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Spike In Gun Ownership? Poll Shows 44 Percent Of All Homes Have A GunThe Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard crunched some the new numbers on gun politics from Pew Research and found that almost half the country has a gun in the home. Pew found that 44 percent of all homes have guns, while 51 percent do not. It bucks the trend of other polls, namely CBS News, which found that the percentage of gun ownership hovered in the mid-30s.

Yes, anti-gun liberals will point out that the majority of households don’t have guns. Yet, the same survey found that 52 percent of Americans prioritize protecting gun rights over new means to control ownership. Moreover, it’s a constitutional right. It’s part of the Bill of Rights, which is immune to public opinion and for good reason.

Merkel slams European countries that say they won’t take Muslim refugees
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Merkel slams European countries that say they won’t take Muslim refugees
“What I continue to think is wrong is that some say ‘we generally don’t want Muslims in our country, regardless of whether there’s a humanitarian need or not.’ We’re going to have to keep discussing that.” It is actually doubtful that she will allow, or participate in, any genuine discussion of that. She is much […]

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The War Zones in Europe

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

There is a war going on in Europe. Save for brave truth-tellers and a handful of websites, there is no coverage. The sharia-compliant media censors, omits any coverage of the war. When the death toll is unavoidable, mental illness is blamed, coupled with islamophobia and “fear of reprisals.”

Much thanks to Jean Patrick Grumberg for sending this from
The words are harsh but the reality is there: nothing differentiate the violent confrontations from war scenes any more. Young Muslim riots in the Essonne, in the outskirt of Paris lawless zones, have become war zones where police are confronted with mortar fire.
The latest episode dates back to last Monday in La Grande Borne area.
A police patrol was targeted by gunfire...
Investigative Report:
Betrayal for a Price 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

"These are very greedy people. These are people that have skirted the law for a long time." 
- Donald Trump on calling for The Clinton Foundation to be shut down 

Scandal after scandal has dogged Hillary Clinton since she first entered the political arena, and for this alone she should not even be in the running for president. Scandal after scandal that have all rolled off her back while leaving in her wake a slew of dead bodies…rolled off her back not for lack of facts or evidence but for a lack of guts I think for it seems that no one…except maybe Judicial Watch…is willing to seriously take on the Obama administration, James Comey’s F.B.I., Loretta Lynch’s D.O.J., or the Clinton machine itself. And it seems those in Congress are just too scared to bring charges against her for something…for anything…and know there really is a plethora of chargeable offenses they can choose from.

How about perjury…lying under oath…regarding Benghazi to name just one…proof that just might be in the soon to be released newest batch of previously withheld emails.

And while the Democrats think this 17-month long email scandal is over, the fact is it most assuredly is not. And now with the F.B.I.’s recent admission of and a federal judge’s order to release by September 13th some if not all of the 15,000 previously withheld emails that Hillary called “boring" and her lawyers deemed “personal”… emails so “boring” that Rep. Trey Gowdy said they were removed in such a way "so even God couldn't read them"… emails so “boring” that some of them had to be permanently removed by ‘BleachBit’ (a highly specialized program that deletes files in such a way as to prevent recovery and hide all traces of the files deleted)…meaning one really has to wonder just what is Hillary Clinton hiding. 

And why did Hillary not turn them over when she left her position as Secretary of State if they were just “boring” emails…and James Comey's argument that Hillary did not have “intent" to do wrong and really didn't know what she was doing has now been shot to hell for who but the guilty feels the need to do what I call a ‘nuclear delete’ of what Hillary calls simple wedding plans and yoga routine emails. Could it be perhaps that hidden within these very “boring” emails is something 'encrypted’ that could well expose The Clinton Foundation as being the money-laundering base of operations from which she and Bill made payments to themselves from monies donated by foreign governments and nationals who don’t like us very much…monies the foundation received via a Canadian front group set up to shield donors’ identities. Or maybe Hillary couldn’t risk it being found out exactly to whom questionable and oh so dubious monies were paid out to via said Clinton Foundation and transacted through emails...monies paid out like to the February 17 Martyrs Brigade perhaps…as in can you again say Benghazi.

Something tells me the email deleting all comes back to Benghazi and always has.

And The Clinton Foundation…technically ‘The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation’…is a cleverly devised base from which to promote all things Clinton as they rake in the bucks to enable both their self-serving lust for power and their all-encompassing greed to grow…the very foundation Hillary ‘supposedly’ resigned from when she assumed the Secretary of State position but oh so conveniently rejoined in 2013 after leaving said position…and it could very well be the touch point from which all of Hillary’s shenanigans radiated from for the server found and confiscated from the bathroom of her Chappaqua, New York home was a server previously used by The Clinton Foundation.

