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For those of you who were listening to the debut of the Right Side Patriots radio show on CPR Worldwide Media this afternoon, you may well think there was a melt-down/failure at the top of the second hour. However, we at CPR define it as a success.

Here’s what happened. Right after a segment where Diane and Craig went off on islam, with Diane being spot on in her assessment that we are indeed at war with islam, and with Craig via his customary sarcasm suggesting having sanitation workers checking the 'burqa-bags' at the airport, the technical difficulties started until the cyber signal was lost altogether. 

Here’s what happened. Right after a segment where Diane and Craig went off on islam, with Diane being spot on in her assessment that we are indeed at war with islam, and with Craig via his customary sarcasm suggesting having sanitation workers checking the 'burqa-bags' at the airport, the technical difficulties started until the cyber signal was lost altogether.

CPR Worldwide Media has been continuously monitored for quite some time now by different islamic groups originating out of Europe and the UK. In fact, last week the CPR broadcast coming from London was hacked into while on the air, and taken down by an islamic center located in Germany. And now, immediately after they started talking about islam and what they called the burqa 'garbage bags’ they also started experiencing technical difficulties that got worse with each passing minute.

Over these past hours CPR has been running traces and such, and it has been confirmed by the server technicians at CPR, as well as CPR CEO Michael Collins-Windsor, that their show was also hacked into and that the route trace went back to the Islamic Center of England located in London.

However, what those who hacked into the server didn’t know was that their show was also being recorded on an entirely different server for rebroadcast. As a result, the Right Side Patriots debut show from Wednesday, February 26th…without interruption...will be rebroadcast in its entirety as soon as possible throughout the upcoming week.

This is what happens when the TRUTH is what will Right Side Patriots do about this attack on them...they will come back next week with enhanced cyber security to once again speak the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING but the truth on the CPR Worldwide Media Network.

We here at CPR hope you will tune in and listen to the debut show of Right Side Patriots as soon as we announce its rebroadcasting times here at

This is one show you do NOT want to miss.
“Absolutely dangerous” and “just devastating” were the words used by former Vice President Dick Cheney to describe the Obama administration’s plans to to make drastic defense cuts that would shrink the U.S. Army to pre-World War II levels.

“I have not been a strong supporter of Barack Obama. But this really is over the top. It does enormous long-term damage to our military,” Cheney said Monday on Fox News. ”They act as though it is like highway spending and you can turn it on and off. The fact of the matter is he is having a huge impact on the ability of future presidents to deal with future crises that are bound to arise.”
The Army had already been preparing to shrink to 490,000 active-duty members from a wartime peak of 570,000. Hagel is proposing to cut it further to between 440,000 and 450,000. 
"We are repositioning to focus on the strategic challenges and opportunities that will define our future: new technologies, new centers of power, and a world that is growing more volatile, more unpredictable, and in some instances more threatening to the United States," Hagel said at a press conference at the Pentagon.
He defended the proposed reductions in troop strength, as a trade-off for building up "technological superiority" and priorities like Special Operations Forces and "cyber resources."
Cheney went on to say he believes the cuts reflect President Obama’s beliefs and priorities.

“They peddle this line that now we’re going to pivot to Asia, but they’ve never justified it,” he said.

 “And I think the whole thing is not driven by any change in world circumstances, it is driven by budget considerations. He would much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would on a strong military or support for our troops.”
There’s a damning number regarding our economy that Obama doesn’t want to talk about. It’s a number, but for him, would be lower. And, lower, in this case would be a good thing for the economy.

“Although estimates vary,” says Joel Kurtzman, a senior fellow at the Milliken Institute, “American companies have between $4 and $5 trillion in liquid assets, a sum greater than the size of the German economy.”

How is it that companies can now have more cash than anytime in history, while unemployment remains so high, inflation in many goods so low, and national income grows so anemically?

If all that was needed to bring us a juggernaut economy was more money, we’d be in boom times boys.

But alas, while more money is the Democrat recipe for success in everything-- and generally good in the corporate sense-- in this case it’s a telltale sign that something is wrong with policies coming out of Washington.

Because those high cash balance sheets are telling us a few things.

They are telling us that hiring isn’t an investment that companies want to make right now: Too much risk and too little reward they fear to bring people on the payrolls.

They are saying that companies would rather keep cash on the balance sheet than make investments in new plants and equipment and even sales.

Again, this is a matter of balancing against risk and reward.

Many corporate types are more concerned that they have enough cash for the next downturn, versus concern with putting liquid assets to use to generate return on investment the old fashioned way, by growing their base business.

Instead companies have been doing things like buying back their own stock and passing out dividends to shareholders, which the site ZeroHedge calls balance sheet arbitrage.

ZeroHedge observed last year: “Curious why there is a sense that [there] is no real corporate growth in the US? Because companies are simply not investing in growth, and are instead all engaging in cheap balance sheet arbitrage, which makes corporate equities appear richer. The problem is that the debt remains, and once rates finally do go up...”

But this year, thing won’t be so easy says ZH.

The site says that in 2013 stock buybacks in the S&P 500 equaled about half the money that the Fed injected via quantitative easing. But now that easing is tapering, companies won’t be able to manipulate earnings upward by taking stock off the street.

Fewer shares means higher earnings per share. It looks good at earnings season, but it’s not the best way to use capital.

