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READ: Bicameral Letter Sent to Congressional Leaders Over Wuhan Laboratory FundingSen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Monday led a bicameral letter sent to House and Senate leadership calling for an end to taxpayer funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory. It is believed that the Wuhan coronavirus started in the lab, despite lab director Yuan Zhiming denying such claims. 
Below is the full letter (emphasis mine):
Dear Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader Schumer, and Minority Leader McCarthy:

TWO NEW STUDIES: Stanford University and USC show coronavirus much less deadly than we’ve been told, with a fatality rate like a seasonal flu

The studies, conducted by public health officials and scientists at Stanford University and the University of Southern California, show the estimates of the number of people infected in those counties were far, far higher than the number of confirmed cases.

After adjustments intended to account for differences between the sample and the population of the county as a whole, the researchers estimated that the prevalence of antibodies was between 2.5 percent and a bit more than 4 percent. The county’s population is 1.9 million.

The coronavirus may be much less deadly than originally expected, with a fatality rate more closely resembling that of a seasonal flu strain than a pandemic of profound lethality.

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

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Possible coronavirus vaccine enters human testing trial
Progress is being made toward a viable vaccine for the coronavirus, say researchers at a Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical company.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals along with the University of Pennsylvania’s research facility and the Wistar Institute, have been working on the vaccine as recently as January. As originally reported by Fox News, the vaccine was fast-tracked into development after the Chinese government made the genome sequencing of COVID-19 public.
Pandora's Box Opened vs. Medical Truths

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Two questions. First, did you ever wonder why any of the doctors and politicians appearing together on TV do not wear masks or gloves while at the same time they're not standing or sitting the minimally recommended six feet apart? Second, have you ever wondered if COVID-19 opened the proverbial Pandora's Box as many want us to believe or is COVID-19 but another in a round of naturally occurring diseases being unleashing upon man via nature's wrath or did man have a hand in doing so? Well, I'm going to try and answer those questions from a tangible medical standpoint alone by eliminating all the media-hyped scare tactics.
So let's start with the fact that we currently live in a world crowded with over 7.8 billion people...people now having to expand into nature's domain. And with that expansion we see animal species having to fight to exist within the lands where our civilization not only encroaches upon their habitats but destroys what is...or should I say what was...nature's once thriving ecosystem. And it's this very act of encroachment that has allowed cross-species contamination to become more prevalent as we and once isolated species are now being forced to share the same space...literally...too many times.
And this sharing of space also means that mysterious viruses that once existed only in animal species... species other than man...have now been afforded the opportunity to become threats to our kind as naturally genetically error-prone RNA viruses...zoonotic viruses they're called...have been given the chance to make us their new hosts...payback of sorts for not respecting nature's boundaries perhaps. And with these newly emerging viruses now forging a host/parasitic relationship with mankind, they not so silently exponentially spread while we play political games using media generated panic as our weapon of choice against diseases that can and do kill us. 
And the killer dejour is called COVID-19 and as expected it did spread into America's communities what with there being no vaccine or antiviral drugs to stop let alone treat it..until the hydroxychloroquine/Z-pac combo that is. And while some doctors appearing on TV still claim that we need more testing regarding said drug combo, know that testing takes time, and time is not our friend in regards to COVID-19 no matter that the infamous curve is finally starting to show signs of flattening out.
So how should we as a country deal with this previously unknown virus that has spread worldwide with a spread rate higher than that of the ordinary flu yet similar to that of the“novel emergent influenzas” that have occasionally swept the globe? How about with facts regarding what really are the precautions needed to help prevent such a mass infection; how about with medical truisms that involve only simple common sense approaches instead of media induced panic; and how about with the Democrats stop turning a disease that affects persons of all political persuasions into a Trump hate fest for no one has worked more tirelessly to get this nightmare under control than our president has. 
But the fact is that instead of the Democrats and the media helping him...instead of them banding together with President Trump in this a time of national crisis...a crisis that should have no political agenda attached to it...all we see is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and now New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo trying to place blame on our president for the growing number of sick and dying Americans. And until such nonsense stops...stops even with the curve starting to flatten out...COVID-19 will remain not just a disease but a political weapon pointed and aimed at November 3, 2020.
Now as for medical truisms...layman style...instead of the medically veiled doublespeak we're currently being force fed again by the media...first know that the virus causing the previously “unexplained pneumonia” in some patients has been isolated and its RNA sequence has now been uploaded to numerous medical research websites. And this has allowed independent scientists from all over the world to study COVID-19's genetic structure, thus also allowing for the creating of new and more timely tests to aid in diagnosing its presence or the presence of antibodies...antibodies which will help in the developing of a vaccine that will eventually bring this nightmare virus under control.
And also know that while it's true that COVID-19 is spread via person-to-person contact and that social-distancing does work, albeit up to a point, what's not being talked about is one of the most important things of all...“herd immunity.” And “herd immunity” can easily be explained if one understands that as a COVID-19...keeps spreading here in the U.S. and worldwide...enough people will eventually have been infected and survived so that they become immune to that particular variation of the disease, with the side effect being that the outbreak will die out on its own as the virus basically runs out of its much needed susceptible hosts.

