Thursday, October 27, 2022

How Senate Forecasts Have Moved Toward Republicans In The Final Stretch Before Election Day
Sara Dorn / Forbes

With under two weeks to go before the midterm election, a Republican-controlled congress is looking increasingly more likely as Democrats—hamstrung by President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings and record-breaking inflation—have struggled to reassure voters their party can right the economy.

Key Facts

Democrats have lost their strong lead against Republicans in the battle for control of the Senate over the past month, with the party’s chances at maintaining its slim majority in the upper chamber now at 54 in 100, down from 68 in 100 at the end of September, according to FiveThirtyEight, which calls the race a “dead heat.”

Other forecasts show the Senate competition is a toss-up–Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia predicts 49 seats that lean toward,are likely to be won by or solidly in the hands of each party, while Cook Political Report ranks 50 seats as either solidly or likely to be in control of each party.

The 2024 Race Is Already Underway
Kurt Schlichter  / Townhall Columnist / Opinion

The 2022 midterms are not yet over – get ready to savor the wailing and gnashing of teeth of broken, shattered libs! – but the GOP’s 2024 presidential race is already underway. Not officially, not openly, but we can see the candidates’ covert positioning. Soon it will be overt. Word on the street is that not long after the red wave hits, Donald Trump will announce he is seeking the Republican nomination, taking credit for some of the big midterm wins. He would love a quick and quiet coronation, but that’s not happening. The GOP primary fight is going to be epic, and if you think Ron DeSantis is not going to run, I have a bridge to sell you that Governor DeSantis rebuilt in record time during his massively successful Hurricane Ian response.

Last Sunday afternoon I got bored – you can only slap around so many Twitter pinko blue checks before it gets monotonous – and I decided to toss a match into a barrel of high-octane gasoline. I tweeted “Okay, let's do this thing. Who do you hardcore patriots want to see win the GOP 2024 nomination right this minute, knowing you can change your mind as the primary progresses...” Then I listed the poll choices and set it to run for two hours. I expected a few hundred results, and for the former president to come in ahead of the pack.