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Trump Chimes In On The Russia Witch Hunt Following Mueller's Testimony

Trump Chimes In On The Russia Witch Hunt Following Mueller's TestimonyPresident Donald Trump took a victory lap following Special Counsel Robert Mueller's hearings on Capitol Hill.
"So we had a very good day today," Trump told reporters. "There is no defense to this ridiculous hoax, this witch hunt that's been going on for a long time, pretty much from the time I came down the escalator with the First Lady."

Rashida and Ilhan’s Excellent Adventure
By Hugh Fitzgerald / Jihad Watch

Rashida and Ilhan’s Excellent Adventure
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has wisely decided to permit Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar to visit Israel. Now Israel must make the most of this trip, which the two Congresswomen plan to use to further their anti-Israel agenda. The Israelis should suggest, in the most respectful possible way, that while Rashida and Ilhan will […]

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Giuliani shreds de Blasio over videos of NYPD officers doused with water: ‘He’s a disgrace’

Bill de Blasio will be remembered for ruining the greatest city in the world. De Blasio is the anti-cop mayor.
Giuliani shreds de Blasio over videos of NYPD officers doused with water: ‘He’s a disgrace’
By Ron Blitzer, Fox News
Rudy Giuliani pointed the finger squarely at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after videos surfaced Monday of people attacking NYPD officers by dousing them with water, saying this “would never happen in a million years when I was mayor of New York City.”
Footage shows separate incidents of people in Harlem and Brooklyn using buckets to splash and dump water over uniformed officers, as the cops calmly walk away. De Blasio condemned the acts as “Completely unacceptable,” and said, “We won’t tolerate this kind of disrespect.” Still, former mayor Giuliani believes the 2020 presidential candidate is part of the problem.
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Hating America, Hating the Flag
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Hating both America and the American flag seems to be the “in thing” to do in today's heated political climate. And that hate seems to cross not only the racial barrier but the cultural, age, and political barrier as well, although Democrats far outnumber Republicans in that critical political area. And while a small subsection of white America truly does hate this country for not being so far to the right that she would actually shake hands with the left, as well as for (rightfully) deeming the federal government being way too involved in our day-to-day lives...illegals continue to feign love for this country as they wrap themselves in the flags of their home countries while relishing in all the “freebies and handouts” our hard earned taxpayer dollars affords them. And so called “celebrities”...most being washed up old has-beens...enjoy having the media spotlight again focusing on them as they see their hate of America turning into a money making operation whose profits benefit them and their self-grandiose egos alone.

But most importantly, a certain small faction of those comprising today's black America have deemed all symbols from flags to statues related to America's founding, her heritage, and her history as being racist in nature and have demanded that all such objects be removed from the public venue. And the Democrats were all too happy to oblige these folks in part of that endeavor...doing so for their votes of course...while at the same time considering their demand that they be paid monetary reparations for past events they themselves never witnessed, lived through nor experienced.

And so with a good number of statues relating to our nation's history having sadly already been if removing a statue removes the historical fact behind that statue from the annals of America's seems that now the brunt of that remaining hate is being directed at and focused on our nation's beloved flag...the very flag whose history tells the still unfolding story of America herself. And whether our flag is referred to as “Old Glory” or as the “Stars and Stripes,” that very piece of what should be sacred cloth has been literally dragged through the mud, trampled on, defecated on, and set on fire by all too many, and done so in the name of the hater's right to “free speech.” And those who commit such acts of disrespect could care less that America's flag represents unity, freedom, and patriotism...they could care less that said freedoms they so cavalierly enjoy were paid for in American blood.

So while our flag today is seen as an ongoing symbol of racism by some and blatant but unfounded sexism by others, the fact is that America as a nation is still the most freedom loving and freedom protecting nation on Earth, with our flag being not just an outward symbol of that freedom but also a symbol of pride in who we are as a nation...a nation that prides itself on being a safe haven in what is now truly an unsafe world. And while the bemoaning and destroying of such a symbol does bring pain to those of us who truly love this great country, a symbol per se is not now nor will it ever be what makes this or any country great.

