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NYC PBA President Shreds Dem Leadership for Inciting Attacks on Police Officers

NYC PBA President Shreds Dem Leadership for Inciting Attacks on Police Officers
The president of the New York City Police Benevolent Association is sounding off on Democratic politicians for inciting violence against police officers following two attacks against officers in New York over the weekend. On Saturday night, a man tried to assassinate two officers sitting in a parked vehicle. The same man then walked into a police precinct on Sunday morning and began shooting. The suspect has now been identified as 45-year-old Robert Williams, a man with a lengthy criminal background. In the attack on Saturday, one officer was wounded but managed to drive himself to a nearby hospital. On Sunday, another officer was shot in the arm before the suspect eventually ran out of bullets, laid down on the ground and was taken into custody.
Iowa: Muslims unite behind Bernie to screams of “Allahu akbar”
By: Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

He is close to Linda Sarsour. He hates Israel. He wants to drastically weaken the U.S. He uncritically buys into the victimhood propaganda. What’s not to like? “US election 2020: At one Iowa mosque, almost all caucus votes went to Bernie Sanders,” by Ali Harb, Middle East Eye, February 4, 2020 (thanks to The Religion […]
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Pack Up The Impeachment Tent...The Show's Over...Maybe 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Well it's finally over...for now we all know the 'I' word will soon start surfacing again what with some key Democrats saying they do not accept last Wednesday's Senate vote to acquit. And if on the outside chance the 'I' word does lay low for awhile know it will rear its ugly head late on Tuesday night, November 3rd, when Donald J. Trump officially wins his second term in office...a win that will probably be the biggest landslide in decades. And as an added bonus I bet the Republicans will not only keep but increase their numbers in the Senate and take back the House as well. And the direct cause of the Democrats going “splat” lays directly at the feet of acquittal deniers Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and of course Chuck Schumer...the Senate minority leader caught on tape during the Senate impeachment phase talking to no one as he shooed said no one out of his designated Senate chair.*

Seeing imaginary vote tampering Russians I guess.

But going “splat” actually puts it mildly as the Democrats went into full meltdown mode as soon as their Senate demand to hear from those whom they considered to be key witnesses was formally voted down. Well, actually they started their meltdown even before the final gavel on the House hearings signaled the end was near for when one holds an inquiry made up solely of partisan shills masquerading as witnesses minus the promised but never delivered whistleblower who set this entire nonsense into in (shhh) Eric Ciaramella...the Democrats had to know that their case against President Trump would go nowhere in the Senate. And sometimes going nowhere comes at a very high cost...a cost “We the People” had to foot the bill for courtesy of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

And the cost for the Democrat-led House inquiry alone cost “We the People” over three and half million of our hard earned taxpayer dollars which when broken down was mostly used to pay the salaries of the 106 congressional staffers from the House Intelligence Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and the Oversight and Reform Committee...clerical staffers working on impeachment from the end of September to mid-December. And that dollar amount also includes having to pay the hourly fees for the Democrats six anything but unbiased supposed Constitutional attorneys who appeared during the House hearings.

Our taxpayer dollars so not well spent as the Democrats knew even before they called for President Trump's impeachment that while they could impeach him in their Democrat controlled House, they would never see him removed from office in the Republican controlled Senate. Simply, the Democrats knew from day one that in the end Trump would be acquitted, and yet revenge coupled with hatred for our president led them ever forward.

And while President Trump was rightfully acquitted in the end...rightfully acquitted as in not guilty, as in not removed from office...know that the Democrats call for impeachment was built neither upon a foundation of facts or even upon Constitutionally sound impeachable offenses but upon a foundation of hurt feelings, nonacceptance of election results, and the delusions of losers who have yet to realize that their time in the political spotlight was and remains over. The once honorable party of JFK has been hijacked by a new breed of young Democrats... Democrat-Socialists they call themselves...Democrats so far to the left that they're no longer recognizable to the Democrat party's old establishment guard.

Nevertheless, the Democrat old guard caved one by one, leaving moderation and bipartisanship behind, with their party and its legacy now laying in ruins after having cast aside the law that is the Constitution. And they did so while embracing supposition, hearsay, and lies all in an effort to negate the results of an election that took place nearly four years ago...all in an effort to try and remove a duly elected man from office who denied the “anointed one” his defacto third term in office courtesy of his pulling what would have been Hillary Clinton's presidential strings.

And that folks is the truth...the whole truth and nothing but the truth...behind what in reality remains a Democrat attempted political coup.

And that truth coalesced into one simple fact...fact...not supposition, hearsay or party infused Adam Schiff and crew presenting their case for impeachment with events so not truthfully told that at times said events were simply made up to fit their overtly anti-Trump agenda. Now add that fact into the package of what were carefully orchestrated and rehearsed discovery processes held behind closed doors; partisan witnesses spewing hyperbole, pure nonsensical innuendos, lies, and what ifs; and top it all off with a neat little partisan blue bow and “We the People” were delivered a package that helped to perpetrate Adam Schiff's fantasy vision of what he determined should be the ultimate payback for the Democrats not attaining their sought after prize...the White House.

