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President Trump Makes Historic Steps Into North Korea, New Press Secretary Stands Up for American Media
President Trump Makes Historic Steps Into North Korea, New Press Secretary Stands Up for American Media President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Sunday morning after putting out the invitation to do so on social media yesterday.
The two leaders met in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea when Kim invited President Trump to walk into North Korea. He accepted the invitation and became the first sitting U.S. president to do so.

Pennsylvania: US Senator Bob Casey and state reps organize events on “Islamophobia” with Hamas-linked CAIR
By Robert Spencer/ Jihad Watch


Pennsylvania: US Senator Bob Casey and state reps organize events on “Islamophobia” with Hamas-linked CAIR
Would Casey and the state representatives co-organized events with a Nazi group? What’s the difference? CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. CAIR officials have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related […]

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An Open Letter to Those in D.C. Regarding the Actions of Facebook
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm writing this on behalf of all my fellow conservatives who are losing their First Amendment right to free speech at the hands of both the Facebook censors and their now infamous algorithm which selectively “targets” those of us who dare speak out against the people and policies of the left. And I personally have been “targeted” 36 times within but the past few years...silenced into becoming a semi-permanent resident of the infamous Facebook jail.

And my personal story is not so different from others being “targeted” for silence by what is a privately owned company that's now being “publicly traded” on the New York Stock Exchange...a company not only in trouble for selling its users private information... remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal of just a few months back...but a company recently removed from the “Standard & Poor’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Index” after receiving a score of but 22 for “social responsibility” and only a 6 for “governance,” out of a possible 100 points, thus scoring “extremely poorly.” And with Facebook being the largest “tech firm” and the fourth-largest company in the S&P 500 (behind Microsoft, Apple and Amazon), this removal is more than mere egg on their face for it shows the world that Facebook not only lacks the fundamentals in regards to privacy protection, but fails in how effective it is regarding critical “risk management processes” as well as how it enforces said processes. 
And not to be overlooked is that now D.C. politicians have gotten involved in the Facebook fray but shamefully for celebrities alone. More on that in a bit.

My story starts a bit over eight years ago when I joined Facebook to talk politics with like-minded conservative folks. I joined at the time when the media was shoving down our throats the man they alone anointed as America's next president...a man whose “number” I had on the very day he sashayed onto the national scene when giving Billy-Boy Clinton's nominating speech at his second nominating convention. I was now heavily involved in national politics after leaving behind my years in local politics...which included running for a city commission I feared this man becoming president.

When I first joined Facebook there were no Community Standards that I knew of as it did seem to me through my Facebook perusing that we were free to discuss our own political views without censorship or so-called spying. However, I now know that truly was not the case as nothing I or anyone else posted back then or posts now, even if we delete it, was and still is ever deleted by Facebook.

Here I must note that during my eight years on Facebook I have became a professional blogger at The Patriot Factor, a co-host with my friend Craig Andresen of a conservative internet radio talk show called Right Side Patriots as well as having my op-eds being carried by some of the larger internet newspapers. And all this I do for love of get the conservative message do the “grunt work” as well as the investigative work needed to disseminate the truth the mainstream leftist media dare not tell us...and I did it then and gladly do it now without pay. Truth-telling was and is my 24/7-365 job...a job I take very eight+ years ago I saw my beloved America and my children's future heading in the wrong direction under what became the presidency of one Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

And so my Facebook posting days began and I gained a large following who liked my op-eds as I always had facts to back-up my writings...facts the media ignored. And around this same time islam was starting to make inroads into our quickly 9/11 became but a side note in history... what with Obama allowing the Muslim Brotherhood and other islamic groups to infiltrate our government, as well as sharia law starting its incursion into American jurisprudence. And so we bloggers jumped into action by not only writing the truth about both Obama and islam but by broadcasting that truth over the airwaves and on social media sites as well. And one venue I used to get the truth out...used solely because of its unmatchable reach...was Facebook but never did I think it would morph into an anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, islamic-condoning, conservative-hating, site.

And my personal Facebook nightmare began when I posted the prize winning photo of a dead American soldier being dragged through the dirty streets of Mogadishu...a photo showing his body being kicked and spat upon by the gathering crowd along with this comment, “This is what’s happening to our troops in the muslim world.” This was my first Facebook “jailing”...a 30-day sentence due to what the Facebook censors claimed was my posting pornography...pornography no matter this exact photo was printed in nearly every American major newspaper and on the internet... pornography because the dead soldier's clothes had been torn to sheds while he was being dragged, and that if one now looked at the image close enough they would see that a bit of our soldier's “privates” were showing. And that as per Facebook made me a pornographer...they actually labeled me that.

Did it matter to Facebook the atrocities committed upon our American soldier...did it matter to Facebook the savage actions of those gathering around his body...did it matter to Facebook the inhumane killing act itself? No...all that mattered to Facebook was that it you looked real close at the very bottom center of the photograph you'd see a bit of the soldier's “privates”...“privates” one might not even recognize as such due to the desecrated nature of his body.

My next 30-day “jailing” was for opposing sharia law, for saying female genital mutilation was wrong and for asking the question why weren't the women in the muslim world fighting back...for saying this was not an act of sane people for what woman in her right mind would allow this atrocity to be committed upon their daughters while at times even taking part in the act itself. For daring to post said question I again received a 30-day Facebook “jailing” with no specific reason as to why and with no chance to appeal.

