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Why DeSantis 2024...Part One
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
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He's definitely smarter and better than both Trump and Biden.”                                                                                - John Stossel, Libertarian journalist, author, and commentator comparing Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump and Joe Biden

And while most will say that Stossel's words are not a far leap where Joe Biden is concerned, it does say a lot when comparing former President Donald J. Trump to the very man he now politically fears most, as in recently declared presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. And why are those words so biting...because a libertarian “of name” has favored a true conservative Republican over the man whose followers...the “Only Trumpers”...blindly worship while salivating over his each and every word.

And of late Trump's words spoken are not about future policy plans if elected nor about any key issues in general, for it seems the concerns of “We the People” have been relegated to second place as Trump now spends most of his time, and large sums of campaign monies, focusing on bad mouthing the very man he once called friend. And why...simply because Governor DeSantis had the audacity to run for the Republican nomination that Trump's ego assured was his alone for the taking.

Now before I go any further let me assure my readers that I truly believe Trump was a great president who I will once again vote I did in 2016 and 2020...if he garners the Republican nomination. Under President Trump our economy soared; our job numbers were great; our border was mostly kept in check; we were energy independent; and America was respected on the world stage. And while Trump was president American exceptionalism was something we all took pride in, but one must not forget that Trump did make a few key mistakes not in regards to his policies, but in regards to certain cabinet picks who have, to some degree, tainted his presidency...for me former National Security Advisors General H.R. McMaster and John Bolton immediately comes to mind.

And with the Democrats fixated on the man who denied their self-anointed demigod Hillary Clinton her time in office...hence Obama's third term in office...their constructing of lies, innuendos, and a maliciously manufactured dossier, coupled with Trump's personal scandals caused him, at times, to lose focus on the job at hand. And while most of the Democrats nonsense has been proven to be false...thank you John Durham...know that the Democrats will continue on in their quest to destroy President Trump whether he be elected in 2024 or not, for in their minds they owe it to both Obama and Hillary, and possibly George Soros too.

And know that the Democrats will indeed levy brand new accusations...fabricated lies replete with all “ducks in a row” ... against President Trump...which will taint not just the nomination process, but will continue on especially if Trump was to beat Biden. And while it is more likely that Joe Biden will beat Trump, courtesy of still ongoing voter “irregularities”...”fraud” if you will...the fact remains that the Republicans, for whatever reason, seem unable to fix said “irregularities”  before the 2024 election, which does serve the Democrats well for it's the “irregularities” that help keep the Democrats in power.

Simply, if Trump were to retake the White House he would remain sidetracked by what the Democrats throw at him...including more phony sexual dalliances that never happened... plus the fact, whether the “Only Trumpers” like it or not, that Trump would be entering office as a Republican “lame duck” president who could legally only serve one term in office. And this fact alone is not what our country needs for a one-term president rarely gets all he wants to accomplish done, especially if he does not see both Houses of Congress in Republican hands. And while in 2024 we might keep the House, the Senate is dubious at best what with the draw of Trump not really having helped most of his Senate endorsed candidates win in last year's mid-term election, which could well happen again in 2024.

Clearly, Trump does carry way too much “baggage”...both political and personal...heading into 2024, especially with upcoming charges soon to be levied against him not only by Georgia voting officials regarding his “possible” 2020 election result tampering, but also charges regarding his “supposed” misappropriating of classified documents upon leaving office. And don't forget the Democrats claim of Trump's calling for “insurrection” still being believed by way too many gullible folks, never mind that the release of the January 6th tapes does prove this to be quite contrary.

No, as good as Trump was as president, especially with his having to face on a daily basis “the enemies within,” the “political baggage” he still carries...including the latest allegations regarding his taped golf not something our country needs to deal with right now as we head into 2024. And while I truly believe said “baggage” was not and is not of Trump's doing, it's unwanted “baggage” nevertheless, with “baggage” now morphing into different modes of revenge...with one being his nasty and childish style of campaigning against any Republican who dares to seek the nomination...a complication blocking his road to revenge.

Sadly, Trump has put his ego and his overwhelming need for revenge before who and what is best for our country in these most dangerous of times. But here, once again, please note that if Trump does garner the Republican nomination I will vote for him as no Democrat running for president will ever get my vote.

Simply, I believe that the time has come for the next generation of leaders to take over for the problems we face here at home and the adversaries we face overseas would best be handled by those whose very future depends on what actions are taken now and by whom. And while the “Greatest Generation” and even some “Baby Boomers” have comprised some of our greatest leaders, their time and style of leadership must come to an end for wise men know that while with age (usually) comes wisdom, sometimes age itself tends to signal cognitive decline alone.

And while said decline is obvious in Joe Biden...I see certain words spoken and actions taken that I hoped never to see in President Trump. A “Baby Boomer” himself, Trump now focuses not on the problems we Americans face, but solely on stopping Ron DeSantis from garnering the nomination. Trump is fixated on DeSantis to such a degree that some Republicans and many independents are beginning to wonder if Trump himself is not showing signs of early cognitive decline. Ego is one thing, but acting as if the nomination is owed you to make up for 2020 is an entirely different matter. Wise men move on from defeat no matter how said defeat came about, something Trump refuses to do, and with ego being his driving force no option is off the table, not even the breaking of Reagan's “eleventh commandment” not to speak ill of one's fellow Republicans.

