Monday, June 15, 2020

Insurrection Thy Name Is CHAZ
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

I'm going to start by saying that if President Donald J. Trump...whom I support 100%...does not immediately do something to stop the ongoing insurrection destroying our country today not only will he lose in November but America will become "Amerika" wrapped in Kente cloth, as the militant black minority embedded within America's minority 13.4% black population along with their big monied liberal white enablers, might well be the powder keg that sets off part two of the American Civil War.

And part two might not end well like it did over a century and a half ago, I cannot say it any more direct than that, for these black militants and their white liberal enablers are most deliberately and maliciously reigniting racism and hate...reigniting the old hatreds we thought that we, as a nation, had moved far away from. And the match that ignited this current powder keg was the killing of one black thug...a thug with a lengthy criminal one rouge white cop who placed his knee upon the thug's neck. And it has all gone downhill from there with the thug becoming a media anointed saint which in turn led to anti-police protests not only in our country but in countries around the civilized world.

Now bringing the issue of racism and supposed discrimination into the, as always, misplaced media spotlight yet again, what these protesters are actually doing is not only erroneously targeting the police, but perpetrating the lie that police violence against black people is commonplace in American society and must be addressed now or else. And this threat, as that is what it is, sees the call to “defund the police” becoming the rallying cry not only of the growing in number protests, but of the liberal lawmakers in Congress and numerous long-standing anti-police activist groups as well...groups who have long fought to cut actual law enforcement budgets across the board with citizens safety be damned.

Claiming that it's policing and prisons that are racist and harmful by their mere existence, thus their very being making communities less safe, has led these misguided sorts to propose not only drastic budget reductions but “divestments from police community groups” as in fully defunding and doing away with law enforcement, auxiliary police services, and prisons...all of which are totally ludicrous ideas. Proposing instead that those monies saved be funneled into housing, employment, community health, education, and what they alone consider to be “other vital programs,” actually translates into meaning that instead of said monies going to those in blue who are needed to help keep the public safe, it simply means more “free stuff” for the malcontents at the expense of the American taxpayer while criminals are free to roam the streets doing whatever it is criminals do.

And while the death of George Floyd was the straw that “broke the camel's back” so to speak, these anti-police folks are working off the false premise that those who comprise black and other brown-skinned minority groups are consistently being “targeted” via “racial profiling,” and are therefore unjustly facing discrimination on an almost daily basis solely because of said color of their skin... discrimination even by officers who share their skin color who many of the black malcontents believe are akin to being “Uncle Tom's.”

In other words, the black malcontents want you to believe that it's their race alone that makes them a target of the “po-lice” not whatever unlawful acts they might just have committed. And that my friends is the stuff of fairy tales for a 2019 Pew Research study shows that it's a sub-sect of black males within the aforementioned 13.4% black minority population who account for 39% of all arrests made for violent crime. And the excuse given by some radical black's the “supposed” legacy of slavery they bare coupled with the belief that this country hasn’t gone far enough when it comes to giving black people equal rights, that causes them to do what they do. Translation: it's whitey's fault for their sorry lot in life so it's whitey's job to fix it.

No, I don't think so for opportunities are equally available to those of all skin's what one does or doesn't do with the opportunities available that matters. And by opportunities I do not mean to “act badly” nor to take matters into one's own hand, which is what the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) are now trying to do.

Here one has only to look at the city of Seattle to see this in action...action of the very worst kind what with Antifa anarchists aided by malcontent BLM sorts and armed members of the hard-Left John Brown Gun Club, together attacking police officers in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with bricks, bottles, rocks, and explosive devices, injuring some while sending other officers to the hospital. And their attack was committed while others of their ilk circulated videos of the conflict while at the same time daring to accuse the police of brutality. Hypocritical insurrectionists I'd say who nevertheless were successful in getting the police to board up and then abandon the East Precinct resulting in the surrender, if you will, of the neighborhood to these vile sorts...vile sorts who then renamed said neighborhood the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ), while declaring “you are now leaving the USA” their minds alone that is.

Secession from the Union via delusional armed racist thugs taking matters not to their liking into their own dirty hands.

