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Krauthammer Says UN Israel Resolution Was a 'US Operation All the Way'

Krauthammer Says UN Israel Resolution Was a 'US Operation All the Way'In the wake of the UN passing a resolution that condemns Israeli settlement building, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly declared the U.S. was behind the move—and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer agrees.

"This was a U.S. operation all the way," Krauthammer said on Fox News’ “Special Report” on Monday.

"This is very serious damage that cannot be undone because you can't change a Security Council resolution without the acquiescence of the Russians and the Chinese, and you're not gonna get it."

The U.S. abstained rather than vetoing the resolution that condemns West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements.

"It's as if the UN passed a resolution declaring Mecca and Medina to be sovereign Jewish or Christian territory," he said. "It's absurd. It's an insult to the intelligence of the world and is supremely damaging to the Israeli claim to its own holy places."

See video here: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2016/12/27/krauthammer-on-un-israel-resolution-this-was-a-us-operation-all-the-way-n2263797
Hamas-linked CAIR’s Los Angeles top dog wishes more people had been killed in Russian plane crash

By Robert Spencer/ / Jihad Watch 


Hussam Ayloush’s Twitter bio describes him this way: “Human rights and civil rights activist. Community organizer. CAIR-LA Exec Director. Son. Husband Father of 5.” But this “human rights and civil rights activist” let his mask slip a bit too far with this one, such that even hard-Left pro-jihad writer Max Blumenthal tweeted in response to […]
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Obama: I could have won again in 2016
obama-islamHe’s a sociopath and a fantasist. He destroyed the Democrat Party. No House, no Senate, no Oval Office. A majority of state legislatures and governorships in GOP hands. And he is still patting himself on the back. He is so disconnected from how a Constitutional republic works, maybe he thinks he is still in Indonesia, where tinpot dictators rule despite the havoc, misery and chaos they have wrought.

obama-arrogant-1“Obama’s exit interview: I could’ve won again,” by Kevin Liptak, CNN, December 26, 2016:
(CNN) Arguing that Americans still subscribe to his vision of progressive change, President Barack Obama asserted in an interview recently he could have succeeded in this year’s election if he was eligible to run.
 “I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama told his former senior adviser David Axelrod in an interview for the “The Axe Files” podcast, produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics

Read full article here: http://pamelageller.com/2016/12/obama-won-2016.html/


Today, Tuesday, December 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Obama's stabbing Israel in the back at the U.N., and how to major in nothing while going to college.

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A Lame Duck with a Backstabbing Knife
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio bit.ly/2cpXuRd

“As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th.”
– President-elect Donald Trump upon hearing the U.N.’s vote concerning Israel

“Israel will not turn the other cheek.” 
– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upon hearing the U.N.’s vote concerning Israel

We all know Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the muslim masquerading as a Christian...hates Israel, Jews, and most especially Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And now in the waning days of his presidency, Obama’s parting gift to the Jewish State saw this most vile of men working behind the scenes with his cohort in hate, Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry, to have the U.S. abstain from a highly controversial and very anti-Semitic U.N. Security Council vote to stop Israel from building settlements in their own country...in the occupied territories including in East Jerusalem... Jerusalem...the God-given capital of Israel and the Jewish people.

In a vote which the U.S. should have vetoed as said veto would have blocked the resolution from passing (a ‘nay’ vote by any of the five permanent council members as in China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, or the United States would have done so), Obama stabbed in the back not only America’s closest ally, but Congress and the wishes of the American people when he demanded that U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power vote against Israel in what was not only a slap in the face to the Jewish state but what was outright condemnation of it.

And Power’s response...Obama’s actually...when asked why the U.S. did not stop this abomination was that, “Further settlement activity is in no way necessary for the security of Israel,” never mind that this resolution now becomes part of international law, and thus can hurt all Israelis and institutions. 

And with the vote approving Resolution 2334* that states “Israel’s establishment of settlements in Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, had no legal validity, constituting a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the vision of two States living side-by-side in peace and security, within internationally recognized borders,” any hope for a renewal of peace talks between Israeli and the so-called (but non-existent) Palestinians is now rightfully at a dead end. And maybe that is the only good thing that comes from this vote as why should Israel give up even one inch of their land to those out to kill not only them but us all. Let Jordan give up some of its land for a Palestinian state after all the so-called Palestinians are actually Jordanians and the U.N. and King Abdullah know that well but do not care as goal number one is that Israel must no longer exist.

“President Obama is personally responsible for this anti-Israel resolution. His diplomats secretly coordinated the vote, yet he doesn’t even have the courage of his own convictions to vote for it. This cowardly, disgraceful action cements President Obama’s richly deserved legacy as the most anti-Israel president in American history,” said Republican Senator Tom Cotton.

And how right Senator Cotton is for only a sniveling coward would orchestrate such a move, ignore our fellow allies outcry against it, and then get it passed by abstaining which is paramount to a ‘yea’ vote without actually going on the record as such. And even some leading Democrats were up in arms over this vote. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer (NY) urged the White House to veto the resolution not abstain from it. Saying, “Whatever one’s views are on settlements, anyone who cares about the future of Israel and peace in the region knows that the UN, with its one-sidedness, is exactly the wrong forum to bring about peace,” but Schumer’ words, of course, fell on totally deaf ears.

