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Charged in two terrorism cases was Isael Antonio Ortiz, 21, of Welch. He is accused of burning an Oklahoma County sheriff's van May 30 and attempting to burn a bail bonds business "along with a large crowd of other individuals."
Charged with him in the terrorism case over the burned van was Eric Christopher Ruffin, 26, of Oklahoma City. Police reported he encouraged the "wanton destruction" and recorded it on Facebook Live. He is quoted from the Facebook video as saying every single one of those that kill Black people need to die and "that's what happens when you got numbers outside."
The savage Left is busy tearing down statues and repudiating American history, and with it America itself. In response, lovers of freedom are deploring the destruction and denouncing the barbarians, but few are mounting a robust and informed response to their hatred of American history itself. Yet if there is anything that this orgy of destruction should have taught us, it is that we must know, and know familiarly, and cherish, the history of our republic. Doing this will go a long way toward saving our free society.

 The reason for this is clear: now is the time for all of us to study and become deeply familiar with American history, because if we do not know what made America great, we will not be able to make it great again.

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Statues, History, and Misplaced Anger
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent.....” - President Donald J. Trump, June 23, 2020

It's not really about the physical statues themselves but about what the statues represent...things like courage, bravery, heroism, and accomplishments just to name but a few. And most of all it's about history, in this case our nations history, and while history's visuals can unfortunately be removed seemingly at whim, our history itself cannot be for history is part of what composes the actual fabric of time, and time always moves forward...there's no going back in time.

And the concept and ramifications of time as it relates to America's history is the very thing that some cannot nor will not accept as reality, but reality is what it is. Our great nation has had its share of high and low moments, things we are proud of and things that shame have all other nations...but trying to change our past in hopes of affecting a better present that would lead into an even better future for some is but the stuff of fairy tales and fables, for change itself is a tangible concept relegated only to the present, and we'd all be better served if we understood that.

How so? As statues of our past keep being taken down... either voluntarily or through vulgar defacement and/or destruction...all that's being removed is but a visual reminder in stone or bronze of what was...what the statue represented is still there and will always remain so. In fact, with each statue now being tagged for removal... total capitulation of sorts courtesy of political cowards too scared not to appease the malcontents...what or whom was being honored has now actually gained in both prominence and importance. And while the malcontents think that with each statue removed a battle in their self-fabricated hatred of their own people's history has been won, the reality is that their history does forever remains unchanged.

And not only does that history remain...a history of slavery they say shames both America and the black race race no way does trying to change that history ever equate to equality for equality is not one-sided nor has it ever been. If one wants to be treated, respected, and honored on par with another as their equal, one must treat the other in the way they themselves wish to be treated. Kind of Biblical in nature now isn't it, for equality cannot be mandated by law, it truly must be cannot be said more directly and to the point than that. And for those malcontents who descended from slaves... malcontents comprising but a small, albeit a very vocal portion of today's black American population... the thing they are most angry and shamed the very thing they should be most proud of for their ancestors proudly rose above their bondage and went on with their lives only to see some of their offspring now putting them back into chains.

How so? Simply by the malcontents desperately trying to draw parallels to what's happening in today's America to what slavery was like 150+ years in they're trying to make what was once considered a worldwide accepted “societal institution” into but a modern day battleground version for what amounts to their garnering personal gain at the expense of innocent others. And sadly, it's this very thought process coupled with their truly hateful acts of revenge...revenge taken not only to weaken America from within but to defame the very freedoms America affords us what is helping to put their ancestors back in chains. Chains, of course not of the physical kind but chains nevertheless, no matter that their ancestors who lived as slaves never did call for revenge nor did they seek atonement or reparations from their taskmasters once becoming “free men.”  

It's only today's malcontents who never experienced or lived through the hardships of slavery who are trying to make white folks...white folks who never owned slaves...not only atone for sins not of their doing but actually wanting “whitey” to pay them monies truly not owed to them. Bribery in the guise of reparations given so that the malcontents will hopefully tone down their ever so “acting badly.”

But guess doesn't work that way...except for the white bleeding heart liberal politicians that is. And really, how does one put a price tag on hardships someone today never experienced in life? Is this tearing down of statues a misguided form of atonement that must now be accepted by white folks...or else? I think not for if we do continue to allow what is basically being dictated to us as being acceptable behavior that is anything but, then truly where does the tearing down of our nation's visual history end...where and when is the line in the sand drawn and then crossed? And what are the ramifications of let alone a solution to the escalating havoc now taking over key American cities? Or simply, will malcontents be left to do what they do until they and their misplaced cause naturally burns itself out?

These are all questions that need to be answered and thankfully, all said questions can be answered with but one in the seemingly mindless folks coupled with their ensuing rage that's masquerading as a protest movement must be stopped by any means possible for not to do so sees us betraying not only all our country's past but the patriots whose blood was shed in the name of freedom.

Simply, we modern day patriots do outnumber the malcontents, but it's our political leaders who are not only tying our hands behind our did a former president who not only tied our military's hands behind their backs so as not to hurt the sensibilities of the enemy but also to afford the enemy life instead of what should have rightfully been death...but today we also see the media painting law enforcement as the enemy while looters, arsonists, and anarchist in the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM)...are being both painted and heralded as heroes.

Sad isn't it...very sad indeed...which makes me wonder just where are America's militia groups...groups formed to aid our country in times of need...and if our country...if our police...ever needed aid it's now as more and more of our cities become the victim of predominately black mayhem. And if the malcontents can't have the cities...even with the (faux) racial injustice plea being the log they throw onto the pyre of racial hate...statues of American heroes, of battles and wars won and lost..are now the victims of sorts being used to channel the malcontents violent behavior...behavior no longer buried beneath the surface but on full display for all to see.

But in the malcontents minds the now ongoing fight and their destroying of statues remains not really about the statues per se, but is about what they alone deem can be included in America's history and what cannot. And now it seems that those holding America hostage...those who lack both the much needed logistics of common sense as well as an understanding of the rule of law...might have just crossed a line that even they cannot retreat from what with Jesus Christ himself now becoming both a victim and a target of the malcontents hate and contempt.

Your religion is your whiteness with a Christian patina,” or so said Shaun King, a BLM activist who pretends to be black or is he a light-skinned black trying to pass himself off as a white do-gooder...that's still open to question. However, it's not the color of his skin that matters, it's what comes out of his mouth that does. Adding that, “White Americans who bought, sold, traded, raped, and worked Africans to death, for hundreds of years in this country, simply could not have THIS man at the center of their faith,” was a misguided attempt to show that artists lightening the skin of the Son of God is central to the Christian faith and thus that Christianity itself is racist in nature. But what King and his misguided ilk forget is that any and all portrayals of Jesus, whether they be statues of stone, paintings in oil, or stained glass images adorning church facades, are just one person's visualizations of a man that no one alive today has ever fact no one has actually seen Jesus the man since around 30 AD...give or take a few years.

But facts seem not to matter to Shaun King for he is now demanding that “all the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been,” and are a representation of what is “racist American history,” No Mr. King, what is a true form of supremacy, I believe, is the black malcontents and the overly zealous militant sorts demanding that American history and religious history be either changed and/or erased and replaced with a black utopia where blacks are the taskmasters and white people are their slaves.

This mindset of hate...this what is now a race-based war...has to end for like I said in the beginning, history itself cannot be is what it will remain as it was destined to be...and destroying the visual representations of events and folks long past will not now or ever change what is as simple as that.

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