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Let the word go forth that fracking does not mess with your drinking water. In a new study of over 11,000 drinking wells, fracking wasn’t considered the reason for water contamination through methane creeping into the wells. At the same time, Science magazine noted that the authors of the new study are still disputing the validity of the results (via Science Magazine):
The new study of 11,309 drinking water wells in northeastern Pennsylvania concludes that background levels of methane in the water are unrelated to the location of hundreds of oil and gas wells that tap hydraulically fractured, or fracked, rock formations. The finding suggests that fracking operations are not significantly contributing to the leakage of methane from deep rock formations, where oil and gas are extracted, up to the shallower aquifers where well water is drawn. 
The result also calls into question prominent studies in 2011 and 2013 that did find a correlation in a nearby part of Pennsylvania. There, wells closer to fracking sites had higher levels of methane. Those studies, however, were based on just 60 and 141 domestic well samples, respectively.
“I would argue that [more than] 10,000 data points really tell a better story,” says hydrogeologist Donald Siegel of Syracuse University in New York, whose team published the new study online this month in Environmental Science & Technology. Chesapeake Energy Corp., which has large oil and gas stakes in Pennsylvania, supplied the researchers with the database, the largest of its kind, and also funded the work.

I am truly honored to be presenting my very first piece for the readers of as a contributor. I started as a reader myself while on assignment as a civilian-military advisor to the Afghanistan National Army, 2005-2007, after having spent 22 years on active duty service to our Republic in the U.S. It is against that background that I wish to share my thoughts.

America finds itself in what may perhaps be the worst global security situation since the prelude to World War II – and that is not hyperbole. We are at a point where our allies feel abandoned and our enemies feel emboldened. I believe that this degraded situation emanates from one single mistake over the past six years – basing foreign policy and national security on election campaign promises.

When President Obama proclaims that he was elected to “end wars,” he failed to realize that there are only two ways by which that occurs – victory or defeat. You cannot “end a war” by unilateral declaration that you are quitting – that only tends to empower an adversary. Now there are those who will castigate me as a “warmonger,” but I subscribe to two simple premises; “peace through strength” and “decisive victory through overwhelming power.” These are two fundamental principles that we have abandoned. I believe it was Plato who stated, “only the dead have seen the end of war.”

President John F. Kennedy even quipped, “The absence of war is not peace.” This is not to say there must be a perpetual state of war – but rather there should be a preparedness that serves as a deterrent to global belligerence. Do not tell me “America is war weary” – less than 4 percent of this nation has been serving in these current conflagrations.

America is leadership weary – and leading from behind is what we call down South, “following.”

Iran militia top dog: “Erasing Israel off the map” is “non-negotiable”

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Iran militia top dog: “Erasing Israel off the map” is “non-negotiable”
This is nothing new: Iranian leaders have said it many times before. Still, no one in the West seems to believe that they mean what they say. “Iran militia chief: Destroying Israel is ‘nonnegotiable,” by Lazar Berman, Times of Israel, March 31, 2015 (thanks to Jerk Chicken): The commander of the Basij militia of Iran’s […]

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Obama’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Abdelhakim BelhadjLike Yemen, another Obama success story, Libya is in fact another triumph for jihad savages and Islamic imperialism.

Back in early 2011, I warned that it was al Qaeda agitating in Libya, and that Obama was aligning with our mortal enemies. If I knew, do you imagine that Obama didn’t?

After abandoning our people in Benghazi and leaving them there to be burned, tortured, slaughtered, etc., would it come to anyone’s surprise that Obama’s freedom fighter is now leading the Islamic State in the jihadist state of Libya? 

                                    Libya: before and after

“Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS in Libya,” Eric Draitser, New Eastern Outlook via The Daily Sheeple, March 30th, 2015
The revelations that US ally...


Today, Wednesday, April 1st, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will be discussing the impending Iranian nuclear sellout of a deal and Indiana Governor Mike Pence's stand on religious freedom.
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Buying More Time to Sellout Out America and Israel to a Terrorist State
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media
"The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5+1 countries and convince them of a deal." 
- Iranian defector Amir Hossein Mottaghi

We all know that Barack HUSSEIN Obama does NOT have Israel's back when it comes to Iran... when it comes to anything for that matter...good little islamist that he is...and that he could care less if Israel is wiped off the map as his dreams of the Levant would then come to fruition. But in his selling out of Israel, Obama is also selling out America for this most vile of presidents is NOT negotiating a deal in America's best interests but is totally acquiescing to the will and wants of the terrorist state that is know...America's enemy...his friend.

Surrender and capitulation in the guise of the talks in Lausanne being extended yet again...maybe by just one day but maybe being deferred until the final agreement deadline in three months when the current interim agreement that temporarily limits Iran’s nuclear activities runs Obama even more time to sellout to a country whose leaders routinely call for "Death to America" and "Death to Israel.” And this is NOT an actual deal per se but a non-binding 'political understanding'...a 'framework agreement' that would allow all sides to build upon the main principles of a deal as NOTHING would be written down until a comprehensive agreement is reached by the end of June. And this would allow Iran...who already has tens of thousands of pounds of uranium in various stages of continue processing uranium in underground enrichment bunkers currently in operation including the one at Fordow (which was NOT in the original P5+1 proposal)...a facility built so deep underground that it would be almost impervious to an attack.