And emails already released to the public show that the foundation and the emails are indeed explicitly tied together as per the exposing of official interactions via email between the Department of State and The Clinton Foundation even though Hillary knew well that the two should never have co-mingled.

And how did they co-mingle…here are but eight prime examples...there are too many to list in one article...of Hillary’s not completely severing ties with The Clinton Foundation…a breach of contract if you will…while serving as Secretary of State. Example one: an email already released showed an associate thanking a longtime Clinton aide (Huma Abedin most likely) for his being given the “opportunity” to go on an “eye opening” Haiti trip with the foundation while at the same time seeking work at the Department of State, and with said department redacting said person’s name when the email was eventually turned over. Questionable for sure and leaves one to wonder just who they’re covering for. Covering for sure even as The Clinton Global Initiative head Douglas Band wrote to top Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills that it was important “to take care of” the associate’s request, and with Abedin’s response being “We have all had him on our radar. Personnel has been sending him options.”

Example two: more than half of Hillary’s private meetings as Secretary of State were with donors to...drum roll please...The Clinton Foundation of course. In fact, there’s an April 2009 email exchange between Clinton adviser and BFF Huma Abedin and the above stated Douglas Band where he insisted Abedin set up a private meeting between Lebanese billionaire donor Gilbert Chaoury…a convicted money launderer I might add…and then U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman because of donor Chaoury’s “business affairs” in the region…not saying of course that Chaoury is listed as a one to five million dollar donor to the foundation coupled with his also being listed as a one million dollar donor to The Clinton Global Initiative. 

Example three: cosmetic giant Estée Lauder’s chief executive Nancy Mahon met with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and donated to the tune of between $1 and $5 million to The Clinton Foundation via Estée Lauder’s charitable MAC AIDS Fund and in return got appointed to the prestigious Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Becoming the chairperson of said council in December 2011, Mahon also received special government employee status (no salary is given but this status affords all travel costs to be reimbursed by the government) simply because of her donating to The Clinton Foundation.

Example four: while Secretary of State, Hillary had a private one-on-one audience with Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, but the meeting only took place after he had donated $32 million to The Clinton Foundation. And an email exchange in which Huma was involved shows that he at first was indeed declined said meeting even though he went through the usual and normal official channels, and then shows that after said donation was made Crown Prince Salman 'suddenly' was granted his audience and the arms deal Bahrain wanted also 'suddenly' went through.

Examples five, six, and seven concern Russia: back in 2010, Hillary worked the room, so to speak, so that Russia could get approval for a $3.7 billion purchase of 50 Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft for Aeroflot, with Russian Technologies reserving the right to order another 35 jets from Boeing. And a mere two months after the deal was reached, Boeing announced it had made a $900,000 contribution to The Clinton Foundation.

And lest we forget that it was Hillary Clinton herself who approved the now-infamous deal that gave the Russians control over 20% of uranium production right here in the U.S...a deal initiated via email when Russia started taking control of the Canadian company Uranium One. And it was here where in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, as per Canadian records, cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation via Uranium One’s chairman who used his family foundation to make four separate donations to said foundation together totaling $2.35 million. And isn't it anything but a coincidence that right after Russia's plans to acquire Uranium One were made public, Billy-Boy received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank that was promoting Uranium One stock and who reportedly had links to the Kremlin. Talk about collusion, backdoor deals, unethical and possibly traitorous behavior.

And then there's Skolkovo...a Moscow based research facility akin to our Silicon Valley that was funded in part by the Russian government. And Hillary helped spur the creation of Skolkovo when Obama failed to 'reset' (his words) U.S./Russian relations...and whose initiative was comprised of 'dual-use' technologies...simply meaning the operation had both civilian and military uses. The Skolkovo initiative was made up of tech companies from many different countries, and saw 17 of the 28 American, European, and Russian companies that participated in said initiative being Clinton Foundation donors or sponsored high paying speeches for Billy-Boy. And this led to the funneling of tens of millions of dollars into The Clinton Foundation...monies to the tune of between $6.5 and $23.5 million and that's according to Clinton Foundation data itself, and all was done while Hillary was serving as Secretary of State.

Impropriety for sure, unethical without a question, and criminal perhaps for what Russia got in return for its donations was access to advanced U.S. technology including to highly “classified, sensitive, and emerging technology from the companies,” and that's according to a 2014 F.B.I. issued “extraordinary warning” to U.S. tech companies against involvement in the Skolkovo initiative.

Example eight: Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi economist and a 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner for pioneering low-interest "microcredit" for poor business owners, was a man who no previous history of personal political giving to the Clinton's, yet he met with Hillary twice in 2011 and once in 2012 during the time when Bangladeshi government authorities were investigating his oversight of the Grameen Bank...a non-profit bank of which he sat on the board and which he ultimately was pressured to resign from. He begged for help in email messages routed to Hillary, and she ordered aides to find ways to help him...of course she did as he had recently and oh-so suddenly privately donated between $100,000 and $200,000 to The Clinton Foundation.

