Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama panic: 'I will be outspent'

Democrats sound alarm: 'The Romney campaign raises more than we do'

By Jack Minor / WND 
Obama_cashPresident Obama’s campaign is pleading for funds, marking a sharp contrast to his fundraising during the 2008 election.

In an urgent appeal sent out to supporters Tuesday, Obama said in an e-mail, “I will be outspent.” He went on to say he was not referring to the so-called Super PACs, but the Romney campaign itself.

“The Romney campaign raises more than we do, and the math isn’t hard to understand: Through the primaries, we raised almost three-quarters of our money from donors giving less than $1,000, while Mitt Romney’s campaign raised more than three-quarters of its money from individuals giving $1,000 or more,” he said. “We can be outspent and still win – but we can’t be outspent 10 to 1 and still win.”

By contrast, the 2008 campaign rejected federal matching funds and shattered fundraising records raising nearly $750 million. John McCain was limited to a mere $84 million as a condition of his acceptance of the matching funds.

This time around, things appear to be vastly different, with the president having to resort to new and creative methods in an attempt to solicit much-needed cash.

Obama became the first sitting president to raffle off meetings with himself and Michelle for those who donate $3 or more to the campaign. The campaign has changed up the specifics of the raffle, and recently it even gave donors a chance to choose a celebrity to join them with the president if they won.

As WND reported, the campaign has even begun soliciting wedding, birthday and anniversary gifts.

The campaign started an “Obama event registry” asking people to forgo birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts and instead ask family and friends to give the money spent on presents to him instead.

“Got a birthday, anniversary, or wedding coming up?” the site asks. “Let your friends know how important this election is to you – register with Obama 2012, and ask for a donation in lieu of a gift.”

“It’s a great way to support the president on your big day,” it continues. “Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate – and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.”

The Democratic National Committee also appears to be having fundraising woes of its own. In May, the DNC raised $60 million, compared to $76.8 million by the RNC.

The AP reported that several Democratic strategists have expressed alarm over the lack of fundraising by the campaign and party.

Debbie Dingell, a DNC committee member and wife of Michigan Rep. John Dingell, said, “We’ve all got to get in the same boat and start paddling in the same direction, or we’re going to have some problems.”

The campaign has sent other signals that it having difficulties with its finances. Recently Obama made a campaign stop in Durham, N.H. However, the campaign refused to pay the town for the costs associated with the visit, expecting the town to pay its expenses.

Local officials said they had no problem paying for official presidential visits, but they felt Obama’s campaign should reimburse them for the estimated $20,000 to $30,000 in expenses for police and fire services.

Officials said the city simply didn’t have the money for the president’s campaign stop budgeted for the cost of the services.

Town Administrator Todd Selig said, “Community leaders have taken the position that the campaign, regardless of party affiliation, should absorb the added local public safety costs rather than local taxpayers.”

The campaign initially said it would pay for the cost of the stop, saying it was the responsibility of local governments to pick up the tab for security, traffic control and other expenses whenever the president made a campaign visit.

However, Ann Marie Habershaw, chief operating officer for Obama for America, wrote in a letter sent to Selig: “As a private organization, OFA does not participate in security or traffic control planning. All such decisions, including their impact on costs incurred by federal, state or local governments, are exclusively within the control of the appropriate government officials.”

Why Obamacare Ruling Is Good For Tea Party

Obamacare Slam Dunk Supreme Court SC Why Obamacare Ruling Is Good For Tea Party                                                                           The TEA party movement was born of the threat
Obamacare posed to us. It will send the enthusiasm on our side sky high. It will do very little to excite the Left – hey, they won, didn’t they?

The Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling has placed the weight of pulling America’s wagon on middle class people. In the short run, Democrats will be delirious, and their cheerleaders in the media will be insufferable – in the short run. They will all act as if they have forgotten what happened in the elections of 2010 – but we will remind them in November.

In 2010, when Obamacare was originally passed with no Senate votes from Republicans, it became the driving force that propelled millions of Americas to stand and fight. We converged on Washington from all over the country demanding that something be done  “to fix this.” When it became clear that the way to “fix it” was to vote out the Democrats and vote in a conservative majority in the House and Senate, we rolled up our sleeves and, with rarely seen levels of enthusiasm, marched to the polls. That was BEFORE Obamacare was poured into concrete by Justice Roberts. That was before the absolute urgency of voting out every Democrat in the House and the Senate was staring us in the face.

