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WASHINGTON - Consumer prices jumped sharply last month, rising more than previously forecast for just about everything we buy, from a gallon of gas to the food we eat.

It's bad enough that over the past six years Americans have had to suffer from painfully weak economic growth, too few jobs, flat wages and rising taxes, under President Obama's policies. But now we're facing rising inflation that economists say will only get worse.

Consumer prices increased at more than a 4 percent annual rate in May, rising for the second month in a row, pushing inflation in the past year to its highest level since 2012, according to the Department of Labor.

Food prices alone rose 0.5 percent in May, the sharpest rise in three years. They're up by 2.5 percent in just the last 12 months, the fastest in almost two years.

Energy prices were rising at an even faster rate, up by 0.9 percent -- led by higher electricity and gasoline rates. The reason: administration regulatory policies that have pushed up utility costs, stymied oil exploration and blocked completion of the Canadian oil pipeline.

Economics columnist Robert J. Samuelson called the president's opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico "an act of national insanity."

Other economists have been equally critical of his oil policies.

Obama "has not been willing to open up drilling for oil off the Atlantic, Pacific and much of the Gulf coasts. That keeps America dependent on imported oil, and sends consumer dollars abroad instead of creating jobs here," says University of Maryland business economist Peter Morici.

Certainly, the war in Iraq has been a major factor, too, as the global price of crude oil has shot up in response to the crisis in the Middle East.
A few questions for President Barack Obama.

At your press conference, you said, "It is in our national security interest not to see an all-out civil war in Iraq." If that is the case, why did you withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011? Were you motivated by something other than U.S. national interests?

Did no one advise you that the current disaster was possible when you proclaimed in December 2011: "We're leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq with a representative government that was elected by its people. We're building a new partnership between our nations. And we are ending a war, not with a final battle, but with a final march toward home. This is an extraordinary achievement, nearly nine years in the making."

If it is in the U.S. national security interest to keep Iraq from disintegrating, why are you deploying at most 300 special forces -- just 50 more than you sent to find and destroy Joseph Kony of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda? Does Kony represent a comparable threat to the United States in your judgment?

You said two things that seem contradictory -- that "U.S. troops are not going to be fighting in Iraq again" and that you would consider "targeted and precise" military action. Which is true?

You said that you were sending Secretary of State John Kerry to consult with countries in the region, because all of Iraq's neighbors have a "vital interest" in ensuring that Iraq does not "descend into civil war or become a safe haven for terrorists." Who were you referring to? Saudi Arabia has been arming the opposition to Bashar Assad, and doubtless some of those arms have fallen into the hands of the terrorist group ISIL, which operates in both Syria and Iraq.

Do you think the Saudis will be swayed by anything Kerry has to say after they've flamboyantly expressed their disgust with your leadership?

Did you mean Jordan, which is currently struggling with more than 600,000 Syrian refugees? Jordan certainly wants a stable Iraq, but Jordan is among the weakest states in the region. If Jordan did everything in its power to stabilize Iraq, it would make little difference.

Were you thinking of Iran? Where to begin? Iran pulls Assad's strings, and it is Assad who released the leadership of ISIL from his jails precisely to radicalize the opposition to his rule. He wagered that you would find it difficult to help the rebels if they were associated with extremists.

ISIL is, in a sense, Iran's achievement, not Iran's problem. Iran is also the chief sponsor of Nouri al-Maliki, the failed Iraqi leader whose disastrous leadership has helped propel Iraq to this crisis. Do you believe that Iran has a vital interest in ensuring that Iraq is not a haven for terrorists? Really? Iran has devoted itself tirelessly since 1979 to creating and supporting terrorists around the globe. Iran created Hezbollah. Iran created the Al-Quds force that killed countless Americans in the Iraq War, assisted terror attacks in India and South America, and plotted to blow up the Saudi ambassador at a Washington, D.C., restaurant.

