attacked in the in the speeches themselves, the focus on the corruption of his administration and the illegal practices they have invoked.  Jay Carney had stated earlier in the week, that the acts under on-going investigation by special committees were fabricated phony scandals.  It is obvious now, that these words of Carney’s were only passed along sentiments of the POTUS himself as he uttered almost per verbatim the same ideology.

This administration, along with activist friends, and the liberal media have tried to distract and divide Americans with race baiting on the Zimmerman case for nearly a year.

The true crimes not scandals are, but not limited to:

1) The illegal gun trafficking that cost the life of Agent Bryan Terry,
2) The cover-up of the illegal gun trading with al Qaeda in Libya,
3) The State Department ignoring the requests of the consul in Benghazi for protection and the stand down orders that cost the life of Ambassador Stevens, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Seal Tyrone Woods, and Seal Glen Doherty,
4) The illegal mass confiscation of phone records of over 100 writers of the API,
5) The illegal search and collection of phone records of James Rosin and his family,
6) The illegal targeting of the IRS of special interest groups; namely the Tea Party, Patriots, 9-12 Project, and Christian Groups,
7) The massive corruption in spending in most every agency within the government, and
8) The exposed NSA over reach of gathering and collection of information from all American Citizens, from phones, internet, videos, finances, and purchases.

The only thing Phony is this presidency.

In his speech he bragged:

“Together, we saved the auto industry, took on a broken health-care system and invested in new American technologies to reverse our addiction to foreign oil and double wind and solar power.”

The Truth on the Bailout of GM:

The government allocated $474.8 billion to the TARP program to bail out banks, insurers, auto companies and others during the financial crisis. Taxpayers are still owed $57.6 billion, the report stated. Of that, the Treasury Department has written off losses of $29.6 billion, leaving a balance of $28.6 billion outstanding.

GM – Americans left with debt while bailout develops new jobs, just not in the United States.

Outstanding losses on GM taxpayers are still $18.1 billion in the hole on the $49.5 billion bailout.

Yet, General Motors Co. plans to add four new plants in the next three years in China to bring its production capacity to 5 million vehicles a year, according to the head of GM China.  Bob Socia, head of GM China, said on Saturday that the company and its joint venture partners will invest $11 billion in China by 2016, but did not break out the cost of the new plants.  The new plants will boost GM’s manufacturing capacity by 30 percent and create 6,000 jobs, the company said.

Read more:

General Motors Co. said Wednesday that it is investing $691 million in Mexico, in part to build a new eight-speed transmission in a new plant at its Silao complex.  GM’s Silao complex includes assembly, stamping, engine and transmission plants and employs about 5,800 people. Among its products are GM’s new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks.  The San Luis operation includes an assembly plant and transmission factory and employs more than 2,300 workers, while Toluca builds engines and does aluminum and iron foundry work. That complex employs about 1,285 workers.

From The Detroit News:

General Motors’ European subsidiary Opel has announced that it will invest 60 million Euros ($77.4 million USD) in its Szentgotthárd engine plant in Hungary to boost production.  Roughly 100 new workers will join the existing 900 to accommodate the production boost.

Read more:

The Truth on the Cost of Health Care Insurance:

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, health care premiums for the average family cost $15,745 in 2012 -– an increase of $1,975 from the $13,770 they cost in 2010, the year President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. Employees pick up some, but not all, of that cost.

See more at:

Healthy consumers could see insurance rates double or even triple when they look for individual coverage under the federal health law later this year, while the premiums paid by sicker people are set to become more affordable.

Kerry refers to country of Palestine

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

John Kerry and many others in Washington are woefully ill-equipped for the jobs they fill. They only have them because their political views align with the establishment. It's the same thing in the mainstream media: they laud a parade of mediocrities solely because their views coincide with accepted opinion.

