Monday, October 31, 2022

October's Booster...An Anything But Surprise
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

It's hard to believe that I'm writing another Covid-19 31st to be exact...but when China's nasty little gift to the world is now being used by the Democrats to try and influence yet another election's outcome I feel that I must again speak up.

So let's start by saying that it's a can of alphabet soup gone bad that's heading America's way with the letter B floating to the top of the CDC's media all melding together to comprise the letter C* which in Democrat-speak means that Covid season will again soon be here. And this is no matter that Covid cases like the autumn leaves are falling...falling to record low numbers. And even triple vaxxed, double boosted, but twice infected Joe Biden recently told us that the Covid pandemic is in the two dark and dank pandemic winters should now be one for the history books.

And know, as fact, that Covid is no longer pandemic but endemic in nature so it's time we move on to more important yet sadly related exactly how will the Democrats use Covid as the means by which to hopefully stop the Republican “red wave.”

And the answer is really quite simple and we're seeing it now with the first “October surprise” again being courtesy of China's nasty little gift to the world. If the Democrats can't stop their political their platform is but a continuation of the economic disasters we're currently experiencing coupled with their approved killing of the unborn...they're hoping that by screaming, “Covid is back...stay home,” will be enough to scare many away from both early in-person voting and voting on Election Day in hope that more fraud prone mail-in ballots are cast. And don't be surprised if over the next week we start seeing pockets of new Covid cases popping up in Democrat controlled cities and states no matter that those states also saw cases waning.

Simply, the Democrat hierarchy along with their CDC and media cohorts think that their newest Covid scare tactics will be enough to allow them to hold onto power. How wrong these Democrats are.

How so? First, we are so tired of being told to put into our bodies rushed to market vaccines and boosters not really proven to be good for us. And we're especially tired of the Democrats and the CDC, in their politically motivated push for more mail-in balloting, again sounding the Covid alarm. Now they're saying that almost “one in three” new Covid cases have been courtesy of the newest B-variant viruses, we also, as if on cue, see both the CDC and key Democrats announcing an updated “bivalent booster” that should...note they did not say “would” just as effective in preventing serious disease as were the previous “vaxxes and boosters.”

I didn't know the previous “vaxxes and boosters” were all that effective...simply they were not. In fact, this year more “jabbed and boosted” folks came down with Covid in higher numbers than did we the “unvaxxed and unboosted.” And not only did they come down with Covid, but many had serious side effects that will remain with them possibly for life or could actually lead to an early death, courtesy of the vaccine and/or the booster wrecking havoc on their immune system more so than from Covid itself.

How so? Even when one's immune system appears to be compromised or overloaded...which now seems to be the case for some...they're still being told they need another booster shot within a relatively shot period of time to help in keeping Covid in check. And as the midterm election draws near, we now all are being urged to get yet another rushed to market “bivalent” booster...a booster that has both a component of the original Covid-19 virus strain... which the CDC says will provide “broad based protection” against a component of the Omicron's newest variant which they believe will provide protection against said variant.

But really, the CDC has no way of knowing ahead of time exactly when and which specific Omicron variant or sub-variant will next surface, especially when there are at least six new B-variants surfacing in different parts of the world.

And these new variants while similar in nature are at the same time actually quite different not only in the level of viral load they carry, but in both the intensity and duration of disease they cause. And with each variant deriving from slightly different branches of the so-called “Omicron family tree,” common sense should tell you that while many of the newest B-variant strains do show many, but of course not all, of the same Omicron based past viral mutations, logic should then dictate that there are now simply too many variations for the newest broad based vaccines and/or boosters to handle effectively.

But the question that really should be asked is why are the vaccines and their corresponding boosters effectiveness waning...why are the “vaxxed and boosted” still coming down with Covid while others of us seemingly remain impervious to the virus? The answer most likely is that with all the vaccines currently in use coupled with the need for booster shot after booster shot...they have weakened and in some cases have seriously damaged or even destroyed some folks immune systems. And this is especially true when said shots are given too close together as they lower one's all-important T-cell count, the very cells that are needed to help fight off infection.

And while one's immune system might still continue to “see” and even “recognize” Covid-19 as an invader as the vaccines and boosters have already added Covid to the body's “memory bank”..the fact that the immune system is overloaded does not allow it to fight back quickly enough the next time one is exposed to or comes down with Covid. Simply, one's immune system can no longer react properly against the invader nor can it stop transmission.