You said, "Above all, Iraqi leaders must rise above their political differences and come together around a political plan for Iraq's future." Does this "must" have the same force as your earlier call for Bashar Assad to step down? What about your statement that "the future of Ukraine must be decided by the people of Ukraine" just a couple of weeks before Russia annexed Crimea?

Do you think it is easier for factions within Iraq, wracked by tribal rivalries, ethnic divisions, religious differences, a history of tyranny, and amid a crisis featuring armies marching and beheadings by the hundreds to "rise above their political differences" when you cannot bring yourself to negotiate sincerely with Republicans about the national debt or spending?

You scolded President George W. Bush -- by implication -- during your remarks when you said that the present crisis should remind us of "the need to ask hard questions before we take action abroad, particularly military action." Did you ask hard questions before making the decision to withdraw all forces from Iraq, or were you more interested bragging rights about "ending wars"? Do you see now that the enemy gets a vote?

ISIS jihadis celebrate Muslim DHS Adviser’s anti-American tweets

Is anyone in the Obama Administration concerned about how Elibiary is giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Or does that not matter because he is that most sought-after of men, the “moderate Muslim” (at least ostensibly), and so (like Major Nidal Malik Hasan (who was the even more coveted “Muslim military man”), nothing that he does can shake the absolute confidence that his benefactors have in the wisdom of his holding his position?

“DHS Adviser’s Anti-American Tweets Celebrated by ISIS Terrorists,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, June 19, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
Affiliates of the Iraqi terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, are praising and potentially recruiting extremists based on controversial tweets by a senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser who recently claimed that ISIL is proof that a Muslim “caliphate” is making an “inevitable” return.
The recent tweets by Mohamed Elibiary, a controversial figure who serves as a senior member of DHS’ Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC), were recently picked up in the Arabic press and widely disseminated on Twitter by multiple Islamic extremists.
Elibiary’s tweets—which disparaged Americans as showing “belligerence” after the 9/11 terror attacks and told of the “inevitable” return of the Muslim caliphate—drew widespread criticism online and prompted calls for his removal from DHS’ advisory committee.
Now the comments are being circulated and praised by Islamic jihadists affiliated with ISIL and Syrian extremists.
“Starting yesterday, Arabic reports of Elibiary’s comments went viral on social media and were especially disseminated by Islamic extremist Twitter accounts and those affiliated with [ISIL] and/or jihadi fighters in Syria, Iraq, and even Yemen” Oren Adaki, an Arabic language specialist at Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), told the Washington Free Beacon.
“Many of these tweets were accompanied by #Islamic_State_of_Iraq_and_Syria and #Remains hashtags, implying that the Elibiary’s comments validated that the U.S. recognizes and has come to terms with ISIL’s advance in Syria and Iraq,” Adaki said.
Elibiary’s made the comments late last week during a discussion about ISIL’s rise in Iraq.
“As I’ve said b4 inevitable that ‘Caliphate’ returns,” Elibiary tweeted in response to a question about ISIL, which is currently seeking to overthrow the Iraqi government and instate strict Sharia law in the country.
“Choice only whether we support [European Union] like Muslim Union vision or not,” continued Elibiary, who has “advised numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations on homeland security-related matters,” according to his biography on DHS’ website.
Additionally, Elibiary claimed that conservatives “misread” the 9/11 terror attacks and “should reassess” their “belligerence.”
These controversial comments quickly ricocheted through the Muslim world after the Arabic website Rassd republished the comments in Arabic and touted the words of what it called a key “Obama adviser.”
That article was then disseminated and celebrated on Twitter by several accounts affiliated with ISIL.
“Obama Adviser: The caliphate will return, that is inevitable,” the Arabic tweet reads, according to a translation provided by FDD’s Adaki….
The tweet also includes a screenshot of the Rassd article on Elibiary’s tweets, including a portion of the piece that reads: “Mohammad al Abyari, adviser to the American president for domestic security, warned in a tweet on the social media site ‘Twitter’ about the rise of the Islamic caliphate.”
Several other Twitter feeds associated with ISIL and Islamic jihadists also have picked up on Elibiary’s comments….