"Kerry refers to country of Palestine," from the Times of Israel, July 26:
US Secretary of State John Kerry caused a bit of a stir on Thursday at the United Nations when he apparently misspoke by referring to the country of Palestine. 
Speaking ahead of talks with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Kerry highlighted the “courageous decision” by Israeli and Palestinian leaders to resume peace negotiations.
“It’s my hope that that will be able to happen as procedures are put in place by both countries in order to empower that,” Kerry told reporters.
The reference to a country of Palestine was something that a State Department spokeswoman was later obliged to disavow, assuring reporters that US policy had not changed, according to AFP.
Last November, the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to upgrade the Palestinian delegation’s status to that of a nonmember observer state, thereby granting de facto recognition of Palestinian statehood. The US voted against the move at the UN, along with only a handful of other countries including Israel.
When asked later Thursday about his comments, Kerry reportedly asked, “Did I say that?”
The resumption of talks between Israelis and Palestinians was announced last week, though some Palestinian officials denied that the negotiations would proceed. Both an Israeli and Palestinian official indicated Thursday that the talks would commence in Washington, DC, next Tuesday.

Rules waived for 1,814 high-pay Obamacare bureaucrats

Hiring authorization granted day of passage for top-salary administrators

Bob Unruh / WND

On the day that Obamacare was adopted by a lame-duck Congress with support only from Democrats, federal officials worked to waive ordinary governmental personnel policies and give the Department of Health and Human Services permission to hire 1,814 top-salary bureaucrats to “expedite” the health care system takeover.

Many of those employees were hired at salaries of $100,000 a year and up, according to the new report from officials at Judicial Watch, a legal team that acts as a watchdog on government operations in Washington.
The group reported that it, working in conjunction with the Heritage Foundation, uncovered records held by the Obama administration revealing that even though there was a government-wide pay freeze in place, the normal hiring practices were abandoned so those top-salary officials could be hired.

The report from Judicial Watch said, “According to the documents, [Office of Personnel Management] Director John Berry gave HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Denise Wells extraordinary ‘direct-hire appointing authority’ (DHA) in order to bypass normal channels and, in Berry’s words, ‘hire quickly’ in order to execute the president’s directive with respect to implementing health care reform.’ In all, HHS was granted permission to utilize what Wells termed the DHA ‘valuable human capital recruitment tool’ to hire 1,814 GS 13-15 employees.”

Among those were 59 Social Science Analyst/Specialists at the GS-15 level, 350 Health Insurance Specialists at the GS-15 level, 55 Administrative and Program Specialists at the GS-15 level, 235 Program Analysts/Management Analysts at the GS-15 level, 40 Accountants at the GS 15 level, 90 Dental Officers at the GS 14 level, 291 Public Health Advisers/Analysts at the GS-14 level, 261 Consumer Safety Officers at the GS-13 level, 92 Grants Management Specialists at the GS-15 level and 291 Information Technology Specialists at the GS-15 level.

And 50 criminal investigators.

Pay scales ranged from $70,000 to $130,000, with at least 1,100 above the $100,000 level.

The questions were raised because HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had gone “hat in hand, to health industry officials, asking them to make large financial donations to help with the effort to implement President Obama’s landmark health-care law,” the report said.

The subject got the attention of Congress and drew questions from Sen. Lamar Alexander.

“Contrary to HHS’s claims that a shoestring budget to launch Obamacare has forced it to go begging for private monies, records published at show the agency has distributed more than $5 million grants and paid more than $15 million in contracts to implement [Obamacare],” the report said.

Interest in the issue was elevated, Judicial Watch explained, because “it would not represent Ms. Sebelius’s first ethical challenge during her tenure as an Obama administration official, having been found guilty in September 2012 of violating the Hatch Act in support of the president’s reelection campaign.”

Judicial Watch said the documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show that former White House staff member Anne Filipic, as president of Enroll America, a group “tasked with selling Obamacare,” also worked with key members of the U.S. House, which at the time of the vote was under the direct at that point of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to “exclude Republicans from congressional briefings.”

The report explains Filipic, a former deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and deputy director at HHS, worked with staff member of the House Ways and Means Committee Debra Curtis to organize Obamacare congressional briefings, explicitly excluding Republican House members and their staffs.