What makes America great is the freedoms she affords us coupled with both the potential and the opportunity for individual achievement and greatness...and that comes in the guise of a fire that burns ever deep within the belly of all true American patriots...a fire that collectively unites us together and truly sets us apart from all other nations...all other nations both past and present. And it's that very fire in our belly that also means we will stand behind our flag and will call to task those who defame her.

Defame her indeed as some in today's black communities sadly do for they see the flag as the representative sum total of America's past...a past that continues to hover over the reality of America's present while at the same time being seen as a foreboding of a dismal future. And it's this very mindset that doesn't allow these folks to see not just how far we've come as a nation since slavery's days, where we are today, or where the future might take's these folks alone who relish in keeping alive America's darkest days...alive for their own personal monetary reparations gain. Still erroneously deeming the flag to be both a visual symbol of white America's acceptance of racism as well as being what they consider the embodiment of white supremacy, that same segment of today's black population also continues to mistakenly believe that America from its inception was a slave-driven and openly racist country while willfully ignoring the fact that at even at slavery's height only eight percent of the American population were slave in 92% were not.

It's well passed time that the issue of slavery in America be put to rest, only to live on within but the pages of our country's history alone, for slavery's days in America are long gone. But now we also see certain black folks “of name” needing to keep slavery alive for their own selfish purposes...purposes both political and otherwise...while ignoring the fact that the American flag itself represents who we are as a nation today. And in no way should the American flag itself ever be deemed a racist symbol nor should it be used as an object representing racism, especially when racism more times than not hides behind the fabric of politics. Our flag...the outward sign of how America presents our nation and “We the People” to the world...our flag represents us and white and all colors in between...Democrats and Republicans both...and to see it being used by some in a deliberate attempt to present the past as being the present proves that racism is still sadly alive today and that racism works both ways.

Take the recent incident involving former San Francisco 49er's quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a bi-racial man who self-identifies as black (as did Barack HUSSEIN Obama who like Kaepernick completely ignored his full white half)...the very man who refused to stand for the national anthem and honor our flag and sadly relishes in driving home the point that one's skin color...or one's perceived skin best used to bolster what the liberal media forces down our throats, in this case being the Democrat's initiated “collective white guilt trip.” And that in turn translates into yet another 15 minutes of fame and even monetary gain for the very one crying “racist.” 

And Colin Kaepernick's recent brouhaha with now being boycotted Nike...a brouhaha where he claimed that the Betsy Ross “13 stars in a circle” flag that was to appear on a line of Nike July 4th commemorative sneakers was inherently linked to our nation’s early history of slavery and but a lie for the fact is that slavery was just one part of our nation's early and overall history.

And whether Colin Kaepernick likes it or not...and know racists do come in all colors...there is more to America and what her flag represents than just its past slave trade...a trade which actually was a global “sold into slavery by their own tribal chiefs” money-making endeavor and no slavery did not define the politics nor the general popular consensus of the day...surely not when as previously stated only eight percent of Americans ever owned slaves and that includes even during Civil War times. And besides, with all those who gave their lives to set the slaves free that alone should see what's called a reparations bill being marked “paid in full.”

But why do I believe Colin Kaepernick himself a “racist?” In my opinion, it's simply because when one uses an accepted action from days long past...days that passed over a century and a half ago...and twists said past accepted action to instigate trouble today...twists it while at the same time using it for personal gain and then in turn rides that gain not only on the back of our country's beloved flag but also on an underlining desire for “payback”... “payback” for white NFL owners not rehiring you never mind your ever dismal quarterback are indeed a “racist.” Remember, only someone who is a “racist” themselves would deliberately and with malice intentionally stir the “hate owe me” pot by crying “racism” over the use of what was intended to be an honorable and respectful commemorative depiction of an American flag on a sneaker.

But the bottom line in all this is that no matter how some in this country view the American flag...whether it be with outward pride or even with contempt...there will always remain for us with that a fore mentioned fire in our belly an emotional tie to that very flag...a tie that actually embodies words of “thanks” for the ultimate price some have paid for the freedoms we all sometimes take for granted. And to the true racists amongst those who hang onto a past that no longer represents the present...and to those who don't think that America is the greatest nation on Earth...know that flag whether you like it or not...whether you honor it or not...that flag you so hate still represents you too.

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