And uber liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz stated before the vote that if “the Security Council resolution goes through, it completely ties the hands of an incoming president. You can’t undo a Security Council resolution. You can’t take away a veto. And this Security Council resolution is an invitation to the International Criminal Court to go after Israel.”

And Obama knew this yet this vote was exactly what he wanted for, like his fellow brethren, he believes that a true Middle East peace can only come to fruition when Israel no longer exists, when the caliphate has not only been restored but when islam alone rules and dominates the world with sharia being the law for all. 

“I can’t stand him (Netanyahu), he’s a liar,...You’re tired of him? What about me? I have to deal with him every day.” 
– Barrack HUSSEIN Obama’s words caught on open mic while conversing with French President Nicolas Sarkozy 

And how do we know this...Obama’s actions in regards to Israel are those of hate going back to even before he became president. Here are but a few examples of said actions...in June 2008, in an attempt to do nothing but secure the Jewish vote for his presidential bid, Obama when speaking before the American Israel Public Affairs Conference said that Jerusalem should always remain undivided, but the very next day flips his story saying that only Jerusalem should not be divided by “barbed wire,” and flips again when in May 2011, the U.S. Department of State, on his orders, ‘labels’ Jerusalem not part of Israel. And that is in addition to Obama’s demanding that Israel “make concessions” to the Palestinians as per the pre-1967 borders...borders Israel rightfully called “Auschwitz borders” as they are indefensible in areas of Israel that are but a mere eight or nine miles wide.

And in March 2009, just two months after taking the office of president, Barack Hussein Obama reversed George W. Bush’s policy of not joining the United Nations Human Rights Council and had his then shill, Hillary Clinton, in her guise as Secretary of State, saying that, “Human rights are an essential element of American global foreign policy,” thus setting the stage for his telling Netanyahu that “settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward.” And when in an effort to show ‘good faith’ on Israel’s part Netanyahu called for a settlement freeze and the Palestinians still refused to return to the table, Obama said, “they (Israel) still found it very hard to move with any bold gestures,” twisting the truth to of course make it Israel’s fault. 

Nice huh...and the path Obama will take regarding Israel has now been set...set in plain sight for anyone with eyes wide open to see.

And just one month later in June 2009, Obama gave his infamous Cairo speech where his true anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, islamic allegiances shone bright. Claiming that the Jewish State of Israel was only created because of Jewish “suffering” in the Holocaust, Obama alluded that the what he called “plight” of the Palestinians was similar to that of the six million Jews annihilated by the Nazi’s... that the Palestinians have been similarly victimized by both the Jews and by the Israeli government.

Saying that, “They endure the daily humiliations – large and small – that come with occupation. So let there be no doubt: the situation for the Palestinian people is intolerable. America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own,” Obama again sides with his brethren over America’s greatest ally Israel.

But remember, these made-up people already have a country...a homeland...of their own and it is called Jordan.

Following up in July 2009, Obama threatens to put, in his words, “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel and tells Jewish leaders, “Look at the past eight years. During those eight years, there was no space between us and Israel, and what did we get from that?” I’ll tell you what both we and Israel got...Israel was basically forced to ‘relocate’ thousands of their fellow Jews from the Gaza Strip; the world saw the Palestinian election of the terrorist group Hamas, and the Palestinians and Hezbollah launched yet another war against Israel; all while Obama kept lecturing the world’s Jews about the need for Israeli “self-reflection.” And let’s not forget about Obama’s CNN interview where he said that the U.S. would “absolutely not” give Israel permission to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Now add in that in September 2009, Obama told the U.N. that “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements,” thus laying the groundwork for last week’s abomination of a vote.

And dare we remember that in March 2010, the muslim Obama...and in all honesty that is what he is...in a deliberate and shameful act to try and humiliate Israel’s prime minister, had Benjamin Netanyahu leave the White House through a side door following an official visit in response to a previous week’s phone chastising by Hillary Clinton ...also no friend to Israel...who said that Netanyahu alone had “harmed the bilateral relationship” between the U.S. and Israel. 

Also, starting in 2010 and continuing through 2013, Obama sanctioned if not orchestrated ‘leaks’ regarding a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities...leaks like U.S. defense sources publicly telling of secret deals between Israel and Saudi Arabia regarding Israel’s use of Saudi airspace to strike Iran; leaks like NBC News ‘somehow’ getting information from “senior Obama administration officials” that Israel had both financed and trained the Iranian opposition group Mujahideen-e-Khalq; leaks regarding a senior administration official saying that “The Israelis have bought an airfield, and the airfield is Azerbaijan;” leaks by four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers claiming that the “United States has recently been granted access to Iran’s northern border;” leaks all done to stop Israel from doing what needed to be done. 

Now add to that the leaks regarding Stuxnet...a failed, thanks to the leaks, attempt by Israel to take out Iranian nuclear facilities via a computer virus, and the classified leaks done directly by the Obama administration regarding revealing the positions of Israel’s Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile sites...and the truth about Obama’s hatred for Israel should now be clear to all.