A better way would be for companies to buy other companies.

“The cash accumulation among five giant tech stock,” says YCharts, “Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL) and Cisco (CSCO) – continues, with their combined positions now totaling about $400 billion.”

But despite Wall Street continuing to pitch tech giants about the advisability of putting that cash to use in merger and acquisition activity, mergers are sluggish.

“By number of deals, year-to-date M&A is down 8% compared to 2012 levels,” says Thompson Reutersnof 2013, “and is the slowest year-to-date period for deal making, by number of deals, since 2005.”

In 2014 so far there have been some high profile deals: Comcast has proposed a merger with Time Warner, which faces significant regulatory hurdles; Facebook has purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion by over paying for a company that has 450 million subscribers, yet only $20 million in revenue for 2013.

Both deals cry desperation in looking for ways to put capital to work.

But even M&A activity is not the best way to put capital to work.

Or at least M&A activity is not a sign of robust economic health.

“The anticipated M&A boom could begin,” writes Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management. “Favorable signals include recession-like nominal GDP, vast cash reserves on corporate balance sheets and a growing activist investor base.”

Agitated investors, overblown cash balances and sluggish GDP growth are not signs that a recovery is under way.

In fact, they are each signs that perhaps the best of the so-called recovery is over.

The best way to put capital to work is by hiring, we can all agree.

But until the politics changes in Washington, D.C. that’s not going to happen.

And we won't get another recovery until 2017.

Southern Poverty Law Center drops Nation of Islam from list of “hate groups”

/ Jihad Watch Director
SPLC-True-Hate-GroupThe SPLC lists Jihad Watch, of which I am the director, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, of which I am vice president, and its Stop Islamization of America project as hate groups, and these classifications, unsurprisingly, have become a staple of every report from lazy Leftist journalists.

None of them ever pause, and probably none of them ever wish to pause, to consider the question quis custodiet ipso custodes? — Who watches the watchmen? Why is fighting for the freedom of speech and the equality of rights of all people now classified as “hate”? An uncritical, uninformed public takes for granted that the SPLC is some kind of neutral observer, when actually it is a far-Left attack outfit, using its “hate group” classifications to stigmatize and demonize foes of its political agenda. But it classifies no Islamic jihad groups as “hate groups,” and has now dropped the racist, violent and paranoid Nation of Islam from its hate group list.

The cynicism and irresponsibility of this is obvious. Not that any mainstream media reporter will deign to report on it.

“Number of Ohio hate groups drops in 2013, report says,” by JoAnne Viviano for The Columbus Dispatch, February 25:
The number of hate groups in Ohio fell by about 17 percent in 2013, according to data released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
The center counted 30 such groups in the state in 2013, compared with 36 in 2012.
Nationwide, the center says, the number of identified hate groups dropped by about 7 percent, from 1,007 to 939, the fewest number since 2009. Numbers had increased each year from 1999 to 2011, climbing from 457 to 1,018.
The report, titled “The Year in Hate & Extremism,” cited these factors for the decline: the co-opting of issues by mainstream politicians, an improving economy, law-enforcement crackdowns, same-sex marriage advancements, implementation of national health-care changes, Obama’s re-election, and little action on firearms and immigration laws.
“Those factors, along with the collapse or near-collapse of several major groups for a variety of reasons, seem to have taken some of the wind out of the sails of the radical right, leaving the movement both weaker and somewhat smaller,” says the report, which appears in the spring 2014 edition of the center’s Intelligence Report.
“But that has not dampened the violence and terrorism coming out of the movement.”
Remember when you read that about “violence and terrorism” that the SPLC lists no Islamic groups as “hate groups.”
The center said two hate groups are in central Ohio: ISD Records of Lancaster, in Fairfield County, is categorized as a racist-music group, and the Columbus-based Mission: America is categorized as anti-gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender.
On its website, Mission: America addresses the center’s claims against it on a “to our critics” page. It refers to its hate-group label as a “deliberate and puzzling smear campaign” and asks readers to “please take every accusation with a great deal of skepticism.”
“Mission: America is not a hate group, as claimed by the far-left SPLC,” the statement says. “In fact, based on how the SPLC has begun listing respected Christian conservative groups as if they could be compared with the likes of the Ku Klux Klan, it seems that the SPLC would qualify for this label itself by using such underhanded and invalid tactics.
The statement goes on to say that the organization is not racist and that “we … don’t ‘hate’ homosexuals. We simply object to homosexuality, the behavior, which is unnecessary.”…
No longer identified as hate groups are a Columbus-based Nation of Islam group, classified as “black separatist,” and a Chillicothe-based Crusaders for Yahweh, termed an “identity” group….

Right Side Patriots CPR Debut
By: Diane Sori

Today, Wednesday, February 26th at 2pm EST, Craig Andresen of The National Patriot and Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor begin their new radio show...RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS... which debuts on the CPR Worldwide Media Network. 

Here is the direct link to access the show

And if you'd like to chat with us while the show is in progress here is the link to do so

If you plan on chatting with us please go BEFORE tomorrow to
and join this group, you only need to do it the one time. Do NOT assume what you see now will be what you see tomorrow because once we are live our logo will appear and you chat below the logo.

Everything else will fall into place once we go live and remember our first guest for our debut show is Wild Bill for America and we have many other guests 'of name' coming on over the course of the show.