In more simple terms, when enough folks in any given population become resistant to a virus its spread naturally stops because not enough people are able to transmit it. And not to be forgotten is that we are exposed to viruses on a daily basis with no ill affects at all, simply because we have become immune to them through exposure we didn't even know occurred.
And “herd immunity” also is applicable to vaccines no matter that the level of vaccination needed to achieve “herd immunity” varies by disease, but overall ranges anywhere from between 83 to 94 percent. Two examples of vaccine induced “herd immunity” being the polio and measles vaccines which have made these specific viral diseases, for the most part, diseases of the past here in our country. 
But also know vaccine or no vaccine, and this is very important, by overly suppressing COVID-19's in via the mandated social distancing while being strongly advised to stay put in our own homes...means that we as a country will find it hard to build up the much needed “herd immunity.” A catch-22 situation of a medically dangerous kind.
Now as for protecting ourselves via social-distancing, there are things you need to know about how exactly COVID-19 is spread pertaining to the logistics of the virus in regards to said mode of spread...things the media has yet to report on. And while we all know that the general medical consensus is that COVID-19 is spread mostly by air-borne person-to-person contact via respiratory droplets...droplets courtesy of the now dreaded sneeze, cough, and for some so-called “sloppy” talk...what's not being told is that the size of the droplets involved affects not only the degree of transmission but also the corresponding area of safety needed for one to be safe from COVID-19's spread.

And while it's true that one will only get sick if said droplets land in ones mouth or in their nose...the virus' mucus membrane entry points...and then are inhaled into ones lungs as per the CDC's own words, one still needs to know the critical key difference between large and small droplets as it affects the amount of distance needed between people so as not to become infected with COVID-19.
So let's start with so-called large air-borne droplets which COVID-19's droplets are classified as and the six-feet now considered safe social distancing range. These large droplets then very quickly need to come into contact with someone’s mucous membranes in order for someone to get sick otherwise they are rendered inert, actually falling to the ground after having no point of contact. But, small droplets on the other hand...the kind which cause the common cold...remain suspended in the air for some time after someone coughs, sneezes, or “sloppy” talks, thus being able to infect others not in their original fallout field.

But here's where it gets sticky...while COVID-19's droplets are classified as being large, more recent studied have shown that their fallout range might be greater than the six feet previously thought, and might actually be closer to eight feet or more. And this might help explain why the infamous curve is not falling faster as more and more folks are getting infected but...but this is another key point...the severity of illness and the rate of needed hospitalizations now seems to be less severe than before.
Could “herd immunity” finally be starting to kick in as more folks get infected? Remember, this particular virus never existed before in humans and therefore no one had immunity to it...or could COVID-19 finally be slowly dying a natural death as the summer heat starts to kick in? The answer to both is a possible “yes.” Also know that once COVID-19 has been around for some time and “herd immunity” does start to build up in the general population, we might well see that if the virus does return next winter that it could be rendered more a nuisance like the seasonal winter flu than the harbinger of death that it now is. Even the ever partisan Dr. Anthony Fauci would agree with that as last month he had an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) to just that affect... which of course he never mentions in interviews or in President Trump's press briefings as to do so would take political ammo away from his liberal media cohorts.

But even if COVID-19 does become a flu-like illness it too could morph just like the flu does every year basically rendering any vaccine now being created tenuous at best...making "herd immunity" still our best defense. 
Now back to the first question we in why aren't any of the doctors, politicians, and even President Trump when appearing together on TV not wearing masks or gloves while at the same time not standing or sitting the minimally recommended six feet apart during these televised press briefings...simply because they know that there is no real protection against this disease short of “herd immunity” or a vaccine. That's why many wearing masks and gloves and practicing social distancing are still falling victim to COVID-19. Simply, if the virus deems you a suitable host it will seek you out and infect you and no “feel like you're doing something” protection will actually protect you.
So knowing these few all-important medical factors even if they're in the aforementioned layman's terms, coupled with my answering the beginning of the article questions, the fact remains that President Trump is trying hard to push aside all the political obstacles being thrown in his way, in an attempt to get America's economy reopened and people back to work. So don't you think it's time the Democrats stop all their whining about delayed testing...don't you think it's time to stop all their whining about long-term clinical trials being needed on drugs that have already been proven to work...don't it's time to stop all the media generated fear mongering as well as its anti-Trumpisms...and just let America be America again. I for one surely think so.

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