Kerry: US to share information with Iran about the Sunni jihadists in Iraq

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs 

“We are interested in communicating with Iran. That the Iranians know what we’re thinking, that we know what they’re thinking and there is a sharing of information so people aren’t making mistakes,” Kerry said. Actually, the Iranians do know what Kerry and Obama are thinking. But do Kerry and Obama know what they’re thinking?

Absolutely not. What the Iranian mullahs are thinking is, Let’s see how much of our dirty work in Iraq we can get the foolish kuffar to do for us, weakening them and making it easier for us to ultimately destroy them.” They’re thinking, “Kerry and Obama keep surprising us about how stupid they really are.”

Can we have impeachment proceedings now?
336367_kerry zarif
“Kerry: US to share information with Iran amid Iraq insurgency,” Reuters, June 19, 2014:
WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States is interested in communicating with Iran to share information about the Sunni insurgency spreading across Iraq, but Washington is not seeking to work together with Tehran to address the crisis.
“We are interested in communicating with Iran. That the Iranians know what we’re thinking, that we know what they’re thinking and there is a sharing of information so people aren’t making mistakes,” Kerry said in an interview on NBC News that aired on Thursday.
Asked if the United States was considering working hand-in-hand with Shi’ite-led Iran, Kerry said: “No. We’re not sitting around contemplating how we’re going to do that or if we’re going to do that. That’s not on the table,” Kerry added.
Kerry, responding to another question about the possibility of US air strikes in Iraq, said that “nothing is off the table” and that “all options” are still available to President Barack Obama, who is weighing how to respond to the rebellion.
Iraqi officials have publicly called for US air support to help quell the insurgency from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its allies. Washington so far has given no indication it will agree to air strikes.
Obama is also facing growing calls from US lawmakers to persuade Iraq’s Shi’ite prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, to step down over what they see as failed leadership and refusal to be inclusive of Sunnis, helping to fuel the insurgency now threatening his country.
“What the United States is doing is about Iraq, it’s not about Maliki. Nothing the president decides to do is going to be focused specifically on Prime Minister Maliki. It is focused on the people of Iraq,” Kerry also said in the interview, which was taped late Wednesday.
The post Kerry: US to share information with Iran about the Sunni jihadists in Iraq appeared first on Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.
The Greatest Scam Artist In History
Wayne Allen Root / Personal Liberty Digest

The greatest scam artist in history has scammed America — again. A terrorist mastermind gets Miranda rights on American soil, while a U.S. Marine hero has no rights in Mexico. That’s par for the course in Barack Obama’s America.

Look around. America is in free fall. The Internal Revenue Service scandal is exploding: The IRS says “the dog ate Lois Lerner’s emails.” The very evidence that could lead to the impeachment of the President has disappeared into cyberspace. At the same moment, Obama is still taking heat for releasing five Jihadist mass murderers in a swap for a deserter. At the same moment, Iraq is crumbling. Everything we fought for, the trillion dollars we spent “liberating” Iraq, the many brave men who died… it’s all being erased as Iraq falls to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Soon, Baghdad will fall; the writing is already on the wall. This is the greatest foreign policy embarrassment in U.S. history. Then there’s the Veterans Affairs scandal. Under Obama’s leadership, the Nation is in crisis and dramatic decline.

So what does the greatest scam artist to ever occupy the White House do? He pulls out the WMD (weapons of mass distraction). He “wags the dog” to distract the masses. He gives permission for U.S. special forces to capture the architect of Benghazi — a terrorist hiding in plain sight for the past 20 months. Presto. The Kool-Aid drinking mainstream media call Obama “a hero.” Amazing. No one can be this dumb, can he?

But the scam is much deeper than it appears. The capture of Benghazi terrorist mastermind Ahmed Abu Khattala isn’t just a cover-up for the PR mess Obama is in. The capture itself is the biggest scam of all.

