Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Problems With Study Claiming Gun Control Could Save LivesRecently, a new study was published that claimed three types of gun control laws could reduce firearm-related fatalities by up to 10 percent. Now, for the anti-gunners, this is big news. This is something they’re likely to jump up and down about and publicize until the cows come home. After all, many of these regulations are things they’ve been pushing for lawmakers to adopt for some time now.

However, there are problems with the study. Big problems.

In fact, they’re big enough that no one should act on anything just yet.
U.S. gun laws vary considerably by state. Some, like Kansas, allow citizens to carry firearms in public and make it legal for gun owners to shoot an assailant in self-defense in some situations (known as the stand your ground doctrine). Others, like California, are more restrictive, limiting not only who is allowed to carry guns in public, but also access to firearms in the home by requiring safety devices such as trigger locks or gun safes.

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