This will do very little to energize the Left – Democrats will SAY we must elect Democrats to preserve what we have, but saving something that IS won’t fire up voters like changing something that has BECOME.After a few weeks when the decision has been fully understood, the power of America’s TEA party movement will emerge. There will be rallies, and the spirit of 2010 will fill the air.  Those who would say “The TEA party movement is dead” will do so at their own political peril.

This decision keeps the assaults on religious freedoms in place.  Now, which side will THAT fire up?
ObamaCare...a rip roaring tax increase on the middle class
By: Diane Sori

America as we know her died today, 06-28-12, as Chief Justice John Roberts sells out to the left.  Of all the justices to do so, this caught us all totally by surprise.

The individual mandate, the heart of the bill, was ruled unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause or Necessary and Proper Clause but was allowed to survive under the power to tax clause.  Yet another tax where the burden will fall on working Americans and Roberts could have stopped this but he didn’t.

Because of him, ObamaCare now becomes the largest tax increase in our nation’s history.  It also means that while you don’t legally have to buy health insurance, if you don’t, the IRS can come after you for not paying a portion of your taxes.

We’re screwed either way...our taxes go up if we buy health insurance and if we don’t we’re guilty of not paying our taxes.

Thanks, Roberts.  And thanks, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, for lying to us yet again with your claim from day one that this was NOT a tax.  Guess what...IT IS!!!

There is however, another way to look at this ruling, and that is that this is actually a good thing for Mitt Romney as public sentiment against a tax increase of any kind (and this is one hell of a major tax increase) will propel people, very angry people, to the polls in it very well might do once the dust settles.

Romney just made a statement saying that he disagrees with the decision and agrees with our dissent and will act to repeal ObamaCare on his first day in office.  He said he knows that while ObamaCare apparently does not violate the Constitution he knows that does not make it good policy or law.  

And here are some numbers he stated that will shock you.  This ruling has now added a 500 billion dollar tax burden on ‘We the People’ which will be handed down to future generations.  This ruling adds trillions to our deficit and national l debt.  This ruling will cause 20 million Americans to lose insurance that they currently have and are happy with. 

Oh what a happy day...NOT!

As Romney stated, this ruling now puts the government between you and your doctor.  And he is right as the government will now be able to decide who gets what treatment and who is worthy of treatment and who is not.

Besides screwing ‘We the People’ this ruling had immediate economic repercussions.  As soon as the ruling was handed down, stocks started dropping.  The Dow Jones industrial average, which was down about 100 points before the court ruled, fell further and was down 160 points within just a few minutes of the ruling came down, and Health care stocks were down even more as doctors and the medical industry got screwed as bad as the rest of us did.

As politicians start chiming in let’s remember what House Speaker John Boehner said on Wednesday...if the law remains intact, the House will work to repeal the entire law.

“We’ve made it pretty clear and I’ll make it clear one more time: If the court does not strike down the entire law, the House will move to repeal what’s left of it,” Boehner said.

‘We the People’ must hold him to those words even as he just announced that the House will start proceedings on this in July.

Senator Marco Rubio, hopefully Romney’s VP pick, said the Supreme Court's decision on ObamaCare just means the law is constitutional, not that it is a good idea.

“What’s important to remember is that what the Court rules on is whether something is constitutional or not, not whether it’s a good idea,” Rubio said. “And while the Court has said that the law is constitutional, it remains a bad idea for our economy, and I hope that in the fall we will have a majority here that will not just repeal this law, but replace it with real solutions that will insure more people and cost a lot less money.”

Not a good idea is putting it mildly. 

Now as the dust starts to settle and we wait to see what Congress and the individual states do (remember there are still lawsuits pending on a state level against this), I’ll tell you this, if this abomination of a ruling doesn’t unite us together as a cohesive voting force I don’t know what will.
ObamaCare...the twelfth hour countdown begins
By: Diane Sori

OK guys, let’s all be honest here and admit that there was never any question that the BIG decision on ObamaCare would be released today, the last day of the Supreme Court’s 2011 term.  After all, no matter which way the Court rules they know they need to get out of town fast and not look back, because never mind which side prevails, some will not be happy campers.