But unfortunately, Adam Schiff was and still is not alone in his continuing to wear on his sleeve his all-consuming hatred for President Trump for again entering into the political fray...not that she ever really left House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi...the very woman who first was against impeachment unless it was bipartisan before she was for it...bipartisanship now be damned. That is she was for it only after the likes of “the squad”...and maybe even aforementioned wannabe third-term denied defacto president Barack HUSSEIN to her.

Got to her indeed for Nancy Pelosi not only shared Adam Schiff's thoughts about President Trump but also shared his delusions regarding the House impeachment process itself. In fact, Pelosi had been spewing all over the bought and paid for liberal media that, "Once a president is impeached, he's impeached for life," always forgetting that once a president is acquitted in the Senate that he is in found not guilty...for life as well...and that said acquittal is historically more important than the accusations made.

And know that Adam Schiff saw himself as being the Democrats knight in shining armor who would right the 2016 election's wrongs forgetting, just like Pelosi did, the fact that he never would be the decider of Trump's fate. But while Schiff thankfully failed in his quest some heroes did emerge during the Senate phase one being Sen. Rand Paul. After his question was denied by Chief Justice John Roberts during the Q and A portion of the Senate trial because it mentioned the whistleblower's name, Rand Paul cleverly used the period reserved for senators impeachment speeches to read aloud the name Eric Ciaramella...the Obama planted little weasel who first brought President Trump's supposedly unlawful conduct regarding Ukraine to the public's attention.

But to the Democrats chagrin most Republicans did not care that Rand Paul said whisttleblower's Eric Ciaramella's name because Paul also made it clear that while he supports protections against reprisal for whistleblowers he said that whistleblowers do not necessarily deserve anonymity. And I agree with Rand Paul as seeking anonymity means one does not have the courage to stand by their convictions let alone stand by their accusations made. Anonymity also means denying the accused the right to face their accuser and besides, Constitutional law itself does not “preserve anonymity.” Kudos to Rand Paul on this one.

So while in the end the House impeached President Trump...impeached him in a mostly party line vote after a partisan rigged denial of “due process”...Republicans in the Senate again stood strong with President Trump... except for Mitt Romney that is.

Now a pariah within his own party and rightfully so, Romney threw the law of the Constitution aside and actually admitted he cast his vote to convict President Trump of abuse of power based solely upon his faith and conscience instead of on Constitutional law. But let's be honest here, religion and conscience has nothing to do with it for Mitt Romney cast said vote because he remains an angry and vindictive man...angry that he will never be president... vindictive against President Trump for some long ago tweets and his being passed over for Secretary of State. Now becoming the first U.S. Senator to vote to convict a president of his own party in an impeachment trial...especially doing so knowing of the unfair House events leading up to said trial...what Romney did with that vote was not just join the so-called “resistance” but for all intents and purposes put a 'D' next to his name.

So when the Senate vote was finally taken it too fell along party lines, save for Mitt Romney on charge one. And with that vote Mitt Romney has to know that any political relevance he once had is now gone, 

President Donald Trump not only remains in office but is now seeing his approval numbers climbing while Adam Schiff still bloviates about Trump selling Alaska and that any Senator who voted not to impeach “must be held accountable” for said vote...which sounds like a veiled threat to me.

And as expected the Democrats totally came unglued after the acquittal. Chuck Schumer called said acquittal “virtually valueless” and that “there's a giant asterisk next to the president's acquittal...because he was acquitted without a fair trial"...thus implying the House hearings were fair...while Nancy Pelosi accused both President Trump and Senate Republicans of having “normalized lawlessness and rejected the system of checks and balances." 

But what they say pales in comparison to the fallout the Democrat party itself is now facing with it having to pay the political price come November for not only wasting our taxpayer dollars on something they knew all along would never come to fruition, but who now see their party being truly divided. Too many establishment Democrats...especially those in red states...are more that a bit peeved with both Pelosi and Schiff for they know it's Democrats who will pay the price in the upcoming election simply because their party leaders would not stop this attempted political coup from going forward.

But thankfully, at least for now, impeachment is behind us...President Donald J. Trump remains president...Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Chuck Schumer have been exposed as the Constitutional anarchists that they really are, and Mitt Romney has sealed his political fate...what a sad end for a once honorable man. But why do I again say for now...because on the positive end if the Republicans do win back the House they will surely push for expungement of the books putting this impeachment nonsense to rest once and for all...while on the negative end House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler has stated that he will try to subpoena John Bolton to appear before the House.

These four Democrats refuse to let go as their hatred for this president knows no end leaving me to wonder just what did Hillary promise them if she had become president. But no matter for Donald Trump is and will remain our president until January 2025, meaning those in Congress need to get back to work and do the people's business otherwise get the hell is as simple as that.
* See Senate Minotity Leader Chuck Schumer talking to no one here:

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