For example, in an email dated Feb. 11, 2013, Curtis told Filipic, “They [House Democrat leadership] want to do another one next week while Congress is in recess that would be open all House Democratic Staff [emphasis added] to start getting folks up to speed.”

The next day, Curtis told Filipic: “I would guess that this would be a well-attended event with upward of 100 people in attendance. We’ll check IDs to be sure we’ve got all Dems coming as well.”

The issues all are linked because of the fundraising scandal.

“On May 10, 2013, the Washington Post broke the story that in ‘an unusual fundraising push’ Sebelius was pressuring health care industry officials regulated by HHS to make donations to Enroll America. On May 14, Republican members of the Senate Finance Committee sent a letter to Sebelius saying, ‘Our initial reaction is that this appears at best to be an inherent conflict of interest and at worst a potentially illegal augmentation of appropriation.’”

The next month, dozens of GOP senators told Sebelius, “Article I of the Constitution gives Congress alone the power of the purse. Your agency requested additional money to implement the exchanges, and Congress denied that request. You cannot evade Congress’ constitutional power of the purse through gifts or donations to an entity that appears to be ‘just an arm of the administration,’ as one health industry official described Filipic’s Enroll America in The Hill.”

That issue remains under investigation by Congress.

“Even as the ill-conceived Obamacare law continues to crumble, we are learning more and more about its massive cost to the American people and the shady politics attendant to its passage and implementation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Our Freedom of Information Act investigation is ongoing, and these new documents raise more questions about the Sebelius shakedown operation to support Obamacare propaganda from Enroll America.”

Barack Obama is "pivoting" - again.  He wants us to stop worrying about all the "phony scandals" and pat him on the back for the fine job he's done leading the economic recovery for the last four-plus years.

It's a tough sell, largely because it has been a non-recovering recovery.  As we recently documented (click here), the numbers from his own Labor Department tell a story of failure: 2 million less working Americans today than pre-recession, the smallest percentage of the population with a job or even looking for work in more than a generation, economic growth just half of normal recoveries, etc., etc., etc.

Too many of the jobs that Obama wants to take credit for creating have been part-time jobs, low-wage, entry level jobs.  In criticizing the "jobless nature of the recovery," Mort Zuckerman – a once big supporter of Obama – says "there are jobs, and then there are jobs."

There's another number that is damning….during this supposed recovery, 15 million more Americans are relying on food stamps than before the recession.

Depending on whether you use the Presidential puff-master Jay Carney's 7.2 million jobs created number, or the President's chief economic adviser Alan Krueger's 5.3 million, that means for every one job of any kind added during this non-recovery, there were at least two – or nearly three – Americans that signed up for food stamps.

Some recovery!

We have a president who loves to give campaign speeches to adoring crowds, but who doesn't seem to have much interest in governing.

That was apparent Wednesday, when Barack Obama delivered the first of several promised "pivot to the economy" speeches at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., where he spoke eight years ago as a newly elected U.S. senator.

The hour-long speech started off with some characteristic self-referencing -- he didn't have gray hair then, he noted, or a motorcade -- and ended with a quotation from Galesburg native Carl Sandburg.

But in between there was not much in the way of serious public policy. Nothing much that seems likely to speed up the nation's sluggish economic growth or to increase the lowest-in-three-decades labor force participation.

Obama called for increasing the minimum wage. That always tests well in polls. But in real life it tends not to create but to destroy jobs, especially for young people with few skills and little work experience.

He also called for job retraining, a Community College to Career Initiative. Unfortunately, studies have shown for years that government job training programs aren't very effective.

In the meantime, the administration and congressional Democrats have been launching attacks on for-profit higher education firms, many of which do a better job of equipping young people for the job market.

Obama mentioned in passing his administration's efforts to connect 99 percent of students to high-speed Internet. But it's not a lack of connectivity that is holding the economy back.

The president said more about his proposal for universal pre-school education. But the administration's own studies have shown that the four-decades-old Head Start program produces little in the way of lasting educational gains.

