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Obamacare Is Crumbling
By: Phil Kerpen / Townhall Columnist
Obamacare Is Crumbling
Obamacare is falling apart before our eyes. The long-term care insurance program known as the CLASS ACT was deemed financially unworkable and shut down by the administration's own actuaries. Taxpayer-funded health care cooperatives never got off the ground and were shut down in the fiscal cliff deal. Last month the federal Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan stopped accepting enrollment applications. This week 79 U.S. senators, including 34 Democrats, voted to repeal the law's medical device tax. Premiums in the individual and small group markets could spike as much as 116 percent next year. The wheels are already wobbling and the worst is yet to come.

The exchanges at the heart of the new Obamacare entitlement are slated to be up and running for open enrollment beginning October 1. Millions of Americans will be dumped into these exchanges by employers dropping coverage and millions more will be forced to enter the exchanges by the individual mandate. But will there actually be functioning exchanges for them to go to? Maybe not.

The Obamacare law was written to incentivize states to do the heavy lifting of setting up and running the exchanges, which are administratively and technologically complex. But more than half the states said no thanks, looking at the proposed regulations and long-term operating costs and choosing to let the feds try to administer their own mess. And the states that did choose to play ball weren't able to make much progress because the Obama administration stalled key regulations until after the election.

Now the feds are rushing to get the exchanges ready.

"We are under 200 days from open enrollment, and I'm pretty nervous,'' confessed Henry Chao, the deputy chief information officer on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - which is setting up the federal exchanges. "The time for debating about the size of text on the screen or the color or is it a world-class user experience, that's what we used to talk about two years ago," Chao said. "Let's just make sure it's not a third-world experience."

So don't be surprised if open enrollment doesn't start October 1 as planned. And when the exchanges are up and running, what plans will be available to purchase through them? One effect of stalling the regulations past the election is that the choices offered in most states will be meager simply because there isn't much time to develop plans and make sure they are compliant.

The plans that are offered are going to be expensive because of the law's mandates and regulations. Every major insurer is now warning of a huge spike in premiums, especially for younger, healthier people who can no longer be offered significantly lower rates than older people who use more health care. Some people may get subsidies to help pay - after filling out a 21-page form - but others will find their families ineligible for subsidies unless they stop working full-time or, believe it or not, get divorced.

Democrats want to believe that the future of Obamacare was secured by President Obama's reelection. But if implementation ends up being the disaster that looks increasingly likely, the American people will have the final word.

Look who the real racists are...

25 Examples of Liberal Racism in Quotes

25 Examples of Liberal Racism in Quotes
1) "(Obama’s) a nice person, he’s very articulate this is what’s been used against him, but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic." -- Dan Rather

2) “White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it." -- Al Sharpton

3) "‘Hymies.’ ‘Hymietown.’" -- Jesse Jackson’s description of New York City while on the 1984 presidential campaign trail.

4) "A few years ago, (Barack Obama) would have been getting us coffee." -- Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy

5) "The Israeli puppeteer travels to Washington and meets with the puppet in the White House. He then goes down Pennsylvania Avenue and meets with the puppets in Congress. The Israeli leader then 'brings back millions of dollars' in aid to Israel." -- Ralph Nader

6) "(Harry Reid) was wowed by Obama's oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama -- a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." -- Harry Reid's comments reported by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

7) "I do not think it is an exaggeration at all to say to my friend from West Virginia [Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan recruiter] that he would have been a great senator at any moment. . . . He would have been right during the great conflict of civil war in this nation." -- Former Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd (D.,Conn.)

8) “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” -- Mary Frances Berry, former Chairwoman, US Commission on Civil Rights

9) "Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness." -- Mary Frances Berry, former Chairwoman, US Commission on Civil Rights

10) “Well, because the Arabs who were involved in 9/11 cooperated with the Zionists, actually. It was a cooperation. They gave them the perfect excuse to denounce all Arabs. It’s a racist sort of thing, really racist – you know, picking out these 19 or 20 terrorists – they were terrorists – and saying all the Arabs are like them.” — Former Democratic Senator James Abourezk on Hizbullah TV

11) "Let me see one of you adopt one of those ugly black babies." -- Abortionist Ashutosh Ron Virmani

12) “There’s no great, white bigot; there’s just about 200 million little white bigots out there.” -- USA Today columnist Julienne Malveaux