Remember back when this all started... “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” said Senate wannabe queen Nancy Pelosi.

Unfortunately, the bill passed but thankfully it got challenged, leaving it up to the Supreme Court to decide if ObamaCare is Constitutional and stays put, or if it violates our rule of law and gets ditched.  And today is that day.

And the options are...drum roll please...if this monstrosity gets thrown out in full, as I hope it will, the Supreme Court would have rendered dead and buried what amounts to a federal entitlement program having an astronomical cost that ‘We the People’ can ill afford.

If the Justices invalidate only the hot button issue of the individual mandate, the part that forces us to purchase something we don’t want and can’t afford, at least then ‘We the People’ would be under no obligation to carry medical insurance if we don’t want to, thus leaving what remains of ObamaCare lacking any strength for enforcement or funding.  

But even if striking down the mandate only is the ruling, it still forces insurers to remain bound by the law to accept applicants no matter what their medical condition, would still limit what insurers could charge their oldest and sickest customers, and would still allow millions of uninsured individuals to get coverage through Medicaid’s expansion, all the while allowing 15 million or so middle-class Americans to become eligible for federal subsidies to purchase insurance, although premiums would most likely go up.

Still, even with this the winner would be ‘We the People’ as the choice to get medical insurance or not would be ours NOT the governments.  And that’s the crux of this whole situation...can the government force us to purchase something we do NOT want and/or cannot afford for fear face of facing a ‘penalty’ if we don’t.

The last time I checked freedom of choice was still something ‘We the People’ had, and I hope after today that it stays that way.

However, if the Supreme Court Justices rule that ObamaCare is indeed Constitutional and allows it to stay as is, most Americans will NOT be happy, NOT happy at all, as poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Americans do NOT want the government telling them what they must purchase or else.

So, as we sit or as we pace the floor while counting down the remaining few hours until we know the outcome, one final question will the decision come down...will it be along ideological and party lines or will a few Justices have the courage to cross party lines and do the right thing.  

Come on guys, we know the answer to that one, but if the decision indeed does come down along party lines, who cares, because at least ‘We the People’ will be the winners and Barack Hussein Obama will be the loser.

And I, for one, can happily live with that.

Federal judge refuses to block Florida voter purging
Rebecca DiLeonardo / Jurist

Photo source or description
[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida [official website] on Wednesday denied a request by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) [official website] to issue a temporary injunction barring Florida from continuing the practice of purging its voter rolls. The DOJ alleges that Florida's policy violates the Voting Rights Act (VRA) [text] as well as the National Voter Registration Act [text], which requires all voter roll maintenance to cease 90 days before the primary election, meaning all purging in Florida should have stopped by May 16.
In his decision, Judge Robert Hinkle said that the law was put in place to prevent the removal of lawful voters, and that it does not bar the state of Florida from removing individuals who do not have a right to vote in the US. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida (ACLU-FL) [advocacy website] has previously alleged that the purging of voter rolls discriminates against racial minorities, and that in practice, citizens are frequently forced to re-verify their citizenship or lose their right to vote.
Florida Governor Rick Scott [official website] praised the decision [press release], saying that halting the purging process would result in "irreparable harm." 

Florida also faces challenges to its purging policy from the ACLU-FL and a coalition of rights groups [JURIST reports] on behalf of several Florida citizens. The purging of voter rolls in Florida has created a national controversy in recent weeks. Earlier this month, amidst calls to end its purging practices, Florida filed suit [JURIST report] seeking access to a federal database that will help it verify the citizenship of registered voters. Earlier in June, a spokesperson for Scott said that the state would continue to search for ineligible voters [Huffington Post report], even after receiving a letter from the DOJ ordering them to stop the practice [JURIST report].

Also this month, federal judge blocked [JURIST report] part of Florida's new election law that required any group that conducts a voter registration drive to turn in registration forms within 48 hours of collecting them or else face a $1,000 per day fine. Last October, the state submitted a request [JURIST report] to a federal court challenging the VRA.