Sunday, June 19, 2016

House Foreign Affairs Warns Treasury Dept Not to Believe Iran Is No Longer Financing TerrorThe Financial Action Task Force, an organization that sets international standards for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, is meeting next week to determine which nations will remain “high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions.”

Iran, one of the countries that holds this designation, is trying to convince the Task Force to take its name off the list.

Iran’s history of financing terror should absolutely raise red flags for the Treasury Department. Even our Department of State has admitted there’s “no doubt” Iran is still sending money to the likes of Hezbollah, Houthi rebels, as well as other terror groups in Syria.

Yet, Daniel L. Glaser, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for terror financing, was apparently sympathetic to Iran’s plea.
“Iran is on that list,” he said in May. “Iran has taken important steps that I think we should acknowledge and that they should get credit for in trying to come off of that list. They have recently enacted a terrorist financing law. They have recently engaged with FATF and are in discussions with FATF to try to come up with an action plan of steps that they need to take in order to fully comply with international standards, and I think that those discussions have been productive.”
Glaser is much too gullible, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce warns, telling Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew in a letter that Iran has no plans to stop funding terrorism.
“Terror finance in Iran is not the result of inadequate laws or lax enforcement. Support for terrorism is central to this radical regime’s dangerous foreign policy. As you know, Iran has been designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism since 1984. Your own department has labeled Iran as “primary money laundering concern” since 2011—a recognition that any financial transaction with an Iranian bank or entity risks supporting the regime’s ongoing illicit activity.”
In other words, keep Iran on the list.

Saudis funding 20% of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign
By Robert Spencer/ Jihad Watch


Saudis funding 20% of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign
The U.S. imam Warith Deen Mohammed said in 1999: “In Saudi Arabia it’s the Wahabi school of thought…and they say, ‘We’re gonna give you our money, then we want you to…prefer our school of thought.’ That’s in there whether they say it or not.

So there is a problem receiving gifts that seem to have […]
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Orlando Jihadi’s MOSQUE LIES about Omar Mateen’s attendance there

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

This is a pattern in the Muslim community. After every jihad attack, the mosque of the jihadi lies about their involvement, their attendance, etc. — every time. Why are they lying? Because they are complicit. And they know their running dogs in the media will never question them.

Members fear “retribution” at the Vero mosque attended by Orlando shooter. Their adherents slaughter and then they “fear retribution”? Why not fear and oppose the Islamic texts and teachings inspiring this “holy war”? This is not a one-off. This is a worldwide war.

After the attempted mass murder in Garland Texas, the mosque that the Garland jihadis regularly attended lied about their involvement and attendance at the...

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