First, we let this Benghazi butcher enjoy life in plain view for 20 months. Suddenly, Obama decides the time is right to capture him — right at the exact moment Obama needed to change the headlines. Pure bread and circuses. I’m surprised he didn’t just call for the start of the “Hunger Games.”

But the second part of Obama’s scam is far more dastardly. Obama is sending the terrorist mastermind to the U.S. instead of Guantanamo. He will be read his Miranda rights, like any other American citizen innocent until proven guilty. Why? Guantanamo was built for exactly this kind of unique situation, to house “the worst of the worst” enemy combatants and to interrogate them without the need for Miranda rights.

This scam was all planned out for months — 20 months, to be exact. Obama wanted the perfect timing — to hide a country in disarray and decline. And he wanted the perfect circumstances — the man with the knowledge of what happened at Benghazi protected by Miranda.

Abu Khattala is the definition of a “high-value target.” He can put Obama’s fingerprints at the scene of the crime. He can testify that Benghazi was a terrorist attack from Day One, that no protest of a movie was ever involved. He can testify that his terrorists used weapons supplied to Libyan rebels by the Obama Administration to kill our own brave men. He can testify that even the terrorists were shocked that Obama never sent a rescue mission. He can say: “We all expected to die on a suicide mission, but your President was too weak to fight back. Because of Obama, this was a great victory; and we lived to brag about it.”

So how do you shut up the terrorist mastermind? You read him his Miranda rights. You tell him he has the right to “lawyer up.” You protect him from enhanced interrogation. On American soil we can’t touch him. No Jack Bauer-style creative interrogation. No loud music. No threats to his family.

No nothing. Here it’s just nice questions asked by polite FBI agents who could lose their pensions if they don’t mind their manners.

Here in America a high-profile trial like this will take years to happen — two, or three, or four years. Just enough time that Obama is safely out of office. So even if the terrorist talks at trial, which is unlikely, no one will hear about it until Obama is enjoying life as a billionaire author and global speaker at his Hawaii estate.

This is how you silence a dangerous witness for years. This is how you keep him from ever disclosing the secrets that can bring you down. You bring him to America and give him a team of lawyers. You can bet Obama’s top enforcer, Attorney General Eric Holder, will make sure Abu Khattala has an O.J. Simpson-like “dream team.” Game, set, match. The terrorist provides cover for Obama. His capture makes Obama look good. But he’s guaranteed to never talk.

Now compare this situation with our hero Marine being tortured in a Mexican prison. Sgt Andrew Tahmoorisi has been given no Miranda rights. He made a wrong turn at the border and wound up shackled at four points to a bed, while Mexican guards kicked him in the ribs. Then he was denied food and water. Our hero Marine has no rights… for the crime of bad driving. Yet a mass-murdering terrorist mastermind is protected by Miranda rights on American soil.

It’s all going bad, folks.

Obama plays chess at a higher level. The GOP is led by weak-willed cowards and idiots. The Republican leadership is playing checkers… without a board. The greatest scam artist in the history of the White House wins another round.

And the death of America continues unabated.

See video here:

Hillary Clinton...liar extraordinaire...among other things

By: Diane Sori  
“Above all, Iraqi leaders must rise above their differences and come together around a political plan for Iraq’s future...Now, it’s not the place for the United States to choose Iraq’s leaders."        - Barack HUSSEIN Obama's words as he stabs the Iraqi people in the back
Just like Barack HUSSEIN Obama wouldn't know the truth if it came and knocked him upside his head neither would Hillary 'What Does It Matter' Clinton. Birds of a the saying goes.

Listening to her bloviations on FOX the other night one cannot help but be amazed at how someone can lie with such a straight face, but she's had years of practice doing so going even further back than to her days as Arkansas First Lady when Bubba was governor. Remember the Whitewater scandal complete with all its lies that became the subject of a federal investigation, prosecutions, and convictions...Whitewater will always taint her Arkansas years.