13) "Them Jews aren’t going to let (Obama) talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office. …They will not let him talk to somebody who calls a spade what it is.” -- Jeremiah Wright

14) "There’s white racist DNA running through the synapses of his or her brain tissue. They will kill their own kind, defend the enemies of their kind or anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of the milky white way of life." -- Jeremiah Wright

15) "The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the lake of fire prepared for him from the beginning, that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the hell that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years.” -- Louis Farrakhan

16) “White people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. It’s for the good of the country and for those who’re bitter for a reason and armed because they’re scared.” -- Left-wing journalist Jonathan Valania

17) "(Joseph Lowery) said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. ...'Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was.’" -- The Daily Mail quotes Joseph Lowery, who gave the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration

18) "We are owned by propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way." -- Helen Thomas

19) “You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent.” -- Joe Biden

20) “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” -- Joe Biden

21) "I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street." -- Spike Lee

22) “I want to go up to the closest white person and say: ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing’ and then slap him, just for my mental health.” — New York City Councilman, Charles Barron

23) "We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. They ought to go." -- Marion Barry

24) “The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person…” -- Barack Obama

25) “That’s just how white folks will do you. It wasn’t merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some. It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. It was as if whites didn’t know that they were being cruel in the first place. Or at least thought you deserving of their scorn.” -- Barack Obama

Jeb on gay marriage...

Image: Jeb Bush: States Should Decide Gay MarriageNewsmax
Jeb Bush: States Should Decide Gay Marriage
By: Todd Beamon & John Bachmann

The day before the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on the constitutionality of gay marriage, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush tells Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview that the issue should be decided by the states.

“I would prefer it to be a state-by-state issue,” Bush tells Newsmax. “That’s how we have dealt with a lot of issues in the United States.

“Our federal system is a spectacular way to deal with changing mores — and states can take advantage of opportunities much better than federal government,” Bush says. “This could be a place where the states play a role, as is the case right now.”

Because Republicans are splitting on the issue, Bush says the focus right now “ought to be on the things that unite us — and there’s a growing divergence of opinion on gay marriage.

“To have an era of conservative governance, which should be the objective — not winning political points, debating points — it ought to be: Can we win the presidency? Can we win Congress? Can we win the state capitals in a way that allows us to implement conservative principles in a way that improves the chances for people to be successful?”

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday and Wednesday on the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which excludes gay couples from federal benefits.

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy is considered by legal experts to be the swing vote among the nine justices on the divided court — and the lesbian cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts will be in the courtroom on Tuesday to hear arguments.

The issue is now splintering the Republican Party with the reversal of Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who announced earlier this month that he now supported gay marriage because one of his sons is homosexual, and with the declaration of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to Newsmax last week that Republicans might lose the vote from evangelical Christians if they strayed from their opposition to gay marriage.

But House Speaker John Boehner recently reaffirmed his opposition to same-sex marriage. “I believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,” the fellow Ohioan told ABC’s “This Week” earlier this month.

“I know for a fact that as it relates to gay marriage and other social issues there is growing divergence of opinion on this,” Bush tells Newsmax. “When we talk about it, we ought to talk about it with a different tone — and we ought to talk about it recognizing that there is more than one point of view, and we should talk about it in a way that is not judgmental.

“If we can get to that point where people who have diverging points of view and express them in a civil way, the conservative coalition can stay intact.”

Bush sees the same approach to addressing issues related to gun control.

Story continues below the video.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said over the weekend that he was spending $12 million on a campaign to urge U.S. senators to support legislation that would expand background checks for gun purchases — an effort that Wayne LaPierre, chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association, said would fail to persuade the public to support further gun restrictions.

“The effort ought to be to find consensus, that there should be rewards politically for a consensus-oriented approach that solves problems,” Bush tells Newsmax. “On the other hand, passing legislation that doesn’t solve the problem isn’t going to solve any problems, either.

“I’d be wary of simple solutions to complex problems,” Bush cautions. “This is a complicated issue.”

Reflecting on three recent mass shootings across the nation — in Newtown, Conn., Aurora, Colo., and at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg — Bush asks: “How can it be that people cannot access mental-health services, or does the right to privacy need to be adjusted? What about [health-privacy] laws and other things to make sure that there’s some intervention prior to these tragedies taking place?