Also, this deal if eventually agreed to would leave Iran with its nuclear reactor in Arak and with advanced centrifuges, as well as affording them the time needed to develop ICBMs (destination Israel, the 'Little Satan' and the U.S., the 'Great Satan' of course) without the much needed verification from Tehran that they are indeed disclosing each and every aspect of said nuclear program...a once important must-have that Obama has now thrown by the wayside. And Iran themselves is now throwing by the wayside their previously agreed to stipulation about sending the majority of their current uranium stockpile to Russia (and elsewhere) where it would NOT be able to be used in any future nuclear weapons program.

A deal where the John 'Swiftboat' Kerry led U.S. negotiating team...a team that has America's Secretary of State as the negotiator instead of his being the person who should be above the outwardly advancing the Iranian agenda according to Amir Hossein Mottaghi...the Iranian journalist who sought political asylum in Switzerland last week and who NOT too long ago was in charge of President Rouhani’s 2013 public relations campaign directed towards Iran's youth. And this was the man who told Irane Farda, a London-based Iranian opposition TV station, that the Kerry team's sole purpose was to convince the P5+1 powers to bow to the wishes of Iran NO matter what last minute changes Iran wants or demands.

And if this deal that willfully pits the U.S. against Israel...despite the reservations of many members of the P5+1...despite the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) admitting that Iran is outright lying about its nuclear program...despite concerns about break-out time as in how long it would take Iran to actually make a deliverable weapon (Netanyahu says it will be under a year) especially since Iran’s nuclear scientists have already mastered the fuel cycle, are in the process of developing the afore mentioned ICBM technology, along with having a warhead design on the drawing board just waiting to be built then launched....and despite a threat by Congress to try and block the deal (and there might well be enough Democrats who will vote with Republicans to override the expected presidential veto of this action) would begin a nuclear arms race in the already volatile and very dangerous Middle East.

And this particular arms race would have long-lasting consequences for both the security and safety of those NOT only in the Middle East but throughout the world, and will negatively affect U.S. interests in the region long after Barack HUSSEIN Obama is out of office...and that day cannot come soon enough.

And dare we forget one of the most important aspects of this deal for NO matter when it comes to pass it would be a political victory for Iran because Obama would afford them sanctions relief post-haste...translating into Iran wins again and America, Israel, and the world loses.

And so Benjamin Netanyahu, who called the emerging agreement "a reward for Iran's aggression," got it right yet again when he recently said that this deal...this even worse than he first feared because this deal whitewashes... ignores is more like it...Iran's “expansionist ambitions” in both the near region and beyond through Shia islamist proxies and through terrorist groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, and al-Qaeda. And as Israel is building up its own military presence along its borders, BiBi's pointing out to all who will listen that Iran's proxies in Yemen...the Houthi rebels...are taking over large areas of that country and are trying to gain control of the strategic Bab-el-Mandeb straits...where large supplies of oil move through (as I write this Saudi planes are on bombing raids trying to prevent the take-over of the straits) can hear in Netanyahu's words a sense of foreboding about the dangerous things to come in an already highly unstable region of the world.

Extremely dangerous things and know that Saudi Arabia...already at odds with Iran over interpretations of islam, leadership of the islamic world, oil export policies, and their relations with the U.S. and the West...would be the first to acquire nuclear weapons without even having to develop them on their own for it's believed that Saudi Arabia...who already has an extensive energy generating nuclear power program... financed almost a full 60% of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program and as such has an agreement of sorts with Pakistan that if asked, the Saudis would be able to acquire nuclear weapons post-haste directly from them with NO questions asked.

And who would want them next...Egypt and Turkey for sure. And while Egypt would NOT use them against Israel or the U.S. I'm NOT so sure about Turkey with the likes of islamist Recip Erdogen at the helm. Erdogen...a man so concerned about Israeli's long suspected...and verified by Obama's deliberate leak...first-and second-strike nuclear capability and long-range ballistic missile delivery systems...would want them if for NO other reason than for a tit-for-tat retaliation capacity 'just in case.' And that in turn would lead to escalating tensions in other neighboring Arab countries and to a possible non-nuclear armed conflict with Israel or to intervention by the U.S. and her allies, especially if a Republican president is elected in 2016.

So now with oil prices per barrel continuing to fall ahead of a possible nuclear deal that with sanctions eased could see more Iranian crude making its way into an already oversupplied and over saturated market, the only winner in this very bad deal-in-waiting will be the very ones who want to kill us all...and they most assuredly will try to do so when they get Barack HUSSEIN Obama's gift of a nuclear bomb.


Today, Wednesday, April 1st, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will be discussing the impending Iranian nuclear sellout of a deal and Indiana Governor Mike Pence's stand on religious freedom.
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