And while President Trump did “challenge” Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan to, “Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will,” and told Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, “These ugly Anarchists must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST,” after said altercations and forced police capitulation had taken place, as if to rub salt into the city's wounds Mayor Durkan...a woman who not only epitomizes all that is wrong with Democrat liberalism today but the woman who actually called for the removal of barriers around the East Precinct in Capitol Hill...had the audacity to call our president to task for what she calls his “hate filled narrative.” Saying he is the root cause of everything bad that’s now happening in Seattle, Durkan also called the options that Trump might institute in the feds taking control...“illegal”...which constitutionally they are not...more on that shortly.

And with Durkan now having gone so far as to say that there are “no armed militants” roaming the city no matter the footage being played on national television and on the internet, as well as in the print media that show quite the contrary, know that it's been confirmed that not only are there armed guards at the entrance to CHAZ, albeit with some carrying concealed weapons, but that Durkan has actually stated there would be no military take-back of the CHAZ. Mayor Durkan, deep in the grips of delusion, went so far as to say that in the past, “We’ve had blocks of Seattle and Capitol Hill shut down every summer from everything from block parties to Pride and this is really not much of an operational challenge.”

Oh really...I think the situation in Seattle is far worse than Mayor Durkan's “operational challenge” for what this is, is armed insurrection and both the Constitution...which tasks the president with the responsibility to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”  and the “Republican Form of Government” guarantee clause which requires that the federal government protect the states “against domestic Violence,” as well as a number of congressional the Insurrection Act of 1807 for example...give Trump the legal power needed to call up the National Guard or even active-duty military forces to stop disturbances that prevent the enforcement of the in preventing the police from doing their jobs. And it now has reached the point where it's imperative that Trump take control as the abject failure of both Washington state and it's local governments to maintain law and order does surely demand federal intervention akin to when in 1992, then President George H.W. Bush sent troops into LA to help restore order during the Rodney King riots.

And while some say that at this point in time, because Seattle has not yet reached the level of the Rodney King riots nor has it reached the level of destruction seen in NYC or Minneapolis for example, that troops should only be called in when actual violence extends beyond the ability of the states to protect the public's health and safety. But I say with Seattle not responding to overt civil disorder and violence that they have actually left innocent folks at the mercy of the violent insurrectionists now in control. And for that scenario alone Trump needs to send in federal troops if only to show that he will not allow Seattle to set the tone nor be the blueprint for how other cities might possibly follow suit.

Anarchy and insurrection, interchangeables which do go hand-in-hand, tend more times than not to paint for the ill-informed and misinformed masses a romanticized picture of what is media glorified protests being a success. But the reality is that said success is not success at all being just a temporary victory that those behaving badly will try to capitalize on while the media, as expected, shies away from divulging their true agenda of hate as they continue working to spread their belief that it's the government itself that is not only bad but corrupt to its very core. And they do so no matter that we are a nation of laws...or at least we were until Seattle came along which allowed the now designated domestic terrorist group Antifa and the faux activist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) to not only call the shots but who have encouraged violence against law enforcement officers as their wanted solution to a problem that really does not exist, and they're once again using the “race card” to do it.

And this time all it took to play the “race card” was one not so innocent black man being killed by one not so innocent white cop to set off a chain of events that has again brought to the forefront the issue of “supposed” racial injustice by America's police force. But instead of this issue being open to calm and logical discussion of what could be the problem solving kind, the issue itself has been hijacked by black militants and to a lesser degree by their white enablers, who maliciously set American cities on fire with their placing blame on the whole instead of on the few “bad apples” as their justification for doing so.

But the bottom line truth is that until the black militant minority is but a faction relegated to the pages of history books...something that can only be accomplished through the efforts of law abiding, hard working, black folks...folks who comprise the vast majority of black Americans...we will still continue to see some white folks not seeing nor accepting black people as their equal. And it's all because of the antics and voices of the few who have tainted the voices and successes of the black majority. And no amount of legislation passed will ever completely change that mindset for some, after all the recent actions of the miscreants have sadly driven that point home.

And while racial hatred itself is but a misplaced “social concept” that is learned while one is growing up, the ramifications of one's misplaced actions unfortunately do tend to override common sense. And until common sense instead of emotions becomes the rule of the day, I really don't thing much progress will be made in regards to what some perceive as racial injustice and what others perceive as “enough is enough.” Guess only time and actions tended will tell which perception ultimately wins out, and for the record, I stand in unison and solidarity with our police. Case closed.

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