And with revenge driving ambition, common sense, logic, and doing what's right gets lost in a shuffle of emotions where one does not think clearly, and chooses wrong over right. Four more years with Trump as president...a “lame duck” one at that...could actually hurt our country to a greater degree then a re-elected Joe Biden would, for the odds would be against us retaking the White House come 2028 and for many years thereafter.

Why so...because those rumored to be on Trump's VP list are as divisive and mouthy as he is. What's needed, especially now, is a cool-headed leader who could win against Biden, keep the White House in Republican hands for eight years, and then another eight years with the right VP choice. We're talking 16 years...and possibly more...of responsible Republican leadership as opposed to four years of revenge seeking, scandal ridden Trump. And for me the only man who can set that ball rolling is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis especially if he were to pick Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Kristi Noem...or thinking outside the box as in Lt. Col. Allen his VP running mate.

And why DeSantis...because under DeSantis' leadership the “Free State of Florida”...the state where “wokeism” goes to die...the state where education is actually a top priority...where the economy is booming and where jobs are plentiful for those willing to work...says all one needs to know. Simply, DeSantis' style of leadership coupled with his military background...which I personally believe every president should exactly what our country needs especially right now.

And it started during the pandemic when Florida, under DeSantis' leadership, opened fairly quickly while President Trump continued to be played by Dr. Fauci into keeping our country locked down. In fact, Gov. DeSantis was one of the first in the nation to reopen his state's schools and businesses, while at the same banning now proven to be irrational mask mandates. And he also gave we Floridians the freedom to choose for ourselves whether we wanted to roll up our sleeves to get “jabbed” and “boosted” or not. My choice was no “jab” or “boosters” for me, and to this day I proudly remain Covid free.

In other words, Gov. DeSantis saw through Fauci's decidedly political agenda and acted accordingly by using common sense and logic, sadly President Trump did not.

Also, regarding education, Florida's public schools saw the Parental Rights in Education Actbecoming law... a law which had Gov. DeSantis rightfully banning not only the teaching of sex to young children, but saw no “Drag Queen Story Hours” being allowed in our Florida public schools nor classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity, which he rightfully deemed “inappropriate for the schools,” choosing instead to rightfully “leave that to parents to discuss.”

And thanks to Gov. DeSantis not only is the hateful guilt-ridden rhetoric known as “Critical Race Theory” no longer being taught in Florida's public schools, but DeSantis gave parents the all-important right to choose which school they want their children to attend. In fact, thanks to our governor's educational policies, Florida now leads the nation in school choice by offering parents $8,000 scholarships (if so needed) that they can use to send their children to the school of their choice.

But, to date, no word from Trump on his plans for much needed education reform...if he has any plans at all...for he's too busy slamming the record of the man whom he considers his biggest political rival with some of his biggest big money backers now supporting Gov. DeSantis instead.

And so Trump's ego has chosen to ignore, make light of, or simply lie about the fact that Ron DeSantis did indeed cut Florida state-government fluff spending to such a degree that it led to the largest budget surplus in Florida history...a surplus which greatly helped with DeSantis' hands-on recovery efforts after Hurricanes Ian and Nicole. Also, Trump outright lied that on DeSantis' “law and order” watch that Florida’s crime rate rose when the truth is that thanks to DeSantis said rate now stands at a 50-year low thanks to his putting laws and policies in place that prevented local governments from “defunding the police.”

But to me, two of the worst of Trump's anti-DeSantis rhetoric involves first, his publicly stating what I consider to be defamatory words that, “DeSantis is to blame for Disney becoming ‘woke’ and ‘disgusting.” Hypocrite thy name is Donald Trump for he spewed those words only after DeSantis officially entered the race, even knowing that DeSantis has been at odds with Disney for quite some time. So why those my opinion to garner support from the left side of the political isle for Trump knows well that Disney only went “woke” to appease and play up to their “woke” money backers and lenders.

And the second of Trump's anti-DeSantis rhetoric actually has me seething for Donald Trump actually had the audacity to say that, “even Cuomo’ did better than DeSantis on COVID-19.” So according to Trump, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the man whose Covid response will forever be linked to his infamous nursing home scandal, did a better job handling the pandemic than did Gov. DeSantis, the man who kept Florida open and free, and gave we residents the choice as to vax and booster up or not. And now Cuomo is singing Trump's praises, how sickening is that.


In the video below Gov. DeSantis counters Trump's lies about Florida's crime rate, Trump's bizarre comments about Andrew Cuomo and Covid, and more. And he does it minus the nasty, insulting, and childish name calling that has become Trump's trademark.

Donald Trump, the man who bought into Fauci's lies and rushed to market a vaccine...a vaccine that in some instances has proven to do way more harm than good...has with many recent statements proven that his ego driven need for revenge, especially against any who dare to challenge or contradict him, is an enemy more dangerous to him than Biden is to America. Just ask his former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who Trump recently called a “milktoast” (Trump's incorrect spelling) because she reported that he had a 25% not 34% lead over DeSantis in one particular poll, And Trump's response,“The RINOS & Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars.

Or so says the most ungrateful, hypocritical, ego driven, revenge seeking narcissist to ever run for the office of President of these United States.

Simply, the man Trump was in 2016 is not the same man he is today, and his MAGA slogan is in desperate need of an update to in “Make Trump Great Again”...after all Trump is America's only acceptable savior in his mind and the “Only Trumpers” minds alone. Case closed.

In Part Two of Why DeSantis 2024,” I will explain why Donald Trump cannot win against Biden even if the election is clean and no voter “irregularities” or “fraud” is committed.

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