And so it went throughout the years if I dared criticize islam or if I dared call Obama a "traitor" I did when he told the enemy our dates of departure from the theaters of war and when he “aided and abetted” the enemy with the Taliban “5-for-1” trade. And why I kept getting these 30-day “jailings” was puzzling as others were saying similar things using vulgarities, something I never did, yet they were still posting freely while I languished in “solitary confinement.” Finally I knew why...because I used the word “muzzie” instead of “muslim” in my posts and thus upset the sensibilities of those whose very actions do prove they're out to kill us all.

I tried to explain to Facebook that I used the word “muzzie” instead of “muslim” because the “double zz” that time...was not recognized by muslim computers overseas thus allowing my posts to remain up for users to see. And besides, at the time I used said word it was not part of their now known list of words not to be used on Facebook...words they alone deem insulting and derogatory “hate speech” towards muslims in general. And once I found this out I never used the word  “muzzie” again...but know this list of verboten words was only released a few short years ago.

So what does Facebook keep doing to me now because of a word I dared use BEFORE it was added to their no-no list...they keep digging through now publicly unseen years old posts of mine in order to throw me back into Facebook jail retroactively within mere hours of each time I'm “paroled.” And because I've not broken any of their rules since said word was added to said list, the Facebook censors have now locked their infamous algorithm onto me and onto posts I long ago deleted. And this is extremely critical...there obviously is no deleting anything on Facebook for once I realized it was the word “muzzie” getting me in trouble I went through my eight years on Facebook as best I could and removed every post, comment, and note containing said word, and with all the uses being BEFORE “muzzie” was not allowed. In other words, Facebook keeps ALL our posts, comments, and notes forever even if we delete them, and then lied to we users about doing so. Facebook is not the “Cloud” where basically things stay forever...we post to a private site where delete we were led to believe actually meant “it's gone.”

More lies from Facebook as my newest “jailing” is again for using the word “muzzie” in a comment made over seven years ago where I said, “BREAKING ON FOX...muzzies now acting up in Jerusalem...NOT a smart move as Israel will NOT tolerate this.” And the site, to my knowledge, that I posted it on no longer even exists on Facebook. And why is this grievous...because when handed this newest 30-day “jailing” just a few short days ago, Facebook had the audacity to tell me that while my comment did not go against their Community Standards on “hate speech” back then they're punishing me for it now because now it indeed does meet said standards. And so I continue to be punished for a word used BEFORE it became unacceptable as Facebook keeps resurrecting items I deleted or forgot about long ago...“selective enforcement” thy name is Diane Sori...if that's not a violation of my right to free speech...if that's not “Big Brother” in action...then I don't know what is.

And briefly but two other times I was thrown in Facebook jail included when I was an admin on a site that I didn’t even know someone had made me an admin of, with Facebook telling me that since I didn’t immediately take down a post that I as one of 15 admin knew well broke Community Standards, that again I was being jailed for 30-days, while the poster himself got only one week and the other admins got 48 hours.

But most grievous of all was my 30-day “jailing” of three years ago on the very day and time that I was burying my mother. Facebook notified me that within the hour I posted something that didn’t meet their Community Standards. I was never told what said post was or what standard I violated, and besides I wasn't even on Facebook that day or the days before because I was arranging a funeral and burying my mother. Days later I wrote Facebook a letter saying this wasn’t me posting as this couldn’t be as I was at my mothers funeral and had over 50 witnesses to just that. Did Facebook didn't even bother to answer me leaving me to rot in Facebook jail for something I didn't do.

Yet there are two bottom lines in my particular story, first, my “jailings” keep happening for a word used years BEFORE it wasn't allowed to be used and second, not only are some of my “jailings” being recycled numerous times, including sometimes in groups that no longer exist, but more importantly is the fact that when you think you've deleted something on Facebook it's not deleted but kept by Facebook to use against you if you happen to be a conservative truth-teller. “Big Brother” doesn't hold a candle to Facebook it seems.
Simply, in Facebook land nothing you post or comment on is ever deleted, a sure violation of its users privacy rights, proving that Facebook does keep records on all who use it, and that now includes on Messenger as well. And when one is thrown into Facebook jail they're now also being denied the use of Messenger no matter that one can’t really post anything from Messenger.

Now as for my earlier stated “more on that in a bit”...we know that the feds are looking into the privacy issues regarding Facebook, and we know that certain members of Congress have formed something of a committee to look into not only Facebook's privacy violations but also issues regarding its censorship of conservative voices. Here is where my story comes into play for while I've tried to contact a specific senator who is on said committee to ask for his help, I can't reach him or any of the others involved because I'm not a resident of their states nor am I a “celebrity,” I'm just one of the “grunt workers” helping to set our country right again not someone looking for fame or fortune who has come into the world of political discourse just a short time ago. I'm an everyday American citizen asking for our leaders help in reigning in a company doing conservative Americans wrong...a company that needs to be broken up with its monopoly being disassembled for Facebook is a company maliciously infringing upon conservatives right to free speech.

So I ask those of our leaders on the Facebook committee to please not just listen to me, but to please listen to all we conservatives who are continuously being censored by Facebook. Call us, talk to us, let us testify before Congress as to the truth about Facebook. And while we might not add to your resume of those celebrities you now get to call friends, we everyday Americans should actually be more important because we are the ones who sent you to D.C. in the first place. It's time for celebrity stars to dim as they only care about themselves and the monies lost by being off's time to let we “grunt workers” shine the light of truth on a company truly run amok.

Senators and Representatives, the ball is now in your you really want to know the truth about Facebook or just relish in your celebrity's additional 15 minutes of fame...we can help set the Facebook wrong right if only you'll let us help...the question is, will you?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                            Diane Sori                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Diane Sori at:
Author's Note: Photos of me in FB jail were done by Craig Andresen  
Copyright @ 2019 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

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