“If there are massive loopholes in the laws on background checks, those should be looked at. We’re moving towards this more consensus-oriented approach, where people are allowed to try to find common ground and find solutions.

“I don’t know if we’re going to find one on the gun-control issue in Washington,” Bush says. “My guess is it’s probably not going to happen, but I admire the fact that there are people on both sides who are actually engaged in this in a different kind of way than we’ve seen in the last five years in Washington.”

Turning his attention to the new Pope, Bush expressed much admiration for Francis’ humility and spirituality.

“It was a really spectacular choice at this point in time in the history of the church. I converted to Catholicism because the church has been consistent in its embrace of absolute truth — and there hasn’t been a wandering away from that for thousands of years,” Bush tells Newsmax. “It’s something quite remarkable in the world that we live in to have an institution be so faithful to its values.

“This pope, his own modesty and the humility of his life, will be an inspiration for millions of people that the church needs,” Bush adds. “There needs to be a rebirth, if you will, and it was an inspired choice.

Special Forces commander: 'Constabulary force' coming

Says Obamacare leading U.S. down pathway to socialism

From: WND

The surge of bullet-buying confirmed by the federal government – purchase estimates run into the billions of bullets – even as the U.S. military scrimps to find training ammo is raising lots of questions about the government’s so-far unexplained actions.

But a video that has been around since last year is being forwarded across the Internet as an explanation.

The six minutes recorded by Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, retired, warns that America is well along the pathway that other societies have used to bludgeon and beat their populations into submission to socialism. Even to the point of establishing a “constabulary force” to control the people.

Maybe those bullets do have a destination.

Boykin now is executive vice president of Family Research Council. But during his military career, he was one of the original members of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force. He ultimately commanded those elite warriors in combat operations. Later, Boykin commanded all the Army’s Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School.

In all, Lt. Gen. Boykin spent 36 years in the army, serving his last four years as the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.

On the video, Boykin explains simply that he knows the standard process for creating a socialist or Marxist state because he studied it as a military officer.

His concern is that the six steps “done in every Marxist insurgency” now “are being done in America today.” He lists them: 1. nationalize major sections of the economy (the corporate bailouts), 2. redistribute wealth (the man appointed to head Medicare said health care is “nothing but a redistribution of wealth”), 3. discredit opposition (Boykin said he’s “never been so angry” as when the Obama administration called returning vets, pro-lifers and others a terror threat), 4. censorship (since old guard media already was in line, Obama’s censorship has been through “hate crimes” legislation aimed at Christian pastors and others), 5. gun control (see Washington’s present agenda), and 6. a constabulary force.

That would be “a force that can control the population,” Boykin warned.

To those who say that isn’t present in the U.S., he responds, “Let me remind you that prior to the election (in 2008) the president stood up and said if elected he would want a national civilian security force as large as and well-funded as the military.”

WND reported on Obama’s demands at the time for a “civilian national security force.”

What he actually said was:

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

“Hitler had the brown shirts,” Boykin said.

He said while people may not think it’s happening, such a force already is in the law – of Obamacare.

“There are paragraphs that talk about the commissioning of officers in time of national crisis to work directly for the president,” he said. That’s “laying the groundwork for a constabulary force that will control the population in America.”

Boykin’s recommendation?

“Look at what’s happening. Get out and do something to help stop something. Use our constitutional tools. Let your congressman know how you feel about this. Be a pain in their neck … .”

WND previously reported on the Obamacare section allowing for the military like force.

According to Section 5210 of HR 3590, titled “Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps,” the force must be ready for “involuntary calls to active duty during national emergencies and public health crises.”

The health-care legislation adds millions of dollars for recruitment and amends Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204), passed July 1, 1944, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is one of the seven uniformed services in the U.S.

However, Obama’s changes more than double the wording of the Section 203 and dub individuals who are currently classified as officers in the Reserve Corps commissioned officers of the Regular Corps.

The following is the previous wording of the act as of 2004, before Democrats passed the health-care legislation:

Wording of Section 203 of Public Health Service Act before Obamacare amendment

The U.S. Public Health Service website describes its commissioned corps as “an elite team of more than 6,000 full-time, well-trained, highly qualified public health professionals dedicated to delivering the nation’s public health promotion and disease prevention programs and advancing public health science.”

