Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why Doesn't Israel Just Withdraw to the 1948 Borders?
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Ever wonder why Israel doesn't just withdraw to its 1948 borders, approved by the UN. Wouldn't life be simpler? Wouldn't the wars end? This video, by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, made prior to the current conflict in Gaza, sums up the perspective opposing withdrawal from the land won in the 1967 Six Day War quite well.

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Obama's Backdoor Gun Registration Scheme?                                                                                                    
Independent Living News

Black and Buying a Gun? The Government Wants to Know
If you want to purchase a firearm, you’d better be ready to declare your race and ethnicity. Because the government wants to know.

This is a policy that was quietly introduced under the Obama administration in 2012. At that time, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms updated their gun-buyer form to include checkboxes for whether or not you are Hispanic or Latino and to confirm if you are Indian, Asian, Black, White, or a Pacific Islander.

And don’t even think about leaving that part of the form blank. That’s a violation. One that could shut the gun dealer down if he lets it slide.

So, what gives?

Why exactly is this “post-racial” administration keeping track of race when it comes to gun purchases of all things?

A Plan for Backdoor Registration?

The whole situation is hinky.

A lot of things could be going on here. None of them have to do with better law enforcement. Or protecting average citizens from gun crimes.

The ATF says that it is just making its forms complicit with standards set by the Office of Management and Budget in 2003. (Apparently, they just got around to it.)

But critics say there is no federal mandate that gun dealers collect race or ethnicity information from their customers.

You must provide a government-issue photo ID when purchasing a firearm. The dealer also runs a background check. So collecting this information for identification purposes doesn’t make sense.

According to some dealers the forms themselves are being mishandled. The gun dealer holds the forms in question on file. The ATF may request access to specific forms in the event of a criminal investigation. They may also check the forms during a gun dealer audit. But some dealers say that recently, ATF officers have come in and copied their forms … all of them.

It seems possible to me that since gun registration bills have failed to pass, the Obama administration may be building its own “gun registration” database using these purchase forms. That’s pure speculation … but you must admit, it makes sense. Especially given this administration’s history of circumventing Congress to get its way.

MSNBC blames NRA for spread of Ebola

Joe Newby / Spokane Conservative Examiner
MSNBC blames NRA for spread of Ebola
MSNBC, the cable outlet known here as the official network of insane liberal hate, struck again, blaming the National Rifle Association for the spread of Ebola while ignoring the thousands being allowed to enter the country from Ebola nations without additional screening. On Friday, Newsbusters reported that MSNBC host Krystal Ball and NBC correspondent Anne Thompson "shamelessly" politicized the Ebola crisis in an op-ed published Thursday on

According to the far-left wing fringe network, due to "Senate dysfunction and NRA opposition, we don't have a surgeon general right now....during a time when, we not only have Ebola arriving on our shores, but are also dealing with the mysterious Enterovirus, which is infecting and contributing to the deaths of children in the U.S." Apparently, Ball and Thompson are unaware that Democrats currently rule the Senate with an iron fist.

"In fact," the two liberals added, "we haven't had a surgeon general for more than a year now — even though the president nominated the eminently qualified Dr. Vivek Murthy back in November 2013."

But there's a reason Murthy's nomination has been delayed -- his controversial stand on the Second Amendment. But according to Ball and Thompson, the real reason has nothing to do with Murthy's views on guns, it has to do with fear of the NRA, an organization liberals decry as evil -- so evil, in fact, that one liberal Democrat actually prayed for God to kill every member of the organization with Ebola.

"The NRA wrote a strongly worded letter, Rand Paul put a hold on the nomination, and Red State Democrats begged Harry Reid to not force them to vote," the two NBC employees said. "It's funny that the strongly worded letters of ordinary citizens don't seem to have quite the same effect," they added, implying that the millions of Americans who are members of the NRA aren't "ordinary citizens."

Matthew Balan said Ball and Thompson "undercut" their argument somewhat when they wrote that "Tom Frieden, the head of the Center for Disease Control, has been filling in for part of the surgeon general's role" in the Ebola crisis. But, they added, "he has his own vital work to attend to as both head of the CDC and the U.S. Ambassador to the World Health Organization."

Naturally, neither Ball nor Thompson bothered to state the degree of Murthy's anti-gun radicalism.

For example, they failed to mention that according to the doctor, "society's preoccupation with firearms" comes from "fiery gun battles" on Saturday morning cartoons, the UK Daily Mail reported in March.

"Today, a typical elementary student wakes up on Saturday mornings to fiery gun battles, explosive scenes of terror and the violent decimation of the 'bad guy' – all this in a children's cartoon," Murthy said in 1994 at the ripe old age of 16. "With such destructive influence, society's preoccupation with firearms and brutal methods of conflict resolution is no surprise."

In short, Ball and Thompson wants the Senate to confirm a radical anti-gun zealot who formed his opinions from watching Saturday morning cartoons. Naturally, Senate Republicans weren't impressed.

"This nominee seems much more devoted to politics than to patients," Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wy., said. "I know there are a number of senators who are up for re-election who are probably not going to want to vote for somebody who is this committed to taking away our Second Amendment rights."

Islamic State Plots to Attack US with Ebola: Jihadists ‘to Send Infected Militants’ to America to Spread Disease

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

We all had complete confidence in our healthcare system …. until Obama.

We all had complete confidence in Bush-era quarantine policy until in 2010 when the Obama administration withdrew updated quarantine regulations drafted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and proposed by the Bush administration. The new rules would have required air passengers to submit more information to airlines and strengthened the government’s authority to detain travelers suspected of carrying disease.

