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To Aid and Comfort the Enemy x Two
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots/ Right Side Patriots Radio
The West thinks that they didn’t finish us off in 1990, when the Soviet Union started to collapse...they think they can destroy us again and divide Russia into many parts.”  
- Viktor Bout in his first post-trade interview

It's happened before and recently it happened again albeit with different players, as Obama's puppet-on-a-string Joe Biden took it upon himself to release to Russian authorities one of the world's most dangerous “bad guys” in order to have returned to America a grade-B sports figure who actually plead guilty to the very drug charges Russia accused her of. And Biden knew this trade was inherently wrong yet he did it anyway never mind that giving, “Aid and Comfort” to the enemy surely had to come to mind. But with his ability to now check off key “woke” in said sports figure being an America defaming, America hating, black gay woman...even those Democrats who criticized said trade do not understand the severity of what Biden allowed to take place.

But first, remember back to May 31, 2014 when Barack HUSSEIN Obama ignored advice from both the Pentagon and top intelligence officers regarding four of the “Taliban Five” commanders he was considering trading for American traitor Bowe Bergdahl. Saying they would likely return to the battlefield, Obama went ahead anyway and ordered the release of all five including convicted terrorist Khairullah Khairkhwa, a man known to have had close personal ties to Osama Bin Laden.

And upon his release Khairkwa not only returned to the jihad...but used Qatar...where he was sent a base of operations from which to form a “regime in exile”...a regime where he not only became both the mastermind behind the Taliban's takeover of Kabul, but part of the officially recognized Taliban delegation that negotiated the final terms of Biden's fiasco of a withdrawal from Afghanistan. Giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy truly had come full circle what with Biden now fully involved in what's called “human bartering.”

Now let's fast forward to December 9, 2022 when Biden formally secured the release of Brittney Griner, a WNBA basketball player now more famous for her knee-taking defamation and dishonoring of all things America than for her athletic prowess. Arrested at Russia's Sheremetyevo International Airport outside Moscow last February 17th on drug smuggling charges when trying to board a flight home to the U.S. after having played in Russia during the WNBA off season, the Biden administration negotiated her release in exchange for former Soviet military officer and translator Viktor known as the “Merchant of Death”...a top international arms dealer and trafficker who back in 2011 was convicted by the Department of Justice of conspiring to sell millions of dollars worth of weapons to FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia ), a U.S. designated foreign terrorist organization actually based in Colombia.  

In fact, Bout's downfall occurred when on March 6, 2008 during a covertly recorded conversation with supposed “confidential sources” meeting in Thailand, Bout clearly stated that he could arrange to airdrop 800 surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), 30,000 AK-47 firearms, 10 million rounds of ammunition, five tons of C-4 plastic explosives, ultralight airplanes outfitted with both grenade launchers and unmanned aerial vehicles, to FARC operatives in Columbia with the understanding that the weapons would be used to attack not only U.S. helicopters but American personnel in Colombia as well. Saying at trial that FARC’s fight against the United States was also his fight, Bout stated that he had been “fighting the United States…for 10 to 15 years,” and that he also offered to provide his “people” to train FARC fighters in the use of said weapons.
And with the aforementioned DOJ conviction on, but not limited to, “Conspiring to Kill Americans” and “Conspiring to Provide Material Support to Terrorists,” Bout himself became a designated terrorist and was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison, serving just 12 of those years. But thanks to Joe Biden, Viktor Bout is now free to travel the world on Putin's behalf and add more notches to his soon to be expanded belt of the deceased...American and Ukrainian deceased that is.

Yet those in the Biden administration continue to herald this prisoner exchange, with the excuse for said trade being that Bout is not currently listed as a “Specially Designated National”...aka a terrorist. And why is that...because Biden and his ilk considered Victor Bout to be just a run of the mill convicted criminal who was scheduled for release in a few years anyway, what with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken having removed FARC from the U.S. terrorist list back in 2021. No FARC being listed as a terrorist organization, in their minds, equated to Bout himself not being a terrorist no matter his previous convenient is that. 

And so another convicted terrorist has been set free by a Democrat president...actually to me by the same string pulling ex-president...this time not in exchange for an American traitor who once home at least saw military justice being dolled out...but for a useless America hating so-called athlete whose life Biden deemed more important to America than a former Marine still languishing in a Russian prison cell.