And to be noted is that his American affiliates of said Grameen Bank had worked with the Clinton Foundation's Clinton Global Initiative since 2005, pledging millions of dollars in microloans for the poor, and had just given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the foundation...more than enough to warrant getting help from America's self-perceived royal highness.

Bottom line: by 2015 at least 181 companies, individuals of sometimes dubious character, as well as foreign governments that had donated to The Clinton Foundation also lobbied Hillary’s Department of State. In fact, during her tenure as Secretary, Billy-Boy himself was paid more than $2.5 million by firms that were doing said lobbying.

Appearances of impropriety puts it mildly as now accusations of collusion, conflict of interest, corruption, dirty and most probably unethical and possibly illegal dealings have rightfully raised their ugly head. And while Hillary herself might not have actually solicited said donations, her former president husband did, and when that money comes from foreign powers it reeks of concerns not only about ethics but about America’s past and current foreign policy as well.

And it now truly becomes a game of paying for favors… ”pay to play” as the talking heads say…improprieties at the very least for the fact is that over half of all Hillary’s personal meetings during her time as Secretary of State were with donors to The Clinton Foundation…154 meetings in fact…154 meetings with people both foreign and domestic who had private interests…business and otherwise…with much to gain from donating to said foundation. Much to gain including buying, if you will, the ability to feel like a ‘player’ and to be the recipient of political favors given. 

And donate they did both personally and through companies and groups...donating to the tune of 85 people giving to The Clinton Foundation a total of $156 million with 40 of those people giving more than $100,000 each and with 20 of those people giving more than one million dollars each. And some of those donations got the donor a meeting with the Chinese entourage when they visited D.C., while others got the privilege of sitting at Vice President Joe Biden's table at state luncheon affairs.

And while it was recently announced that The Clinton Foundation will start “scaling back” and then ban all donations from both foreign countries and corporations should Hillary (gag) win the election, and that Billy-Boy himself will pull back from the foundation by stepping down from the board (but oh so conveniently Chelsea will remain) and ending his fundraising role…yet all being way too little and so way too late for like I said above the foundation has already accepted millions upon millions of dollars from countries…from governments…from individuals…that don’t like us very much.

And sadly that includes from muslim countries that outwardly and shamefully mistreat women…countries that should raise the ‘red flag’ high for Hillary has long tried to sell herself as a champion of women’s rights…unless that championing happens to upset her cash flow that is. And what did these countries and their governments get in return for their donations...I’m guessing Hillary’s lobbying for U.S. policies that benefit those who donated including having us look away to said countries human rights violations, coupled with Hillary’s most likely manipulating those in Congress to allow for the sale of guns and weapons to countries who ask, whether ‘friendlies’ or not…but like I said I’m only guessing.

But if truth be told The Clinton Foundation…already being criticized by the media for spending too little on programs and too much on overhead and fluff…has also been ‘red flagged’ if you will by the I.R.S. for Hillary’s accepting, again via The Clinton Foundation, the above stated foreign monies while she was Secretary of State…no matter if she technically sat on the foundation’s board or not. And know Hillary lied about monies received for the fact is that beginning in 2010 and ending in 2013 The Clinton Foundation reported to the IRS that it received zero…yes zero…funds from foreign governments which we know unequivocally not to be true.

And so this woman turned what might have started as an altruistic non-profit charitable foundation started by her husband when he left office and morphed it into what seems to be an unethical, hypocritical, pay for favors, ‘so-called’ influence peddling operation…an oh so shady operation with emails sent and received along with classified government information via a former Clinton Foundation server located in her private home all while the foundation itself continues to hide behind its coveted 501(c)(3) status. 

And when all is said and done what remains is the question of who are the real victims of The Clinton Foundation…a foundation that even Hillary ally former Governor Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) says should have been shut down before she became Secretary of State in 2009… and the sad answer is that it’s ‘We the People’ who are the victims…victims of deep-seated corruption that lives and thrives right in front of our eyes and it’s the fault of Congress for remaining for the most silent and for not taking action as they…especially on the Democratic side of the aisle…protect the media-generated ‘lie’ that is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton who not openly mocks the law but does so knowing she’s protected by an alphabet media and by a miserable excuse of a president who gets a third term in office if she becomes president. And that coupled with the email scandal not going away means ‘betrayal’ becomes the word of the day…betrayal at Benghazi…betrayal via a computer…and betrayal of the trust of the American people via a once upon a time charitable foundation that has become anything but.

And so the circle of betrayal is complete…complete when you add in the ultimate of all betrayals...betrayal of country that is.