And something also forgotten, something key to the entirety of the Covid scenario, is the fact that immunity from any given disease often follows a single natural infection, immunity garnered from vaccines usually, but not always, only occurs after several doses have been given. This means that those who did get the “vax and boosters” were more likely the ones spreading Covid during the pandemic then we who got neither, as those “jabbed” had not built up enough immunity to prevent the virus from being transmitted to others. And on the flip side, we whose immune system was strong enough on their own to fight off Covid-19 has afforded us stronger and more lasting natural immunity then those “vaxxed and boosted.”

But how exactly is one's immune system compromised in regards to the seemingly unending series of Covid booster shots? First, while the booster shots might result in a bit of an increase in antibody levels, said new levels only offer a partial defense against the virus no matter its variant. And why...because one's immune system actually requires a given amount of time...way more than just a mere few weeks or process not only the original “information” it received, but also the additional information in the full vaccination series.

So if one's immune system does need processing time to work effectively against any given pathogen, why do the Democrats keep pushing the narrative that one needs booster shot after booster shot in order to reach the state of immunity where Covid is kept in check...the very state of immunity that we the “unvaxxed and unboosted” now seem to have reached on our own? The answer is quite simple...control via scare tactics that at times do turn into actual mandates.

And we are seeing this now in regards to the newest “bivalent booster” being shoved down our throats, never mind that what's in play here is what's referred to as “convergent evolution”...meaning when different viral lineages independently obtain similar modes of transmission levels versus a single new variant dominating the medical discourse...which in turn overwhelms one's immune system with “information” overload. And with time having allowed the Covid virus to adapt well to human transmission it allows whatever variant is now making the rounds to have what's called “high fitness” in the virus becoming easier to transmit...which in turn helps spread the virus amongst those whose immune system is overwhelmed by too many shots and boosters that have not been given the time needed to properly work.

And as with all things we put into our bodies, overdosing on anything...even hoped for preventative far worse to one's health than the disease one is trying hard not to get. And one just needs to ask CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who, on October 22nd, tested positive for COVID-19, a mere month after receiving the newest Novavax “bivalent booster”...a booster designed to protect against the original COVID-19 strain as well as the BA.4 and BA.5 variants...variants now believed to be in play here in our country. And it's also just two days after the ACIP (the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) voted to recommend that the CDC add this vaccine to their schedule of childhood vaccinations, even while it still is undergoing testing.

So now we can add CDC Director Walensky to the latest list of current high-profile government officials....officials including Joe Biden and his nursemaid wife Jill, along with the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci.....who have tested positive for and had symptoms of Covid-19 even though all were fully vaxxed, boosted, and boosted over and over again.

And the saddest part of all is that the uninformed and misinformed masses buy into what the Democrats and CDC folks are trying to sell no matter that science itself shows that some of the newest supposedly soon to be here B-variants actually appear to be impervious to the lab-created antibodies which are a main component of the Novavax booster shots now being offered to the public. And this is no matter that the CDC knows well that last month's results were released from a preliminary research study done at Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv, Israel showing that the 4th Covid booster shot does not appear to produce enough antibodies to actually prevent infection from the newest Omicron variants.

So while we who did our research on how true vaccines are created and brought to market along with the number of clinical trials and time needed for them to be proven both effective and safe, wisely refused the “jab” when it first came out as well as the follow-up series of boosters, will continue to do so. And while some of us still might come down with Covid, the fact is that over these past two years our immune systems have had time to build up the needed protective antibodies to the point where even if we caught Covid we'd most likely be either asymptomatic or have a much milder case.

But the bottom matter what the White House, the Democrats, the CDC or the media that Covid indeed has morphed into a pandemic of the “vaxxed and boosted”...folks who not only seem to be experiencing repeated cases of the disease, but who also seem to be experiencing more serious symptoms and complications than we the “unvaxxed and unboosted.” We who did not and will not buy into the vaccine hype... especially this October's not unexpected booster surprise...we overwhelmingly remain Covid free years into a pandemic per longer is. Case closed.


* These are the newest Covid variants the CDC claims are on its way: BQ.1, BQ.1.1, BF.7, BA.4.6, BA.2.75 and BA.2.75.2

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