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The Birth of Another Sanctuary State 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It would be a place where everybody could call with questions about their status...particularly if you’re undocumented...”
- New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

Recently California...the west coast's bastion of uber liberalism...officially became a sanctuary state much to the chagrin of the few conservatives still residing in the state. And now on the east coast we have New Jersey's newly sworn in Democrat governor, Phil Murphy, pledging to not only become a sanctuary state...or a “welcoming state” as he calls it...but to go even one step further than delusional Jerry Brown in to create a specific government agency...the Office of Immigrant Defense Protection...charged solely with protecting the rights of illegals residing in New Jersey.

So according to Gov. Murphy those in our country illegally via their criminal and prosecution worthy act of crossing our borders while knowingly breaking our laws...those criminals...and that includes the 50,000 or so New Jersey 'DREAMERS' who Murphy claims are “every bit as American as his four kids"..and those approximately half a million plus criminals now living illegally in the Garden State...will receive the same rights as legal American citizens. And those legal rights include in-state IDs, driver’s licenses, welfare, voting rights, and eligibility for college financial aid “not just in-state tuition,” and so much more.

And all this will not only increase the Garden State's Democrat voting rolls, but will see New Jersey soon physically becoming a cesspool...just like the cesspools these illegals came from...for if home wasn't a cesspool why bother to come here.

Capitalizing on the so-called 'sanctuary city movement'... a movement seeing some Democrat controlled states adopting an official policy of non-cooperation with federal immigration authorities...a policy that directly puts many American lives in danger...Murphy is, however, the first to call for a specific agency to be set-up...set-up, I believe, to help illegals...or what he in true liberal-speak calls “undocumented immigrants”...further break our laws. How so...Murphy claims this agency would be a way to “help immigrants navigate the federal immigration bureaucracy”... translation: help illegals bypass our current on-the-books immigration laws while at the same time adding their names to the above said Democrat voting rolls...thus turning former non-voters into voters Murphy knows will never bite the hand of the man or of the party giving them all their 'free stuff.'

Also pandering to the wants of snowflakes everywhere, what Murphy is doing is allowing his state to become a true progressive 'ground zero' if you will...a small bit of Bernie Sanders' dream of a socialistic utopia of sorts starting with the immediate legalization of “recreational” marijuana with his claiming it's one way to fight a “racial gap” in criminal sentencing; a mandated $15 minimum wage complete with “paid leave;” and placing a “heavy tax” on millionaires...the so-called 'enemy' of the common people. But shh...Murphy also plans on raising taxes across the board just like California and Minnesota did during the last recession instead of having to cut services...or so claim their Democrat governors...and he's doing it no matter that as per 2017 tax figures New Jersey already has not only the highest property taxes in the U.S.; the fourth highest income tax in the U.S.; and the third highest combined sales and income tax in the U.S.

So while New Jersey voters get screwed the rest of us will enjoy tax cuts and more monies in our pockets...and that screwing will be courtesy of a man who only cares about votes, power, and control...the Democrat's usual calling card.

We’re going to stand our ground on anything we find unacceptable, and unfortunately that list is long, whether it’s immigration policy, it’s offshore drilling, or it’s an awful tax plan...we’re not going to compromise on American values and our Constitution over here just to get a deal over here. That won’t happen,” said the man who is using the threat of New Jersey becoming a sanctuary state as leverage to get DACA said the man who does not hide his disdain for President Trump or his conservative said the man whose goal is to have both he and his state a thorn in our president's side.

Disdain and a thorn indeed as New Jersey voters rebelled against the so wanted yet anything but fiscal conservative policies of now former Republican Gov. Chris Christie...ranked the least liked governor in the country...remembering well his mismanagement of federal aid and funds given to New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. And by spending $20 million of his own money to buy...the June primary and then the November election...former ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy...the very man who vilely compared the rise of Donald Trump to the ascent of Adolf Hitler (see that video here: Murphy compares Trump to Hitler)...won by a 14-point landslide over his truly fiscal conservative Republican opponent Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno now making New Jersey just one of but eight states where Democrats (sadly) control every branch of government.

And Democrat controlled states and cities continue to rank at the very bottom in “economic performance and competitiveness” of all 50 states. Remember, Democrats like New Jersey's new Governor Phil Murphy believe that government should take the lead in reducing poverty and economic 'supposed' inequality no matter that states with Republican governors can point to both conservative policy accomplishments and fiscal health last year.

And some of those conservative policy accomplishments include adding new restrictions on abortion (as in the three-day waiting period that must precede an abortion), expanding gun rights, weakening both private and public sector labor unions (the 'right-to-work' bills and rolling back union rights), and expanding school voucher programs.

Now as to fiscal health, according to the fourth annual Ranking of the States by Fiscal Condition of the 25 most-fiscally solvent states, all but four are solidly Republican with Republican governors as opposed to the bottom 25 states where all but five are solidly Democratic, and with New Jersey ranking dead last at number 50. Also, the Bloomberg BNA did an analysis of a variety of indicators of fiscal health, including state general obligation bond and issuer ratings given by credit ratings agencies; the outlooks for those ratings being maintained; the levels of state budget reserves on hand; and levels of long-term liabilities like pensions, retiree health-care costs and debt, that clearly showed that states with Republican governors rank higher.

Dead last...and why...because while New Jersey had Republican Chris Christie as governor for the past eight years, unfortunately the New Jersey House and Legislature was solidly Democratic. So now just imagine how bad all those rankings will be with Democrats in total control of the state.