The Obama administration refuses to impose any flight restrictions on ebola stricken countries.  British Airways joined Gulf carrier Emirates in scrapping West African routes in response to the deadly Ebola outbreak as most rival operators keep...

/ Jihad Watch
TaharakTalibanPakistanThe Pakistani Taliban says to the Islamic State: “All Muslims in the world have great expectations of you … We are with you, we will provide you with Mujahideen (fighters) and with every possible support.” The misunderstanding of Islam is epidemic and global. Will Obama send John Kerry to talk to the Pakistani Taliban and explain to them how the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam?

“Pakistani Taliban declare allegiance to Islamic State and global jihad,” by Saud Mehsud and Maria Golovnina, Reuters, October 4, 2014 (thanks to Block Ness):
DERA ISMAIL KHAN/ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (Reuters) – The Pakistani Taliban declared allegiance to Islamic State on Saturday and ordered militants across the region to help the Middle Eastern jihadist group in its campaign to set up a global Islamic caliphate.
Islamic State, which controls swathes of land in Syria and Iraq, has been making inroads into South Asia, which has traditionally been dominated by local Taliban insurgencies against both the Pakistan and Afghanistan governments.
The announcement comes after a September move by al Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, to name former Taliban commander Asim Umar as the “emir” of a new South Asia branch of the network that masterminded the 2001 attacks on the United States.
Although there is little evidence of a firm alliance yet between IS and al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders, IS activists have been spotted recently in the Pakistani city of Peshawar distributing pamphlets praising the group.
IS flags have also been seen at street rallies in Indian-administered Kashmir. The trend has been of growing concern to global powers struggling to keep up with the fast-changing nature of the international Islamist insurgency.
In a message marking the Muslim holy festival of Eid al-Adha, the Pakistani Taliban said they fully supported IS goals.
“Oh our brothers, we are proud of you in your victories. We are with you in your happiness and your sorrow,” Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said in a statement sent to Reuters by email from an unknown location.
“In these troubled days, we call for your patience and stability, especially now that all your enemies are united against you. Please put all your rivalries behind you …
“All Muslims in the world have great expectations of you … We are with you, we will provide you with Mujahideen (fighters) and with every possible support.”
The statement, released in Urdu, Pashto and Arabic, was sent after Islamic State militants beheaded British aid worker Alan Henning in a video posted on Friday, triggering condemnation by the British and U.S. governments….

HONG KONG (AP) — The story of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong's top leader, is a rags-to-riches tale that is generally admired in this commercially-minded city. But Leung is deeply unpopular, thanks mainly to his longstanding ties with mainland China.

Beijing's burgeoning influence in this former British colony is a key factor driving protests that have paralyzed parts of this dynamic city and brought on some of the worst confrontations in decades.

Anger toward Beijing is not shared by all in Hong Kong, and the scuffles that began Friday between protesters and people trying to force them off the streets reflect widening rifts within this city of 7 million.

Protesters and their supporters have turned out by the tens of thousands at times over the past week to voice their disapproval of Leung and of plans that would require a pro-Beijing committee to screen the nomination for Hong Kong's inaugural election for chief executive in 2017. The protests pose the biggest challenge to the mainland since it took control in 1997 under a "one country, two systems" arrangement keeping in place the city's civil liberties and separate legal and political systems.

"We are not seeking revolution. We just want democracy," Joshua Wong, a 17-year-old student organizer, told a huge, youthful crowd Saturday night as they cheered and chanted "Go Hong Kong!" and "Democracy Now!"

The dissatisfaction that sparked the protests extends well beyond unhappiness with Leung and political reforms. Incomes have stagnated while living costs have soared. Hong Kong's wealth gap is one of the world's highest, with average incomes among those under age 24 less than 8,000 Hong Kong dollars (about $1,000) a month.

When describing my ill thoughts to someone recently about Harry Reid, the person asked me: “Who is worse -- Barack Obama or Harry Reid?” My immediate answer was Harry Reid. I can understand someone taking a different position on that question. Let me explain why there is no one I have ever loathed more in American government than Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), who hereafter will be referred to as the nickname I gave him years ago – The Undertaker.
If you have read history to understand the position that The Undertaker now holds – Majority Leader of the United States Senate – you start with Robert Caro’s book Master of the Senate. The book is part of Caro’s extensive series on Lyndon B. Johnson which has redefined political biographies.

Johnson created the modern majority leader. Before that the position did not have a high level of influence. Johnson worked with what was referred to as the “Old Bulls” of the Senate (committee chairs) to get legislation passed. He made the Senate a more effective place.

The Undertaker has completely bastardized the position. He has created a Senate of 1 -- himself. Every piece of legislation, every debate, and every amendment goes through his hands, and basically nothing gets done. For many years, until last year, he would not allow a budget conference with the House as required by law. That is why we have had no budget most years and again this year. We just get continuing resolutions so the government does not shut down. Nothing gets done and it is all because of Reid.

The press focuses on the one piece of legislation that actually passed the Senate; Comprehensive Immigration Reform that was never taken up by the House for multiple reasons including its immense length. The press does not mention the 350 bills passed by the House which have never been brought to any level of discussion in the Senate. Many of these bills are aimed at job creation or tax simplification, but The Undertaker kills them. No discussion allowed even if there is a Senate sponsor. No one gets a say except The Undertaker.

Recently I had the good fortune of sitting next to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) at a small luncheon. I asked the Senator why Democratic senators allow The Undertaker to emasculate them. Rubio stated Reid prevents the senators from having to vote on bills that will put them on record. I then stated that the senators cannot even make amendments to the few bills that reach the Senate floor and asked why they tolerate it. He said “It appears they are a little tired of that.”