(Below is the video of Griner's release and exchange. Notice, as did many others, the sudden cut in the video where it's believed edited out was Griner's handshake with Viktor Bout,)

Paul Whelan...whose larceny conviction led to his being dishonorably discharged from the Marines, remained in his heart a Marine nevertheless after his having served two tours of duty in Iraq. However, at the time of his arrest Whelan was a civilian contractor working in Russia as a U.S. corporate security executive. Sentenced in 2018 to 16 years in a Russian prison...he's currently being housed in penal colony IK-17 eight hours away from Moscow...his arrest and conviction on espionage charges was based solely upon drummed up and unsubstantiated information. 

And why wasn't Whelan part of the exchange...I believe because he's now but a pawn being kept in check by Putin to be used as a bartering tool in a later trade for someone even more important to Putin and Russia than even Viktor Bout.

In fact, Biden told the American people that Vladimir Putin would only agree to release Griner and no one else, most especially Paul Whelan. So instead of walking away Biden allowed himself to be dictated to by Putin who saw no real value in Brittney Griner (who by the way now that she's home will rake in millions of dollars courtesy of her knowingly breaking Russian law) and that she alone would be let go while he secured the release of an arms dealer whose release Russia will benefit from for many years to come. And with Bout returning home to a heroes welcome, he surely will resume his old profession and serve Putin and Russia well as payback for his freedom. And Vladimir Putin garners the last laugh for he gambled on flexing muscle now by dealing with a weak American president instead of a stronger president come 2024...a gamble that for him and Mother Russia seems to have paid off well.

But what remains the final fallout from both of these most abominable of prisoner exchanges is that “giving Aid and Comfort” and a victory to the enemy is the constitutional definition of “treason.” And while Joe Biden probably has no clue what he has done...after all most times he has no clue where he even is...his puppet master Obama knows well that both his and Biden's said actions are in violation of the very Constitution he still considers to be both an “outdated and flawed” document. But no matter, for the Constitution clearly states in Article 3, Section 3 that, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort...” Simply,Aid and Comfort” refers to any help given by someone to our nation's enemy in such a way that said help amounts to treason.

Three simple words in regards to “treason” are paramount regarding exchanging five convicted terrorists for an American traitor and an admitted (in Russian court) drug smuggling grade-B athlete both of whom serve absolutely no tangible benefits to our country.

In Obama's case the actual releasing of the “Taliban Five” against the aforementioned advice of both Pentagon and top intelligence officers, directly and with malice obviously intended, allowed what were enemy combatants to again kill more Americans...Americans whose blood will forever stain Obama's if the blood of Benghazi wasn't enough. In other words, Obama not only “aided” avowed enemies of our nation in their ability to commit further acts of war (of jihad) against American troops...certainly a great “comfort” to them...but he knowingly did so in violation of federal law as well.

How so...simply by his failing to notify Congress at least 30 days before said trade was to take place. In fact, the Pentagon only told Congress about the trade on the very day the trade was made, therefore Congress did not have time to officially authorize the needed mandatory spending for the trade to take place. And Obama's actions also violated the Antideficiency Act...the law protecting Congress's power of the purse...thus leaving the Department of Defense to foot the $988,400 cost of Obama's, what I have always believed to be, a treasonous prisoner exchange.

And in the case of Victor Bout and Biden's allowing for his return to Russia, war of sorts...even in the broadest of sense...will most probably be levied against our country courtesy of Bout's chosen profession...a profession which has already helped fuel on and help man numerous wars around the world...along with Bout's previous words stated under oath that he has been “fighting (been at war with) the United States…for 10 to 15 years.” Now add in the fact that upon his return to Russia, Bout joined the Liberal Democratic Party(LDPR)... an ultranationalist, pro-Kremlin party known for its call to reassemble the former Soviet Union...and will likely aid Putin in restocking his dwindling weapons and ammo supply, leaving the definition of “Aid and Comfort”...comforting our enemy Putin that once again be met.

Simply, Vladimir Putin was able to both outmaneuver and checkmate Joe Biden...a man who was playing checkers instead of playing chess. And the biggest losers in both Obama's and Biden's prisoner exchanges was America herself and “We the People” as well for without strong leadership...leadership who plays by the Constitution's rules and who are called to task when not doing so..America will continue to be led by traitorous despots masquerading as presidents who willingly “Aid and Comfort” the enemy with America and Americans be damned. Case closed.

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