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Vaccine Misinformation vs. Truth
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Covid-19...the bane of us all...whether we personally have been infected or not...has seen a virus being successfully used as a political weapon to not only help steal an election, but to change the geopolitical landscape of not only our country but the world as well.

A virus...what is but a minuscule piece of genetic “information”...saw Covid-19 doing the only job viruses are naturally programmed...or in this particular case do, as in infect, alter, and then keep reinfecting its host until either the host's immune system is successful in fighting off said virus before it does irreparable harm, or if a large population is affected until “herd immunity” kicks in, which in time it eventually does.

And know that “herd immunity” when reached signals the end of a virus's reign for no virus in man's history has been able to wipe mankind out, that obviously is an indisputable fact. And while most viruses do eventually either burn themselves out or become but a simple annoyance...medically speaking of course...and do so with or without man's intervention... to understand how and why Covid-19 has been so successful in its endeavors one must understand the very nature of a virus itself.

And while I do not have an M.D. next to my name, there are some scientific and medical basics...virology 101 if you will...that common sense alone should help dictate. And fact number one is that a virus needs a host to do its dirty deed while bacteria, the kind that cause bacterial infections, can and do exist without a host being needed for bacteria are actually living things that can survive and replicate on their own if need be, viruses cannot thus meaning they are not “alive” so to speak. Think of it this way...a virus is more parasitic in nature in that it needs a host to feed off of in order to order to replicate itself to where it becomes numerous enough to do its host bodily harm.

Also, remember that while most viruses do harm...retroviruses being the exception as they can live in healthy folks without causing overt disease...some bacteria are actually beneficial to us...“gut” bacteria is but one example. And while antibiotics can cure a bacterial infection, antibiotics do nothing against a viral infection, with current anti-viral medications being limited in scope and tenuous in regards to effectiveness at best.

So how does Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) actually do its dirty deed? We do know that Covid-19 primarily spreads by means of airborne transmission, where upon entering a host's body it places its genetic “information” into a cell including, if need be, into beneficial bacterial cells, after all viruses do not discriminate against cells as any living cell will do. But what many don't know is that once inside a cell the Covid virus then “instructs” that cell to make copies of itself, until the host's body is so overwhelmed with virus that one starts to show the first outward symptoms of Covid illness.

But there is a downside here regarding the virus itself for if the virus kills its host's cells too fast it then has less time to“get out and find a new host” so to speak, as the virus itself dies when its host dies. Simply, a virus cannot replicate itself without being inside a host's living cell because the information needed to cause illness is dependent on having a living cell to translate said information into the components needed to become part of the virus particle that carries the information from one cell to the next. Complicated I know, at least on the surface, but when you understand, even on the most rudimentary level, how a virus works, only than can you understand why vaccines are not and will never be the end all, be all to Covid-19 no matter what Dr. Fauci and crew want you to matter Biden's mandates as well.

Why so? Simply because we know that viruses mutate and evolve, usually growing stronger before becoming weaker, especially if the virus itself is relatively “stable” (as in survive for a long period of time, with virologists now believing that Covid-19 does remain active in the environment for days)...making them tougher and more complicated to fight each time they do resurface. The seasonal flu is a perfect example of this as a new flu shot is recommended every year just to keep up with the flu's newest mutation, and it's simply because our immune system cannot recognize what is now the current invader. 

And this is exactly what the “powers that be” intend for Covid-19 to become...a seasonal variation/mutation of itself so that shot after shot is needed to keep it at bay. And here the biggest winners are both the pharmaceutical companies who produce said can read about that in my previous article, The Business of well as our government itself who can once again mandate one rolls up their sleeve and get “jabbed” or lose their job and/or be barred from schools, restaurants, social events, really is about control after all.

And by the time a virus does burn itself out ones now mandated passport will be a book in and of itself.

"The unvaccinated should be afraid of the vaccinated. They’re just as infected. In fact, maybe more infected. If vaccinated, people are infected. So it is well known that it is the vaccinated people that generate the mutant strains and not the unvaccinated people. And that has led that corruption of the medical establishment saying that unvaccinated people are generating the mutants is an absolute falsehood. It is exactly the opposite. This has been known for 100 years that it’s vaccinated people who are more prone to generate mutant strains." - Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, M.D. Ph.D

Now as for the Covid vaccines themselves...all the vaccines currently in use are really just a form of anti-virals as they're either comprised of a component of the Covid virus or are an actual diluted form of the virus itself. And while the vaccines are said not to cause Covid itself, their components still “grow,” if you will, within one's body, meaning the virus remains active to some degree and therefore can still transmit the illness to both the unvaccinated and at times to the fully vaccinated... “breakthrough cases” they're being called. However, there's nothing “breakthrough” about them as this can and does happen with any and all vaccines given.

How so? First, to be effective vaccines need a certain amount of time to build full protection...usually a few weeks time or more...meaning that in the case of Covid-19 a fully vaccinated person can still contract Covid-19 either before or in the weeks after being vaccinated because the vaccine did not have enough time to build up needed protection. Or so it's been said because the truth is that while a successful vaccine induces a response from the body to make antibodies against a given disease without the risk posed by infection, that does not always happen in regards to the Covid vaccines. And why...because the Covid vaccines in current use are “unsteralized” in nature...meaning they're simple antivirals where a component of Covid's viral DNA or RNA has been slightly altered in the hopes that it “disrupts the process” by which the Covid virus replicates itself instead of actually stopping replication in full.

And herein lies the problem with the current form of “the jab” because for one to gain full and much needed “steralized immunity” against Covid-19, ones body needs to produce enough “neutralizing antibodies” to counter the "spike protein" of SARS-CoV-2 along with T-cells that can "kill" infected cells or help other cells perform their antiviral functions in order to stop Covid in the long term not simply “disrupt” the virus's replication process. What's needed is a vaccine that produces life-long immunity, hence no booster shots needed, which is definitely not the case with today's Covid vaccines nor with the now foolishly sanctioned “mix and match” booster shots being pushed on the gullible masses.

Simply, all of today's Covid vaccines while reducing the severity of illness and hospitalization for some still allows for the Covid virus to be “shed” by those fully vaccinated. This means even they can catch the very virus they were vaccinated against, which for a growing number it sadly seems to result in death. Why so...because the number of cells infected overwhelms even their immune system as the vaccine they received was “unsteralized” in nature.

Need proof? It's been reported in the scientific journals Nature, Medical News Today, and even in National Geographic, that data from COVID-19 tests in the U.S., the UK, and Singapore show that vaccinated people who do become infected with the highly transmittable Delta variation of Covid actually carry as much (or more) virus in their nose then do unvaccinated people. This means that despite the protection offered by vaccines, a growing proportion of fully vaccinated people can easily pass on the Delta variation...the variation now accounting for most of the new cases here in parts of our country. 

"The key to ending the pandemic has always been the immune system."                             - Steve Templeton, Immunologist, University of Indiana School of Medicine

So much for Joe Biden and crew's blaming we the still unvaccinated for the rise in Covid cases here in the U.S., for if truth be told it's we the unvaccinated who now seem to have more natural antibodies than those who were “jabbed,” and that's probably due to our having exposure to the virus yet having immune systems strong enough to fight off said virus. And while vaccinations do play a key role in us reaching “herd immunity” simply because a certain percentage of folks do need to be vaccinated for “herd immunity” to start kicking in, the fact remains that we the still and will remain unvaccinated wisely know that only “herd immunity” will be what in the end slows down or possibly even ends the Covid pandemic.

And no words from proven liar Dr. Anthony Fauci or politically generated mandates from Joe Biden will ever convince us otherwise. Case closed.

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