Now as for Gov. Murphy's stance on sanctuary cities and and having New Jersey become a sanctuary state...what with the cities of Asbury Park, Camden, East Orange, Jersey City, Linden, New Brunswick, Newark, North Bergen, Plainfield, Trenton, and Union City currently being New Jersey's sanctuary cities and with Union, Burlington, Ocean and Middlesex counties being named sanctuary "jurisdictions" as's important to know that many of the cities listed are not, to put it mildly, shining examples of middle class success stories what with their sky high unemployment rates, high crime rates, lower per-capita income rates, coupled with their relatively low home values, and dare I say areas looking a lot like slums.

And the cause...those New Jersey cities cited have relatively high minority populations, but more importantly they have relatively high illegal populations...illegal populations that cost the State of New Jersey two billion dollars per year...two billion dollars that should be going to New Jersey citizens but aren't.

We have been directed to primarily focus on people involved in public safety concerns, public safety crimes, criminal aliens, gang members, they are still our number one priority,” so said John Tsoukaris, Field Office Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations for ICE in Newark, New Jersey.

So even though the last year of Chris Christie's governorship saw deportations increasing 30% with immigration arrests up 20%...with last May alone seeing more than 200 illegals being arrested as part of a major crackdown on suspected gang members...and with many of those arrested having no criminal record...the fact remains that even if the person arrested does not have a felony or even a misdemeanor arrest record per se, and if ICE encounters said illegal during the course of their duties, they have a legal obligation to arrest ifs, ands, or buts.

And the fact is that law abiding citizens of New Jersey must understand that the ongoing rhetoric that those illegals who have not committed a crime do not need to be afraid because officers are focusing on those who have committed serious crimes or who have deportation orders against them is pure nonsense for illegals are criminals for their simple act of breaking our aforementioned immigration laws.

So what happens now with Gov. Murphy saying that not only will he turn New Jersey into a sanctuary state replete with a government agency to protect illegals...a sanctuary state that would then most likely lose federal funding...a sanctuary state that will aid in obstructing immigration enforcement by shielding illegals from ICE by refusing to or prohibiting agencies from complying with ICE detainers ...I'll tell you what happens...crime rates will continue to go up, law-abiding citizens will continue to be killed (remember Kate Steinle), and monies that should have gone to New Jersey's citizen's will now continue to go to feed, house, cloth, and educate those who have no business being here in the first place.

But worst of all is that the voters of New Jersey brought this upon themselves, after all they voted in an uber liberal, kumbaya, progressive sort who put illegals/criminals before the needs of law-abiding citizens of his state. And when those citizens see the ramifications of their actions...especially with the government having shut down over the issue of illegals... over DREAMERS...I have only one word to say...recall. 
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Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 23rd from 7 to 9pm on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss a pledge to make New Jersey a sanctuary state; releasing the FISA memo; and the government shutdown.

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NO Tax Cuts for the Naysayers
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

For those of you...Democrats and NeverTrumpers...who say President Trump accomplished nothing during his first year in office may I remind you of the TAX CUTS now being implemented. But since you say that he accomplished nothing than you are NOT entitled to said TAX CUTS. My opinion and I stand by it.
The face and words of a lying Democrat hypocrite...

Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Trump’s First YearIn the movie, The Post, Meryl Streep’s character shares a sobering thought, “Newspapers are the first draft of history.” Their mission is critical to our republic; newspapers are to serve the public, not those who govern. They have a responsibility to be truth tellers no matter who is in office, but it’s easier to report negative news about a president you do not support. In the movie, Nixon was in the crosshairs, but the Pentagon Papers focused on actions and lies by Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson before Nixon was president.

Is it the media’s responsibility to also cover the accomplishments of presidents they do not like? The Pew Research Center report, "17 Striking Findings From 2017," quantified Trump’s harsh media coverage. They analyzed the first 60 days of coverage in printed newspapers, Newsweek, and on network TV coverage.

Pew’s report stated, “About six-in-ten stories on Trump’s early days in office had a negative assessment, about three times more than in early coverage for Obama and roughly twice that of Bush and Clinton.” The media story found that Trump’s coverage was 62% negative and just 5% was “positive.” By comparison, Obama’s coverage in the first 60 days was 42 percent positive and only 20% negative.

President Trump certainly contributes to his negative coverage with his controversial tweets. When you add the Democratic party’s commitment to resist and reject any of his policy initiatives, it’s amazing how much he’s been able get done. Let me stress the positive by sharing my Top Ten Trump Positive Accomplishments from his first year in office:
Schumer in 2013: Democrats Would Never Be So Reckless as to Shut Down the Government Over, Say, Immigration
Schumer in 2013: Democrats Would Never Be So Reckless as to Shut Down the Government Over, Say, ImmigrationYou already knew that both parties are trading hypocritical barbs over the current 'Schumer Shutdown,' but this clip from the archives is really quite special and simply too delicious not to share immediately.  Back when Republicans pushed a flawed shutdown strategy over Obamacare in 2013, a certain Senator from New York pronounced himself aghast.  The GOP's disgraceful 'hostage taking' was nothing short of "governmental chaos," he said during an ABC News appearance.  His own party would never go to such radical extremes, even over an issue in which they were deeply emotionally invested, he assured viewers.  Guess which issue he picked to illustrate his holier-than-thou 'for instance'?  It's okay to laugh:

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Immigration from “fecalized environments”
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By Karin McQuillan, American Thinker, January 17, 2018: 
Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town.  Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health.  That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, “a fecalized environment.”
In plain English: s— is everywhere.  People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water.  He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water.  Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would be pushing the lie that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country.  Or would teach two generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.
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