This looks more like an expensive attempt to create more jobs for teacher union members -- and more union-dues money to help elect Democratic politicians -- than a serious attempt to stimulate the economy.

Amazingly, Obama called for more money to create jobs in wind and solar energy. No mention was made of the hundreds of millions in loan guarantees lavished on the now bankrupt Solyndra and A123 Systems.

To that list he added natural gas. But the boom in natural gas has occurred more despite, not because of administration policies.

More serious perhaps was his call for more investment in infrastructure, and for once Obama did not tout his ludicrously expensive plans for high-speed passenger rail -- a technology half a century old and liable to be rendered obsolete by self-driving cars.

But neither his administration nor Congress has been able to come up with financing to supplement the gasoline tax, which no longer provides sufficient revenue for road-building.

Obama noted that Atlantic ports are not prepared to handle the supertankers that will be coming through the widened Panama Canal in 2015. What has his administration been doing about that?

Infrastructure was not the only policy on which the president provided slogans rather than specifics.

He called for expansion of tax-free savings programs as part of tax reform. But has the administration made any serious effort to engage with the tax-writing committee chairmen on the subject?

Similarly, he decried high earners' "generous tax incentives to save" -- whatever those may be. But any hope of increasing revenues from high earners depends on a Democratic takeover of the House next year.

Obama called for giving every homeowner a chance to refinance their mortgages, something that many have done, although administration programs to do so have helped far fewer than predicted.

And, ominously, he added, "I'm also acting on my own to cut red tape for responsible families who want to get a mortgage, but the bank says no." But didn't granting mortgages to non-creditworthy borrowers trigger the collapse of the housing market?

Inevitably, Obama talked about the Affordable Care Act and predicted gamely that people will be able to "comparison shop in an online marketplace, just like you would for TVs or plane tickets," even as fellow Democrats are predicting a train wreck.

But Obamacare is, as recent polling suggests, an increasingly hard sell. Voters seem to have gotten the idea that it's causing businesses not to hire or to cut back workers' hours.

The problem Obama faces on this latest pivot to the economy is that most voters believe his policies have retarded rather than stimulated economic growth and job creation. This speech is not likely to change their minds.

Grassley Demands Answers on Huma Abedin's Role at State Department
By: Cathy Bur
ke / Newsmax

New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner isn't the only one facing serious questions about his past — wife Huma Abedin's consulting deals while working for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are also under scrutiny.

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley today promised to dig deeper into Abedin's tenure at State, where she also took on private consulting work, The Hill reported.

Abedin served as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff but became a "special government employee" in June 2012 after she gave birth to son Jordan. Weiner resigned as New York's Democratic congressman in 2011 amid his first sexting scandal.

"The State Department says the federal government uses Special Government Employees 'to provide services and expertise the executive agencies require,'" Grassley said. "The purpose of my inquiry is to shed light on whether the program is being used as intended, not just by Ms. Abedin, but more broadly, as well."

Abedin represented at least four clients — the State Department, Hillary Clinton, the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, and a firm co-founded by former president Bill Clinton's counselor Doug Band — between June 2012 and February 2013, Politico reported last May.

Grassley, the top Judiciary Committee Republican, compiled a three-page letter to Abedin and Secretary of State John Kerry, saying he was concerned her status "blurs the line between public- and private-sector employees, especially when employees receive full-time salaries for what appears to be part-time work," The New York Post reported last month.

Their response laid out her employment timeline at the department – but didn't satisfy Grassley, The Hill reported.

"Her services included advising and participating in planning for the Secretary's schedule and travel," the department response said. "Before starting her SGE [Special Government Employee] position, Ms. Abedin acknowledged that she had read Department ethics guidance for new entrant filers."

But Grassley said the State Department and Abedin "should be willing to show the documents involved in administering the program to demonstrate good stewardship of tax dollars and the public interest."

"So far, the State Department and Ms. Abedin haven’t provided a single document that I requested. Putting up a stone wall raises a lot more questions about how the program is being used than it answers," Grassley said.

"I intend to pursue more complete answers to my questions."


