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An Unclassified Raid
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

We have seen material like this before. We have seen materials that have been submitted to courts for warrants. This is not unprecedented. His actions are unprecedented in history, and he has a lot of questions to answer.”                                                                       - Ohio Rep. Mike Turner's (R) questioning whether the search warrant executed by the FBI and set into motion by AG Merrick Garland at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was justified or necessary

Some see it as the continuation of the Democrats witch hunt against President Trump while others see it as Impeachment Part 4. However, I see it in much stronger terms as in the Democrats last ditch attempt at a major political character assassination to prevent our former president from becoming our next president never mind the mid-term outcome...paperwork be damned.

And so in a show of Gestapo like force not unlike that seen in a bad grade-B movie, armed FBI agents raided the private home of former President Donald J. Trump, over a year and a half after he left office...a year and half after he had not only agreed to but complied with turning over any and all documents the FBI requested to see. And the document brouhaha actually started back in February of this year when the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) took into possession 15 boxes of documents that President Trump stored at his Mar-a-Lago home...boxes that housed some communications with North Korean's Kim Jong Un to a letter from Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself.

And President Trump, as promised, voluntarily turned over said documents and yet Democrats demanded to know whether Trump had complied with the Presidential Records Act of 1978, the act which requires the archivist of the United States to maintain presidential records. And suddenly, lo and behold, the NARA archivist identified items marked as classified national security information” within said boxes.

And so this newest politically driven melodrama started to unfold.

Using a search warrant signed on August 5th by South Florida Federal Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart, and with Attorney General Merrick Garland (whose wife was directly involved in stopping a number of 2020 election audits from going forward) giving the final go ahead to institute said warrant, the FBI entered Mar-a-Lago...storm trooper the early morning hours of August 8th. Using the pretext of looking for documents connected to three possible violations of federal statutes including a section of the Espionage Act(the very act that makes it a crime to possess or share national defense secrets without authorization); a section of law relating to the destroying or concealing of documents that interfere with an official government investigation; as well as a section of law against stealing, destroying or “mutilating” government records...with said pretexts being grasping at straws at best.

Why so? Because after learning that Jay I. Bratt, the top counterintelligence official in the DOJ's national security division, had paid a June 3rd unannounced visit to Mar-a-Lago...little known was that one of Trump's top lawyers had already “legally certified,” in writing, that all expected to be turned over materials had indeed been done so in a timely manner and to the appropriate government authorities as was required by law upon President Donald J. Trump's leaving office.

This fact makes the certification especially important because not only did the warrant issued cite an “obstruction statute” as reason to search for “supposed” classifed documents belonging to the government as being justification for the raid, but we now find legal experts on both sides of the political aisle agreeing with Trump's lawyers in that presidents do indeed have “absolute authority” to declassify documents at the time of their choosing. And President Trump has emphatically stated that the process of declassifying documents had always been done as required by law, and that any documents remaining at Mar-a-Lago were already declassified no matter the FBI's believing that any documents found on premise were improperly stored and in violation of federal law.

And I believe President Trump for in no way would he...a man who deeply loves this country...keep boxes clearly marked classified” in his home knowing that the Democrats would do and say any and everything possible to prevent him from running for president in 2024. And this includes the FBI possibly having “planted” such documents as that of which Trump is now being accused of having in his possession, so that “tucked away at the residence” could be “found” nuclear secrets and/or codes which would be the very justification “We the People” would accept as reason enough for the raid, what with the January 6th hearings not producing the Democrats much needed “smoking gun.” 

Thankfully, the majority of Americans, including some leading Democrats (thank you Tulsi Gabbard), simply are not buying what the DOJ and the FBI are selling, and that includes Joe Biden's claiming that he knew nothing about the raid beforehand.

And with FBI Director Christopher Wray acknowledging that he too approved the actual filing of the search warrant application...matters were made worse in that the armed raid was conducted while President Trump was in New York City; while his lawyers, on FBI orders, were not allowed to be present; and where Mar-a- Lago's security/surveillance cameras were believed, at the time, to have been turned off...issues needing answers. Simply, and with malice intended, I believe, legitimacy as well as “due cause” were knowingly breached in favor of AG Garland's partisan agenda coupled with the Democrats (read Hillary here) still in play quest for political revenge morphing into an overt miscarriage of justice being directed at the 45th (and hopefully 47th) President of these United States.

And this is no matter that what President Trump is now being falsely accused of was indeed committed by Hillary Clinton herself via her secret bathroom server and a program called “Bleach Bit” back in 2008 when she destroyed/erased 33,000 emails, messages, and documents including those clearly marked with a “C”... which even we laymen know means “classified” in government speak. And while Hillary lied by stating that she did not know what “C” meant, the fact is that she did, she lied, and she got away with it without so much as a slap on the wrist. More on that in a bit.