Now let’s fast forward to June 2014, when Hamas kidnapped and then murdered three Jewish teenagers, including an American teen. And Obama’s response...instead of supporting Israel’s attempt to bring the killers to justice, this vile man immediately called for restraint on Israel’s part no matter that Hamas continued to fire rockets at Israeli civilians and Israel discovered tunnels Hamas hoped to use to kidnap and then murder Israeli children. And to make this worse, Obama and his administration continued throughout the summer to paint Israel as the perpetrators in the ongoing Gaza War, while at the same time he personally stopped and banned a weapons shipment to Israel after finding out that Israel had asked and received the OK from the Department of Defense for shipments of Hellfire missiles. 

And in January 2015, the man who says that no foreign country has a right to interfere with U.S. elections chose to directly interfere with Israel’s election. Sending both his ‘Obama 2012’ campaign team and its field director, Jeremy Bird, to Israel in a focused effort to help defeat Netanyahu, this move just happened to came just days after then Speaker of the House John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress... an invitation he readily accepted. And Obama’s lame response...he quickly countered by saying he would not meet with Netanyahu because it was too close to the Israeli election. Translation: Obama got caught...he got shamed...and BiBi won anyway. 

So with it taking Obama two days to call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his win, when he finally did call with a cursory congratulation at best, he included in that conversation threats to remove American support for Israel in the international community. And this was done at the same time he was loosening sanctions and the weapons embargo on Iran as he was getting ready to shove though his Iranian ‘very bad’ nuclear deal.

And that brings us up to last week’s U.N. vote which further aides in digging the knife deeper into Israel’s back.

“This is a victory for the people and for the cause, and it opens doors wide for the demand of sanctions on settlements," said Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti

Remember, it was Egypt who circulated the original Palestinian-initiated resolution draft but who (rightly) pulled it back after Netanyahu spoke directly with both President-elect Donald Trump and with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who truly wants better relations with both Israel and with Washington. Knowing that strategic relations with Israel are to Egypt’s benefit more than its dubious, at best ties, with Palestinian leaders, El-Sisi in his renouncing this resolution clearly sent a message to Obama that he no longer gives a damn about him or about what he thinks. 

Now coming to a head with Egypt’s withdrawal, Obama’s minions leaked that they were going to let the resolution pass if presented leading Malaysia, Senegal, New Zealand, and Venezuela, to bring up the resolution for vote...which then led to the anti-Semitic, Israel-hating Security Council to pass the resolution with 14 votes, with the U.S. cowardly and traitorously abstaining.

And while we know that Obama was probably ass-up with his head on a prayer rug thanking allah for this victory, the equally vile anti-Semite John Kerry said, “Today, the United States acted with one primary objective in mind: to preserve the possibility of the two state solution...” something hopefully now and forever dead for Israel is the only country ever to be told to give up its land to those whose ultimate goal is their destruction.

And what was Israel’s response now that she has been told as per the resolution to "immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem"...many in Israel’s camp...me included...believe that both Obama and Kerry are the ones behind this move against Israel and that they worked with the Palestinians to give Israel, the Jews, and most especially Obama’s chief nemesis Benjamin Netanyahu, what they believe to be the ultimate bitch-slap...making the Western Wall...the holiest of all Jewish sites...occupied Palestinian territory.

And what of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the man who called this vote a “diplomatic ambush.” Speaking this past Saturday night...the first night of Hanukkah...at an event to honor wounded IDF and security forces, veterans, and victims of terrorism, Netanyahu said, “The resolution that was adopted yesterday at the United Nations is distorted and shameful but we will overcome it. The resolution determines that the Jewish Quarter [in the Old City of Jerusalem] is ‘occupied territory’. This is delusional...The Obama administration carried out a shameful anti-Israel ploy at the UN. I would like to tell you that the resolution that was adopted, not only doesn’t bring peace closer, it drives it further away. It hurts justice; it hurts the truth...Last night’s resolution is a call to arms for all of our many friends in the US and elsewhere around the world, friends who are sick of the UN’s hostility toward Israel, and they intend to bring about a fundamental change in the UN. Therefore, this evening I tell you in the language of our sources, the sweet will yet come forth from the bitter and those who come to curse will yet bless...”

So now we wait to see what comes next...and know that Israel will rightfully not take this lying down...in fact just for starters ambassadors are being recalled from the four countries who sponsored this resolution...Benjamin Netanyahu...the world's last great statesman... has said all the right words and taken the right actions. I just hope BiBi knows that the American people stand strong with both him and with Israel no matter that our islamic-condoning traitor of a president does not...and like Donald Trump said, “things will be different after January 20th”... which for all our sake cannot come soon enough.

*Read full U.N. Resolution 2334 here: https://www.un.org/webcast/pdfs/SRES2334-2016.pdf


Today, Tuesday, December 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Obama's stabbing Israel in the back at the U.N., and how to major in nothing while going to college.

Hope you can tune in at: bit.ly/2cpXuRd