Friday, January 21, 2022

UN defines Holocaust denial in new resolution 
The UN has adopted a resolution aimed at combating Holocaust denial and is urging member states and social media firms to help fight anti-Semitism.

The resolution, put forward by Israel and Germany, was passed without a vote by the 193-member General Assembly.

The move sends “a strong… message against the denial or the distortion of these historical facts”, the UN said. Six million Jewish people died in the Holocaust – Nazi Germany’s campaign to eradicate Europe’s Jewish population.

On Thursday, the UN General Assembly said it “rejects and condemns without any reservation any denial of The Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or in part”.

“Ignoring historical facts increases the risk that they will be repeated,” Germany’s UN Ambassador Antje Leendertse said. The text commends nations that preserve sites that once served as Nazi death camps and concentration camps and urges member states to provide educational programmes on The Holocaust. Read more here.

What the TSA Told Illegal Aliens to Present for Air Travel Only Shows How Lost Biden Is on Immigration
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

What in the fresh hell is this? As if the secret night flights which carry illegal aliens across the country aren’t bad enough, this is what the TSA is telling them that would permit them to air travel. I’m guessing many if not all don’t have a valid form of identification to pass security. There needs to be something that verifies their identity. If they can’t obtain such identification, what will work? I know, silly question since illegal aliens should be deported but the Biden Administration isn’t going to do that. How about something like an arrest warrant? Would that work? Yes, that will do (via Daily Mail):

The Transportation Security Administration revealed that unlawful immigrants who are unable to obtain proper identification are being allowed to pass through security using an arrest warrant to prove their identity.

Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, had sent a letter to TSA after a whistleblower claimed the agency was allowing 'unknown migrants' to board commercial airlines in the U.S.


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