Monday, January 24, 2022

The Infamy That Was 2021...The Hope That Is 2022
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

We all know what a hell of a ride 2021 was...a year dominated primarily by all things covid and covid related. Ranging from the original “jab” itself, to boosters, breakthrough cases, and on to mask mandates that violated our Constitutional rights, and if I hear Dr. Fauci spewing one more medical lie I think I'll just scream. And dare not forget to throw into the 2021 mix inflation now reaching a record high; job report numbers that continue to be dismal at best; store shelves empty due to cargo ships not being unloaded; violent crime increasing from coast to coast; the fiasco that was our withdrawal from Afghanistan; and politicians more times than not selling out to the highest bidder. And all this sets the stage for what yet could become but another political disaster in the making...remember the dead will still be voting and Dominion voting machines will probably still be used come this November.

And while these things mentioned are or at least should be common knowledge...and are for those of us who had our eyes wide open coupled with us having a modicum of common sense...there does remain other issues that took on a life of their own that greatly contributed to a year most of us are glad is finally over. And while here, in this one article, there are too many such happenings to properly delve into...word constraints being in place after instead I have narrowed it down to a few key issues that had me seething throughout 2021...with the entirety of the covid “feardemic” a given...a given that I've previously written and spoken about on many occasions.* So here I start instead with the overtly politically driven, leftist initiated, abomination known as “cancel culture.”

For me, “cancel culture” seemed to take on even more of a life of its own in 2021 as it went far beyond just statues being torn down to some of its adherents demanding... with violence as their calling card...that American history be rewritten and that our laws be changed to placate those who vehemently refuse to get over their ever sorry selves. Simply, the adherents of “cancel culture” remain threatened by the concepts of personal responsibility and personal accountability for, in their eyes, it's way better to blame others for their self-inflicted miserable lot in life and to receive from the government their so-called “daily bread” much better and easier than finding workable solutions to problems they alone deem as remaining unsolved.

And with societal norms also falling victim to “cancel culture,” its partner in crime, if you will, became “political correctness,” with the two entities then having melded together to truly “cancel out” what is known as “common sense.” And it was all being done in an attempt to create a society where anything goes...a society where even the worst abominations were to be deemed both politically and morally correct...does there being 57 genders ring the “woke” insanity bell...does pedophilia being deemed by numerous psychologists an acceptable sexual behavior also ring that same “woke” insanity should. And dare we forget that all was but a misguided attempt by the left to not only create a “color-blended, gender neutral society,” but to “cancel out” the very basis of America's white society as a whole.

Simply, by taking away who our Founders and Framers were and by taking away who we are today, suddenly the voices of patriots both past and present have been marginalized, thus circling back to the left's wanting the "canceling out" and rewriting of American history.

And then, for me, there was also the issue of what became known as “acceptable violence” in rioting, looting, and arson all being looked away from if perpetrated by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and/or their assorted ilk...violence mostly against white folks, white owned businesses, and even at times against blacks whom BLM deemed to be “Uncle Tom's.” And not only was said violence acceptable, but it came replete with a “get out of jail free card,” for no legal recourse was being taken against the vast majority of these folks. Take what you want if you think it's owed to other words think of stealing as a form of reparations...was the message not so subliminally sent by BLM sorts who saw it as a means of getting even with “whitey” for slavery's sins of the past...sins not committed by or against anyone alive today.

But what I felt as being even worse than this was that during the entirety of last year few black voices...voices of good, decent, hard working black Americans I'd be proud to call Americans who continue to strive for, value, and cherish the same things and ideals that most of we white Americans Americans who honor and respect our flag and our country...their voices were still being drowned out by the voices of the BLM radical few. “If you don't condemn you condone” comes to mind and is akin to those who fearfully refuse to speak out against terrorists...domestic or otherwise. 

And I truly believe that Black Lives Matter as a whole is indeed a domestic terrorist organization whose agenda is to bring white America to her have us grovel at the feet of black divide the races even more so as they continue spewing the nonsense of supposed “white privilege,” and try to shove the likes of  "Critical Race Theory" down all our throats. And when all is coupled with violent actions taken it totally negates BLM's musings about wanting "equality" alone.

Also, I cannot forget that 2021 was the year that saw not only those “in blue” having had a bullseye tacked onto their backs, but was a year that saw 458 federal, state, tribal, and local law enforcement deaths...a 55% increase from 2020 and the highest number since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. And 2021 bore witness to an overall increase in gun violence and homicide (with 16 cities setting new homicide records)** along with a steep increase in violent crime in general, most all having been committed by those whose political leanings lean decidedly to the left...most involving the perpetrators, percentage wise, being black. 

In fact, as per the latest released government figures*** blacks commit crimes at nearly three times the rate that whites do, which when broken down even further shows that blacks commit 36% of the violent crimes here in our country yet they make up roughly just 13% of our total population. And it's here where black voices other than that of BLM and their ilk need to be heard the most for like I said earlier most black Americans are decent, hard working folks who lives truly are being tainted by the actions of but a few, and it's way passed time they realized and did something about that.

Now another issue that I felt helped to define the infamy that was 2021 was the situation at our southern border, a situation that had seen the successful immigration policies initiated by President Trump working to lower the number of illegals entering our country to the their lowest level in many years. But as we all know, in Democrats eyes, anything Trump that worked had to be removed post-haste, and in 2021 was done so by Biden's too quick to sign stack of executive orders piling up on the Resolute desk. 

So now as we enter 2022 we still are bearing witness to a southern border free-for-all as illegals continue to cross over in droves with many of them being covid infected. And yet Biden relishes in dispersing them throughout our country...after all he has to keep the pandemic ongoing... and does so by processing and then shipping them out via unannounced middle of the night flights to mostly red states. And he does so in the hope of turning said states garnering at the expense of the health, safety, and welfare of we, the American garnering used as the method by which to help the Democrats keep their now tenuous grip on power intact.

And surely something that kept me seething was that 2021 became an overt year of unbridled censorship...censorship of only the “conservative right” that is. But it wasn't just censorship of the big name Republican players or of the conservative leaning talking heads, but censorship of we the little guy as well. Dare to to criticize the Democrat's sainted Dr. Fauci or call his covid lies and hidden truths to task, and one became a social media pariah whose voice had to be silenced...or in the case of Facebook either was temporarily suspended or had their posts moved way down in the news feed so barely anyone would see said truth. Book burning in burning just by another name.

So while other things of course raised my ire, there were a few things that gave me hope that our country can be turned back to the right again besides just seeing the Republicans taking back the House and the Senate. And that hope comes first via the recent actions of Sens. Joe Manchin and Kristin Sinema, as well as ex-Rep. Tulsi Gabbard whom together, I believe, can actually lay the ground floor for restoring the Democrat party to the party of J.F.K...a party where Democrats and Republicans once worked together for the common good of both our country and “We the People” as well. And second, and to me most importantly, hope springs from the “Free State of Florida's” Gov. Ron DeSantis whose policies and strong stand against unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns can help lead the way back to a free America for all 50 states. I've got my fingers crossed...hope you do too.

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