Obama and Holder...nothing phony about these two most vile of men                                               
By: Diane Sori

I'm mad...NO...I'm furious...NO...actually I'm seething just thinking about our miserable excuse of a president saying that the series of 'supposed' scandals that keep hounding his administration are phony.

'Phony scandals' done for political posturing he called them in Wednesday's economic address  in Galesburg, Ill.  The NSA scandal...the IRS scandal...the AP and FOX News reporter scandal... and let's NOT forget the infamous 'Fast & Furious' scandal...all are NOTHING but a joke to him...scandals 'supposedly' manufactured by Republicans just to throw a wrench into his agenda...into his presidency...into his legacy.

'Supposed' scandals...NOTHING 'supposed' about them and NONE of them are phony...NONE.

And while those scandals make me mad...infuriated in dare Barack HUSSEIN Obama call the four he left behind to be MURDERED in Benghazi a 'phony scandal', you...I dare NOT put in writing what I'm thinking...but I think my dear readers can easily figure it out for this man...this full of hateful of all things hateful of all things hateful of all things moral and decent...for this miserable excuse of a president and his equally miserable administration breeds NOTHING but corruption, divisiveness, and hate cleverly hidden behind subterfuge at all levels of government.

And following on the heels of this Obama audacity of a teleprompted statement, yesterday race-baiting, white-hating AG Eric Holder, in a dispute over new voting boundaries drawn-up by the Republican legislature in Texas, had the nerve to announce while speaking at the National Urban League conference in Philadelphia that the DOJ will ask a federal court to reinstate its authority over all Texas voting laws.  Claiming doing so will challenge state and local election laws he believes discriminate by race (he claims that Texas has a history of "pervasive voting-related discrimination against racial minorities"), Holder is actually ignoring a Supreme Court ruling that stated that while long ago this might have been true it NO longer is.

Also, by saying, "Based on the evidence of intentional racial discrimination that was presented last year in the redistricting case of Texas v. Holder...we believe that the state of Texas should be required to go through a preclearance process whenever it changes its voting laws and practices," Eric Holder has now put himself as an authority higher than that of the US Supreme Court.

Basically, in simple-speak this means that the DOJ is targeting Texas when it comes to voting rights by asking a federal court in San Antonio to require the state obtain advance approval before putting future political redistricting changes in place...approval given only if the redistricting meets his highness Eric Holder's approval of racial diversity.

Never mind that on June 25th, in a 5 to 4 decision the justices threw out a key part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act ruling that the Section 4 preclearance formula used to determine which states and localities were subject to extra federal scrutiny were outdated, there by freeing Texas from having to submit their voting laws to the DOJ before they could take effect.

Never mind this ruling because Holder has said he will use what’s left of the law to go after what he and the DOJ consider discriminatory practices...the SCOTUS be damned.

Never mind that with blacks making up only 13% of the American population it's physically impossible to racially equalize voting districts.
Never mind that even if Hispanics were added into the mix the numbers still do NOT add up to 50/50.

Never mind that when Holder said, "My colleagues and I are determined to use every tool at our disposal to stand against discrimination wherever it is found," what he means is only discrimination against black people because blacks are overwhelmingly blue voters..and this fabricated discrimination is all part of his buddy Barack HUSSEIN Obama's block-busting plan to turn Republican red districts and states a bright shade of Democratic blue for the 2014 midterms.

Never mind all this current race-baiting discrimination and manufactured voting rights nonsense that will be downplayed by the in-the-pocket-for-Obama liberal media for AG Eric Holder will most assuredly continue to fuel racial tensions in his goal of starting a race war because of his in-your-face-hatred of white people.
Never mind any of that for all that matters to Barack HUSSEIN Obama is that NO matter what he or Eric Holder says or what they do NOTHING can take 'We the People's' focused attention and demand for answers away from his 'supposed' scandal of all scandals...the anything but 'phony scandal' that Obama fears the most... the scandal called Benghazi. in can you say T.R.E.A.S.O.N...I can...'We the People' can...and he damn well knows it.