And if the FBI's raid on Trump's home was what some call a matter of “phishing,” planting, or even a simple distraction, at the crux of it all, whether it be nuclear or January 6th in nature, is the word “Classified,” a word relating to President Trump and nuclear codes and secrets. And this is quite laughable for both AG Garland and the FBI know well that the nuclear code not only changes with each president, but that it's changed each and every day for security purposes. And this means that anything marked “Classified” or Top Secret...nuclear code or otherwise...if found, would have already been rendered null-and-void, useless to the president and America's enemies... useless within 24-hours of being issued. 

Translation: AG Garland's musings regarding nuclear anything seems to be but a cover story for what are truly nefarious purposes for when Democrats out for revenge cannot accept reality...when they fixate their hatred on one man to such a degree that they will do or say anything even if it means jeopardizing the integrity of the presidential office itself, you know what appears on the surface is anything but the truth.

Here one must understand the “Classified Documents” issue, for this pretense alone was the means by which the FBI, with signed warrant in hand, raided Mar-a-Lago, and is the basis upon which they hope to render Donald J. Trump politically impotent.

Classified Documents,” no matter their designation, are considered “Restricted Information” where only those with proper security clearance are able to peruse said documents or be informed of their contents. And with the president having constitutional authority to do so via his being commander-in-chief, he can, at the time of his choosing, classify or declassify documents and information. This process involves placing the documents and information into three specific categories, those being “Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret.” And access to highly sensitive information (like nuclear codes and secrets) can be further restricted with a designation of  S.C.I.meaning “Sensitive Compartmented Information.”

And past American presidents have established and developed the classification process through a series of executives orders...orders dating from the World War II era, through the Cold War, through still in effect “Executive Order 13526” EO issued by Obama himself back in 2009. And President Trump followed Obama's declassification order as what say the Democrats now as the happenings at Mar-a-Lago do seem strictly partisan in nature.

And here, as a side note, we must again insert Hillary Clinton into the mix for while she had security clearance in her role as Secretary of State, she not only breached the rules regarding how “classified documents” must be marked, stored, physically transported, and electronically transmitted, but she actually broke the law with her secret bathroom server being used by her to receive classified information, along with her 33,000 Bleach Bit delete fest. And when you add in that government officials and FBI agents were actually complicit in her lawbreaking and its corresponding cover-up, Hillary's actions become even more grievous in nature.

So while the classification system as it stands now after the FBI raid...a “home invasion” is what it really should be called...remains about the feds wanting sole “bureaucratic control,” over the entirety of the classification system no matter that current punishment for disobeying or not complying with said rules being on the administrative end...meaning those guilty of “classified” infringements can be reprimanded, lose their security clearance, and/or be fired...yet nothing of the sort has happened to Hillary nor will it unless the Republicans grow a spine. But when it concerns President Trump, the Democrat hierarchy of partisan driven shills is unequivocally out for his political blood. Remember, revenge in the political arena does tend to be dirty if nothing else.

And dirtier by the day...this FBI armed raid over what appears to be knowingly outdated documents is but a show of force by the federal government...force that will surely be used to intimidate any and all who stand in their and their agenda's way. A weaponized bullseye of sorts now placed on any elected official who does not tow the party line, as well as to target those considered to be political rivals and therefore political enemies.

The Democrats quest for power coupled with their lingering fixation on past elections Trump v. Hillary here...has seen President Trump's character being slandered and defamed to the nth degree and it started with the proven to fabricated Steele Dossier. And if they can do this to a former...and hopefully future...president, they can target we ordinary Americans at will, meaning at the time of their choosing whether there be justifiable cause for a search or not.

And as I write this article, President Trump is rightfully considering filing a lawsuit against the DOJ for violating his Fourth Amendment* rights and he wants to release whatever footage there not all security cameras had been turned off as first thought...of armed FBI agents raiding his home as speculation about what exactly the FBI took and why being at the heart of the matter. Also, the same Judge Reinhart who issued the warrant has now ruled that the FBI must release the affidavit as to why the warrant was wanted, but that the DOJ can redact what they deem needs redacting with the caveat being that they must again bring it before his court to OK or delete said redactions. Personally, I believe, the affidavit should be released in its entirety with no redactions at all as redactions usually equate to hiding some form of government shenanigans coupled with an ensuing cover-up.

But no matter the final outcome of this miscarriage of justice, please don't dismiss a shadow hanging over this sorted mess. And that shadow has a name...Hillary Clinton...who remains eerily quiet and out of sight as she has much to hide and fear if what was really looked for was Trump having undeniable evidence of her many misdeeds. But no matter the reason, Hillary's stench in this matter reeks strong for with the Democrat hierarchy not wanting Joe Biden to run for reelection they...and Obama...just might be setting the stage for a Hillary v. Trump rematch come 2024, what with Hillary, in their minds, being the only candidate who can beat President Trump thus garnering Obama his so wanted "real" third term in office. Just something to think closed.
* Fourth Amendment:  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

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