As stated in the health-care legislation, “The purpose of the Ready Reserve Corps is to fulfill the need to have additional Commissioned Corps personnel available on short notice (similar to the uniformed service’s reserve program) to assist regular Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.”

WND also reported in January when a Rand Corporation report proposed the federal government create a rapid deployment “Stabilization Police Force” that would be tasked with “shaping an environment before a conflict” and restoring order in times of war, natural disaster or national emergency.
Stabbing Israel and 'We the People' in the back in one fell swoop 
By: Diane Sori

My, my...ain't this just peachy...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, our ever loving muslim-in-chief, under the radar unblocked monies and transferred funds so he could now give the Palestinian Authority $500 million in aid, and is asking Congress to give them $200 million more this fiscal year even though Congress froze all aid to them last year.

He's just gotta help the brethren you know...

And this aid comes just as Obama finished up his 'I stand with Israel' photo-op jaunt proving what we knew all along...this man could care less about our ally Israel as he stands with his muslim brethren every chance he gets.

What a slap in the face to Israel as State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, “To date, we have moved $295.7 million in fiscal year 2012 money… and $200 million in fiscal year 2013 assistance...for aid to the Palestinians.”

I'd loved to have been a fly on BiBi's office wall when he found out about this.

Remember, this is the same group of people Obama wants Israelis to have empathy for...the very ones who elected the terrorist group Hamas as their government...the very ones that call for Israel's destruction...this is who Obama sends our taxpayer money to.

“Hey 'bama...I NEVER gave you my permission to use my portion of that taxpayer money to fund these barbarians and the terrorists who are running the Palestinian territories ...I want my portion of that money back!”

And to make this even worse is that while we face major sequestration cuts to our defense budget, while furlough notices are set to go out to civilian military personnel, while millions of Americans are hurting because there's NO jobs to speak of, while we still have NO budget, and while simple things like the White House tours have to be canceled...drum roll please...there’s 'suddenly' millions of dollars 'found' to send to the Palestinians, who are NOTHING but common thugs in garbagebag head wraps.

But wait...light bulb moment here...if all this money is 'suddenly' available to aid Israel's enemies that means the dreaded sequestration is NOTHING but a political scare tactic and lie, and is as phony as Barack HUSSEIN Obama's birth certificate is.

Come on guys...we knew this all along...Obama knew we knew this...and Obama just sat back having a good laugh at 'We the Peoples' expense as he and his minions continue on their path of tearing down the American economy while aiding his brethren with our rightful monies. After all, as per Obama mindspeak, the Palestinians need your money more than you do. Poor babies (gagging) have to rely on international welfare handouts, because they generate little if any wealth on their own...and why... because their sole goal in life is to rid the region of Jews and Israel is why.

Now here's how some of your 'suddenly' found monies will be spent and where it'll be going...and it ain't pretty...

Fact: Obama is seeking $200 million more to fund the US Agency for International Development (USAID) programs for the Palestinians
Fact: Secretary of State John 'Swiftboat' Kerry also promised an additional $200 million to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on top of the F-16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks we've already given them.

Fact: $200 million to Jordan, a country facing their own possible upcoming Arab Spring as the Muslim Brotherhood plans to try and replace King Abdullah...a westernized moderate leader and still, at least for now, an ally of America.

And Obama has the nerve to claim that by being economically viable because of this aid money (lets NEVER forget that it's on our taxpayer dime), the Palestinian Authority will be able to help secure regional peace as some of that money will be used for economic development, some for humanitarian assistance, and some for law enforcement aid.

Or so Obama says but I can't help but gag on that one as we know damn well that those monies will NOT be spent on the people but on arming militants and jihadists. After all, they pay the families of the jihadists restitution every time one of theirs happily blows themselves up taking as many Israelis as they can with them.

Bottom line...with this 'stealing' of our taxpayer monies to help fund the enemy (aiding and abetting...hmmmmm), Barack HUSSEIN Obama just sent Israel a powerful 'screw you' message, and sent 'We the People' our own extra special message of...are you ready...that he can lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever he wants with out taxpayer monies and there's NOT a damn thing we can do about it...especially with a gutless Congress that is.

And with that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is off on yet another 'campaign bus trip' to spread his lies across America...ain't life grand in Obamanation...