And let's NOT forget that Clinton may...and I only say may...have been involved in numerous civil rights violations during Billy-Boy's 1992 presidential campaign when it was believed she was involved in the monitoring, illegal wiretapping, and domestic spying of hubby's political opponents. Maybe she was the one who taught the NSA how to do it...just saying.

And dare we forget the true precursor to ObamaCare... and it was NOT RomneyCare as many believe but was HillaryCare...the monstrosity she tried to force down our throats while we were subject to the Bill Clinton 'I didn't inhale' years. HillaryCare, along with the task force she headed, was her dream...our nightmare...of creating a national health care system...what in reality was a single-payer system. And while thankfully HillaryCare NEVER made it to vote, the secrecy of how she handled the task force was at issue in cases that made it to trial resulted in a ruling that disclosures had to comply with the law.

Also, let's NOT forget the questionable and 'untimely' death of her 'supposed' friend Vince Foster.

And remember her famous...or should I say infamous...line "a vast right-wing conspiracy" when she admonished conservatives in Congress for criticizing the Clinton's...especially Billy-Boy's...oh-so scandalous in Monica, Jennifer, and so many others too numerous to count. 

And Hillary learned all this...learned how to to to cover-up and in simple words...learned how to be an all around b*tch...when she was a young attorney working on the Watergate investigation all those many years ago. And least it be forgotten that Hillary was FIRED for her lies and unethical behavior when she violated the all-important rules of confidentiality. And the woman who now thinks she's quite untouchable was refused a letter of recommendation...and rightly so.

But all this nastiness was a mere prelude to the mother of all her lies and cover-ups...the one directly linked to the deaths of four brave Americans...Benghazi.

And now Hillary Clinton, in an interview just this past Tuesday with Fox News' Brett Baier and Greta Van Susteren, tired to get us to believe that she had doubts right from the beginning about whether the attacks at Benghazi were triggered by a protest over an anti-islam video or were what was proved to be a terrorist attack. "This was the fog of war," she spewed when asked about the administration's controversial public explanation of the attack adding that, "There's no doubt terrorists were involved."

And so Hillary 'What Does It Matter' of the most vile of women in politics today...knew damn well that NO video was involved in the attacks at Benghazi and she knew it from the get-go as she (I believe) was one of those who along with Barack HUSSEIN Obama deliberately helped craft this lie. Remember, it was her State Department on her go ahead who put out a statement the very night of September 11th...while the attacks were still ongoing...that claimed "inflammatory material posted on the Internet" were the cause of the attacks.

Yet as Hillary continues to pull the wool over the eyes and play the foolish...the blind followers who think she will be America's first woman president ...she won't be by the way...the State Department itself now rightfully faces a Trey Gowdy led Congressional probe over its actions...or lack thereof...concerning both the events of that fateful night and in regards to events leading up to including why Ambassador Stevens' security issues and concerns were ignored, and why the State Department deliberately overlooked direct evidence of Benghazi being a terror attack instead choosing to push hard the LIE that it was fueled by a protest.

And again with a straight face, Hillary claimed that it "remains unclear to this day the motivations of all the attackers." Uh...excuse me but the motivations are quite least to this writer and to those who have put their kool-ade glasses down...that Benghazi was a planned and orchestrated attack by Obama...with her hand well into silence Ambassador Stevens for getting ready to expose Obama's ILLEGAL guns and weapons running operation to the al-Qaeda backed and supported Syrian rebels...was getting ready to expose that Barack Hussein Obama was directly 'aiding and abetting' the enemy.

So while Clinton croaked that, "I took responsibility for being at the head of the State Department at the time...That doesn't mean I made every decision, because I obviously didn't" what I want to know is why the woman who added that the U.S. often sends people into dangerous places to represent its national security interests doesn't just send herself straight to hell as that would be in the best security interest of the U.S. and of our allies worldwide.

Just saying.


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